Jock on Film – Round 16 AFL Fantasy Bargains

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This weeks Cattle MarketWell, it’s that time of the week where I have a gander over the Supercoach and Dreamteam bargains on the radar for another week.

As discussed in this weeks podcast and in the Round 16 Cattle Market we all have our headaches this week make no bones about it.

Beau Waters, Lance Franklin, Dusty Martin, Brendon Goddard all out this week with Muddy and Franklin on the sidelines for about a month.

Here are some Round 16 specials to cheer you up a bit,

Jock Reynolds:


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Adam Kneale

Guthrie to Yarran

and Hall to Mcintyre

next week looking to trade adams to goodes(hopefully doesnt go up to much)

this would leave me with 1 trade but definnitely wouldnt be making anymore till at least the prelim which i should make

my team would be full prem except giles after thesse trades. thoughts??


Sounds like you've bet all on black, so may as well go for it now.

2 trades left, my mantra is to hold.

I have 6 left and not going to touch it with Lamb of God, Buddy and Dusty out.

Am tipping everyone has to make do without these 3 amigos, with BJ and Dusty to return next week.


Hi there Jock

got a little problem I need help with.

Currently have 5 trades with 180K in bank not sure if I should get Cox and the Pav this week or bring in Swan and Pend.

BK: Del,Scot,Lake,Shaw H,Shaw S,Demp,Godd,Supurr & Ellis

Mid: Thomp S,Kenn J,Ablett,Stanton,Priddis,Sidebum,Crozier & Ledger

Ruck: Kreuzer, Giles, Redden,Stephenson

FWD: Franklin, Danger,Beams,Johnson,Zorko,Martin,Adams T, Patton, Smelts

Trade OUT: Franklin/Giles IN: Cox / Pav

I'm at a loss any idea would help PLEASE 🙂 avg is 2100

Adam Kneale

trade adams to goodes


Thx Mate

what about

out: Franklin/Adams in: Goodes/Pav

140K still in bank 3 trades

upgarde ruck to someone next week

Adam Kneale

where abouts are you sitting in your leagues?? if your in a comfortable posistion hold onto franklin. And the adams to pav trade sounds good but id prefer adams to goodes


Yes I did Kruezer to Cox and was going to do Zorko to Goodes but thought better of it and did Martin to Goodes.

Good trades Cox/Pav


I'd be holding onto your trades if I were you, mate.

Trading out Franklin, only to trade him back in for finals is a waste of 2 trades which could be the difference come finals time.

Giles to Cox is a winner, but leaving you with only 4 trades, you have little cover in your backline and your midfield bench will leave you exposed if you lose anyone to injury other than Sidebum.

You have a very healthy avg by the way…stick with your current winning formula would be my opinion.


Hey jock what do you think of buddy to chapman and then trade up Treloar to a player under about 490,000 such as goodes, Lewis or tippett?

Adam Kneale

Jock i need some help from you. Not regarding advice. Is there someway i can message you where it isnt public??

Adam Kneale

can i do that in private??


Think someone maybe asking you out on a date Jock!!! haha


hey jock, im contemplating taking a risk by trading out buddy… :/ #crazy? im pretty comfortable in my league but im playing a good mate and have to be beat him hahaha i already have dusty on my forward bench, and am considering these trades franklin to Pav and Trealor to Goodes. I still have Giles in the ruck and i will hopefully turn him into a mumford next week as i have $136,900 in the bank, there are holes in my backline with shaw elllis and martin clarke on the ground, whilst goddard takes a breather on the pine. Decisions, decisions, decisions o.o i will have 5 trades left at the end of the round if i make two trades


gday guys, like many this week, i will be without goddard, buddy and waters, but considering i have cover for most, if not all 3 and im sitting in the top 4 in all 5 leagues, they dont pose many problems.

my biggest issue at the moment is giles. with only 3 trades and $162,900 in spare cash, i have a decision to make.

1. trade him out now or

2. wait until the first week of finals, hope his price doesnt drop too much and trade him out then.

if i hit the trade button this week, i can afford every ruckman except cox and nic nat. im thinking jacobs with his dream finals run or kreuzer as he is cheap.

Adam Kneale

whose your oother ruck??




I'm definitely going to get Jacobs in for Giles.

I'd be keeping Kreuzer for this week at least as he's likely to go it alone with Warnock and Hampson out, racking up some points to increase his value.

Adam Kneale

yep agree with this. but have a look at teams that are a threat in your league and see if they have giles. If the majority do then i would actually hold as you are not realy losing anything and in means you have an extra trade in hand come finals

Sam Winter

Trade Giles for Goldstein.


G'day Jock,

Would it be worth waiting and holding onto Franklin seeing as Hawks have Pies, Essendon and Geelong after Doggies this week?

He could smash it this week, then be well covered by very capable backlines, causing his output and price to drop.


Need to trade buddy….

Beams to swing into midfield…. or Goodes ??

Sam Winter

Goodes is just a bargain. Jump right on him.

