AFL Fantasy Footy 2013 pre-season podcast #1

Published by Jock on

The Jock Reynolds Community Podcast is back

Hells bells it’s bloody exciting to back folks!

No stuffin around now – there is some serious news that will affect all of our Supercoach and Dreamteam selections for 2013 . We jump straight into some of these player changes this week including;

  • The players who will lose their dual position eligibility for season 2013. Like our old mate Dayne Beams who you’ll only be able to snag in your midfield next year.
  • The blokes who’ll gain an extra position – like the Tommy Rockliff from Brisbane who’ll now be available in the forward line as well as in the guts.
  • Some of the draft picks to keep an eye on including Higgo’s forearm tatoo theory
  • I discuss the amazing parallels between Brynne Edelsten and the boys is strife at the Crows.

Enjoy the show folks. We’ve all gained a few fantasy footy kilos in the off season but its the fair dinkum among us who NOW start their journey to the Supercoach or Dreamteam premiership flag.

Carpa Demon. Sieze the day.

I’m Jock Reynolds

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AFL Information Cent

Great work from Jock and the boys again! Good to get back into it.

(Adam Kneale)


Great to have you back boys.

3 votes all the way Jock, thanks for the parables

2 votes Crouching for anti-Collingwood sentiment

1 vote Higgo. Sorry champ, stiff competition.

Looking forward to next week.


great to be back 🙂 good stuff jock


Great podcast fellas! Crouching One watch the language and settle down old mate, Haha! I am ready for the next season! I am still burning from the last season which I played in 5 grand finals but only won 1. So I was disappointed with last season but hoping to listen to you lads for some good pointers!


Good work fellas, top notch stuff as always.

I gotta say Crouching, I think you're being a bit harsh on 'ol Broughton. I got faith in him being able to turn it around now that he's not being coached by Ross Lyon. I'm banking on him being a top 10 defender next year, but as always, will wait to watch pre-season form.

Tommy Rockliff is looking like a tough choice for me. I like having MID/FWD guys in my team playing up forward for me as I find them to be usually better options than guys like Jack Riewoldt who rely upon kicking goals to get points. I think I ended up last year with Beams, Sidebum, Dangerfield, Boomer Harvey and Zorko in my forward line. Franklin and Tex Walker were my only forwards who didn't have dual position eligibility. Will be a bit tougher this year with guys like Sidebum, Teen Wolf and Beams losing their FWD line eligibility.

Smokin Joe

Rockford will be an absolute lock next year! Voss has come out and said that Black will be rested more next year and surely Rocky will get more time through the midfield?


Having you guys back is a ripper!

3 votes Higgo, looking forward to your article on days break v win/loss ratio
2 votes Jock, "Imran Tahir, pi$$ off!!"
1 vote Crouching

thanks lads


Sensational as always lads!! Cant wait till next week.



when is the next one out?