Finals Week 2 is here! The JR AFL Fantasy Podcast

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AFL Supercoach 2012 tips guru Jock ReynoldsThe spotlight of the sporting media turns its attention away from the Olympic Games and back to Fantasy Footy at a critical time in the season.

Some of you will be in seventh bloody heaven tonight… you may have the week off while the rest battle it out for survival. However, sadly, some may be bystanders left to rue the season that got away.

Regardless of who you are, or in which situation you find yourself, there are IMPORTANT learnings that you need to heed NOW. Have you bowed out for the season? Use the last few weeks to put your team under the microscope. Where did you go wrong? Which mistakes did you make and why wont you make em again next season? What did you do well.. and how will you absolutely drive that home next year?

I congratulate all of you who progress to week 2 of the finals series. To come this far is a significant achievement in itself.

Enjoy listening into our considerable wisdom in this weeks pre finals week 2 podcast,

Jock Reynolds

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Bloody great stuff yet again jock old son


Your a legendary Jock, keep up the good work mate


This is actually the first time I have been to this site, I'm a Dreamteam talk talk tragic but only just heard of this through one of the DTT boys tweets… Damn I been missing out this is Awesome

Sam Winter

What's the story with Hawkins and Nick Roo. Scored 2372 with both playing in my team. Pretty happy.


Got 2593 this week highest score of the season could have gotten more if i had Lake on the field instead of S Shaw or Yarran


"He aint happy, he's a Scott Brother" LOL

Thanks guys. One problem – One trade – little bit of cash($141,200) …. Who to upgrade, Sam Shaw or Cloke …and who to?

Thanks for this and everything lads. You mentioned a Grand final podcast,I'd be all over that as I really do like my Monday Morning podcast and will miss you when this is over.


Definitely Cloke….Shaw is good back up and Crows have an easier run home so he should start racking up some points.

Cloke is showing no signs of cracking a ton any time soon.

I have Cloke and i have to trade out Broughton with only 1 trade left


Nice work boys but no slipper wisdom this week? Here's an idea for a song inspired by my own experience – "I've got the no-trades-left blues"…..


Great work Fellas

LMAO :o)


Very Nice Jock and co, well done!

I have 1 trade left and only $1,400, big match this week against 2nd place so need to win to stay in.

Need to trade Nick Riewoldt but who to? I was thinking Sylvia because he's playing GWS this week. Danny Stanley was also another option.


Or Boomer Harvey….both DPPs too


I totally agree with vinnie boomer Harvey best option


jock when u log in next year can u look at what u did this year?


Don't reckon. Would be good though.


OK, weird one here. In one of my leagues I'm playing a top 100 SC team. No trades left. Have done the math, not much chance of a win here. We have similar squads and the key unique player matchups favour for him for the most part (his side left)

Pendles v Rockliff

Selwood v Hayes

Murphy v Priddis

Johnson v Chapman

Cox v Naitanui

I'm thinking of goign with a higher risk Captaincy choice this week. He's a GAJ man for Skipper, me too generally. Also both of us have Watson.

Thoughts on NicNat or Dangermouse as Captain this week?

In my other leagues I should have a comfortable win regardless.


Danger would be a better option than nic nat.. I have both but Danger is in ripping form mate


I've made a lot of mistakes this season. But overall it has been my most successful, finishing 3rd on my ladder but losing last week!

I'm glad that I've made a few errors this season, which means I will learn from the nest year. Probably my biggest let down was getting on players when they are at the peak of their price and jumping on the bandwagon. I did this when Stanton was over 600k, and as soon as I picked him up, he scored below 100 most games and is now 400k. I was going to get Watson who was a good bit cheaper, but went with stanton. Also did the same thing with scott Selwood who is going average atm, but picked him up at his peak.

I also fell into the trap of getting stuck with both Deledio AND Goddard in my midfield, which left me no room to get other midfield guns and left with mediocre backline players.

Overall I'm happy with the season and big thanks to you Jock for all the advice! Hopefully will win this week!


Boring week this week, won all my leagues so no games for me!

I suppose that's good though, cheers jock and co for advice


I only play Dreamteam but love the advice on here, I got 2125 with roughead, riolli, suckling and Scotty Thompson… Won my elimination final by 30 points. I got 3 trades left and 120k in the kitty with Swan sitting on the pine.


i wouldn't start trading until another fortnight. Travelling well, mate.

I have 2 trades myself and the week off after beating my opponent with Franklin and Swan on the pine. clocked up 2124


Good Luck everyone, alot of carnage lately !!


Jock mate, Got bloody ripped right off! Rioli out for 2-3 weeks .. What do i bloody do.!!


Trade him for anyone from Adelaide, Geelong or Freo…all have relatively easy runs home and noone over $600K


I'm in the same boat mate, I'm kind of stuck on weather to trade in Steve Johnson or Matthew Wright from Adelaide.. Steve Johnson hard to ignore though priced at around 400k in Dreamteam. Hard call


thing is im out of trades :/


Nice 2605 for me with Broughton still to trade out


Qualifying final for both leagues: lost one by 6 points, the other by about 100.

Franklin, Roughead, Suckling. Bloody Hawthorn.

Oh well. Still another chance next week.


Even more annoying when it was a decent score: 2423

resume examples

Cloke is showing no signs of cracking a ton any time soon.