Jock on Film – Round 17 AFL Fantasy Bargains

Published by Jock on

This weeks Cattle MarketChris Judd, Jack Ziebell, Greg Broughton, Matthew Kreuzer, Jeremy Cameron, Devon Smith, Allen Christensen, Jarrad Redden, Tom Derickx, Sam Shaw, Chad Cornes, Adam Kennedy (GWS) and Ryan Hargrave – every single one of these blokes will sit on the pine in round 17 folks. Hells Bells eh!!

Here is my take on the upcoming weekend:

* note – some late scratchings from this weeks Cattle Market after team selections: click here to check em
* crucial pre round listening in the ROund 17 podcast as always: click here to listen in

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Adam Kneale

Jock i have 65k and still have t.adams and giles with 3 trades. WHat should i do??


Hey Jock and Co.,

Thanks for the vid. Will take the couple of stubbies option I reckon.

Have Got Giles, Broughton and Buddy. Suddenly a team that was one trade away from complete Premuiums is short everywhere other than my mids.

Thing is I'm down to 4 trades and about $100 k.

Do I suck it up for this week – I've got enough cover to feild a team.

Or do I trade Buddy for a premium mid (Sidebottom fwd), and then spread the extra cash in my Rucks (trading out Giles) or Backline (Broughton).

I'm leaning toward holding given the attrition rate this year. See what unfolds and trade into the finals.

What do ya reckon?


No worries, thanks for the feedback.

G unit

Hahah not bad zimbob, I would be holding there mate. Giles is a keeper unless you want to bring in a jet premo ruckman.

See what pans out with buddy, if he doesn't get back you can pick up anyone you like. Also if you are locked into the 8 I would def hold trades this week.


jock, ive got to win all 3 of my games left. im playing 4th this week. with 1 trade left. is it worth making the trade to avoid a donut this week?

big fella

do we trust waters to play? and have a ripper?


I highly doubt he'll play. 10 days after surgery, be it arthroscopic or not, is not enough!


If he's picked i reckon he will play. Amazing comeback though


Absolutely worth a trade if the game is a must-win. Trades left over for the finals aren't much use when you aren't in them



I need a straight swap for Dickson from the Bulldogs.I was going to put in Darling but i,m $1600 short.I only have $8000 in the bank.



Gumbleton? Murdoch? Couch? Then wait for their gain in price and get rid of em perhaps?


Thanks for that,i had Murdoch so ive gone for Gumbleton. Thank you both for your advice.


If you need cash for another upgrade, go to Murdoch – cheaper than Gumby.

If you want the next superstar, get gumby (may be a little bias…) He is more expensive, but might get injured/rested/dropped so JS is a little shaky. Also being a fwd isn't guaranteed points (see: cloke)


Anybody got any thoughts about Mumford??? I need to trade out Broughton and Kruezer. If I trade in Heath Shaw or Goddard for Broughton then with the cash I have available Mumford looks the only option.hmmm


Trade Broughton out for Birchall. Should free you up with more cash than the Shaw or Goddard trade.


How about Yarran and then Jacobs/McEvoy/NicNat? Goddard is super cheap though for a reason – really hasn't been scoring well.

I would go Yarran + Jacobs

or Shaw + Mumford

Even have a look at Bellchambers. Whilst Ryder isn't far back, with Hurley, Crameri and Gumbleton in the side Hille won't be needed, and Bellcho will probably spend most of the game in the ruck with Ryder up forward. (Injures at Bombers pending, of course…)

Birchall won't work (more $ than Goddard)


All right guys and gals need guidance. Gotta get rid of chris'kfc'judd and can afford whoever i want so with that in mind im torn between 3, ablett, pendles or son of tim.

Im feeling they all present similar value but dont know who to choose.


Ablett – saves you a hassle of choosing a captain each week. His bad games are 110.


who should i get rid of?

morris or ellis?


hey everyone should i trade kreuzer i have three trades left and a set team despite kreuzer not playing. Should i use those trades to degrade upgrade the kreuz or leave him and hope he plays next week?


I'm trading Kruezer because I only have one ruck playing this week. If you have two rucks playing save your trade-will be handy in finals