The Crouching One off his chops

Published by Jock on

Gday Community,

Here is some very rare footage of Jock Reynolds Fantasy Football Community cornerstone The Crouching One and my nephew Wayno. First in a series in which Crouching takes young Wayno under his wing as an AFL Supercoach apprentice;

Jock, Higgo and Crouching are already cranking out their weekly podcast! Listen here or subscribe on iTunes

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The Rubber Thong

Forget your Slipper of Wisdom Crouching, my Rubber Thong just told me you will need to order a few cases of your whiskey mate. Another year of heartbreak on the horizon. By round 7, Tiger army will eat Hardwick and be lobbying for Paul Roos. Welcome.


Didnt realise Mrs Tiger was no longer with us??

Hill Recluse

Crouch I'm with you all the way. Tigers will make the finals..they have the heart…the claws..the hard wick.