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This weeks Cattle MarketForget about the Chicken Wing of our good mate Chris Judd. Forget about poor old Jack Ziebell. Forget about the family. The Friends. Now is the time to FOCUS my beloved community.

Don’t know bout you folks – but I haven’t come this far down the garden path this season just to stumble into the back end of this season with anything other than LASER SHARP BLOODY FOCUS. Do whatever it takes. Analyse your team till you can’t analyse the bastard any longer. Question all your selections this week. Then have a cold bloody ice bath and come back and question them again with a fresh mind.

The journey of many steps starts with one step my friends. Do your homework – make sure you’ve had a listen to the Round 17 podcast and send a resounding message to your Supercoach and Dreamteam opponents this week.

I’m Jock Reynolds. These are my specials for the week;

* also now published: – Jock’s post team selection Youtube Video 


Special of the Week:

Grant Birchall – Hawthorn
$493,000 | Avg 97 | breakeven 87
Next 3: COL, ESS, GEE
Finals Opponents: PTA, GCS, SYD, WCE

Have a gander at his recent form and the first 2 weeks of his finals. I’ll be having a real good hard think about the Birch this weekend folks. One downer is that his next 3 opponents are stiff – you may well pick him up for a similar price in a week or 2. Has averaged 109 since the Hawks bye – a real consideration for all serious coaches this week

Heath Shaw – Collingwood
$501,000 | Avg 106| breakeven 60
Next 3: HAW, GWS, STK
Finals: SYD, NTH, WCE, ESS

135 this past week and looked the goods. Building again after his injury and bye related absence between rounds 10 and 12. Some would question Collingwood’s Fantasy Footy Finals draw in which they play Sydney (Supercoach and Dreamteam Sourpusses) in the first round of finals. Not concerned about this in young Heath’s case – he averages over 100 v the Swannies. Hawks, GWS then St Kilda in the lead in to the finals. Buy.

Chris Yarran – Carlton
$342,400 | Avg 66 | breakeven 15
Next 3: WBD, RICH, SYD
Finals opponents: BRL, ESS, GCS, STK

Even Myrtle from the Salvos has locked Chris Yarran into her line-up over the last couple of weeks and she’s not far off looney bin status in terms of her mental capacity. However – many have had other priorities and may not have tucked Yarran away during the last 2-3 weeks where he has been bloody cheap. Believe that this will be the last week that Yarran will provide value enough to justify a spot in a serious fantasy footy lineup. Still not completely convinced that he will come home scoring 110+ totals as will be targeted heavily by opposition after his Collingwood night out. Still value here.

Andrew Carrazzo – Carlton (also MID)
$485,800 | Avg 99 | breakeven 71
Next 3: WBD, RICH, SYD
Finals opponents: BRL, ESS, GCS, STK

Was again beautiful in his 29 disposal 118 game against a strong North Melbourne outfit last weekend. Many would already have invested. If you haven’t jumped on the SS Carrazzo yet it is not too late. Reasonable finals draw. One word of warning – he doesn’t tend to perform as well against this week’s opponents the Western Bulldogs… however this seasons Bulldogs are a different kettle of fish compared to the dos of the past few years.

Mark Baguley – Essendon (also MID)
$94,700 | 79 in first game
Next 3: GEE, HAW, ADE
Finals: NTH, CAR, RIC, COL

Looked really bloody good first up for the Hird’s mob. Had the pill 20 times and disposed of the thing with 80% efficiency. A 25 year old mature ager who may have real hope of clutching onto his position if he can maintain that standard. Averaged 22 disposals running out of the backline for the Frankston Dolphins last year and the transition to the big time seems no big stretch for the kid. One of the better trade down targets this week, can be used in your defence or in the guts. Watch the teams on Thursday.

