Fantasy Footy Radar 2013 – Brendon Goddard

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AFL Fantasy Bargain Brendon Goddard

You’ve broken on old bastard’s heart Brendon. Simple as that.

Fair to say a considerable amount of murky water has passed under the bridge since I wrote this about ya last year;

“Grand Final Day 2010. Brendon James Goddard soars high above the pack. The ball slaps perfectly into his mits. He falls to the ground. Time stops. Everything is frozen, still.

Jock Reynolds is 30cm airborne. His hands are pointing to the heavens and his stylish moustache obscures a maniacal triumphant bellow of complete bloody joy. 

Strangers in Red White and Black embrace. In the stands, at BBQs and in living rooms around the world passionate Collingwood fans sit dumbfounded, faint and heartbroken. 

In the corporate stands and inside the slacks of Edward MaGuire a little bit of wee comes out.”

Well hasn’t it all gone bloody pear shaped since then.

However folks, Jock Reynolds has not scaled the lofty heights of Supercoach and Dreamteam elitehood without being able to assess a bloke on his fantasy footy merits with emotion swept under the rug. Lets have a look at Goddard’s 2012:

2012 points 2024
2012 average 101
2012 high score 147 (rd 2)
start price $584,700
end price $489,300
games missed 2

The good

  • Has averaged over 100 in each of the past 5 seasons. For a bloke with Supercoach and DT backline eligibility that’s top notch in anyone’s books
  • Will be on his absolute best behavior. Should be displaying full plumage to his new team mates and King Hird to prove himself and earn mates.
  • I’ve heard him bang on about wanting more time in the midfield whenever he gets the chance.. and though Gentleman Jim will deny this sure as my muzza pulls chicks he will have been given an indication that he can expect some more midfield time next to Jobe and Stent. With his long kicking, attacking game this all feels very good.

The bad

  • Must be noted that his average has gone south since 2010. He averaged 130 in 2010, 108 in 2011 then 101 in 2012.
  • The whole league knows how bloody damaging this bloke is and all pay him close attention. Was 2010 the last of BJ’s footloose and fancy free days?
  • Look back over the past 2 seasons you would have done well to lay off him in your starting team and snag him mid-late season. In Supercoach 2011 he opened at $633,700 and you would have picked him up by round 12 for just $420,000. And last year he opened up at $584,700 and you would have snagged him round 18 for $430,000 odd…
  • At 28… being of your bigger variety for a potential midfielder… being closely checked… could Goddard have already played his best footy at St Kilda?

The verdict

At this stage he’ll be in my team…. but I’m wary folks. 

Righto righto maybe I’ve got the old y fronts in a twist at him having taken my St Kilda heart and ripped it to bloody shreds. Pitting him up against the other backs that will be available in 2013 it will be only those of excessively heavy aggot that overlook him. But I’ll tell you what I reckon? I reckon he’ll kill em preseason but have another slow start to the year while he finds his feet at Bomber land. My finely tuned instincts also tell me that his best footy is behind him.

What do you reckon?

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Good 'ol BJ will be a hard one to turn down. Might once again struggle, but with a lack of quality defenders available for selection, he's probably one of the better choices (at this stage Deledio is my only DEF lock). At least this year you shouldn't be paying a starting price in the high $500,000, low $600,000 for him, which is a plus as you could live with a $500,000 player falling to $420,000, but a $630,000 player falling that far is the stuff of SC nightmares.

I think it'd most likely be a choice between him or Gibbs for me this year, will watch pre-season and decide from there. Can't say I watched enough of the Bombers last year to know how he'll slot in there exactly. So he's a maybe for me, leaning towards a yes, but someone I'd probably defer to Jock to for an opinion.


G'day Marc and Jock,

Always sound stuff from both of your opinions… However; I must say If BJ is started at the $459K mark definatly worth a look ..Lets pretend he drops in Avg points By 10 -15 points that is still in the 85 to 91 margin some game lows like 60 odd and others high 140…Question is what role will he play at the Dons and do you perceive him as a scoring MID / Def or a DEF / Mid, is he value for money?….I steered clear of him last year but at 101 AVG he was good. As a Turncoat going to a team I love to see lose I might just pick him for shits and giggles and prove to myself the only good thing to come outa St Kilda was Warney and the best Essondon can offer is the Airport as a means to escape….

Chris Martin

new comments system Jock?

Chris Martin

now comments system old Jock?


Nice one Jock


BJ will fire next season!


I believe that St Kilda's Grand Final losses and off field dramas sucked the life out of BJ. He was clearly frustrated and not himself for the last 2 seasons and his SC scoring reflected that. He has had no major injuries that I can recall and is a proven elite player. I think a new beginning and a new club to impress and earn respect from will see him return to some of his best form…. As a DEF/MID with all indications that he will run through the Bombers midfield, I am thinking he is a lock in the backline.

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