2012 AFL Grand Final Podcast

Published by Jock on

Jock with the Supercoach Premiership CupThis is what it is all about!

A close second to AFL Supercoach and Dreamteam Grand Final weekend MUST be the Grand Final of the season proper. We discuss how these great clubs match up against each other this week and share our predictions.

Make no bones about it. This will be a game fought tooth and nail to the bitter end. It is often the case in these evenly poised contests that it is the 1% ers that will get a team across the line;

  • Higgo walks us through an analysis of both the Sydney and Hawthorn team songs and the impact that these songs will have on the result
  • I share a much guarded secret of mine in relation to the lineage of Sydney superstar Josh P Kennedy.
  • We identify the key match up that will decide this huge game
  • Crouching One also reveals some MASSIVE trade news

Enjoy the show folks.

So cmon.. who’s do you reckon will win this weekend?

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Gold old son. Gold.

I always knew Josh P. Kennedy had a bit of something special about him.

Looking forward to the pre-season already, you guys have something special going here.


John C

Great to hear you boys back on the airwaves. I assume this was recorded before the brownlow though as no mention of Jobi Wan's great effort to get up.