Fantasy Footy Radar 2013 – Mark LeCras

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Mark LeCras Supercoach 2013 bargainI spat chips when Woosher Worsfold called me with the bad news during the 2012 pre-season. I am keen on the Little Frog as a footballer and as a bloke.

In my opinion he was set to kick it up a gear and enter the Supercoach 95+ average territory. All that changed with a brutal snap of his ACL in February this year…

The facts:

  • 2013 Supercoach price: $369,200
  • 2013 Position: FWD
  • 2012 average: Didn’t play a game
  • 2012: Heartbreak for the young break out candidate – did his knee in the pre-season
  • 2011: Averaged 86 including 6 110+ scores from 19 games. Faded in the last 6 games not scoring above 90
  • 2010: Averaged 82 from 21 games
  • You’ve got a considerable set of testicles if you overlook a fit Mark LeCras at this price. He will be value for money anyway you look at him. If all goes well he’ll have a very long and solid preseason.
  • I won’t buy into talk that he will average 105+ this season. He will get very little time in the midfield if any and will spend most of his time as a small forward as he rebuilds confidence in his knee. He’ll give us the odd 100+ score but expect 80’s from him.
  • How happy will you be taking him into your supercoach finals series? Not convinced he’ll score at top 6 FWD pace.. will get a better idea in the preseason but I see his presence in your team as being awkward around August.

Jock’s Verdict:

Overall – LOCK HIM IN – no doubt in my mind here. At that price this is a bit of a no brainer. Just don’t rely on him for regular premium scoring is all.. wary that some will overestimate his standing in their overall team structure. Must be said that Eagles look primed to kill em this year.. good thing for his scoring outlook as well.

Do you have the Frog with the bung leg on your AFL Fantasy footy dinner plate this season?

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Spot on Jock .. certain lock in my starting team with the view to upgrade come the multi-bye rounds … some nice cheapies up forward this season 🙂


He is a lock for me Mate aswell.


Lock LeCras in! Kicks buckets of goals, excellent value. I'm no Eagles fan but they definitely look to be on the improve.


Though didnt we say the same about porplyzia and knights the last few years?


Over priced for mine! Coming back from the knee and missed his window to start pushing through the midfield, I don't see him pumping out scores relevant to his price. 30k more and you can get jack darling who has a massive up side. Kicked 53 goals last year more than lecras has ever kicked in a season, plays big game footy and will have a host of stars around him next year so he won't have defenders hanging all over him. Pushes hard up the ground and has become west coast best forward in two seasons and will be for the next 10. The Taylor walker of 2013.
Would love to see a write up on this bloke, big fan and was an absolute steal where he went in the draft.


Hi Liddlejnr,
Why did this fella Kick so many??? Was it due to the absence of the Frog and Nicoski. Yes there is an up side to Darling but FAR out weighd by the immenent return by these two players… I was wrong once. Just once But then I found out I was right…Does that make me wrong?


G’day dools!

It was due to the absence of such players, but I haven’t seen too many second year forwards have the impact on games that darling did last year. He may very well kick a few less goals this year due to the cattle comming back, but I believe his other stats will increase overall touches tackles marks and such, and he won’t have three players hanging off him. The good thing about darling is that he is a intelligent footballer and won’t let players coming in hinder his game, just adjust and play a highly effective role, just as he did last year, fast becoming one of the best forwards in the comp! Will you be taking the punt on the frog???


Sorry for such a late reply mate moved house and broke 4G device, I was going with the frog till a few days ago then slipped over in to Ex Cat Byrnes territory but if I went with Le Cras I would have had 4 WCE in me forward line also heard he still not running and Nil contact drills so I will wait out


Hey Jock, just wondering about Josh Kennedy from west coast eagles. What do you think a lock or a no no.


G'day mate plenty of people have him in their Fwd line still not sold I'm waiting NAB to have a good look at the man