Fantasy Footy Radar 2013 – Chris Knights

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Supercoach 2013 Chris Knights

2012 points 232
avergage 46
high score 73
end price $296,800
games missed stacks

The story

Young Chrissy Knights grew up an played his junior footy around the Waverley area so will be dead set over the moon to be returning to the best city in the world. He’s rapt to be joining the mighty Tigers who may well be a significant 2013 force. Mark those words.

Just fell out of favor with the Crow Eaters. Simple as that. Only racked up 5 games in 2012 despite playing some good solid footy in the SANFL for Woodville West Torrens.

 The good

  • Is proven in the AFL and by extension the AFL Supercoach and Dreamteam caper. He averaged mid 80’s to 90 in 2007, 08 and 09. In 2009  snagged 43 goals for the season. Better than a poke in the eye with a molten hot cattle prod.
  • Should come in at around $250,000 which will have quite a few licking their chops. Reckon that he’ll slot in with a solid forward line role as a foil for Jack “The Problem” Riewoldt then pinch hit in the guts when Deledio has a spell. Should be value for money.
  • I like the fact he’s coming home. You have to ask yourself whether you too would become a shell of your former self if you were stationed in Adelaide for 8 years. He’ll be energized and relieved to be home.

The bad

  • People don’t fall out of favor in organisations for nothing folks. I should know having been in the trenches in countless AFL organisations. Did the Crows just shove him to the back shelf when they knew he’d fly the coop back to Melbourne? Or is there something else there? Inconsistency has been a major knock on the kid in recent times…… doubts there.
  • He played some great footy in 2009. Bloody great footy. But that was 3 years ago now kids and the times they have a changed. Is he as suited to the game of 2013 as he was to the game of 2009? More doubt there….
  • Many will consider his as a mid priced forward option. There will be midpriced options up forward all over the shop in season 2013. You’ve got your LeCras. You’ve got your Robbie Grays. Your Travis Varcoes your Brent McCaffers your Stakers and your Nicoskis who’ll all come in at that Terry tight arse price range.

The verdict

Not at this stage. Too much doubt hangs over his head for my liking. I won’t go with a midpricer unless absolutely convinced he has a fair stab at reaching premium status during the season. I’m seeing supercoach 70s with the occasional 90 or 100 at best for Chris in 2013. Not good enough to slot away as a keeper. A real danger of stinking up my forward line in the business end of the year.

However… a good look at the cut of his jib during preseason and who knows?

Over to you folks… will you be having a crack at Chris Knights in Supercoach or Dreameam in 2013?

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Knights would have been given a 1 year deal by the Crows if he didn't find a Melbourne based club to recruit him. I think his leaving was nothing to do with him disliking the Crows or the Crows disliking him. His omission from the main side wasn't due to him doing anything wrong, or the Crows not having any use for him, it's just a case of a side and a player heading in different directions and it turned him into a depth player. He fell into the same pile for the Crows as Brad Symes and Richard Tambling this year, where there were younger players with more upside who got the gig ahead of them. He's in the same boat as Ivan Maric was, we'd like you to stay, but understand you leaving for greater oppurtunities we can't guarantee we'd provide for you.

With that being said, I'll be staying away from him this year (unless he shows some real good form in pre-season). His biggest asset was always his big, booming left foot kick, which he used superbly in 2009 when he kicked 43 goals at half forward. The problem is the injuries he suffered in 2009-2010 to his hips and feet took away his biggest weapon and he hasn't regained the core and leg strength he once had to be able to boom the goals through from 60m+ like he used to. Without that he's a player with average pace and kicking, too slow to run through the midfield and not enough penetration on his kick to play high forward like he used to.

Richmond had nothing to lose from signing him really, good bloke, friends with Big Ivan, and if he gets a good pre-season into him and a good run with injuries he could be very handy for them, but based on past form and injury concerns it'd be a NO from me.


I know, I should apologize to Chris Knights for putting him in the same category as Richard Tambling. That was probably the meanest comparison I could have made.


after last years disappointing 38 point grand final loss, i need to be 100% sure about my selections for next season, as only a premiership will do for me in 2013. agree with jock about the doubts over knights. o a very good pre-season would land him a spot in my forward line.


I'm takin a punt with Chris in my side in 2013.
Fresh start, new club & a fair price.
But he better play NAB games & play ok, otherwise
I'll give him the boot.