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AFL Supercoach 2012 tips guru Jock Reynolds

Another week closer to the pointy end folks. Reckon Crouching, Higgo and I are taking the foot of the pedal? Hell no.

As I say to yas.. now is the time to STEP IT UP A GEAR. We’ve provided you with some words of wisdom from some good friends of the Jock Reynolds Fantasy Footy Community in the weeks podcast. A must for all who are fair dinkum about this caper.

Turn off those Olympics (unless you’re watching the ladies beach volleyball which is an impressive event) and tune into the podcast turning the Fantasy Footy straggler into the elite of the competition.

Look forward to discussions in the blog,

I’m Jock Reynolds

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  1. Adam Kneale says:

    Jock son. I have assed in depth my finals run. I CANT make the four. I am currently sitting 5th and have a very easy match. But if i lose i can drop to 6th or 7th, no lower. Now if i finish 6th or 7th i have a FAR easier finals run than if i finish 5th. Because the best player has finished second and i can avoid him till the granny! Is it worth tanking to try and finish 6th. I am seriously considering it. Thoughts??

    • MJ says:

      Adam, the simple answer is yes .. if you think you can an easier run to the grand final by finishing 6th then by all means tank .. if you aren't looking for overall win then there is no reason not too

  2. G unit says:

    Jock, I would suggest you check out the Polish Womens team on the indoor volleyball courts; far superior to any beach scenery.

  3. DDJ says:

    Scotty Thompson, Nicky Dal or Marc Murph?

    When is Broughton and Mummy coming back?

    Is Goodesy's hammy bad?

  4. The Wanderer says:

    Glad to hear the derivation of the word "sacrosanct". Strangely at odds with my Shorter Oxford's explanation, though…

  5. SNAKE HANDLER says:

    Hello all.

    I have 1 trade left.Im currently 5th with a good chance of finishing 3rd or forth.

    I want Sam Shaw into my backline.

    Should i trade out Yarran or Spurr or T.Mohr.

    Or what do you think.Im around 100 points of beating the top Guys when i play them?.

    Thanks for any help.

    From SuperCoach and Jock website Addicted,(Wife hates us all because of it).But who cares Johnno

    • Lachlan says:

      why would you want sam shaw?

      • Zimmer says:

        Agree. Maybe you mean Heath Shaw. Sam Shaw isn't even playing.

        • engies says:

          he will soon thou he showed good form for a rookie he's not playing atm due to a minor eye injury but look for him to be named this week.

          However I'm surprised someone would wanna burn a trade on him at this stage, esp when finals is a lock

    • Mick says:

      Keep the trade for an injury. S Shaw isn't reliable

    • SNAKE HANDLER says:

      Thanks for all your good advice.

  6. John C says:

    Jock, Crouching and Higgo – Got my top score in supercoach ever this weekend gone with 2665 and in the top 4 of all my leagues. Thanks again for all the advice and help this season!!

  7. Benny.. says:

    Jock you have to get on to the gynastics as well! Ass ass and more ass gotta love the Olympics..

  8. The Peanut says:

    Soft tissue, sacrosanct, Wayno, …. !!!

    You guys are hilarious. I stopped caring about my team but still listen.

    GOLD Medal to Jock and Co.

  9. Mick says:

    Stanton did his hammy and might miss some time. Assuming it is confirmed, I have 1 trade left and $473,000

    Can be a Mid, Fwd or Back.

    I'm thinking Matthew Wright, but there isn't any players I really like for that money, does anyone have any tips?

    • Moontower Fullkegs says:

      Nat Fyfe had a good hit out on first up return from injury. The guy is a proven supercoach performer and is DPP value.

      • Mick says:

        Ah yeah forgot to add him in, cheers.

        Any one else flying under the radar?

        • Timbo says:

          M.Murphy mate

          • John C says:

            Don't think Murphy will be affordable. I am in almost the identical position with slightly more cash and am looking at either Fyfe or Dal Santo who's value has dropped but just had a great performance with 137

          • Mick says:

            Murphy is too expensive. I thought about Dal Santo, but his form is pretty average this year.

