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Jock with the Supercoach Premiership Cup

Can you smell it in the air kids? Its bloody Fantasy Footy Finals time. The time of year the big boys come out to play.

As we always do on a Sunday evening, my good mates Peter ‘Higgo’ Higginbotham, The Crouching One and I have belted out another podcast for our beloved community – we hope you enjoy it. It’s been a fantastic journey since our Fantasy Footy Community decided to get onto the world wide internet last September and we are bloody overjoyed that many of you have reached your finals with ease.

Righto – lets get stuck the podcast and all you need to know coming into Finals week 1.

Jock Reynolds.


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  1. Jack says:

    Im playing some good sides in the finals this week. I have 2 trades left and 245k and im getting rid of broughton.

    Who is the best backline option. Already have (Deledio, Goddard, Carrots, Waters, Birchall, Lake).

    Im tossing up between H.Shaw and Scotland.

    • Jock Reynolds says:

      Go scotland mate,

      He is guaranteed to rack up the cheap touches all game!

      Good luck mate

  2. Moggys says:


    I am in a similar situation to jack. Am upgrading Broughton, have 205k in the bank and have Goddard, Lidds, 3x Shaws, lake, carrazzo and Darly.

    I am trying to choose between Scotland, Waters, Enright and Birchel.

    I would appreciate your help. Also am thinking of benching lake in place of s shaw for next week. What do you think.

    I have four trades left, finished second but all our top eight teams are a threat and I need to win next week to have any chance or I will face a team who scored 2700+ this week.


    • BigDub says:

      Sam Fisher – Cheap as chips and Saints have Demons and GWS in next 3 weeks.

    • Gday there Moggys.. like BigDub says Sammy Chips Fisher does look a very good prospect this week, but value aside (as is often the case in the pointy end) I'd go Heathy Scotland out of the lot of em mate

  3. cookie says:

    hey jock,

    I have 2 trades left and 114k in the bank. i want to trade the porpoise.

    is fyfe the best option or spend extra and get roughead??

    or do i hold?

    cheers cookie

  4. Mark says:

    Hi, I am thinking of trading out cloke in finals have 3 trades left and in top 4 so would like everyone’s advice.

    Thinking of trading Cloke for Pavlich or Cloke for Beams, or would you keep Cloke and trade Sam Shaw for Beau Waters instead, as hes only rookie i still have left on field .

    If you could say players name in reply section that you would trade in that would be good to see who trends. Thanks for help.

    • Butters says:


    • very tough call there mate… well worth some serious consideration.

      My inkling is that the minute you trade cloke out he'll go absolute gangbsters and stink you right up.

      However.. as old Higgo always reminds us… if you look at the numbers it looks more likely that you'll reap more point scoring benefit via a Cloke > Beams trade… what do ya reckon?

      • Mark says:

        Yea kinda thinking same jock, liking Beams trade most had Cloke since round 1 and nothing but disappointing. Sam Shaw is my last rookie still on field the rest are prems except Cloke not pulling Prem numbers.

    • needs help says:

      Pav, has absolutley killed it the last month, and with freo fighting for the last spot he is assured to keep tearing it up!!

  5. Westy says:

    2411 points – highest score for the year.

    Thanks Jock and awe! It's been much fun.

    0 trades left. Combination of a lot of injuries and people being left out earlier in the year. Traded a little too fiercely in order to avoid donuts.

    DEF: Deledio, Goddard, H Shaw, Newman, Heppell, S Shaw, Bugg, C Delaney, T Bell.

    MID: Ablett, J Kennedy, Boyd, Dal Santo, D Martin, Pendlebury, Horsley, Ziebell

    RUC: Roughead, Kreuzer, Stephenson, Campbell

    FWD: Sidebottom, Franklin, Dangerfield, S Johnson, Zorko, Smedts, Goodes, Pfeiffer, Treloar.

    That's the finished product. Will have to work out the bench and take what comes from here.

    • Great stuff Westy! As we say in the podcast mate… most of the beauty is in the bloody Fantasy Footy journey, not just the destination.

      Trade discipline is a big part of the caper mate… especially when you're in the thing for a leauge victory.

      Looking forward to seeing how your mob end up

  6. Bowser says:

    Hey Jock,

    It's finals time and I require some urgent assistance from the legend of fantasy footy.

