How did ya go??? Finals Week 1

Published by Jock on

It wouldn’t be Fantasy Footy finals time without some left field dramas.

Teen Wolf Fyfe was a late withdrawal, Cambridge Tom Hawkins was knocked out early.. poor score by Beau Waters, Cyril Rioli off with a bung shoulder at half time.

How has your mob gone Finals week 1?

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needs help

2375, pretty solid team performance. other that matty suckling being sub and scoring 49, nobody else scored under 80. Pretty happy to say top 4 finish in all my leagues and now throught to the prelim in all of them. All thanks to you guys. thanks jock


2473… got through it 😀

Team still has more potential with 0 trades left leaves me in good spirits


2590 for the win and next week off. Slightly lucky as my opponent had Fyfe (his Swan trade, he'd be spewing), Chapman and Nick Riewoldt in his side, but he had cover for Fyfe and only scored 2063, so I still should have won even if they posted their averages.

Still got Franklin on my bench so that'll be even better if he's back in a fortnight. Almost panicked myself into trading him, was gonna deal him for Rioli, looks lucky I didn't. Sometimes the best trade you can make is not trading at all.


Managed a 2425 with a Roughead donut. Pretty happy to win all 5 qualifying finals after a disastrous Saturday. A few tiger boys got me over the line, namely Cotchin, JRoo and D-Mart.


2254. Alot of sub par scores and a Fyfe 0. Won by 2 points thankfully in my main league. If it wasnt for the week off a few heads would be rolling!

Sam the Pom

2458. That was with Roughead, Chapman, Smedts, Fyfe and Buddy in my side. Was forced to keep Cloke rather than trade the Big Unit out because of all the "injuries". Would like to thank Travis for his contribution, but still am with Crouching in his assessment of this man who stands up top. Hey Jock, that was a pretty wobbly tip of yours – still think you are a legend!


I was ruined by Rioli, rolled the dice and made him my el capitan this week and that was the difference


Terrible, 2191 two zeros, lost all 5 league matches lucky I have a second chance in 4 of them.


2501 and won all 4 so finally have a stress free week off. Kreuzer and Mumford finally delivered something like I had hoped all season and Harvey was a great tip Jock.

Hopefully Buddy gets back on the pitch soon.


2341 with a blob from Roughead (well done Orren as back up).


Finished top 4 in my 5 leagues, 5/5 this week including dispatching the team ranked 75th in Australia. Resting up on the week off, hitting peak form come prelim finals time. Couldn't have done it without you Jock old salt.


2449 won all 3 leagues, 1 straight through to prelim. Played Crawf in one of the sudden deaths sorry tiger (not!). Lucky my opp in my main league had Roughy (Jenkins + Big O on bench & no emergency!!) & Patch Adams but still beat him by 260. Little Master still so solid as capitano but shame I didn't have J Kennedy! Goodesy needs to lift – worst game I've seen from him!


Won all my DT finals. Very happy.

Main league I was about 13th with 4 weeks to go before finals, traded my arse off, snuck into 8th. Eliminated the guy placed 5th this weekend by a couple hundred points and actually posted highest score in the league for the week by a good margin – would have beat anyone.

No trades left but hoping for a fun ride home!


Scored 2270 to my opponents 2261 to sneak home in my qualifying final and get the week off!

My bads were trading in Fyfe this week, Rockliff had another shocker, plus low scores from kennedy, zorko, shaw and baguley but cant ask for much out of them.

Still got Buddy to come back in and got 1 trade left which ill use after my week off.

Couldn't have done it with out ya guys!

cheers cookie


Somehow won all 4 leagues with 2364, straight through to the pre-lims and luckily no injuries this week. 1 trade left though…


this week was an absolute disaster! scored 2089 after averaging 2500 over the last 4 weeks and lost 4 of my 5 qualifying finals. had two 0's in fyfe and smedts, hawkins is injured and i only have 1 trade left. 🙁


Hey Jockland,

2492, with no chappy, waters/suckling/goodes all dudding it up.

Really impressed that I have a Big Cox in my team, a Dangerman and Book of Jobe.

I won all 4 of my leagues, straight into 3 preliminary finals and a crushing Elimination final victory where I defeated the champion of the last 2 years. My cash leagues all going supremely well and they still don't know what my dirty little secret is..…and you know what I'm not bloody telling them either at the end of season beer fest.

I was really impressed with Kennedy/Beams on the weekend – locks for next year.



picked up nick bloody burn me riewoldt as my x factor for finals with a great run home against some less organised defence units, and he goes and bloody hyperextends his knee. 2-3 weeks, season crushed


not a great score, won both leagues and now have the week off. no trades left tho so its down to luck


Scored 2456 but went down, lucky I have the second chance! Should have started dickson over cloke like I planned, and stoked that young Sammy Gibson covered for swanny (no trades left, got to check out Hawkins…)

Should be able to get up next week!


Managed to win my Qualifying Final with a score of 2312. An interesting week it was, some players really stepping up (Dangermouse and Kennedy J.) and other's fizzing out (Maric, Sidebum and Shaw H. – I really expected more). I still have two trades & $240,100 remaining in the kitty.

I look forward to the week off to both to gather myself and then use my last two trades very, very wisely. I think I will need to bump over the 2500 mark to have any realistic chance of taking out my league title.

Thanks for everything this year Jock, Peter, C.T. & community.

Sam Winter

Scored a 2372, it won me 3 out of 5 games.

Pretty happy considering I had N.Riewoldt and Tommy Hawkins who scored 55 between them. In my main league my opponent had Franklin on the field with no playing forward emergencies.

Hopefully these players all return soon:

Dylan Shiel (who I can't believe I haven't traded yet)

Hawkins and Riewoldt (Hopefully a 1 weeker for Nick. Hawkins should return)

Buddy Franklin (I'm backing him to return this week)

Which makes everything more difficult is that I have no more trades left. I just traded out Broughton for Michael Johnson. Thank you.

Sam Winter

Whoops didn't mean to reply to poor Gerhard here. This iPad really makes things diffficult.


I'm not blaming Swanny, Daisy, or Clarko for giving Suckling the vest! I'm just saying its their fault I lost (by 10 points) and am out of my work league. Won't be able to face morning tea.

G unit

Bloody Goodes and Suckling Buuuuuuuuuuurrrrrrnnnnn me!

Didn't help that opponent had both JP Kennedy and beams either…devastated me with a 2600 to my 2400


2632 – won all 3 leagues. great return to form for B Lake and C Newman. In Cotchin/ Out Swan ( best trade of the year )

G unit

Newman responding to Jocks well deserved write off? Must of been in crouching's gym last week!