  10. Wes says:

    Jock mate I owe you a massive thanks. Scored 2605 this week one short and with Lance Franklin, Dale Thomas and Greg Broughton out. The finals are looking good

  11. Jared says:

    Thoughts anyone? Who should I get as a premium?

    Cotchin, Boyd or Murphy

    • Marc says:

      You planning any other moves? I'd probably pick Cotchin, but if you need extra $ you could go for a slightly cheaper option like Murphy (Or even Nat Fyfe if you want to bring in a surprise pick).

    • Dools says:

      The best explanation for the Weapons (Soft tissue) decimation of the Essendon Team..Brilliant.

      3 Jock (The dumping of Newman & defending the Iinvisible One)

      2 Higgo ( Sacrosant, good stuff & swearing r u at our level now?)

      1 Tiger (Richmond cost me a 9 in Tips 2 weeks running & the Newman's playmaker tag)

      Love the whole thing guys …Do not get syndicated.. To good for main stream…

      Team scored 2400 odd, Lost. Still No. 1 in Bragging Rights Leauge and trades up my sleeve.

      Bring it…See you guys next week and keep it up! FINALs Approching

  12. Marc says:

    Must have been a good week for SCers. I thought my 2654 was good, but there were some impressive results posted.

    My final squad is completed, pending Buddy Franklin's return. Got 2 trades saved for finals, which is 2 less than I originally wanted, but I let bragging rights get the best of me last week and I made some moves to get Beams into my fwd line.

  13. Big Easy says:

    Jock, Fellas, All,

    Have 6 trades left + 230k

    will finish 2nd in league and will face the best side first up in finals.

    am going to bring Murph in this week, leaves me with 5 for finals.

    want to upgrade a mid to complete the line and will be able to afford anyone, currently have:






    any suggestions considering potential resting / upcoming opposition etc??

    cheers lads

    • Mick says:

      S Thompson (if he isn't rubbed out) is a good pick because of Adelaide's finals run.

      Dane Swan of course a great, safe pick.

      Kieran Jack has been flying

      Shane Tuck also amazing – good run home too and good POD (only 1% have him! amazing..)

      Personally I would go with Shane Tuck. Averaging 130 over the last 5, easy run home with Lions Dogs Port all to come. No one else will have him and there is the potential for HUGE games of 150.

      • Mick says:

        If you have the $, I would also get J Selwood instead of Murphy.

        Only scored under 100 once this season, so is great for consistency. I wish I had him!

  14. Lachlan says:

    Gday guys,

    I'm currently 3,4 and 8th in my leagues

    I dont know what i should do with my 2 trades

    ahould i keep them for finals?


    trade Sewell to Murphy


    trade Hargrave to Tom Bell and Motlop to Beams?

    • reff says:

      keep sewell , upgrade hargrave save 1 trade for premium players season ending injury

  15. willys winners says:

    Guys I made a bad trade last week, got rid of Giles for Jenkins and he gave me nothing. I got 4 trades and 60 K cash in the bank, whats the best option for me as I also have Sam Jacobs in my team and I dont want to Adelaide ruckman. Any help appreciated.!

    • Frank a lenco says:

      just a sneaky one for a good POD, Griffen from Freo I reckon champ. will carry the ruck for the run home and an inform Freo should be a help to his score – check his graph out man.

      also, first comment, so just wanted to thank Jock, Higgo, Crouching and the Slipper for a really fun year. I am a podcast addict. keep it up! thinking that you guys would be a monty to get a radio gig.

    • Mick says:

      Made a bad trade, suck it up. What did you expect would happen?

      Keep your trades for injuries and hope that Jenkins scores high next week. For that money you aren't going to get a good ruckman, plain and simple.

  16. CJ says:


    Would like to upgrade one of the following to Deleidio


    Trelor (Mid can swap with Baguley)

    Pfiffer (Mid can swap with Baguley)

    Have the cash and the trades just really unsure on which one to lose..any suggestions?

