Jock’s AFL Fantasy Grand Final Podcast

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Jock with the Supercoach Premiership CupThe big dance is upon us Jock Reynolds Fantasy Footy Community! A bloody exciting time. It is an emotional period in the life of the serious fantasy footballer.

Many of you have been bundled out of Supercoach or AFL Dreamteam premiership contention. We feel your pain. Finish the season with a solid effort this week and get that overall ranking as high as you bloody can.

Others will now be basking in the magical lead in to their tilt at a Premiership. Keep your wits about you. Stick to the formulas that have gotten you this far.

Enjoy this Fantasy Footy grand final week podcast. Our next podcast will be released in the week leading up to the AFL Premiership season Grand Final in late September. It will be a show that every lover of our great game needs to listen to so tell your mates if ya can.

How did you go this week?

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Got in to my grand final!!!

i won pretty easy in the end 2494-2227.

used my only trade left by getting rid of Rockliff and bringing in Redden. worked brilliantly!

only one more to go


thanks for the help fellas!


You are very welcome cookie, rapt you've had a good season mate

Adam Kneale

Waters or Enright?


enright only cause they play at home last rd


Yeah I'd bung Enright in. Was in bloody good form last weekend


My two teams went down by 2 points and 10 points respectively.. Supercoach be a harsh mistress..


It certainly is, mate. Let me tell you one of my own tales of Supercoach woes. Back in 2010 I lost a final by 9 points when Levi Greenwood scored 162 against Melbourne in the final game of the round. Only player my opponent had left was LEVI FREAKING GREENWOOD! I was up by 153 and my opponent won! It's like the Mighty Ducks and I'm Iceland and the Cinderella story of Levi "I cursed your name in my sleep for a fortnight after" Greenwood was the hero of the story.


Hahah those bloody Supercoach gods are cruel bastards aren't they!

Adam Kneale

Jock, will you do your rookie cheat sheets again next year? They were ripper!!


Gday there Adam – bloody oath we will. already started planning for season 2013. Will be cheat sheets, Jock leagues, videos, the works mate!! Have had a bloody ball this year


Made it into the GF in both my leagues!

Traded out Joel Selwood instead of Franklin as I didn't want $500,000+ sitting on the bench in an elimination final. Traded Selwood for Tex Walker and swung Dangerfield into the guts. Big 154 from Tex paid off. Putting the C on Danger who I hoped would monster against the Dee's did not, but my opponent had Josh Kennedy, so there was only a 40 point difference in the end.

Jock, Higgo and Crouching, you're all deadset legends and you and the Community have made this the most enjoyable Supercoach year I've done. Look forward to hearing from you guys after the GF and early next year.


G'day there Marc, congrats mate!! A great achievements making both your grand finals mate. Proud as punch.

Mate we are already gaggin to get stuck into season 2013. The AFL Grand final podcast will be something to behold as well mate.


used my last trade to get tippet in for cloke on the advice of the great jock reynolds and it got me into the grand final in my cash league by 3 points. unfortunatly, im out in all 4 of my other leagues but i dont have $1800 riding on those. with no trades left, my winning of the league/cash is in the hands of the supercoach gods.


Ah well mate, the cash league is the one youd love to snag eh? Yeah, happy with the Kurt Tiprat call.

The Wanderer

i'm not bloody Liberace! Gold 🙂


Made the GF in 2 of my 4 leagues! Only my second serious year of SC. Thank God I found Jock, Higgo & the Crouching One. Great year guys, thanks for all the advice (even if I didn't listen from time to time).


Welcome Roo, you're a good egg mate 😉


Jock. The community salutes the work you and the team do. Managed to get to a GF for the first time from outside the top 4. Could be an omen for the real thing? No trades left, but who cares. It's the journey that counts….


It is the journey that counts mate great stuff! This Fantasy Footy industry is generating a lot of interest in the best game in the bloody world – Aussie rules.

Good luck in the big dance mate!


Yes – thanks for the great work Jock, Higgo & Crouch. Also to all those that have posted throughout year.

Cruised into GF using much of the advice from this site. Would've played the wife in the GF had I not convinced her to go S. Thompson as PoD for captain. She lost prelim be 20. Not a happy camper!!


Good on ya big dub.

Great comment there mate thanking everyone for their comments. I am that bloody happy with everyone on here, a real smart bunch of blokes and Sheila's and you're all bloody rippers.

The community salute you all


Melb v. Adelaide game came around and my opponent was ten points up on me. I had Scott Thompson, he had Sam Shaw. Surely I can win it from here, I thought.

Was keeping track through the whole game as we were pretty much neck and neck. Finally, the end of the game came and I was had won by five points.

But no. In the next five minutes, someone's score was reviewed. I look again at the score and I'd lost by 1 point. 2322 v. 2321.

