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Jock’s AFL Fantasy Cattle Market – Rd18 Bargains

Published by Jock on

Snag yourself a prime Supercoach bargain in the Cattle Market

G’day there boys and girls – hope you’re having a sensational week.

When you match Round 17 up against most of the other mongrel rounds so far it must be said that most of us have had a pretty stress free week. Only a few injuries to worry about… your Stevie J’s and your Tippett’s. It is important to appreciate these weeks when they happen folks. Take the opportunity to catch up with your paid work, wives, friends and families. We all know the finals are just around the corner so the time to put time into social obligations is NOW.

As is the case with most weeks I have some real value for the wise Fantasy Footy coach this week… as always, also make sure you have listened into this weeks podcast. Our Travis Cloke songs have set the social media outlets into a frenzy.

Jock Reynolds


Grant Birchall – Hawthorn
$498,500 | Avg 98 | breakeven 94
Next 2: ESS, GEE
Finals: PTA, GCS, SYD, WCE

My value selection for the second week running. Magnificently reliable of late with 6 Supercoach scores of 100+ over his last 7 matches. With a belter of a first 2 weeks of finals he is hard to look past. Won’t mind things this week against the Essendon forward line – lock him in.

Heath Shaw – Collingwood
$518,800 | Avg 106 | breakeven 77
Next 2: GWS, STK
Finals: SYD, NTH, WCE, ESS

It is a bloody good sign for fantasy footy coaches when a player is soundly beaten but still racks up Supercoach and Dreamteam points. Will be looking to well and truly tear into the GWS this week and this may well be as cheap as Heath Shaw gets this season. Some would query his first round finals clash against Sydney – but history suggests he scores well against them. A real consideration this week if you don’t have him.

Heath Scotland – Carlton (also MID)
$484,400 | Avg 101 | breakeven 74
Next 2: RICH, SYD
Finals: BRL, ESS, GCS, STK

Has been consistent without being red hot this season. Higgo reckons he has a bloody good standard derivation. Reliable choice going into finals. Interesting to note that he has Brisbane first round of the finals followed by Essendon who he averages 122 against, then GCS and St Kilda. I’ve been in close discussions with Heath to push on for a few more seasons. A good egg.

Pearce Hanley – Brisbane
$501,400 | Avg 94 | breakeven 120
Next 2: WCE, RICH
Finals: CAR, ADE, PTA, WBD

Averaged 84 up until round 12, but has ripped out an average of 116 since. The penny has dropped for my old mate Pearce. I often remind Pearce about the day he looked me dead set in the eye and says to me “Jock me old man come here, tell me this n tell me no more… so you think I can make the big time d’yaKnowWatIMeanLike?”. I told him then… as I remind him now… you are made for the big time son. The big time has arrived for Pearce. Get onboard.

Jack Grimes – Melbourne
$379,900| Avg 83 | breakeven 12
Next 2: NTH, GCS
Finals: STK, GWS, ADE, FRE

Every now and then a Fantasy Footballer feels the need for a good old fashioned flutter with some risk. In young Jack Grimes we see a young colt who has proven himself as a potential high scorer. He has also proved himself as an injury waiting to happen… and also a bit of a spud this season. Walked smach bang into some form on the weekend with a lovely 138. Still has Gold Coast and Greater Western Sydney to come. Consider.. but buyer beware folks.

Paul Stewart – Port Adelaide
$384,600 | Avg 69 | breakeven 32
Next 2: FRE, GWS

Some of the lads down at the RSL laughed themselves hoarse when I spoke well of this young upstart – but take notes here my friend, Paul Stewart is a name we will hear quite a bit of.  Missed much of last season with injury after a promising 2010. A dangerous forward/solid half backs who can run through the middle and provide depth some real depth. 5 sausage rolls on the weekend and 124 Supercoach points to back up solid scores of 104 v Adelaide and 79 v Essendon in his previous 2 clashes. Not for the conversative but one for those of you who need to roll the odd dice.

