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National Archives 1909 Grand Final Footage – Hoax?

Published by Jock on

This weeks Cattle MarketIt was with a sense of awe and excitement that I learned of this release of the earliest known footage of AFL/VFL Football:

Sensational New Footage here

My sense of wonder was cut short though with the realisation that something does not sit right with me here. Heard the whispers about the staged lunar landing footage by NASA?

Now I am widely recognised as Australia’s leading authority on Fantasy Football (Supercoach and Dreamteam). You can well appreciate therefore that it is with a keen eye for fantasy that I have identified the following troubling anomaly with the footage.

I would like this to serve as an open letter to Mr Demetriou and co.. please explain?

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The 2nd kid looks a lot taller then the first kid dont think its the same kid but still doesnt explain how he just appears but it is 1909 so im thinking the cameras were not as good back then as they are now.


I have a theory that that young boy is in fact …… JOCK REYNOLDS!

The man is that good that he not only got a game at a very young age BUT also, he is omnipresent. Like when he played, he is seemingly bloody everywhere all at the same time. This explains the reemergence of the boy.

I miss you Jock.