Finals Week 2 AFL Fantasy Cattle Market

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This weeks Cattle Market

Gday folks – if you’re reading this you either just bloody love me.. or you’ve made it into week 2 of finals. Either way I dip my hat to you this week.

I’ve settled down considerably since my uncharacteristic lambasting of certain players in this weeks podcast. Its important to let bogans be bogans in this caper. For me to approach Finals week two bearing a grudge would be unprofessional. I’m back on deck and feel the cool.. calculating.. merciless brilliance returning to my trade finger.

In this weeks Supercoach and AFL Dreamteam Cattle Market I first list the locks. At this stage of the season and with your obvious talent to come this far these blokes go without explanation. Then I’ve listed a few on each line to scratch your chin about.

In other news I’ve been over on the Twitter tonight and I wanna draw your attention to a Tweet from good mate and podcast partner The Crouching One… well worth consideration this week if you ask me:




The Locks: If you don’t have these blokes I’d be looking first and in this order Brett Deledio and Brendon Goddard, Heath Shaw Otherwise think about…

Heath Scotland (mid) | CARL | $509,000
Last 3: ESS, GCS, STK
Last 5 scores: 119, 89, 117, 127, 96

Very solid selection this round. Plays Essenson who he averages 122 against then will line up against the Suns the week after. Averaging 110 over the last 5. Just needs to haul his old body through a few more games for us Supercoach and Dreamteam coaches. I know you’ll do it for us Heath.

Corey Enright | GEEL | $454,500
Last 3: STK, WBD, SYD
Last 5 scores: 98, 70, 103, 88, 108

Look – on face value you might look at his last month and wonder if he’s got what it takes to warrant a spot in your mob. But consider this my friends – he averages 113 against the Saints, 123 against the Doggies and 111 against the Swans (he cranked out 123 against the Swannies in round 13). My hunch is that Corey has a bit left in the tank this season and I like the lad as a pick.

Grant Birchall | HAW | $452,700
Last 3: GCS, SYD, WCE
Last 5 scores: 134, 66, 75, 105, 106

Enjoyed himself against Port this weekend and should have another picnic against McKenna’s mob this weekend at the MCG. Facing Sydney at the SCG in finals week 3 which is a concern.

Paul Duffield | FRE | $419,700
Last 3: RICH, NTH, MEL
Last 5 scores: 134, 96, 113, 85, 40

Has cracked into some decent form over the past month or so and was very bloody impressive v Adelaide. Like his run home – especially Melbourne in Fantasy Footy grand final week

Beau Wilkes | STK | $207,900
Last 5 scores: 121, DNP, 49, DNP, 7

Wanted to add Bouncing Beauy Wilkes here for those who want to squeeze a semi-upgrade into their defence. Was played for the first time in the true Nick Riewoldt king pin role to magnificent effect last weekend. Don’t expect output like that for the rest of the season.. but while Riewoldt is out expect good bang for your buck at this proce.


THE LOCKS: If you don’t have these blokes I’d be looking first and in this order Gary Ablett, Scott Pendlebury, Jobe Watson. Then think long and hard about…

Trent Cotchin | RICH | $563,700
Last 3: FRE, ESS, PORT
Last 5: 175, 115, 106, 98, 141

Put on a display that had The Crouching One’s tracksuit pant front resembling a Flemington racecourse corporate tent on Sunday. Has been delivering supremely all season and has soft games around the corner against a soft tissued Essendon and the Port rabble.

Scott Thompson | ADEL | $491,900
Last 3: BRL, MEL, GCS
Last 5: 94, 78, 106, 92, 118

Has not been too crash hot these past few weeks. Racking up some possessions but not notching the fantasy scores we would have liked him to. Massive value here. Averages 150 against the Lions and then has Melbourne and Gold Coast in the last couple. One worry – has played every game this season so must be half a sniff at getting a rest. Consider

Chris Judd | CARL | $524,200
Last 3: ESS, GCS, STK
Last 5: DNP, DNP, DNP, DNP, 159

Could be very very special over the next 3 weeks. Nice run home.

