Preliminary Finals Supercoach Cattle Market

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Snag yourself a prime Supercoach bargain in the Cattle Market

When you walk outside of an afternoon and smell the fresh Wattle blossom in your nostrils you know it must be the business end of the Supercoach and Dreamteam season. It’s a sobering time.

Just today I was touring some of the primary schools in the south eastern suburbs teaching the kids their mathematics using fantasy footy principles. A young kid looked up at me and said… “Jock… how do you be excellent at Supercoach and get all the pretty girlfriends and be loved by generations of Melbournians from all walks of life… it must be a hard job”. I just ruffled his hair, winked and asked him to run along.

It’s funny how moments like this remind a man of his importance to the community at this time of the season. As such this is probably my most thought over Cattle Market of the season. I know you need me now more than even.

Enjoy the Cattle Market. Listen to this week’s podcast (essential if you fair dinkum want to win the silverware). Have a great bloody weekend.


The Locks: First make sure you have Brett Deledio, Brendon Goddard, Heathy Shaw Otherwise think about…

Corey Enright | GEEL | $449,900
Last 2: WBD, SYD
recent: 106, 98, 70

I’m all over Enright this week like a wet sponge. As I said last week – try not to pay too much attention to his recent scoring. He averages 123 against the Doggies and 111 against Souths. As I argued with old Higgo in this weeks podcast – I’m a guts  man first and a stats man second. My guts tells me go for him and the stats back me up.

Paul Duffield | FRE | $466,200
Last 2: NTH, MELB
recent: 139, 134, 96

My old mate the Duff man has gone right off his tits the last month or so. In dazzling form for the huge game against the Roos this weekend and will smack the Demons at home over at Patersons all over the joint on Supercoach Grand Final weekend. A great option and you’re old mate Jock is really thinking about.

Jack Grimes | MELB | $467,100
Last 2: ADEL, FREO
recent: 115, 101, 110

Poor young Jack with the bung body only needs to get through 2 more injury free games… and if he pulled up lame in one of those games you would have to be stiff old Jock watching the beach volleyball. Is back in form and is good value at this price. Sure – he runs into some opposition over the next fortnight but he definitely deserves his first berth in the prestigious cattle market.

Matt Suckling | HAW | $338,100
Last 2: SYD, WCE
recent: 81, 49, 43

We all know I like throw a sprinkling of value into the Cattle Market… Matt the Suckling Pig is my man this week. Yeah I know – he has Sydney then West Coast left… but any way you look at him he is value for $$$ and even more impressive is he scored a 120 against the Eagles earlier in the year. One for the restricted of wallet.


THE LOCKS: If you don’t have these blokes I’d be looking first and in this order Gary AblettScott PendleburyJobe Watson. Then think long and hard about…

Marc Murphy | CARL | $546,400
Last 2: GCS, STK
recent: 187, 117, 109

Holy crap balls. Marc Murphy went nuts on the weekend with his 187 and could well do the same against the Suns this week. Has not skipped a beat since his return from injury in round 16 and clearly enjoyed having Juddy back last week to take some of the heat. a HOT selection this week

Dane Swan | COLL | $613,300
Last 2: WCE, ESS
recent: DNP, DNP, 97

Will strike fear into the hearts of all Supercoach and Dreamteamers that face an opposition that has held onto Swan. Consider he belted out a 160 on his last return after a 2 week break. Will be keen to make up for his antics. Buy if you can upgrade a semi-premium

Rory Sloane | ADEL | $491,200 SCRATCHED
Last 2: MELB, GWS
recent: 76, 95, 103

Has been a bit lean of late – and with the Croweaters not keen on risking a loss this week given their recent form I think he is a safe bet to play. The heat will be on him to perform as his form slum has matched the Crows drop in form… will be fair dinkum and should score well given the opposition

Bernie Vince | ADEL | $460,200
Last 2: MELB, GWS
recent: 75, 96, 85

Here’s another who will be asked to extract his finger out of his pip this week. Expecting him to cut sick against week oppostion – consider his 152 and 124 against GWS and Port earlier in the year and think maybe more of the same. Go get em Bernard. Go bloody get em.