Luke Brown – Adelaide (also MID)
$106,600 | 41 in first game
Next 3: WCE, GEE, ESS
Finals: FRE, BRL, MEL, GCS

A big rap for young Luke – a great kid and has displayed great character this season. Was the victim of an unprovoked nightclub attack during the preseason which derailed his preseason. No doubt tested the character of the young man. What warms the heart of this old veteran of the fantasy footy caper is seeing young men rise against adversity and come out the other end more equipped as a man. Good luck Lukey. Believe that Luke is a better player than Baguley – but feel Brown’s job security is not as sound, although word is that Sam Shaw will miss which may increase Brown’s chances this week. Consider – but leaning towards Baguley at this stage. Watch the teams kids.

Also note:

  • Sam Fisher was bloody awful last week with a paltry Supercoach 25. I haven’t given up on you though Chips. At just $380,700 with a high breakeven of 121 I will be watching you this week like a bloody HAWK  mate, especially with Melbourne in week 1 and GWS in week 3 of the finals.
  • I assume you all have GODDARD and DELEDIO – if you don’t for Christ’s sake lock em in
  • Johnson, Suckling, Broughton, Duffield – NOT HAPPY. If you have em just hold onto them and wait for the form to turn
  • SAM SHAW will be OUT this week with an eye injury. Judd has been ruled out as a suspect in the case. Bodes well for another week for Lukey Brown.


Special of the Week:

Nick Dal Santo
$484,900 | Avg 102 | breakeven 116
Next 3: SYD, WBD, COL
Finals opponents: MEL, GEE, GWS, CAR

Fair suck of the slips cordon, this is a bloody good price for Nicky Dal. Some may question picking him up before a clash with Sydney but he averages 102 against the Swannies and will be expecting him to lift this week. Is working on his inside work every week and I expect him to come home very strongly. Melbourne for the crucial first finals clash and GWS in week 3. Just too much value here to ignore my friends.

Sam Mitchell – Hawthorn
$590,300 | Avg 115 | breakeven 95
Next 3: COL, ESS, GEE
Finals Opponents: PTA, GCS, SYD, WCE

One of the pricier options to have been gifted a berth in the Cattle Market but truly believe that pound for pound is amongst the best trade in options of the week. Lists for the big games which should see him perform well over the next few weeks – but loves to really slut it up against the also runs. Should be prolific against Port Adelaide Power and Gold Coast in the first few weeks of the finals. Last 6 scores? 158, 108, 129, 124, 116, 133. Hard not to register significant trouser activity at this opportunity.

Scott Thompson – Adelaide
$551,300 | Avg 118 | breakeven 77
Next 3: WCE, GEE, ESS
Finals opponents: FRE, BL, MEL, GCS

118, 143, 100, 102, 126 in his last 5 and has been magnificent for the Croweaters. It gets better – he averages 114 against the Eagles and plays them this week, then 110 and 140 respectively against Geelong and Essensdon. Dream Finals run especially in the last 2 weeks. Buy.

Bernie Vince – Adelaide
$436,200 | Avg 84 | breakeven -9
Next 3: WCE, GEE, ESS
Finals opponents: FRE, BL, MEL, GCS

Cut loose against the Power and Giants over the last 2 with 124 and 152 perceptively. Sure – opposition was not exactly red hot but is just the medicine that a confidence player such as Bernard needs to kick him into late season gear. Love Adelaide players this season due to the form of the team but also their cherry ripe finals run. Could be a real finals specialist here and a point of difference for those coaches looking for that edge. High risk here – but fair possibility of significant reward. Respect for the man was solidified when news trickled through in preseason that he was caught sculling beer in his local cricket club with pants down. Impressed.

Sam Dunell – St Kilda SCRATCHED
$108,700 | 44 in first game
Next 3: SYD, WBD, COL
Finals opponents: MEL, GEE, GWS, CAR

Showed some good signs as well as an exceptionally maintained buoyant mane obviously washed very recently before the game. Watch the teams here – prefer Baguley or Brown before him but certainly one to keep an eye on over the coming weeks. Job security not fantastic.