Marc Murphy | CARL | $546,400
Last 3: ESS, GCS, STK
Last 5: 117, 109, 160, 108, 112

Will benefit from the return of his wing man Chris Judd this week. Tell ya what – he has overachieved in my eyes since he returned from injury. I’m forecasting him to average 120 in his last 3. Judd before Marc JUST for mine due to his freshness


Nic Naitanui | WCE | $562,400
Last 3: PTA, COL, HAW
Last 5: 153, 81, 164, 111

I don’t have Nic Nat. I can honestly say for the first time I’m uneasy when I see him named in my opponents team. Will be the most locked in player in Supercoach and Dreamteam 2012 and will go ballistic against Port this weekend. Love the bloke. 4 120+ scores this season but more impressive – averaging 113 for the season


THE LOCKS: If you don’t have these blokes I’d be looking first and in this order at Dayne Beams, Patrick Dangerfield, Steele Sidebottom & Matthew Pavlich otherwise have a think about…

Steve Johnson | GEEL | $452,100
Last 3: STK, WBD, SYD
Last 5: 140, 107, 3, 136, 148

Take his precautionary 3 out of the picture and this is career best Fantasy Footy form. We can reap the benefit of that score of 3 this week while it still remains in his price calculation

Ryan O’Keefe | SYD | $565,200
Last 3: WBD, HAW, GEEL
Last 5: 121, 96, 143, 117, 142

That’s average of 124 over his last 5. You little ripper Rhino!! Should continue along his merry way against the doggies this week

Jordan Lewis (mid) | HAW | $463,800
Last 3: GCS, SYD, WCE
Last 5: 114, 66, 88, 116, 103

A nice return to Supercoach and Dreamteam form last week albeit against Whiskas mob. Should enjoy the outing against the Gold Coast this week.

Brent Harvey | NTH | $521,600
Last 3: COLL, FRE, GWS
Last 5: 118, 125, 130, 107, 71

Great to see Boomer go about his business like a young buck. Spring in his step and now and shouldering less of the responsibility with his teammates now lifting to AFL level. Plays his next 3 at Etihad where he absolutely loves it.


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Trade or keep either of the following





Cheers jockstrap


How many trades u got?


2 left pal

G unit

depends what you got to spend mate, no reason to lose bartel. Yarran can go for someone more consistent? Same maybe with shaw. Carrazzo for mine.

I expect goodes to lift….well I hope he does.


How many trades should we be keeping incase of an injury?


In my opinion bro should only trade if an injury or player rested.. injuries and carnage this time of year a plenty. Trades equals gold but just depends how your team compares against your opponents. Trades are gold but obviously no point saving a trade if you could lose mate. study your opponents side and then make a decision mate !!


Is Porps playing this week


Even if he does play shouldn't expect too much of a score…. If he gets named he has a fairly good chance of getting a vest at best



Great work mate, you just keep pumping out this great stuff week in week out. You're a bloody marvel. I'm certainly going to miss this place during when the season is done…

I've dominated all my leagues and find myself looking down the barrel of an elimination final.

Mate, I'm at a real loss about what to do with Roo? I've got one trade left and no cash… Best value player for $448?? Wouldve loved Stevie J but he's just a little too pricey. Daisy? Rockcliff? Duffield? Sylvia? Any others?

Any help would be ripping.



Who is roo ? And what position… Matthew wright from Adelaide could be a real good Smokie with a easy run home and a good POD


Nick riewoldt. Media is suggesting he is up and about, wait to see if he is named…


Cheers lads, will keep an eye out.


Not playing. Do you have cover?



Love your work mate.

Im thinking of keeping swan eventhough its a must win game for me.

My starting midfield for this week will be:

Boyd, Cotchin, Mitchell, Kennedy, Shuey and Gibson

Opponent will have:

Ablett, Mitchell, Swallow, Ebert, Hayes and Bartel; and I know he doesnt have any trades left

My question is whether I should trade out Gibson to possibly dangerman? or someone else?

keep in mind i have 2 trades left and 100k in bank

NB: dream team, not supercoach


was thinkin jobe at first but i currently dont have any DPP in mids but heaps in my fwd line


Dangermouse is a must have, but if you have swanny next week he will be a POD as everyone has traded him out. Tough call. How do you sure up around the ground?


Pretty even. Will come down to mids scores


Hmm, both have low BEs. You could be eliminated this week and you plan on bringing danger in anyway. So why not?

G unit

If after this week you swith danger into the fwds and bench someone worse then I like it…still will have one emergency trade also.

That said Gibson seems to be going alright. But so was Magner…


One to keep an eye on this week is Sandilands. There is much talk of a return for this weeks Richmond game. His price is going to drop significantly if he does play and could be a nice pick up for next week.

Big Easy

G'day commyunity,

have issues.