Mark Baguley – Essendon (also MID)
$94,700 | 79 & 57 first 2 games
Next 2: HAW, ADE
Finals: NTH, CAR, RIC, COL

On the bubble and looks the best rookie option for those looking for a trade down in the backline this week. I’d pull the trigger once his place in this weekend’s side is confirmed on Thursday night.

Tom Bell – Carlton
$104,700 | 75 in first game
Next 2: RICH, SYD
Finals: BRL, ESS, GCS, STK

Another to keep in the back of the mind in young Tommy Bell. Very encouraging first up effort of 75, of his 13 disposals 8 were contested which is definitely what you want to see in a new young Pup. Watch him this weekend.


Tom Rockliff – Brisbane Lions
$490,800 | Avg 108 | breakeven 89
Next 2: WCE, RICH
Finals: CAR, ADE, PTA, WBD

Started the season costing $615,600 so has drifted heaps since. We love to pick up our Premiums as they reach the bottom of their price bell curve at the Jock Reynolds Fantasy Footy Community and Tom fits the bill this week. Has just cranked out a 121 against the Gold Coast which should provide him with the spring board required for the remaining part of his season. Reasonable finals run, with his last 2 weeks of finals looking very juicy with Port Adeladie and the Doggies.

Scott Thompson – Adelaide
$555,300 | Avg 116 | breakeven 130
Next 2: GEE, ESS
Finals opponents: FRE, BL, MEL, GCS

May as well just keep Scotty here for the rest of the season. The most reliable midfield option in the team with the most delicious finals run in the business this year. Will forgive him his 92 against West Coast last weekend, he still had plenty of the pill. This week or next week if you don’t have him as his breakeven will keep him affordable for another few weeks.

Marc Murphy – Carlton
$452,100| Avg 105 | breakeven 57
Next 2: RICH, SYD
Finals: BRL, ESS, GCS, STK

Interesting one here with my old mate Marc. This is as cheap as he’ll get – sure. Invest in him now to reap the benefits later. He will attract an absolute crap load of tagging attention till Chicken Wing Steggles Reddy Red Rooster Judd is back in town, but you’ll well and truly reap the benefits when Judd does return come Supercoach and Dreamteam finals time.

Rory Sloane – Adelaide
$520,200 | Avg 110 | breakeven 91
Next 2: GEE, ESS
Finals opponents: FRE, BL, MEL, GCS

Was a thing of bloody beauty with a 141 against West Coast last weekend.  No secret to members of our beloved community that Adelaide players are fair dinkum blue chip real estate come finals time – and Rory looks one of the better options. Strongly consider

Anthony Miles – Greater Western Sydney
$113,200 | Avg 84 | breakeven -98
Next 3: COL, PTA
Finals opponents: GCS, MEL, STK, NTH

RED HOT selection this week in the midfield if you have the opportunity and/or trades available to free up some cash. Scored of 93 and 84 in his first 2. Was spoken about with some gusto in the preseason but has finally broken into the lineup. Buy if your situation calls upon a midfield rookie.


Josh Jenkins – Adelaide
$285,500 | Avg 75 | breakeven -30
Next 2: GEE, ESS
Finals: FRE, BL, MEL, GCS

Good on ya Joshy boy! Outscored Sammy Jacobs last weekend has come out with 2 very reasonable scores (106 last weekend). Some starting to scratch their chin about the prospect of going Giles into Jenkins this week…. not forgetting the magical finals Adelaide wonderland. Not for old Jock but needed to list this one for those who need to get themselves out of a pickle with some ruck shenanigans.


Jordan Lewis – Hawthorn (also MID)
$502,200 | Avg 100 | breakeven 86
Next 2: ESS, GEE
Finals: PTA, GCS, SYD, WCE

Since the Hawks round 13 bye Jordan has smacked out scores of 103, 130, 105 and most recently 116 against the ordinary Collingwood. Was simply bloody tops against Heath Shaw on the weekend and confidence will be sky high going into Essendon and Geelong.. but more importantly Port Adelaide then Gold Coast in week 1 and 2 of the finals.

