Fantasy Footy Radar 2013 – Greg Broughton

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Supercoach 2013 Greg Broughton

Greg “bloody” Broughton

2012 points 1239
avergage 83
high score 110
end price $369,700
games missed 7

The story

The word in preseason 2012 was that Greg the Skeg would run through the midfield like a footloose and fancy-free Gazelle. That just didn’t happen and my old “mate” Ross the Boss Lyon chopped and changed his role to the frustration of many at the Jock Reynolds fantasy footy community.

We watched as his price dropped from what seemed a reasonable $502,100 down to $369,700 by Round 17 at which time he sat it out for the rest of the season with a bung finger.

Let’s get fair dinkum. When a player falls out of favor with the Boss this is not good for his Supercoach scoring potential. That’s why things are looking interesting for those looking at Broughton after his switch to the Suns in 2013.

There are many who would prefer to trade Taylor Swift into their 2013 Supercoach or Dreamteam team after what happened in 2012… but what might his new role at the Suns mean for his scoring potential?

 The good

  • Can score. No doubts here. Unless given a defensive role his scoring potential is up there with the best backs going around.
  • In 6 of his 15 games in 2012 he smacked out 100+ scores… not all that shabby. Is this what we can expect when he plays in a more attacking possie at the Suns?
  • He averaged 97 Supercoach points in the 3 years before he was Ross affected.
  • With Warnock, Bock, Tape, McKenzie and co also down back at Gold Coast I can see Broughton slipping back into his promiscuous ball gathering best down back.
  • Will be priced at the higher end of midprice with genuine potential for becoming a regular premium scorer.
  • Many – including myself – are predicting a significant improvement from the Suns in 2013.

The bad

  • As one of the cornerstones here at the community Crouching One (follow him on Twitter here) would say…. BURN!!! Yes… he fits into the category of one of those buggers who have burnt many of us from the absolute upper echelon of the elite (myself) to the suburban weekend Fantasy Footballer. Will you look at yourself in the mirror the same way if you fall for the old 3 card BURN trick?
  • Broughton is a WA lad! He plaed in  Subiaco’s 2006, 2007 and 2008 WAFL premiership winning teams before making the cross over into AFL. Dont gloss over the affect that crossing the Nulabor might have on his mental state….. how will be settle in away from home?
  • How have the other big names who have headed to the Suns fared? (barring Gary Ablett who is an absolute freak). Something in the water over there seems to make the ring ins waltz around like the ants pants rather than play good footy.

The verdict

At this stage Broughton will be a starter in JR Brumby FC in Supercoach season 2013. But I’ll tell you one thing.. the earliest hint of disquiet regarding his transition to the Gold Coast and I’ll be hitting that trade button quick sticks.

Who else will risk the BURN factor and go with Greg Broughton in 2013?

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The Crouching One


You teach me how shot-gun can of Vic, you teach young Matthew how do good stab pass …. You become like family to CrouchingOne! This why I say you this, YOU BRING GREAT SHAME APON MY FAMILY.

MrGreg bloody BURN MAN! In Pyanma, when wok cook one dodgy stir fry, man throw it away (or use it to grow pretty flowers in and make area near front door of house look nice). Next you probably say me Mr. Shaun bloody Higgins good pick.




Blame Ross the Toss, not Greg for his diminished scoring. One week he was a key on-baller, then next a shut down role in defense, next a forward tagger. He is under-priced for his potential output, and according to fantasy freako a D/F MPP. He will be in my and many teams come R1


Risking the Burn factor on a player priced $500,000+ and I might think twice. Risking it on a guy who'd be priced max at around $400,000 and I'll give it a whirl. Even if he keeps a 85-90 point average he'd maintain his price and would make a good guy to upgrade to a premium towards the end of the year. I reckon him maintaining last years average would be a worst case scenario (barring injury) for Broughton, so I'll be picking him in my side. Name another defender who for $400,000 has the potential to turn into a 100+ point scorer. There wouldn't be many.


the fact that he will be playing for GC has me leaning toward Crouching's wok theory. Too big a risk. buy him if/ when he becomes proven. Gun &Rookie all the way.


And it's been confirmed by Champion Data that Broughton will be a DPP as a def/fwd. Added bonus.


Jock old son you have been eAting too much pumpkin pie! Brought goes into the Risk-it-telli bloody told you and Hides away Harbrow bucket.

Dave Ruddick

At this stage Broughton will definately be in my team, despite the BURN factor. His price will be very tempting and he has a huge upside..JUMP ON!!!! He will average at least 95-100 for 2013 in my opinion.


I hate the fact that Greg moved to the suns – not cause i'm a freo or suns supporter but because I promised myself I would be brought free in 2013 .. but now once again i'm getting sucked in and will most likely pick him up at the start of the year AGAIN :/


Greg bloody broughton (Deep breath and sigh) He’ll drive a man to drink

WOW just what I was searching for. Came here by searching for supercoach 2013