3 trades – $115k left.

plan was to pick up dangerfield and beams this week / next – did not see their prices rising like they did.

That coupled with Zorko's dropping, Roo out (iffy even if selected) and Lance a 'buddy' mystery, all plans have turned to droppings.

two choices:

Roo – Stevie J

Zorko – O' Keefe


Roo – Steveie J

Buddy – Beams

with 1 trade left for injury / upgarde Giles.

will buddy be in hot form when he returns?

cheers lads


Option one. As hot as beams has been, I think since you've held onto buddy for so long, you'll go gangbusters if he comes out and murders it. Which he will.

G unit

Same holding him for the same reason, otherwise I would go for Pav with freos run and chasing for finals berth.


I want to get a better midfield player but if so who do I put on the bench Ablett, Swan, Priddis, NickiDal ,Hayes or Carrazzo?


Josh hunt


That's a pretty solid mid. You can swing carazzo to defence to free up a spot. Who is covering swan for you this week?


Adam Kennedy from GWS

G unit

Lads, make or break this week. I have two trades left, and a bloody heap of unreliable spuds in fwd line – martin, goodes, j brown and CLOKE. I am proposing these trades which allow me to bring in S Johnson for Cloke putting martin or goodes on bench with brown depending on match ups..

Lenny out for Judd (love lenny but reckon Judd can cut sick next few..)

Cloke for Steven J from Wangaratta.

said trade leaves me with 0 trades and no money. But have coverage of Giles in ruck, and 2 of zorko,treloar,goodes,martin for mids/fwds

Also have 2 of lake/yarran/dempsey on ground, would love to sure up one of those posies but cash and trades are to scarce and hopefully they can score ok for three more…

G unit

Could also drop yarran for the Black Listed Newman..then bring in Stevie J for cloke…

Jock what are you thoughts on that one?


I'd keep Lenny, having a ripper season and Judd has been inconsistent. Clokes got to go though.


who should i bring in?

jobe, okeefe, thompson, cochin?


Depends on what your opponent's team looks like. Who do they have, and which of the players you want and have can you be confident in getting a big score from?

Conversely, how do you think you will go this week? Are you confident of a win, will it be tight, or does your team have a few holes? You can negate an opponent's big scoring player by trading in the same player… However you are also wasting what could be a POD that could get you over the line… If you are thinking about this, have a look at who you might be playing next week


So ive got nick roo, thing is i got 2 trades left, do i downgrade a bench and upgrade roo to beams, or play it safe and use 1 sideways trade?


at this time of season, you gotta go for it. Especially with the form Beams is in


Jock, Big Cyril sent me up the garden path last week. In prelims for two main leagues but finals this week for the other leagues with 2 trades left.. Should I hold fire on trades and try and wing it or go for broke this week?



Not sure if I should have Ablett or Beams as captain this week!!!

Gary ablett is sure to have a bad game soon and he's playin hawks!!

Dayne beams is against north and he is in terrific form and this could make me win or lose in my final game this week!!!!!!!!



I went big dayne over the Gary when pies played giants and it cost me… Consider that the suns may rely on Gary against strong opposition, so he may have 50 possessions up his sleeve again…

I'm confident of a win this week as I have consistently scored higher than my opponent, so I will probably put the c on Gary, since my opponent probably will. Considering danger as Smokey though…


Ok thanks I really appreciate it


First time posting need some help, undefeated all year with the communities help, but Cyril and reiwoldt has done me in first game up. Now fighting not to go straight sets.

Now have 5 trades 77k in the bank was thinking beams for cyril and then another forward but can only afford Danny Stanley / Blair / Johnson / cornes basically all spuds!

Alternatives 1 no beams and take Stevie j and side bottom or

Alternative 2 take beams sub in Devon smith (103, 95, 107 last three) bench roo and downgrade Gibson In preparation for upgrades next week……optimistic I know!

Any help would be appreciated!!

G unit

Downgrade one, take beams?

G unit

Or Pav or Stevie or Lewis


I need some help on deciding which of the forwards to trade in for N.Riewoldt.

I can afford all bar ROK (I have $525,900 to work with), and I've only got very weak coverage and can't afford to rely on that – I want to make a win as certain as possible.



Guys need a little help,

Need to trade Grima out do have 2 trades left with 438,100 to play with, any suggestions on who i could bring in?

Do have Delidio, Goddard, Scotland, Lake, Birchall and Johnson




1 trade left, Beams or Franklin?

Love the work you guys do here

Cheers Chickenhawk