Dayne Beams – Collingwood (also MID)
$584,700 | Avg 115 | breakeven 59
Next 2: GWS, STK
Finals: SYD, NTH, WCE, ESS

Could be the last chance to get this gun before he drifts back up above the 600K mark. There is absolutely not a poopteenth of a doubt in my mind that fitness being sound this bloke is here to stay as a premium. Has averaged 132 since round 9 – that is Swan, Ablett and Pendlebury like.

Clancee Pearce – Fremantle (also MID)
$434,300 | Avg 86 | breakeven 24
Next 2: PTA, WCE

Adored by Ross the Boss and playing a very lucrative brand of AFL Football. Wary of the fact that his last 3 scores of 92, 117 and 125 have been against poor opposition but optimistic about his scoring potential coming into Port this weekend. Worth a thought.

Patrick Dangerfield – Adelaide (also MID)
$515,700 | Avg 110 | breakeven 68
Next 2: GEE, ESS
Finals: FRE, BL, MEL, GCS

I’d be all over Danger if I didn’t already have him in my mob. Bloody love the bloke. Love how he rips into this game of ours. No need to keep bangin on about Adelaide’s finals run. Very nicely priced again and a great 2nd chance to grab him before he goes nuts come finals time.

Brad Green – Melbourne
$268,800 | Avg 50 | breakeven -17
Next 2: NTH, GCS
Finals: STK, GWS, ADE, FRE

Back from his holiday from the senior team. Hungry to prove himself. Crappin himself to keep his spot. Solid scores of 89 and 93 since his return. Melbourne still have Gold Coast (round 19) and GWS (week 2 of fantasy footy finals) to play. A cheeky bargain…. A fair dinkum consideration in my extensively informed and experienced opinion for those looking for a magnificent cheap point of difference. I reckon he’ll kick into gear.

Tom Couch – Melbourne (also MID) SCRATCHED – out of bloody team
$94,700 | Avg 54 | breakeven -50

Next 2: NTH, GCS


Finals: STK, GWS, ADE, FRE

Has looked real good young Tommy. I reckon he’s a good chance for games for the rest of the season and a very nice bench option for those after a tidy forward line downgrade.

Josh Bruce – Greater Western Sydney  SCRATCHED – Out of bloody team too
$113,200 | Avg 62 | breakeven -56

Next 3: COL, PTA
Finals opponents: GCS, MEL, STK, NTH


Cracked another game and was pretty good against Fremantle on Sunday. 15 disposals @ 80% efficiency which Ross will note with interest. I like Tom Couch’s job security better, but nonetheless worth investigation. Will call Ross to enquire in the morning.

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Adam Kneale

Suckling, Grimes, Fisher or Rance???

Sam Winter

1. Suckling

2. Fisher

3. Grimes

4. Rance


gday there! im thinking green for cloke? please tell me thoughts cos i cant deal anymore with clokes disgusting scores. also whats chris newmans go? sorry jock but hes been very disappointing


How much in the kitty?

Sam Winter

Back him another week. He's versing GWS. Could be a confidence changing game.


have stuff all in the kitty, about 30 grant


Cloke with a break even of 138, get rid of him now or u'll lose more money off him, i dont know about green i dont think 2 good games warrants a trade in. Who have u got in the fwd line and whos your mid/fwd swings if its not too much of a hassle


i only have one swinger in the midfield and hes on the pine, being peiffer from port. otherwise my forward line to mid swingers are dangerman, okeefe, martin, pavlich and zorko. what should i do?


Mate im thinkin get rid of cloke for a cashie, (couch, gumbles etc) or if u really want trade cloke sub pfeiffer to fwd and bring a.miles from gws in, theres 200k or so for future and if he plays and scores like he has he'll go up 80k or so

jimbo drouin

I figure that I have had so much pain with cloke that its just not worth parting with him.

For those considering selling…..just wait and see him belt out 140 this week against GWS if you sell…

Of course if you keep him it will be 23.


Hey Jock,

Have you heard anymore injury updates of 'The Big Egyptian'??? (Mummy)

I drafted him in 2 weeks ago and thought my rucks were set for finals with Big Cox

Got 4 trades left and wanted to use them for upgrades to Ablett and Pavlich…


I think I saw in the news today, out for 1 with back issues. Could be knee, I can't remember…

Sam Winter

Yeah I got the Mummy two weeks back to. I doesn't look to serious, only a week or two. I'll just put Jenkins on the field until he returns.