Sam Winter

Even though i'm like 9th on the ladder. I'm not trading Buddy. I have 1 trade left and it gives me a chance put Zorko on the field. I luckily got his 121 last week cause Martin was off. If I didn't get it I would of been annoyed.

henry joes

okay need help used my two trades this week from porps to murdoch and shiel to thompson i can reverse them so what should i do keep it or not?

BACKS: lake, deledio, newman, morris, ellis, reece shaw, sam shaw, ( goddard, guthrie)

MID: thompson, selwood, ablett, boyd, ward, carrazo, (martin, smith)

RUCKS: giles, hale (big o, jenkins)

FORWARDS: sidebum, dangerfield, jarryd roughhead, okeefe, j reiwoldt, zorko murdoch (franklin, kennedy)

thanks very much guys

needs help

murdoch got dropped mate.

henry joes

hahaha yeah i saw reversed them last night thiking about couch or mcintire now if they get selected


Hey guys.. I've got 2 trades left and both Waters and Buddy.. Sitting 2nd in my league 10-1-2 so I should make finals.. Playing top dog this week.. WHAT WOULD YOU DO?? Any thoughts also have Stevie J so hopefully he is alright..

Adam Kneale

if you lose are you likely to miss the four??


I could drop to 5th if I lose and others win.. I'm thinking maybe Waters – Birchall or Enright keep Buddy??


Come on Jocky boy! Help a brother out..


Trade waters to one of your selections.

Keep the Budweiser, he will smash it come finals like he always does.


Jock and Co. and community.

I've got Goddard and Martin on the pine for another week.

I've got Waters, Buddy and now Ryder out for 4 or more weeks.

I've already decided to trade Waters to Suckling, otherwise I'd be one short, but I'm unsure what to do with the other two.

I can cover Ryder with Redden this week, but I don't really see the point when he'll be out for the majority of the rest of the SC season.

Thinking of Ryder to Roughie as this gives me the option of throwing him forward later if I decide to get rid of Franklin as well.

Sitting on 5 trades after the Waters trade, so I'd be on 4 if I did both this week.

Any thoughts welcome. Cheers.


Jacobs has a dream run home for SC finals – i traded ryder for him.


Yeah, I overlooked him. Take into consideration I can afford any ruck. Could splash out on Cox as easily as anyone. Is there any merit it spending that much, or should I go for someone cheaper and pocket the cash for future contingencies?

Adam Kneale

I have to keep one. They are both on my field. Should i upgrade Taylor Adams or Jon Giles

Adam Kneale

Giles to Mumford

or Adams to tippett in 2 weeks.

Which one??


Adams to Roughy?

As a side suggestion, if you have any bench FWDs to cash in, think about Pattison (HAW) in case they get any further injuries in the ruck.

Something tells me he MAY be activated, however even if not, opens up a RUC/FWD switch for some flexibility.

Something to consider anyways..



Really stumped on my current team!

Have 8 Trades remaining with only 10K in reserve. Top for in all 5 of my leagues

Def: Goddard/Broughton/Birchall/R.Shaw/Carrazo/Lake/M.Clarke/Ellis/S.Shaw

Mid: Ablett/Priddis/JPK/Bartel/Pendles/Cotchin/Gibson/Zorko(on the ground for Bartel – swinging him back to the forward line)

Ruck: Maric/Giles/Redden/Gibson

Fwd: Franklin/Pavlich/Sidebottom/Martin/Porp/Harvey/Pfeiffer/Trelor

Please provide any suggestions – I am really unsure on how to move it round removing Ellis/Giles/Trelor etc

Thank you very much in advance


Treloar/Pfeiffer to Murdoch (not picked this week, but with Zorko and one of these you don't trade as cover for mid/fwd you don't really need anything more than $ at this point)

Giles to ruck of your choice


Thanks Mick

Even considering Couch instead of Murdoch – Think he may have better JS – Def need to offload Giles – Should have weeks ago


I think any cheap rookie is fine. If he has to play on your field, you're probably screwed anyway so I wouldn't worry too much about it!

For next week, look at porps to goodes, hopefully goodes is still affordable.



I have 2 trades left and one of them is upgrading Giles to Jacobs.

Not sure if I should hold waters or get rid

Of him. I have bench cover in smedts and with Goddard back next week I could potentially cope.

Or is it easier to take a risk and use both trades by getting rid of waters and bringing in a birchall, suckling or Hanley???


I'd trade Waters and hold Giles. At least he'll be on the park. There are bound to be more injuries before the finals, and if there aren't think about trading Giles then.

That said, if you've got cover, I'd actually hold both trades.


How many Trades are a good number for after this round?

I have 8 (looking at using 2 this w/end) Although concerned it wont leave me enough for finals

John C

Arggh Ryder!!! I don't have any extra cash this week so Ryder to Jacobs seems my only option. I don't think Mumford is going to come good and I don't have enough trades left to do anything other than a straight swap.

Thoughts?? Is Jacobs the best choice?

Sam Winter

Lee Spurr you little gun!!!