Chris Judd | CARL | $546,800
Last 2: GCS, STK
recent: 95, DNP, DNP

Seemed to ease into things last week in a nice hit out, could well break heads this week against the Gold Coast Suns. Scored 128 in his last Metricon outing and averages 130 against the Suns thus far. Good luck Juddy I love ya mate. It’s been a valuable relationship of mutual respect and admiration between us mate. I appreciate you.


Sam Jacobs | ADEL| $512,000
Last 2: MELB, GCS
recent: 104, 92, 104

Monstered wek opposition earlier in the season with 146 v Port Adelaide then 138 v GWS in consecutive weeks. Should have the wood over Melbourne and Gold Coast and large scores are to be expected.


THE LOCKS: If you don’t have these blokes I’d be looking first and in this order at Dayne Beams, Patrick Dangerfield, Steele Sidebottom & Matthew Pavlich otherwise have a think about…

Cambridge Tom Hawkins | GEEL | $496,500
Last 2: WBD, SYD
recent: 130, 15, 147, 135, 139

Hard to overlook Cambridge Tom against the doggies this week down at Gene Simmonds stadium. Hair has been especially lustrous and buoyant of late which is always a sign that Cambridge is in season. A reasonable pick and a good pointg of difference. Could kick 13.

Ryan O’Keefe | SYD | $565,200
Last 2: HAW, GEEL
recent: 137, 121, 96, 143

Has won the prize for the most consecutive weeks in the cattle market. Has also won the keys to my Supercoach heart with his spirit and performances this year. May be invited to the caravan down Hastings this Summer.

Travis Cloke | COLL | $351,000
recent: 47, 85, 70

Only kiddin folks. Crouching did put up a very interesting alternative to Cloke in this weeks podcast. But how about you trade him down to……

Kurt Tippett | ADEL | $286,600
recent: 43, DNP, DNP

Will be motivated to prove his worth to his team and potential suitors… is cheap as buggery with his first back 43, 4 in round 17 and 23 in 15 due to concussions…. has Melbourne then Gold Coast… you could go Cloke to Tippett then use the case to get a Beams or a Danger or the likes if you don’t have em…. what ya reckon.

Above all else – best of luck this weekend and ENJOY yourselves folks!

How are you shaping up for your prelims?

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Lions Den

I got Paul Duffield a month ago over Jack Grimes! He's been one of, if not my best backmen since then.


Is is worth playing Sam Gibson ahead of Jimmy Bartel or is Bartel about to explode coming into finals.



go gibson if you can use bartels money elsewhere


Don't have enough trades to replace Bartel so should I still play him ahead of Gibson?


Gday Jock, many thanks for this whole season, you're a bloddy legend.

just a quick question on whether i should offload giles now to jacobs?, ive got 3 trades left.


I've held Buddy for six weeks and have 4 trades left. None of the other teams left in the prelims have him but should I trade him. If so who for? No cash really in the bank so bring in two forwards for Buddy and Cloke or downgrade Kreuzer or Giles to a 94 ruck and upgrade Cloke? Then Dickson is the backup if Buddy doesnt play but the risk of Buddy scoring a 50 or being subbed…..decisions . Help please Jock

B Goddard. Deledio Waters Carrazzo Scotland Grimes Lake S Shaw Spurr

C Ablett Pendles Watson Thompson Priddis J Selwood Gibson Baguley

R Cox Kreuzer Giles Stephenson

F beams Danger Sidebottom Franklin Martin Zorko Cloke Dickson Couch


I'd upgrade Lake to Enright and Cloke or Dickson to Beams if you can manage it. Could use any of Spurr, Giles or Kreuzer to land you some $$$


Jock. Your most insightful yet playful market. I'm finally getting rid of Cloke. Cloke to Kurt of the Concussion. And then Dusty to Murphy. Leaves me two trades for a GF where I go whooska with Dane Swan for Shuey and a dud. Great what you are doing for the kids down Frankston.