It's the knee, by the way. Bench him, he'll be back soon


G'day jock – Thanks mate. You're a bloody legend.


my backline and midfield is set just wondering if anybody knows how long christensen will be out for? and if for long then should i go for T. Hawkins or C. Pearce?


Brad/Chris Scott (same person?????) reckons Christensen will play this week… Hawkins is spudding up mate, capable of big scores, but not too often

Sam Winter

I got Hawkins two months ago. He occasionally scores big but not to often like Dylan said. He just scored a 139 which could start him into some form. How many trades to you have? If you have 6 or more, trade Hawkins in.


thanks, ive only got one trade so its an injury trade i can cover for christensen for 1 week but would rather trade him if hes out for long.


Hold your trade. Looks like he'll play this week. Don't take my word for it though…


Apparently going to be wet this weekend, and Hawkins did fantastic last wet weather game.


Jock and folk I have 1 trade left; 190k in the bank.

Should I Trade out Mundy for a Thompson/JPK/Sloane? Or should I keep it? Fyfe might be back this week and has a huge breakeven, if he scores good is he worth a shout? I am 9th in my league and need to win against 6th.


Great question Ryan!

I think you should trade out Mundy in exchange for Sloane, but hey, that's just me!


Mundy for Thompson – especially if you have to win. No point saving $ or trades for finals if you miss the 8!


Mundy for Thompson for me…

jimbo drouin

might be bias but I would trade out mundy for scotty for sure. never been a fan of mundy…and scotty's finals run is gold. probably the best of the competition


Lads, 3 trades left… facing bottom side this week..

Have judd and buddy on the bench.. worth trading ??

or wait till next week


and sitting 4th


Just sit it out – absolutely no point trading Buddy out, and only trade Judd if you feel you really need the upgrade and are set everywhere else.

With Murph back Judd should be a little freer to score more, so I reckon keep them both.


Leave that itchy trade finger off the button…lol


Hey Jock,

I have 2 trades remaining and could trade in Horsley to Miles and make 200,000 odd, then could trade out Burguone to get any premium mid.

Should I keep my trades for finals or trade now?


lads, please give me a hand:

have got 2 trades and pretty much nothing in the bank.

want to trade either stanton or kruezer for someone more reliable……or trade both!

option 1 – stanton out for murphy, kruezer out for pyke

option 2 – downgrade someone and make some money, then upgrade stanton to whoever i want

option 3 – make some money, and then upgrade kruezer to whoever i want……




If Kruezer plays this week, maybe option 2 looks the Goods.

G unit

Yup, Murphy for sure. Not sure about kruzer…not many decent rucks for 400k. Hold on that maybe.


Jock from last week's cattle market

"Yes folks. Travis Cloke. I will walk the streets of the greater Franskton area wearing Higgo’s mothers bloomers over my head if he does not prove his worth for the remainder of the season."

Please take a picture!


hahahahahaha Cmon Jock, 'Cometh the hour Cometh the Man!'


I also would like to see that picture..

Asif Hedgivasheet

Guys – prob with my ruck sitch. only area really dragging me down so would appreciate some guidance.

Giles, Mummy, Jenkins and Stephenson and only $30k in the bank…

any ideas welcome as Stephenson doesn's seem to get a gig, Giles is off the boil and Mummy is injured (and lost me $200k!)


If you have the cash, the dean cox is probably the way to go, but it also depends on remaining trades and what the rest of your team looks like. My ruck is average, Kreuzer, Giles, Jenkins, Stephenson, but I have a solid mid and back so I'm not too worried

Asif Hedgivasheet

ok thanks mate…thoughts about Goldstein?


Sorry I didn't get you in time for the weekend… Haven't seen much of goldy but he's the main man in the ruck at Arden st while Hamish is out. And I think I heard somewhere that ham might be destined for more of a forward role?