    I have 4 trades left and 354K in the bank,

    DEF: Hurn, Dempsey, Goddard, Carrazzo, Newman, Grima, Sam Shaw, Spurr, Darley

    MID: Priddis, Swan, Ablett, Tommo, Mitchell, Deledio, Coniglio and Baguely on bench

    RUCK: Nic Nat, Giles, Campbell and the Big O

    Forwards: Beams, Cloke, Sidebottom, Martin, Stevie J, Porps, Goodes and Smedts Aaron Hall on the bench.

    Any advice? I need to decided whether to upgrade Spurr or Shaw as my 6th defender but need the backup to have reasonable job security. Thinking upgrades to Scotland, Waters, Birchill or Heater Shaw but again not sure who is the best option.

    Other issue is Porps injury and whether to get in Fyfe, Chappy, Dangermouse or someone else that I haven't thought of yet within the budget I have to work with…

    Struggling to make the numbers work as would like to upgrade Giles next week. Finished top of my league but have a tough game first week.

    Any thoughts?

    • gore says:

      For defence, as said earlier Scotland, Carlton have a great run over the next few weeks. Their precarious ladder position means 0% chance of them resting any guns in the lead-up.

      I'd take Danger for Attack. He's running into form again and capable of matchwinning high scores.

      His erratic scoring should be balanced by Scotlands steady scores. That's the duo for me.

      • Bowser says:

        Cheers mate. I appreciate it. Who would you recommend to upgrade out of spurr and sam shaw? They are pretty even in scoring and price but just need one as an emergancy. Can afford both but then will have hardly anything to upgrade giles with next week?

      • BigDub says:

        Carlton is out of the finals race. They're more intent on experimenting with their list, as can be seen by the fact they've used 38 players this year and playing the likes of White/Davies/Dale in recent weeks.

        So not sure if Scotland is a lock to play out year as people are making out. 32 yo who has had a few niggles this year.

    • Gday there Bowser..

      I'd like to see a Sam Shaw > Scotland and a Porplyzia > Cyril Rioli this week…. whaddya reckon?

      • Bowser says:

        Cheers for the reply Jock your a champ.. Swanny has been busted out on the jars on Sunday Night so will soak up a trade after reliable scoring all year. I like the Rioli trade so maybe downgrade Swanny to Dangermouse and Upgrade Porps to Cyril? That should leave me enough to Upgrade Shaw to Scotland or Birchill and Giles to Roughhead of Jolly next week…. Stressful time in the world of Supercoach this week!

  7. Jared says:

    How serious is porps injury anyone?


    • Gday there Jared – it's his bung shoulder… its enough to have this old fella lunging at the trade button mate.

      I'll be going Porplyzia > Cyril this week

  8. needs help says:

    Finished top 4 in all of my leagues and just looking to put the icing on the cake now. I have 3 trades left with 294k in the bank. i know that this is a sideways trade but would it be worth trading out lake for waters just for sheer consistancy? Other trades that I am contemplating are either kreuzer or giles out for maric, or getting rid of mr money man cloke! Thoughts would be appreciated.

    • Gday there young Needs,

      I'd weigh up the potentially slight point gain (if any) you'd get against the value of that trade and I'd say nah… keep Lake I reckon.

      If you wanted to make 1 of the ones you suggested I's go the Kreuzer > Maric… most potential for higer point scoring I reckon mate?

      • needs help says:

        cheers Jock, your help has been much apprieciated this year, and has found me finishing top 4 in all my leagues and hopefull assured of winning at least one flag!!

  9. Lachlan says:

    G'day community, pretty nervous walking into these finals and need your thoughts to help me out. Feeling depressed that i traded Giles 2 weeks ago.

    Trades left: 1

    Bank: 329 600

    Def: Deledio, Goddard, Carazzo, Lake, Dempsey, RShaw, SHaw (Smedts, Bell)

    Mid: Ablett, Watson, Pendlebury, JSelwood, Priddis, Sewell (Gibson, Williams)

    Ruck: Ryder, Jenkins

    Fwd: Dangerfield, Franklin, Tippett, Cloke, Martin, Zorko, Motlop (Hall, Black)

    Trade I'm thinking about is Motlop to Beams.

    What you reckon?

    • Tough call mate… assuming you're bottom 4 and have an elimenation? If you're top 4 I'd hang onto that trade, if you're bottom 4 it would depend a bit on your opposition team… hold that trade if you reckon you have your opponent covered statistically

  10. Michael says:

    g'day there, i have two trades left right now and thinking about burning one this week. i have a good foward and midfeild but my backs are messed and i have 4 cheapies who i just in and out of the side, the four are smedts, mcinnes, morris and ellis. i was thinking about swapping dahlhaus back for smedts and then into michael john or sammy fisher, even matty suckling. not sure if it''s worth burning a trade now though, thanks jock!

