VIDEO: Jock’s Preliminary Finals Supercoach tips

Published by Jock on

Jock with the Supercoach Premiership Cup

No time for prattlin on like an old Goose… there are preliminary finals to be won and serious Supercoach and Dreamteam selection issues to work through.

Joel Selwood. Rory Sloane. Sammy Fisher. Paddy Ryder. Mitch Robinson. These blokes and others will sit it out this weekend and speculation continues around the possibility of Matty Pavlich being pulled out by Ross “Ole Crazy Eyes” Lyon.

Here we go:

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John C

Not many options for me this week. No trades left. No emergencies in forward line or midfield so only decision is who to play in the backline out of Blake, Yarran, Dempsey and S. Shaw.

I am thinking Yarran and Blake but the doggies have been playing lake up forward a bit so his scoring output has been low.

Good luck to the rest of the community this week. I hope we are all headed for the GF next week as long as I wont be playing you!


Play Yarran mate. He is a gun and will shred it up against the Gold Coast this week.

John C

He is in and I have gone with S. Shaw instead of Dempsey and Blake.


Jock mate,

I am not sure if it is just me but the video isn't loading correctly.

Please ignore me if everything is alright at your end – it could be my computer.




Please ignore me – all is good!


If your having trouble mate just go on YouTube and type in jock renylods and it should be sweet

G unit

Bit of a who would you play here lads, Got zorko and D Martin on the pine. Have j brown on the ground (expecting a big game from the big boy) also goodes, franklin, stevie j, harvey and in mids have priddis, hayes, barlow..think any of these could be superseeded by Zork Nemesis in particular?

G unit

D Martin is an inconsistent burn man! I think he might sink my prelim!


Had a crap year but still in one prelim in DT and two in s/c with one trade left for the GF in both , put Cloke on the pine (why oh why did i pick him…..And whats more why oh why did I KEEP him) and Zorkstar, on the field……..big test for my beloved Pies this week but if you ask me they wil win by 4-5 goals…..


Gonna be a hard task for Collingwood without jolly.. Comon Eagles step up boys !!


And Josh Kennedy is back. LOOK OUT lol

Rotten Ronnie

Gday there Jock ya old bastard. Really need your help this week mate. Not sure whether to bring in Goodes or Fyfe for Nick Reiweldt. Theres a hell of a lot riding on it. See the thing is this. Theres this young bloke going round with my youngest daughter at the moment. Ah he's alright I suppose, doesn't say a lot. But last Sunday night, after we knew we were playing each other this week, we went and made a stupid bloody drunken bet. If I win this weekend Jock, he's promised to buy me this beaut old Hawks flag off the internet, to drape from the back of my tractor while Im working. You should see it Jock, you'd love it. But if I lose. Jesus…if I lose mate the dirty little bugger's making me buy him a deck of frangas from the chemist here in town. The tought of what he's gonna do with those things is driving me crazy mate! So I really need your help! Worst thing of all is the young bloke's only bloody 14


A druken bet at 14 years of age?


Dear JR,

Really need your advice!!! Ablett or Murphy as captain this week? my opponent has an excellent side and will probably pick ablett as captain as he does every round. I'm thinking carrazzo tagging job on ablett (he did really well on watson last week) then murphy will run wild like last week. Please reply before lockout… I really want to be the first female amongst the group to take out the finals 🙂

Thanks for your help


News just in, Gary has apparently been sick all week. If it's true, it might impact his output, so I don't think he is a good captain choice, just in case. He may still play though, so if he gets a rubbish score and you put the big c on him…

Mind you, every time I take the c off him he burns me with a big score…



Need your help one last time.

I have 110k in the bank and looking to trade.

Options (1) Trade Cloke to Goodes

Option (2) Trade Porps to Johnson

Option (3) Porps to Sidebottom

What do you think? I've had them all in at one part of the week.

Mids: Ablett, Boyd, Mitchell, J Kennedy, Murphy, Pendlebury

Sub Gibson/Crozier

Forward: Danger, Pav, Buddy, Harvey, Martin, Zorko, Cloke

Subs: Tomlinson/Porps

1 Trade


I'd go Cloke to Goodes.

Goodes seems to have hit form, and Porps has the potential of scoring big this week against Melbourne. Other than that, Cloke is rubbish this year.


Nice one Zimmer. Thanks for helping out


with ablett's health concerns, I'm unsure who to go with for captain. I'm feeling Josh kennedy, but my concern is with so many inside midfielders on the ground i don't know whether he can dominate the contested ball and clearances where he makes the majority of his points. i would go with pendles but his current form and injury scare this week has me thinking twice. Also considering Dangerfield. your help will be appreciated.