Other notes:

  • I’d prefer to wait a week before considering MARC MURPHY. Should cop plenty of attention without Steggles Judd in the fold, and may also have come up sore after his first game back. High break even so his price will hold or drop.
  • BRYCE GIBBS. His fantasy football potential is dead to me folks. Unless he forcibly dislodges his finger soon I would not consider bringing him in. Hold him though if you have him already. Commiserations.


Special of the week:

Big Ben McEvoy – The Might Of The St Kilda Football Club
$525,000 | Avg 104 | breakeven 69
Next 3: SYD, WBD, COL
Finals opponents: MEL, GEE, GWS, CAR

The number 9 pick in the 2007 draft has come of age and this old bastard is happy as a pig in filth. The boy from Dederang-Mt Beauty has worked his way into fine form after returning from injury with 145, 108 and 130 over his last 3. Lovely run home and would not be surprised at all if he is the highest averaging ruckman for the remainder of the season.

Sam Jacobs – Adelaide
$534,100 | Avg 102 | breakeven 43
Next 3: WCE, GEE, ESS
Finals opponents: FRE, BL, MEL, GCS

A real revelation for the Crows this season. Wary that his last 2 have been against poor opposition (GWS and Port) and that teams will be putting some serious homework into him now. Nice finals run however and one of the best in the business at the minute.

Tom Derickx – Richmond  SCRATCHED
$113,200 | Avg 48 in his first 2 games
Next 3: NTH, CAR, BRL
Finals Opponents: WBD, FRE, ESS, PTA

Has been solid enough in his first 2 but job security not flash. Reasonable trade down option if you were planning on ruck scull doggery this week otherwise pass.


Specials of the week

Travis Cloke – Collingwood
$369,200 | Avg 82 | breakeven 105
Next 3: HAW, GWS, STK
Finals opponents: SYD, NTH, WCE, ESS

Yes folks. Travis Cloke. I will walk the streets of the greater Franskton area wearing Higgo’s mothers bloomers over my head if he does not prove his worth for the remainder of the season. Champion Fantasy Footballers identify low points in a players form cycle and go BANG. Grab him this week… he’ll have GWS the week after to solidate his form and happy days for the rest of the season.

Ryan O’Keefe – Sydney (also MID)
$526,700 | Avg 96 | breakeven 90
Next 3: STK, GCS, CAR
Finals: COL, WBD, HAW, GEE

The Sydney team in my opinion are the best player managers in the business, and the timing of the ageing Ryan O’Keefe’s fitness schedule this season has been exceptional. I advised Horse Longmuire while surfing in Bondi together during the offseason to put Ryan on ice early doors this season and the results are really bearing fruit now into the end of the season with a climaxing O’Keefe. Revelling in the reduced attention with Goodes back in town and a real quality selection. Still not too late at this price – but I’d go Goodes before him if you don’t have either.

Jordan Lewis – Hawthorn (also MID)
$479,400 | Avg 99 | breakeven 59
Next 3: COL, ESS, GEE
Finals Opponents: PTA, GCS, SYD, WCE

Has averaged 112 since his return in round 14 and looks a real option in your forward line. Port and GCS in first 2 weeks of the finals. Yes here. Upon consideration I’d almost go him before O’Keefe looking at his finals gig.

Adam Goodes – Syd (also MID)
$457,900 | Avg 94 | breakeven 57
Next 3: STK, GCS, CAR
Finals: COL, WBD, HAW, GEE

Buy if you don’t have him.

Chris Mayne – Freo  SCRATCHED
$430,200 | Avg 84 | breakeven 14
Next 3: GWS, PTA, WCE

Super impressive in his 110 over the weekend and seems to be on Ross the Boss’ good side. Coming off scores of 110 v Melbourne and 139 v Western Bulldogs. Licking his chops at the prospect of GWS and Port over the next 2 weeks. Melbourne in the last week of finals – consider.. a penny may well have dropped here.



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A question for the panel and the community:

Is it important to have bench coverage for the finals so if one of say Pendles or Ablett are a late withdrawal on a Saturday afternoon I at least have a playing bench player to cover?