    • Mark says:

      Hi Mick, I think it depends on your ladder position if your not top 4 and can be knocked out if you lose I would trade.

      • yep – tend to agree with Mark here Mick… but very much depends on your opposition. You're right.. you are very light on down back so I can see why you'd be having a big think about the trade

        • Dylan says:

          Did I see somewhere that dahlhouse is injured and possibly out for the rest of the season?

          • Michael says:

            you're right there jock, backs are a damn disgrace. i'll just hold off this week thanks for the help 🙂

  11. Josh says:

    Jock I'm going to trade out Porplyzia. Who do you reckon I should put in Pav, Cyril or D. Beams?

  12. Nick says:

    When is Tom Couch coming back if ever?

  13. Nicko says:

    Jock & Co,

    An interesting week coming up next week with Franklin looking likely to play.

    I am in an elimination final this week and we both have Franklin.

    What do you guys think of the idea of not playing Franklin and playing one of Taylor Adams, Smedts, Marty Clarke, Baguley (either of them depending on how i Structure my team) and hope that Franklin is subbed out at half-time or 3qtr time as he was the first time back from injury?

    Is this a chance for success, or am I completely nuts?


    • Hells Bells…. there's a thought.

      Chance of Sucess? Yes

      Are you Nuts? No

      If you were considering that I'd prefer you sidewaysed Buddy into Cryil, Pav or Beams rather than benching him I reckon… a bloody interesting thought you've raised here Nicko

    • Are you serious Franklin will play against GWS this week…I think not.

      Another week off for mine.

  14. Humph says:

    Completely nuts. Franklin could score as much as all of them put together by 3/4 time.

    You don't get draft picks for next year so there's no point tanking!

    • But as the man says Humph.. going of what has happened in the past and if Hawthorn are coasting its a real possibility I reckon.

      More unlikely than likely… but not nuts I reckon

  15. CJ says:

    What to do with Lake Jocky?

    3 Trades lefts 40K in the kicker?

    Def Looks like this

    Goddard/Lids/Birchall/Carrrrrrrazo/R.Shaw/Lake/Yarran (S.Shaw/Baguly)

    And what are your thoughts on Hurn?

  16. Isaac says:

    Great work boys. Hey Jock do you reckon you can ring up Chrissy Newman this week and get him to pump out a ton? Only need him for one more week!

    • Alan T Carson says:

      Newman against Doggies? Surely he can pump out three figures for those loyal coaches. I am torn between trading him or trading Cloke. Being a Tiger, it would add more salt into the sizable Richmond wound if I was to trade out Newman and he pumped out some circa 2011 form.

      1 trade, 1 finals chance . ……. Whatever happens, big thanks to Jock, Crouching and Higgo. I have enjoyed the community and will be "front and square" again next year – already thinking pre-season!

  17. adam says:

    Dane Swan has been suspended…

  18. Mr X says:

    Gday everyone,

    i am wanting to trade porplyzia out but i only have $62,000k left ($491,200)

    The only two players i am considering are Chappy and Stevie J… i am leaning towards Chappy

    thoughts ?

  19. Adam says:

    Should I use my last two trades i finished on top but want to make sure I win and get a week off.

    I was going to do

    Broughton into Rookie

    Bring Deledio into the Defence and

    Trade either Lake or Yarran into Beams-Watson

  20. Hey Jock ,

    I'm tinkering with the following ideas.

    I have 2 trades left and $160,000

    If I trade out Franklin I bring in Pavlich and then upgrade Dempsey to waters.

    I'm facing 1 elimination final and 3 qualifying finals. No point leaving trades. I have cover in all my areas as well with Spurr, Gibson, Stephenson and DSmith.

    Thoughts FF Community???


    • Alan T Carson says:

      Think big Lance may play! Also think ther is no way The Pav will be left "one out" like he was against WCE. Yes he is a gun, but yes, The Crows will realize that he is close to their only key forward target and shut him down.

      Like your Dempsey to Waters move.

      Good luck!

  21. josh says:

    Hi guys. Trading out dalhaus for t walker or goodes or bennell got 470 k to use

    ( fwd is fyfe, buddy, Sidebottom, danger, zorko, dalhaus

  22. dipper says:

    I have 3 trades left with 122k in the bank.

    should i get rid of tippet and barlow and get Beams and rookie

    can u give me suggestion for rookie please

    and also tell me if gettting rid of barlow and tippet is a good idea