Fantasy Footy Radar 2013 – Chris Judd

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Supercoach Radar 2013 - Chris Judd

A great man has thrown in the Carlton captaincy today folks. A great man.

Out of respect I felt it would be fitting that the first of my series on players on the 2013 fantasy footy radar be about the great man. There is little doubt that Chris Judd has been one of the finest AFL footballers we have seen. In AFL Supercoach and Dreamteam terms he has thrilled coaches with his ability to churn out 100+ scores round after round for many a season.

Lets have a squizz at some of the fact first:

  • 2013 Price: $555K approx
  • Position: MID
  • Averages: 2012 = 104, 2011 = 116, 2010 = 118 Higgo will tell you that when a player’s scoring output decreases each year at an increasing rate than alarm bells should ring.
  • Can he see out a solid season? Averaged 108 in the first half of last season then just 100 in the business end of the Supercoach and Dreamteam seasons. Then in 2011 he averaged 112 in his first 7 then just 98 in his last 7.
  • Is he still capable of big arse scoring? Yep. Bloody oath. In fact he registered 6 scores above 125 last season which is not too shabby. The drama here is his ability to back up scores of this magnitude. We also saw scores of 39 and 47 along the way.

It is always sad to see a champion in decline isn’t it folks? It is now very clear that this blokes best footy – and by extension his best fantasy footy scoring days – are behind him.

The question I would like to throw out to our beloved fantasy footy community is this: Will the fact that Chris Judd has handed back the captaincy influence his scoring output for season 2013?

AFL Fantasy Footy is a brutal caper kids. You cannot allow emotion to muddy the underpants of your Supercoach or Dreamteam side. I have no doubt that Chris Judd will score more this season than he would otherwise have scored as captain of the Carlton Football Club. However this fact alone does not convince me that Chris Judd will provide us with a reliable warm body come finals time.

Will you have a think about Judd in 2013?

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Dean field

Jock the pressure of not having the main leadership role may help Judd improve his outcome on the field. But the figures show that he has been on a decline and unable to keep up with the other elite players. The pressure put on players like Judd to perform is pressure that does not allow him to play freely like the good old aye of his playing career. There are many other top players that can out score Judd regularly.


Judd is a deadset legend of the game, but for Supercoach purposes i'll be steering clear. He's still capable of averaging 100 points for the year, but I reckon it'll be in the lower end of 100, maybe even in the high 90's. I'd rather spend $550,000 on a guy who'll average 100 who I hope will do better, than on a guy who will average 100 and who I hope doesn't do worse. Why not spend the $ on guys who might be a bit cheaper, but also have the potential to score even better than last year, guys like your Rory Sloanes, your Luke Shueys, your Ryan Griffens for example. Much better option in my mind.

There's so much talent out their in the mids in terms of premiums that it's just not worth the risk. Maybe if he was a defender where the quality is lacking a touch, but there are dozens of other quality options for his price who don't carry the risk that they may be on a downward spiral like Juddy.


Judd, Chris Newman, Ponting ….. Much like yourself Jock, age shall indeed weary them. Judd's body has proven a legacy. Too much a risk for mine. Feeling this step down is more of a realisation that he will be more of a carefully managed player than an in the trenches iron horse. A champion of the game and will still be, albeit in short bursts making him Fantasy irrelevant to a degree. That is, unless you are prepared to risk it …. 30 trades may make for some risk room. Maybe a calculated risk in the early stages of the season? With Collingwood, Cats and WCE after the Tigers, he will have a tough start to the season. Quite a risk.
So it is a big NO from Peter Higginbotham.
Thanks Jock.


A God – ignore him at your own peril


going to whack a cheeky $10 on him for the brownlow this year, doubt carlton will make the top 4 this year… but if they do, i'll be laughing all the way to the bank