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How are we all Supercoach lovers, Dreamteamers and members of our beloved Jock Reynolds Fantasy Footy Community!

Before I prattle on any more – listen in here to our best bits of 2012 podcast. We had a bloody ball this season!

I can tell you that there is extensive firmness of the loin developing at the prospect of getting stuck into some serious research re: AFL Supercoach and Dreamteam 2013. I will begin proceeding by working my way through those individuals who have chosen to fly the coop and try their luck at another team.

Before I turn the considerable potency of my Fantasy Footy magnifying glass onto young Josh Caddy I would like to make my stance re: turncoats abundantly clear. Not on. When you pull on a bloody jumper for your club you should live for it.

In my 927 games with the Karringal Bulls I was harassed weekly by rival clubs trying to lure me away from my mates. No quantity of Winnie Blues or Swan Lager was going to see me turn my back on my mates and my club. I firmly believe that today’s ilk are turning their back on their integrity when they leave for money.

But that’s life. Times are changing and like a leopard I’m willing to change my spots on this one. It is my obligation as the countries leading Supercoach brain to assess each fantasy footy prospect with ice cold logic.

Josh “J-Cad” Caddy

  • 2013 Price: Supercoach $329,300, DreamteamΒ $328,600
  • 2012 end price:Β $276,900 Supercoach
  • 2012 avg: SC 61, DT 64 (all 22 games)
  • 2011 avg: SC 56, DT 72 (just the 2 games)

The story

Young Josh just wanted to come back home. Simple as that. Essendon tried to snag him at the end of last year but the pussy Cats had a dip and have signed him for 2013. He had just the 2 games in 2011 due to injury but stitched together the full set of 22 in 2012 where he averaged 15 touches of the pig skin.

I like the boy folks. He is hard at the pill and wins plenty of ball inside. Will grow under the wing of Joel Selwood in that regard generally as a player.

The good

  • Highly rated. Hard at it. In and under. Coaches love these blokes, especially when they can more than hold their own when they get the ball on the outside.
  • Doesn’t mind kicking the odd goal and snagged 15 of them in 2012.
  • Going off season 2011 where he got through the full 22 games you’d assume that any injury dramas that he had in 2011 have buggered off.

The bad

  • Will come in as a pure mid price option in Supercoach and Dreamteam in season 2013. There will be more value and potential upside in many before Josh next season
  • Is a midfielder. Dime a dozen at Geelong. Will not get consistent time in the guts while he learns his trade and may even wax with your Guthries and your Horlin-Smiths with the red vest.

The verdict

Not on my radar for 2013. No doubting that this kid can play and may become a very good midfielder at the Cats, but there is no breakout here for mine. We could be considering this kid as a potential break out/premium in 2014 or 2015.

Over to you folks – whats your call on Josh Caddy?

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Can't see him going above the $350,000 – 70 point average range next year. He'd be a pass for me, better off saving $100,000+ and selecting a rookie.

Agree with Jock that he's a 2014/15 SC target.


Jock, when you say:

>He had just the 2 games in 2010 due to injury but stitched together the full set of 22 in 2011 where he averaged 15 touches of the pig skin.

Do you mean 2011/2012?


Jocker great to see you back up and running – like many more of us can't wait for next year already

look forward to many more of your turncoats over the next few weeks


How much Caddy will play is the big question. The smoky could be that he may be used as a defender in the Corey Enright mould while they try to train him to play the Geelong way. As a defender he would be a reasonable chance to beat 70 points a game for Geelong. Jury out for now, keep an eye on NAB Cup.

What about Daniel Menzel? What price are we looking at for the twice reconstructed possible gun?


All those games for Karingal & still can't get the spelling right? You must've played there.


This guy I believe will break out this year, I'm backing him in as my mid priced in the guts pick….."mark my words" Jock me old mate!