Is it worth trading some of these players in which may be a sideways trade (e.g. Boumann for a playing DEF like Spurr)?

Loved the ride so far…can’t wait for the finals.



if you have the trades to do it, then yes. If you are low on trades or have other pressing issues, just hope they stay fit


Worry is if I use the trades up on bench players and a premium goes down mid week I may not be able to replace him.

Probably no real answer to this question without a crystal ball…I am going to forget about the bench and just maintain my premium stocks until GF week.


Why are you now worrying, Did the Sherrin Gods visit you with a disaster? Hold…. If the fates decree you win or loose. Stick your chin out and say…'Hit me!'


David Mundy…thoughts Jock?

Looks a moral, back in some great form and his price of $377 is delicious.

Any views on the Freo hard man people?


I want to offload Barlow. Should I get Swan or Thompson? Cash is not an issue. Thoughts?

Adam Kneale

if cash is no issue then swan


Jock mate, I'm sitting 8th and I have 3 trades left with 420k in the bank.

Should I put in Gaza for Barlow/Mundy/Ebert? And is it worth keeping Giles?

Cheers, Ryan


what’s the situation, ryan? If you lose this week would you fall out the 8?
Giles has tapered off big time, should have offloaded him already.

Adam Kneale

should i make 2 trades to get either Jacobs, Mcevoy or Naitanui. Or 1 to get mumford??

Adam Kneale

keep in mind i only have 3 trades!!


same as above, adam. Where are you sitting on the ladder? Do you really need to trade?

If you do, go with mummy. It's a risk, but only one trade left will pretty much end any finals hope

Dons diehard

Where are you on the ladder and who are your current rucks?

Adam Kneale

i am 8th and will definately make finals. But i definately dont wanna carry

Adam Kneale

dont wanna carry in giles. Can make 1 trade for mummy or two for anyone else to cox. only have 3 trades though??


Jock mate, thoughts on chucking the big C on Matty Pav this week? Up against GWS and in tip top form.

Someone Else

who should i trade as second ruck for giles?

got 100k in the bank. Thinking Mumford as he is cheap as chips but is a risk.

TU Giles for Mumford

TD Giles for someone else


I reckon Darren Jolly's the go. Breakeven not so flash but at 494 he looks cheap to me


Absolute must win this week, seriously considering giving buddy the flick. Ideally, I don’t want to, but smedts is my only bench cover and he looked very tired last week after a solid fortnight.
Been burnt by goodes before, reluctant to go back. Pav, beams, or o’keefe?


ROK never lets you down nor does pav but still im a fan of the ryano. beams will let you down i assure you


Pav – playing GWS, have to like his chances this week


Jock and community,

I'm off to Greece for ten days and depending if they have the internet there I may not be able to tinker with my team.

I would value your opinion on two matters.

1. As a downgrade option what is E. Yeo's JS like?


2. Do you think bringing J. Roughead into my forward line this week, if I am then only left with 4 trades for the remainder of the season.


I am sitting 1st in my only league and almost assured of a top four position.

Your friend,



Sorry, question two should read –

2. Do you think bringing J. Roughead into my forward line this week is a good decision, if I am then only left with 4 trades for the remainder of the season.


do you need to yeo trade to grab roughie? His JS isn’t all that great.
Honestly, if you’re safe in the top 4 I’d be hanging onto those trades


Thanks Tigerman. I guess it is my Supercoaching ego telling me to always win, when I can/should just take one on the chin. I just gotta keep telling myself, everything is alright.

Anyways, in 12 hours I will be eating a Souvlaki. All the best.


Nice one Jock, thanks for these top recommendations. I am holding off on Birchall until just before he plays Port, but it's very hard to resist getting him in now.

Also going to hold off on Baguley until after his 2nd game but if the other good MID rooks this year are anything to go by (Zorko, Magner, Horsley) he'll get a few big scores in his first few games at least.