    • Mick says:

      For your bench guys you want consistency, knowing they can at least score 60-70 if they have to come in. Get rid of the guy you trust least.

      For me, that's Treloar.

      Also once Hibberd comes back, Bags will get dropped. Ellis will be good bench cover for Def.

      • CJ says:

        Was thinking of trelor or pfiffer – Lids as Mids, then swapping Bags to Mid and Delidio to Back. Having that swing option Really could come in handy if needed as cover

        Leaves me with

        Goddard, Lids, Birchall, Carrazo, R.Shaw, Yarran, Lake (S.Shaw/Ellis)


        Ablett, Bartel, Priddis, Cotchin, JPK, Pendles(Gibson/Baguly)




    • Pfiffer for me, Treloar is in under the action and pushes forward to kick goals.

  17. oliver says:

    I've got 200k in the bank and 1 trade left. I'm open to making a trade anywhere on my team. What would you reccomend doing. My current team is


    Deledio,Heppell,Enright,R Shaw,Lake,Carrazzo,(S Shaw, Darley)


    Ablett,Pendlebury,Murphy,Priddis,Barlow, Gibbs(Rich,Gibson)


    Goldstein,Kruezer,(stephensen,T Campbell)


    Franklin,S Johnson, Zorko, J Riewoldt, D Martin,Dangerfield, Hawkins (Cloke, Smedts)

    • oliver says:

      Also i don't have to make a trade this week, i'm sitting in 6th position but i could end up as high as third, i'm two points off but with a fairly easy game this week.

      • Mick says:

        With an easy game this week, save the trade. Keep it for the inevitable injury and then upgrade to best player you can.

    • Upgrade Lake to best possible defender, like waters or HShaw, Goddard, Suckling, Birchall

    • reff says:

      reinforce your backline bench

      darley -> goddard or lake

  18. Riley says:

    Do supercoach finals run the same as afl finals?

    Should I upgrade Cloke to Fyfe or Malceski to Rance?

  19. Luke says:

    hey jock, love the podcast!

    im currently sitting 10th in my league and must win by a large margin to sneak in the 8, but luckily im am playing 14th. this is my team:


    deledio, goddard, brian lake, demspey, geary, tom bugg, mark baguley (sam shaw, smedts)


    ablett, watson, selwood, thompson, stanton, zorko (sheringham, ledger)


    ryder, redden (stephenson, derickx)


    franklin, sidebottom, chapman, dangerfield, dayne beams, porplyzia (milera, ben warren)

    what do you recommend i do from here, desperately need to make the 8.

    thanks in advance 🙂

  20. reff says:


    SC sittn 9th in my cash league, top 4000 overall

    struggling with s.shaw t.mohr s.darley not gettn games

    1 trade left ( was saving for prem inj )

    should crack th 8 with a win this week

    can trade mohr for duffield or rivers

    or shaw for dougharty or or baguley

    advice please

    injury status on shaw mohr , will darley play finals


    • reff says:

      my team is

      deludio goddard suckling carazzo dempsey poupolo

      s.shaw ( mohr darley )

      ablett pendlebury thompson selwood rockliff priddis

      ( sidebottom mcdonald )

      natanui giles ( stephenson patterson )

      franklin roughead pavlich dangerfield pearce martin

      porplesia ( zorko treloar )

      • You need a swing set my friend and get sidebottom into your forwards .

        Swing Treloar/Sidebottom. Would rather see Zorko on the field than Porplesia as well when buddy comes back.

  21. Luke says:

    trading franklin, who do you recommend i get?

  22. Sam Winter says:

    Worth burning my last trade to get rid of Broughton. I was going to get Michael Johnson, with 38k in the bank I can just afford him. I have good cover on the bench for him though. I have Smedts and Spurr with Sam Shaw on the field. Johnson's break even is 83 which he should get. Thoughts?