What a bitch.

Thanks for the year guys.


Ahhhh HELLS BELLS Zimmer!!!!

Commiserations mate. Fantasy footy can chew ya up and spit ya out sometimes mate and that is a rough one.

Chin up mate… Plenty of sensational finals footy just around the corner. You can sit back and enjoy the spectacle for what it is without worrying about effective dis bloody posals or clangers


2442 points. My best score for the year. Haven't had any trades left for the last 3 rounds (is that a message about not trading)!


Made all 4 grand finals, burnt my remaining trades this week – little worried about the resting of players this weekend.

Thanks for your wisdom throughout the year!

the splinter

2580 in prelims = 5 league wins! thanks to the community for valuable suggestions. looked forward to the podcasts each week, absolute gold!!!!!!


Beat Shane Crawford this week and ended up saving my trades for this week. Thanks for the advice Jock. How does Travis Cloke and Porplyzia for Dangerfield and McIntyre sound. Is McIntyre the best option? This trade will only happen though if no one is rested this week. Thanks for the great advice this season Jock, looking forward to next season.



Thanks for all your help this year Jock. Made it through to GF thanks going out on a limb. Left Boomer Harvey on the bench and played Zorko and won by 50.

One trade left and no idea what to do this week.

My weakest back in Michael Johnson and weakest mid Nicky Dal. Can balance out my opposition by going:

Nicky Dal to Josh Kennedy or Joel Selwood?


Michael Johnson to Heath Scotland?

Or go all out and get Swan, Cotchin or Tuck who opposition don't have. Money not an issue. Any ideas?

G unit

Bloody brave move on Boomer there mate, I played J Brown and Goodes ahead of Zork Nemesis, won't be happening again.

If you really must trade out Dal Santo, then on average you can't look past JPKennedy. Swan also a good option.


I'm so pumped for the Grand Final this week, i had a tough start to the season losing three out of my first 4 matches, but i finished the season strongly and finished 5th. I missed out on 3rd and 4th place by 2 points. But i managed to sweep through the 3 rounds of finals so far and my teams looking ready to go for the GF.

Which two would you be playing in the back line out of S Shaw, R shaw and Yarran. Also who would you give a spot in the midfield out of Gibbs, Gibson and Rich?

Thanks for all the help throughout the season Jock.

G unit

Hows this, bloody got into the big dance with Zork (good call on that one by the way Jock, pity i missed the lockout) and Martin sitting on the timber…Zork coming in for either Goodes or J Brown. Anyway just realised I will be flying home pretty much from an hour before teams are released on Thursday until 11pm Friday night…CRUCIAL LATE CHANGE TIME!!!! I will have to put a bit of thought into emergencies and such!

Thanks for the year boys, Jock up in the football heartland of North East Victoria where the sunshine is superior even to the golden rays of Hastings we like to get the Tomatoes in about Melb Cup week 😉

Higgo, if you need a hand sniffing out some crumpet maybe we can swing down the Matthew Flinders for some over 28s action!

Crouching I heard former Benalla and district side, Swanpool have made an offer for Burn Man Cloke of a dozen chook eggs and free use of a 12ft tinnie at Bonnie Doon, but he has to bring his own outboard.

Cheers boys and sorry for the essay!


Into the GF! I Couldn't have done it without the Jock, Higgo, Crouching & the community.

Thanks folks.


Great work again fellas

Love your work!!!!!!!!!!!!



Made all 5 grand finals!!

Sitting 168 Overall.

Scored 2500 plus with both J Selwood and Pav on the bench.

My last trade was Tippett for Cloke and it worked a treat!!

Any thoughts on who to captain?? I had Dangerfield last week and he came good in the second half!!

Only worry this week will be whether J Selwood and Pav are back and which other guns may be rested??!!


1st year of SC and im ranked 4000th nothing to write home about but im pretty happy with it,made it to 3 grand finals and one minor grand final, all i know is it would never have happened without this site.

thanks guys, def owe Crouch, Higgo and the great man himself Jock a couple of frothies!


4000th in your first year is pretty bloody good mate


Bloody hell – I'm in my third year and can't crack 20,000!!!


Just wanted to say thanks to Jock and the guys not only did u provide sound supercoach advice and give back to the community, the entertainment has been bloody marvelous. Wish we could all get an invite to Jocks caravan for the summer but I guess its not on the cards

Look forward to the coming material and next season


made 11 of 16 grand finals .. 3 SC , 3 DT n 5 in sportsbet .. ranked 3000 in SC , predicted 2700+ so im havn a shot at th car this week .. my 1st GF in 3 yrs of fantacy footy … im wrapped ……… thanks 4 th help jock n co ….