No trades left for me, so can only imagine what Alastair of Clarkson will do the next two weeks. (Good bye Roughy and Birchall and will Buddy remain on holidays.) Not content with punching holes in coaches boxes, he's going to punch holes in supercoach coaches too!


cloke or deven smith on field?

I got duffield 3 weeks ago I traded ellis to get him my best trde thsi season.

Drummond, morris, or marty clarke on field?


Deavon Smith for me, I have same issue as you


hey guys,

got 1 trade left and i dont know how to use it.

My options are-

Shaw (adel) to Enright or

Rockliff to S.Thompson/sloane or

Franklin to Beams

what do you guys reckon?


No sloane!

rockliff to S. Thompson or Redden?


I have one trade left, no cash, still alive in 2 leagues.

Backs and Mids are fine.

Its a smokey but…

Porplyzia for Silvia?


hey guys, anyone know of when the likes of Gibson and Mitchell will return?, as i had mitchell, buddy, gibson in the same side injured. I only just traded rioli for beams.

Ive got one trade left and 107K and just need a fresh opinion other then my own, thanks guys

Back- Delideo Goddard Grimes GIBSON Lake Heppel Dempsey

Mid- Gablett Jack MITCHELL Boyd Murphy Carrazzo

Ruck- Jacobs Jenkins 🙁

FWD- Beams BUDDY Dangerfield Bennell Cloke Zorko D.Smith


Jock, a question for you. Do the prices for SC stay the same as what a player finishes on at the end of a season or are the prices simply chosen by administrators?

3 Prelims this week mate, a very excited fantasy football coach in the wings here.

Heard Pendles and HShaw could be in doubt!!! NO!!!!


Prices for next season do you mean? They are based on average for the year, and not what the player finishes the season on.

Certain discounts apply when the player hasn't played many games due to injury etc. That's harder to predict though.

Heart of Darkness

Howdy Jock (or anyone else!),

I need some advice about my team.I'm in my league preliminary final and have 4 trades left. Who would you bring in this week?

D: Deldio,Enright, Lake, McPharlin, Ellis, Shaw, Baguley, Goddard, Hargrave

M: Ablett, Boyd, Scotland, Dal Santo, Gibbs, Pendlebury, Swan, Magner

R: Cox, Giles, Stephenson, Campbell

F: Dangerfield, Lewis, Robinson, Martin, Franklin, Zorko, Dickson, Porplyzia, Treleor

Heart of Darkness


Cheers Jock – You've been a great help all season.


So using my last two trades this week.

J. Giles – A. Sandilands


A. Treloar – D. Beams



Hey Jock, my final advice request for the year and it is a big one! 5 prelim finals this week and all to play for.

I'm thinking I need to upgrade Lee Spurr but cant decide between Heath Shaw, Birchill or Beau Waters or whether another opportunity is staring me in the face but I am to stupid to see it…. The pressure is definitely on!

My team is as follows;

DEF: Hurn, Dempsey, Goddard, Carrots, Newman, Spurr with Sam Darley and Injured Grima on bench

MID: Gazza, Mitchell, Dangermouse, Thompson, Priddis, Deledio with Congilio and Baguely as bench cover

Ruck: Nic Nat and Giles with Campbell and Big O

FWD: Goodes, Cloke the Spud, Steele, Beams, Pav, Stevie J, Martin

Any thoughts?

Only 1 trade left and I my projected score is 2378 which is expected to win all league games but it is tight and could go either way.

Also who do you think for Captain out of Gazza and Danger?

Mucho gusto Jocko Old Son!


Hey Jock got a serious problem with 5 prelims this week most of which I will need 2400+ to win.

Got one trade left and looking to offload Greg with my $126,000 although with Selwood being out this week and no bench cover for Selwood I may have to trade him out in order for me to to make the GF's

Should I cop the donut and trade out Broughton or upgrade Selwood to say Pendleberry and put Ellis on the field?

Would love your help.


josh drummond or steven morris on field?