Have a look at goldy's scores in his profile, see what you think


getting rid off dylan shiel in a few weeks and im gonna get swannie, but if swannie doesn't go down $7,000 more i won't be able to get so who should i get instead if he doesnt go down enough? Plz put it in order THANKS.




j.p kennedy


PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!








thanks mate ill keep that in mind

jimbo drouin



Geez as a Bombers fan, Bombers run home is pretty tough whilst Adelaide has a soft draw…

PODiff Shane Tuck, Tigers have a softish draw.

But for me Thompson


Jono Brown for Brad Green? Thoughts?


not for me, Jono Brown will come good


Traded Brown for Green which let me trade Dempsey for Birchall. Is it worth it?


Better off Brown for Cloke/Tippet I reckon. (Once kurt is back)


Should I get rid of goodes for beames or give him one more week? Have 5 trades left.


If goodes is your worst player, then upgrade him. Depends who else is on your team though


My forward line is sidebum, n riewoldt, chapman, Stevie j, Cloke , zorko and goodes?

squalidly pristine

looking to get a second premium ruck this week.

whose looking the goods with a nice run home?

tossing up between roughead, jacobs or naitanui


squalidly pristine

or maric or ryder,

can afford all!


Ryder is out with a calf injury, so not him. Maric has injury concerns as well.

I picked up Roughy a couple of weeks ago and he's been good, but Adelaide have a very soft run home and games during the SC finals. Go for him in my opinion.

squalidly pristine

wait im a bit confused,

roughy or jacobs

im actually leaning towards maric, he has quite an easy run as far as ruckman are concerned.

carl, bris, WB, freo (without sandi), ess and port.

with respect to ben hudson a relatively easy ruck opposition in the last 6 weeks


Sorry, that wasn't very clear. Adelaide have a cushy run home so I'd go for Jacobs.


Jock and Co.

I'm sitting on four trades and about $100K in the bank.

Is it time to give Broughton the flick? Not playing, and even when he does he's scoring badly.

Who would you bring in for him?

I'm looking at his teammate M.Johnson.

Could only afford others if I do a double trade with Baguley. With my number of trades, I'm not sure this is a great idea.

What do yoos reckon?

squalidly pristine

im holding on to him. he's only ben scoring badly because he's carrying an injury. watch him come back firing from next week on.

i like M johnson but no defenders this year apart from maybe deledio, goddard and shaw are proven premiums of the game. hold on to broughton and watch him pulling in the tons


Ive got 433k for a defender to finalise my team, who should i get?

Property Investment

kennedy is best option.


Just after some advice on setting my team up for the finals. Ive got the following team with $120k in the bank and 6 trades left. Thinking of trying to get Ablett into the midfield or maybe upgrading Pfeiffer for Dangerfield as a swing midfielder/forward. Any advice or thoughts?


Deledio, Goddard, Scotland, Lake, Yarran, Ellis, Shaw, Wilkes, Baguley


Boyd, Goodes, Ebert, Pendlebury, Thompson, Pfeiffer, Carazzo, Clay Smith


Naituni, Giles, Redden, Stephenson


Franklin, Pavlich, Harvey, Hawkins, Zorko, Jordan Lewis, Cloke, Martin


hey there fellow footy men, what is the go with franklin, is he would until round 20? Is he worth holding onto or just a plain swap with beams and have some cash in reserve?

2 trades left, after this only 1..


team now

deledio, goddard, birchall,, nicholson, b.lake, spurr reserve, webberly

j.kennedy, little gaz, swan, sidebum(r this week), j.selwood, s.mitchell reseve baguely(playing), ledger

i.maric, s.jacobs, reserve redden, stephenson

n.reiwoldt, dangerman, s.johnson, franklin (on the pine obviously) zorko, pavlich j.elliott reserves mcintyre paine

14,700 k in bank


Should i be looking at trading out one of Rich or Gibbs to a premium midfielder such as Swan. This would leave me with the one that i didn't trade sitting on the bench or should i wait until next week and trade out Kruezer for Cox?


Hey all, I have &549,000 to spend on a midfielder, thinking either josh kennedy or sloane? What are your thoughts? Cheers 🙂




Got 250,000 left, last trade in FWD. who should I take in?


Also looking for someone better than Saad