JR Fantasy Footy Community | Season 2012 Best Bits Part 1

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We had some bloody good times in our first season here on the world wide internet folks.

Bought back some real memories having a listen to this arrangement of show highlights from the first half of the AFL Supercoach and Dreamteam season. It really drove home to me the fact that I am a bloody lucky man.

Every week I look to my left and there is the great Crouching One. Dripping with his oriental brand of strategic genius. Uncompromising in his quest for Supercoach and Dreamteam perfection. I know Crouching One has shot back to Pyanma for a week or two to visit his family but I want to take this opportunity to thank him for his words of advice throughout the season. Many a fantasy footballer held a fantasy football premiership cup aloft on the back of his influence.

Then I look to my right and I see statistical and mathematical royalty. Peter Higginbotham. What an honor it is to be in the immediate vicinity of a brain full of such bloody beauty. We take the task of integrating Higgo with society very seriously and have been heartened by his progress this year.

And then I look in the reflection of the computer monitor and I see myself. 38 years of fantasy football experience in the elite echelons.

Then there’s the engine room of this fine community. You. The listener. The reader of our website advice. The contributor to Jock Reynolds Community discussions on the Facebook and on the Twitter. We’ve laughed together. We’ve cried together. Most of us have recognised vast improvements to our Supercoach and/or Dreamteam knowledge due to the collective perfect storm of our combined genius.

Hats off to you all. Enjoy the first of our two part best of 2012 series.

I’m Jock Reynolds.

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Where the bloody hell have u been Jock? I've been waiting for the podcast for 3 weeks now… I take it you lost all ur grannyz and went on a massive bender u weak kunt


I have seen Jock in the front bar of The Royal everyday for the last 3 weeks …. ease up on the beers and the perve old fella, its time to start your pre-season training. I'm expecting a big lift from you next year.


How did Crouching Tiger go in the car park fight?


Cheers for the season jock, crouching, higgo and community! Wound up getting knocked out in the prelim, and subsequently outscoring the two grand finallists!

Will be getting my ears around this shortly!


Loved it haha