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Supercoach 2013 Bryce GibbsYou may have heard on this week’s podcast how my old mate Mick Malthouse had me take young Bryce out pig shooting last weekend.

Yes folks, Bryce Gibbs is very high up on the list of things that Mick wants to fix at Carlton. as I’ve said many times.. the kid just needs to get hungry and concentrate on developing his testicular fortitude.

The facts:

    • 2013 Price:ย Supercoach: $509,800, Dreamteam: $473,300
  • Returns to his MID/BACK position eligibility
  • Averaged 95 as a pure MID in 2012. Rubbish. There was a silver lining late in the year where he busted out 4 100+ games in his last 5.
  • Was just plain old ordinary in 2012. I personally got stuck into him. He needs to learn how to get his head down and win some hard ball for his mates.
  • Mick Malthouse will deliver one of the swiftest, well directed size 10’s to the rear end of Bryce this season. Make or break.

Jock’s Verdict:

I believe in the kid. Many say I’m too hard on him but this is all for his own good. There are three factors that influence my opinion of Gibbs as a Fantasy Footy selection this year. He is backline eligible. He is reasonably priced. He will now dance to Mick’s fiddle. I believe in ya Bryce. At this stage you’ll slot into my backline in season 2013. Lock.

Over to youse blokes… will you take a punt on a Bryce Gibbs revival in 2013?

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Lock him in, Jock. His dual eligibility saves him this year. 95 average from a MID, you got plenty of other options for that kind of cash, but as a DEF, there's not many other quality picks. Now feel free to correct my figures if they are incorrect, but if he was a DEF last year, his average of 95.27 would have given him the 7th best DEF scoring average for the year (3rd best total points scored for DEF). Take out Deledio who's lost his DEF position, factor in a slight drop in average for Goddard and Scotland and even with the same average or a slight bump up he's looking like a potential top 3 option for defenders.

What that also highlights to me is what others have been saying about not spending too much $ on your defenders this year. Gibbs 95 average last year was a top 7 DEF average, but placed him 55th for scoring average for mids (37th for overall points scored). With a lack of quality picks in defence, it's looking more and more like a viable option to go light with the defenders in order to get an extra premium or two in your guts to really boost your scores.


The force is bloody strong with this one! Fascinating statistics MR… Really drives home the importance of nailing your midfield


This is my3rd attempt to contact the Great Ones at this site, not your bag boys issues with my computer…Anywho. Gibbs $505K as a DPP Avg to low for the $s wait out a few weeks Spend the Dosh on Prem Mids… a few exceptions to this rule, H. Shaw great Avg for $ along with P. Hanley (Bris) Fantastic last 5 round AVG will he continue or will his style of play be stiffled…Its been 3 months all teams have done homework, So no. to much coin for Points
DEFs: Ellis; T. Mohr ( I like the onomatapaic sound) , Bugg & M. Johnson (Ex Freo) Cheap for the points AVG and in the latter case able to score 120's every now and then.
FWDs Cloke, Schultz (Injury) and when he gets back from holiday Tippett all fantastic picks …Cheap , dose't matter if they don't fire early (Tippett LOL)
So lets get stuck into the debate Jock
Higgo – 1 (you got a smut Joke)
Crouching – 2 ( You made a Smut Joke and sent higgo off)
The peoples Prince – 3 ( Carlton Draughts, the other choice when ther is no choice)


Im leaning towards getting 3-4 gun def because there aren’t a whole heap of good ones, and when it comes time to cash in the cows your gun def are still pricy and def rookies normally around 220-260 still (Ellis never cashed up) but given how many good mids there are there is always one gun bottoming out. What do you think about setting def and for more and upgrading mids as you go jock?


Hey Brett. Welcome to the show, What constitutes a Gun Def…Is it points per round or Price per Points? Ellis never cashed up? yes he did (as much as expected for a newbie) But now it's year later and understands the game as a Def I think. He should be on your radar as a cheap 2nd year player with buckets of potential along with T.Mohr, Bugg etc…But you do have an intresting point get real good Defs 1st and build a team around that…might work but this game is about points and if ytou dont make MIDs your priority this season (8) that $5 Million half the budget so to make 22 players you will be forced to think about cheapies in their 2nd to 5 th year injuries included just to put a team on the park….don't get me started about RUCs….. another time.
And welcome to the forum Brett


good old bryce gibbs- what happened to him?? he's as hard as a poached egg. Jock is def on the money RE teste fortitude. Bryces career is slowly slipping… and if he doesnt harden the hump up, get himself a nutsack (or at least boil those eggs) and put his body over the ball then he needs a good whipping a massive reality check- ie drop him to the seconds. its amazing how good your sh!t job was once you get fired. hopefully micky malthouse has got a 12 inch pr!ck- coz bryce needs a good foot up the ar$e


Gibbs has to be a lock this year, premium defender and will play more through the guts ,due to an increased standard of coaching that ratten was never capable of. With juddy slowing down its gibbsys time to flourish and round out a pretty impressive midfield unit! He finished the year on fire when put into the middle instead of playing that rubbish lock down defender role. No 1 draft pick, midfielder playing in defence for too long, best coach in the business all signs point to go!!!