Thinking hard about Darren Jolly for my 2nd ruckman, what do you think.

Also like the idea of putting Jeff Garlett on my FWD bench. He averages 78 against his four finals opponents, and has scored hundreds against all of them. Nice back-up option at 292k I reckon.


Wait to see if bags is picked first. he should be, and if he plays well JS won't be too bad (at least until hibberd comes back)


Also Nat Fyfe is listed as being ready for R18 – anyone got big enough stones to bring him in for 484k?


not a chance, his b/e is 165 when he comes back. Will drop about 30-40k depending on his output.

henry joes

hey guys im thinking steele sidebum is going down on form i have 890,000k so who should i trade in as a midfileder i have j selwood, ward, boyd, ablett, s thompson and sidebum himself so which is the greater buy

p.s frankstons the place to be aye


No point trading a fit, premium player. If you've got that much cash, you should be able to upgrade a ripe rookie or bench player. Throw Sidebottom fwd if needed.


Move sidebum to fwd line and get in pendles/swan/watson

Chill bills

Higgo. Get those Bloomers ready!!!

Sam Winter

Why isn't Lee Spurr there.


Hi Jock and Co.

Brought in Roughy for Ryder last week. Redden provided some cover last week.

Have Giles and about $100k in the bank, with 4 trades.

Could bring in a cheaper ruckman,(Mummy, Jolly etc.) or a double trade with Derryx for a premium ruck (McEvoy, Jacobs, Nic Nat).

Bit edgy with the way players are going down or finding new ways to get themselves suspended this year. If Redden is picked again this week, might hold off.

What to do?


I think at this point of the year you want a full team of premiums on the park (or 21 + zorko)
Jolly slightly less of an injury risk than mummy.


fellas need all your feed back, giles out for sure moneys not a problem i have 550,000 im think mcevoy but nic nat an roughy also look good in the ruck too! who do you think boys? cheers


What Ruc cover have you got?


Rhys Shaw has been a disappointing pickup since I nabbed him a month ago. One of Crouching's lesser calls! Ready to dump him, and I know you like the look of Yarran and his glowing feet, but do you think maybe Luke McGuane as a POD or an uprade to Scotland?


Rhys Shaw has been a disappointing pickup since I nabbed him a month ago. One of Crouching's lesser calls! Ready to dump him, and I know you like the look of Yarran and his glowing feet, but do you think maybe Luke McGuane as a POD or an upgrade to Scotland?


Scotland is reliable but not going to crank out a 140+

McGuane is a risk not worth taking.

Scotland or Yarran for me.


Get carrazzo if you don't already.

Shaw > McGuane


Sorry, Scotland > Mcguane


Thanks Mick, Looks like Scotland might be the safe option. Already have Carazzo


is it worth downgrading someone like smedts to a t couch to free some cash up? will tom couch play?


Worth holding of Nic Nat this week because of his high breakeven and bringing him in next week? Want to bring in Mark Baguley but will only have five trades left. Any other rookies coming in the future?


I only have 3 Trades Left and i am currently 8th in my league and im far from a certain finals position

This is my current team:

Def goddard, carrazo, newman, dempsey, morris, ellis, yarran (Darley, Boumann)

Mid: Jkennedy, Ablett, Pendles, Jselwood, Priddis, stanton (Gibson, Ledger)

Ruck: Nicnat, Giles (redden, stephenson)

Fwd: Frankln, Dangerfield, Goodes, Cloke, Porpa, Zorko, Darling (Smedts, Dsmith)

I am thinking

DARLING –> J. Lewis

DEMPSEY –> H. Shaw

any other suggestions?? 🙂

btw i have 366,000k in the bank 🙂


Darling > Lewis.

Or if you're trading in the backline, trade one of Ellis or Morris rather than Dempsey.


Hi Community.

I'm stuck and would be interested to here your thoughts.