Brett from Brisvegas

Yo Jock, Higgo & Crouching, just wanted to thank you all for making this year's AFL and Supercoach seasons the most fun, enjoyable and informative ever (even though I'm a lions member and we've had another junk year despite Vossy's pre-season verbal diatribe!) – already looking forward to hitching up with you guys for the ride in 2013! In 2 SC Granny's this week & wanted to thank you for your help despite the outcome. Cheers boys, can't wait for your GF podcast, any subsequent podcast or video or posting – long live the Jock Reynold's Community!!!

Junior Jock

Jock, Higgo and Crouching. I wanted to thank you for your hard work over the year. Your podcasts are what i look forward to all day through the monday work slog.

I was born overseas so have always preferred other sports to AFL. I made a fantasy team for the first time this year in order to join in on my mates banter, they mocked me in the preseason saying id be an easy 4 points but i stumbled across this site and it as been my little bible all season. Your advice has been so helpful. Im playing in the grand final in both my leagues this weekend and irrespective of the result i have already knocked all my mates out and am letting them know all about it! I'm looking forward to next season already.

Id love to see more material, maybe something posted on a thursday after the teams are named!

Thanks again! Long live the Community!

John C

As per everyone else another big thank you from me guys. Been a very entertaining season. I still think you should be pitching this to fox footy as a T.V show. Their supercoach show is crap and boring but your style is like the old Fantasy World Cup Football show that they do in the UK for every soccer world cup. Awesome fun with top notch info thrown in.

Made it to 1 GF out of my four leagues in the end which was slightly disappointing but it was my own fault for not being disciplined earlier in the season and running out of trades.

Love your work!



Get rid of Cloke for Kennedy?


Get rid of Cloke for Tippett.



just wondering if u got any pull?

i think it would be great if next year we can log in using the same details and be able to look at our side from this year. who knows this may help me do better than 48000 something which is were im going to finish this year. also thought that it woud be good to be able to do mock trades during lockout so u can look at the possabilitys.

no finals action for me this week so i guess ill just try & get the highest score in aust.

love ya work

Cakeaters 2012



Thanks for the help this year. I've bee a silent witness to your advice and have reached the grandfinal for the first time. Thanks to the community for all the extra tips, many of which I have used. Best of luck to the all the JR decibles out there still in it this weekend. Exciting times.


Sam Shaw or Lee Spurr?

Should I play Cloke?

And who's the best option for captain besides Ablett?

Please help. Thanks

The Wanderer

I'm wondering the same thing – I've penciled in Shaw at the minute…

The Wanderer

and as for captain, my opposition will surely go G.Ablett, so I'll go with him. Beames, Danger or Pendles would probably be the next safest captains IMO…


Thanks for all for your help boys, I was a latecomer to the Community (about Round 15 I think…) but very wise advice in the short time I've been in the fold and I wouldn't miss it now for quids! Into my first GF this year after 3 years – it's a public league and ranked 33000 but I'll take any GF! Been neck and neck with 2nd all year and daylight third and the rest – now playing off and predicted is 2515-2507 my way so gonna go down to the wire! Was in 2 other leagues, the main one ranked about 3000 and made it to 2nd week of semis, the other league lost last week in prelim. Great feedback from all and hope this doesn't get TOO popular!!


Victory at long last. I thought i was done and dusted during the GF as i saw Martin and Yarran go down with hamstring injuries and Carrazzo not playing. But i got there in the end by 15 points. I could have won by more, i had Cloke, Rich and Gibson sitting on the bench. But that doessn't matter now all that matters is the victory.


I took out the only league I was in (a public league). It was my first year Supercoaching and I had a blast… the missus continually asking what the hell the fuss is about was amusing.

I scored 2,420, pretty happy I peaked at the right time of year. Bringing in Sandilands for the final two games… priceless. I held Cloke for the hold year and he finally gave me something decent in the last game of the year (despite this Travis – next year you need to earn your place in my team).

Thanks again for your advice JR, PH, CT and community. See you in the new year.


Thanks to Jock and all the boys!!

5 from 5 grand finals!!

Overall ranking of 148!!

Looking to apply for the Carlton position!!

Looking forward to next year Jock.

John C

A poor way to end the season with a big loss in the GF after many players going down injured. Finished on 8200 for the year which was a bit of a let down after being in the top 3000 for 80% of the year.

Already planning for next year though so looking forward to Jock, Higgo, The Crouching one and the Community in 2013.


Well the Alphacats win their first premiership in 5 years, defeating Jackos Wackos, 2220 to 2139, I had two none scoring players, though picking Sawn as captain, got me over the line, the boys haven't seen their wifes in 3 days. I'm getting another year on my contract, pre-season starts in January 2013, see you guys next year. Thanks Jock!!


Brought home the bacon. Thanks to the community.