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This weeks Cattle Market

Lance Franklin not named? Struth eh. Buddy and Swan will cause the biggest head thumpers this week.

Here’s the video thing I did earlier on this evening – as much Supercoach slash Dreamteam slash AFL Fantasy Football wisdom as can be crammed into 10 minutes.

Who are your selections this week?

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Alan T Carson

Love you too Jock! Heart of gold.

Still dreaming of a Fyfe trade for Swan. Love or no love? Next year you should get the old thumbs up, thumbs down action going old boy.

John C

one trade left and will get 2 doughnuts this week if I don't use it. I have a second chance though. Do I tank and keep the trade for next week or try to beat my opponent with a 0 already on the books?


boys, i have managed to sneak into the top 4 in all 5 of my leagues for the first time ever under your guidance. i now face 5 qualifying finals against quality opposition. my problem now is buddy still not playing and, with smedts injured, no bench cover leaving me with a doughnut up forward. i am prepared to cop it on the chin this week, but im wondering if i should trade buddy for beams or rioli, or throw dangerfield down forward and pick up watson, selwood or mitchell. i have 1 trade and $3,200 left


Billy, I would switch Dangerfield forward and pickup Watson or Selwood. Honestly though, be aware, I am no expert 😉


Don't stress Bill. If you're in all qualifying finals this weekend hold that trade to when you're head is on the line. You'll probably fluke a few wins this week and then you can reassess next week. if it was me though and you've only got one trade left i'd be eyeing off Prelim final week to use it….


Jock !

What about Swan for FYFE! with DPP


get in okeefe? petrie? rioli? or Hawkins?


Finished first and fourth in my two leagues, so a qualifying final this week. Two trades left and a bit of cash.

Was going to trade out Cloke, (swing Sidebottom fwd) and bring in Dal Santo.

Now that Buddy's not playing, thinking of trading him out instead and bringing Watson or ??? (could afford anyone).

I've got Elliott on the fwd bench, and he's been providing good backup, but a scorer like Watson could be the difference between a win and a loss. Both my opponents also have Buddy – possibly throwing up the same questions.

What do you guys reckon?


Hey Jock and co. Is Broughton out for the season? And how long is Stanton out for?

I've got 1 trade left and having trouble deciding which one of them should go….


broughton's out for the season mate


What are peoples thoughts on Lake? Are they holding or trading? Should score reasonable against tiges this week, though has been down on form last couple..


Which one to put on the field R.Shaw, Sam Shaw or Hargrave?


I can't split them. Which one for Chappy?

Fyfe – Back from injury? Proven yet?

Taylor Walker – Tippett coming back in?

Stevie J – Will go ballistic prelim final weekend against dogs but injury?


Chappy is going better than all of them. Why would get get rid of a premium who is averaging over 100?


Chappy a late out – calf apparently.


he is out this week


Who to bring in Dal Santo or Sidebottom ?

Mr X

Franklin –> Pav, Beams, Stevie J or Rioli??

Any other suggestions?? 🙂


I would love to know as well as i have only 1 trade left and not sure if it should be a sideways trade