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supercoach positional changes for 2013Gday folks – thanks for your input after this weeks podcast (haven’t listened yet? You’re mad as a cut snake click here to listen in).

We have been provided with some early intelligence re: player positional changes for AFL Supercoach and Dreamteam season circa 2013 and I thought I would provide our beloved community with a rundown of the two changes that are causing the most debate around Jock Central:


Tom Rockliff – Brisbane Lions – MID/FWD

Yes that’s right folks you will be able to pick the Rock Lobster up in your forward lines next season which is bloody huge.

  • Started the season at a premium price of $615,000 on the Supercoach scales then drifted way back to $374,000 by the end of the season
  • Averaged 123 in his first 5 games then FIZZLED to an average of 69 in his last 5
  • No doubt that Vossy giving Lobster plenty of time up forward hurt him. Out of favor – out of form – or injured?
  • Suspect that he’ll be introduced back into the guts this season – and will be cheap as chips.

JOCK’S VERDICT: At this stage and provided he looks sound in the preseason I’ll be very likely starting with Rocky in Supercoach and Dreamteam 2013.


Dayne Beams – Collingwood – MID

Dayne went balls out in 2012 and tore the joint to shreds. No other way to put it.

  • Averaged 150 Supercoach points in his last 5 games of the season
  • After his round in bye 12 he scored 109+ in 10 of his last 11 games
  • His past 4 seasons a solid build up towards becoming premium: 75, 85, 101 and then 123 in 2012.
  • Could it be a case of “Early Ripe – Early Rot” as the Oracle from the Orient The Crouching Tiger suggested in the podcast?

JOCK’S VERDICT: This is a bloody tough one. Will come in at the very high price bracket after last season.. that coupled with the fact that he’ll no longer be eligible for the forward line has me thinking NO at this stage… one to look for mid season perhaps folks?

 The other changes for next season:

  • Jock Reynolds Fantasy Footy Community favorite Ryan O’Keefe loses his FWD line eligibility and will be just a MID next season. I’ll be cutting the umbilical chord with a slim chance of picking him up mid-late season if the price is right
  • Greg “bloody” Broughton will now be available as a DEF and a FWD. See my write up on his change to the Gold Coast Suns here
  • Steele “passport” Sidebottom will be a MID only in 2013. After fizzling to score only 3 tons after round 13 I’ll be leaving him alone next season. Not premium midfield material for mine
  • Nat “Teen Wolf” Fyfe slips in to become a pure midfielder. With his stuffed shoulder he’ll be too risky I reckon. Pass.
  • Dead Set Legend (and holder of an honorary pass at the Jock Reynolds Fantasy Footy Community Banquet Hall) Jimmy Bartel will slot in as a MID/FWD to see out his career. Interesting one – but a no at this stage
  • Jude “The Obscure” Bolton (MID/FWD) also comes up to the forward line to graze for the rest of his career 
  • Alan Didak will be a MID only next season.
  • Hamish Hartlett will be a DEF/MID
Listen in to our thoughts on these player changes on our podcast here – or even better – subscribe on iTunes to the podcast taking the Fantasy Footy Community by storm right here.
Over to you community – will you be snagging any of these blokes in 2013?

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Pretty much spot on, Jock. There’s always an abundance of talent to select from in the midfield, and now that a bunch of these guys are mids only, they lose a bit of their appeal. As for Beams, when I’m picking mid premiums, I want the time tested veterans, the Ablett’s, the Watson’s, the Judd’s, the Pendlebury’s, the Scotty Thompson’s. 1 good year a premium does not make in my book. Look no further than Tommy Rockliff for an example. So in the case of Beams, I’d feel more comfortable using that sort of $ on someone like Marc Murphy or the like first, then as Jock suggested, evaluating where he is later and if he’s continued playing like a premium, then he can be an upgrade target.

Hartlett is an intriguing one. He can post the scores, but he’s so darn injury prone I just can’t see him making it through the year without suffering a long term injury. Will be “NO” to the Maggies Didak (will he even get a game?) and Sidebum now that he is a MID only and a “NO” to Bartel and Bolton as new MID/FWD players.


This new comments thing is pretty snazzy. Didn't even see it there.


rockcliffe and barel will be slotted straight in


ie bartel


Hey Jock, do you reckon this controversy around Dane Swan will effect his supercoach? Or is it way to early and will have no effect? Is it going to be like the Brendan Goddard of 2013?


G’Day Jock me ol’ China,

Bartel as a duel pos is a must; cheap as chips, proven preformer on any stage…. Not in your team to start as a FWD, pure madness (under valueD $ wise), hitting his straps in regards to age, fit as 10 fit things, LEADER OF A TEAM, he does it on the feild they (the Team) will follow… But just because he was named as a duel Pos player He Will Be In My Team

(he did not get in last year)

God I missed this community for the last few months ..Won all leagues last year; 2013. Bring It…Jimmy will be in my starting team!


First time poster Jock me old chum, and unfortunately It's to disagree about teen wolf and to mention you they stuffed up Crown lager too but we all forget about that). Teen wolf might well be value at his price? He seems to score well even if only with one arm. 2012 was forgettable with that long layoff and it is a big risk but I am up for a risk. Probably be one of the few but he gets plenty of SC love.

ROK had a good 2012 but may struggle to appeal even with 8 mids! The traversebum and balancing are both worth a trade up from rookies but might be too ex-y to begin with. My very best to crouching (welcome) and higgo (punting prognosticator). But a question to finish…. can we afford not have Marc Murphy in if he is made Capt?

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