I have 3 trades left, 60k in the bank and unfortunately completed my midfield by buying Judd last week. Question for you:-

1. Would you trade down to Nicky Dal and leave yourself 100k left.

2. Swap to Scotty Thompson

3. Hold

My team:


Carrots/Goddard/Broughton/Deledio/Lake/Dempsey/HShaw – SShaw/Tomlinson


Ablett/Pendles/Mitchell/Boyd/JKennedy/Judd – SGibson/Crozier




Cloke/Harvey//Franklin/Harvey/Martin/Zorko/Dangerfield – Porps/Smedts

It has put a spanner in the works as Judd will miss first week of finals and I can't afford that.

I know the rucks are stinking but they are playing and before finals I'll upgrade Porps or Broughton with one of last 2 trades.

4 leagues – 1/1/2/5

A tricky one.


If u think the porpoise will score better than gibson, sub zorko and crozier and have zorko sub for judd. Then just put crozier on the bench for said porpoise


Agree with Togg on this one. Disappointing with Judd, but you've got good cover.


Thanks Lads,

So if you were me you would keep Judd until he returns in 4 weeks


With 3 trades left. Keep him, porpoise is great cover, great'll get ya 80-90 a week which is a worthy bench



Appreciate the advice mate.

Thanks a lot


No problems mate, glad to help out a fellow jock communer


what about this trade tom bugg for mark baguley=$219,000 in the bank


Hey Jock,

Great podcast, lovin it!

Need some cheap players to downgrade to make some cash.

Got 9 trades left and $31,900 in the bank.

Thanks in advance 🙂


just traded in mark baguley for tom bugg and got $238,100 in the bank. who do you recommend i get now ?


How longs a piece of string? Whos in your team


R u looking at backs or mids

whats your Def line up and your mids?


Worth getting Nic Nat next week because of his high breakeven and bringing him in next week? Want to bring in Mark Baguley but will only have five trades left after him and Nic Nat trade. Any other rookies coming in the future?



who should i get rid off?

Ellis or Morris


Do we not rate lukey mcguane jock??


Hilarious Frankston Joke. I'm guessing you live in some place like Melton or North of the city that's a disaster and just don't realise it. Love how people make the Frankston joke and have absolutely no idea. Winner.


I live in frankston, it's a hole.


I agree complete hole..

A team

goodes or roughead????


Goodes Mate . How is your Ruc stocks? DPP save trades but Goodes is a cheap Premium.


havent heard much talk about tom couch, is he a better downgrade option than baguley in the mids???


baguley's in the 18 whereas couch may be named sub


How's kruezers injury anyone? Says he's hurt his hip!?!

big fella

do we trust waters to play? and have a ripper?


Yup, he's a gun, and they needed him last week. Spitting chips I moved him on with the promise of him being out for 5!!


Hi Jock & community,

Cheers for the pod cast boys, commiserations Tiger, they'll come good.

Need some advice please – one trade in the mids will have me set for the run home.

Was thinking Jobe, S Thompson, Mitchell, Cotchin, or even Priddis. I don't have Swan, but all my opponents do. (I have Ablett, Jellwood, Pendles , Hayes and Stanton who is spudding up my mid).

Am uncertain about Jobe's ability to continue scoring well given his run home. Some of my oponents have Mitchell & Thompson but not enough to worry about. But am also not sure if I can win without Swan … I'm sitting second in my league and traveliing well across other lines … if Boughton and MJ don't keep messing things up..

What say you? you need Swan to win, or take a chance on a the point of difference…

Cheers all!


Are you definitely going to make top 8 or top 4 ???


will def make the top 8, and almost certain for top 4

Marky mark

Hey community

Need some advice as to what ruck to get in

Want to get rid of kruzer and upgrade to a premium

Also who to cash in on, pfiffer, Adams, Smedts,


I've got 7 trades left that's pretty good but in one league i'm sitting 8th I've got Luke Shuey on the bench and got a low scorer on the field should i get rid of shuey and get someone else or hang on to him until he comes back next week… ??? Please someone reply

Marky mark

Who has better job security



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