Jock’s AFL Fantasy Cattle Market – Rd16 Specials

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AFL Supercoach 2012 tips guru Jock ReynoldsI know many of you are still overcome with nausea after enduring the sight of Essendon’s jumper last week but it is now time for some serious study. If there is one thing that the Jock Reynolds Fantasy Footy Community is known for it is for laying the cards on the table when the chips are down at the pointy end of the season with all guns blazing.

We have some headaches with absences to Buddy Franklin, Dustin Martin, Brendon “Lamb Of” Goodard and Beau Waters to contend with just to name a few. If Pendles has another week on the pine I will fair dinkum spew up, surely he will get a gig this week?

Fear not – there is as always some excellent Supercoach and Dreamteam value to be had this week. The value is always there folks… with experience you too will become adeptated at pulling those Fantasy Footy diamonds from the rough like Jock and many others from the Fantasy Footy Community that I know and love.

As always, don’t miss the essential start to every Fantasy Footy week and listen to this weeks JR Community podcast.

Your mate,

Jock Reynolds.


Special of the Week:
Chris Yarran – Carlton
$293,300 | Avg 65 | breakeven -32
Fantasy Footy Finals opponents: BRL, ESS, GCS, STK

Was bloody superb against the old enemy last Friday and dished up a beefy 114 for those who jumped on last week as advised from this old Supercoach and Dreamteaming humble genius. North Melbourne this week and a nice Fantasy Footy finals run. A lovely young kid and a delight to watch. Still don’t believe he has it in the tank to come home averaging 100+ in Supercoach but a steal at this price and at this stage and in this form

 Others to consider:
Chris Newman  – Richmond
$384,400 – Avg 82 – breakeven 57
Finals opponents: BRL, FRE, ESS, PTA

Waiting faithfully for this old warhorse to kick into gear this season. Surely the time is now.. I can feel it in the depths of these old waters. Gold Coast this week and has a very nice finals run as well with Bulldogs, Freo, Essendon then Port. For those after that point of difference to snap away from their opponents

 Sam Fisher – St Kilda
$405,600 | Avg 85 | breakeven 79
Finals opponents: MEL, GEE, GWS, CAR

Its bottom of the price curve time for my old mate Chips. In his favour is the fact that this will be his 3rd run back since injury and he really should hit his sizeable straps now folks. Lining up against the improving but still off-the-pace demons in week 1 of finals would give him a real chance of breaking out a fair score for your mob. Was reasonable in his Supercoach 88 v Essendon last week but ready to kick on now.

 Andrew Carrazzo – Carlton (also MID)
$471,400 | Avg 96 | breakeven 83
Fantasy Footy Finals opponents: BRL, ESS, GCS, STK

Was splendid with his 108 last week – a real heart warmer for the many community faithfuls who picked him up before lockout. Still exceptional value. Was 100% effective with his disposal last week. Consider if you missed him last week.

 Grant Birchall – Hawthorn
$478,800 | Avg 97 | breakeven 71
Finals opponents: PTA, GCS, SYD, WCE

Was good with a solid 109 over the weekend. A real plus for the muesli man is his finals run with Port and Gold Coast in the first 2 weeks of his finals. Proven consistent performer and a real consideration.

 Pearce Hanley – Brisbane
$500,100 | Avg 94 | breakeven 63
Finals opponents: CAR, ADE, PTA, WBD

Has now churned our scores of 151, 124 and 119 in his last three and is the best performed defender of the last month or so. I knew we had something special when I cast my eye over this Irish Bull in his days playing for Ballaghaderreen in the Gaelic Athletic Association. Has kept improving since old mate Leigh Matthews gave him the nod in 2008. A serious consideration for your backline.

 Roughie of the week:

Bachar Houli – Richmond
$360,300 | Avg 81 | BE 53
Finals opponents: BRL, FRE, ESS, PTA

Fresh from a ripping 133 last weekend young Bachar could be just the remedy for those of you clutching at straws in the run home. Has Gold Coast this week which should provide the eager to please young colt with a good opportunity to cut sick.


 Special of the Week:

Scott Thompson – Adelaide
$539,000 | Avg 118 | breakeven 87
Finals opponents: FRE, BL, MEL, GCS

Has been is sizzling form and backed out a 143 last week. Runs into the anti-might of the GWS this week and his price will begin to soar into 600K+ territory by seasons end. Dream finals run for the Crows and no reasons not to pick him up if you don’t have him already

 Others to consider:

Bryce Gibbs – Carlton
$424,200 | Avg 89 | breakeven 55
Finals opponents: BRL, ESS, GCS, STK

Mark my words folks.. last week was the turn of the tide for young Bryce and I expect a sterling run home for him. Should play plenty more midfield time and mentally will have every morsel of his bloody fibre geared up to prove a lot of people wrong. The perfect time to jump onboard a Fantasy Footy prospect.

Christopher Judd – Carlton
$471,700 | Avg 106 | breakeven 37
Finals opponents: BRL, ESS, GCS, STK

Never write a champion off folks. Old Jock has told you this many times and many times over I am proven right. With Murphy and Carrazzo back in the mix Judd loses a few sacks of spuds worth of responsibility and with his 126 last week I anticipate some solid output for the rest of the season. Finals friendly.

 Nick Dal Santo – Saints
$514,200 | Avg 105 | breakeven 130
Finals opponents: MEL, GEE, GWS, CAR

Cmon Dal time to fire son. Get on him at this price and with his run home. Will have a Supercoach and Dreamteam finals frenzy including the prospect of feasting on Melbourne in the crucial first week of finals.

 Matthew Boyd – Western Bulldogs
$528,100 | Avg 112 | breakeven 67
Finals opponents: RICH, SYD, GEE, BRL

Just like an old Fantasy Footballing legend I know very well he just keeps on keeping on. Striking form at the right end of the season (personally) with 123 v Fremantle and 133 v Essendon over the last few rounds. A stable, conservative rock hard and reliable option into the arse end of the season.

 Matt Priddis – West Coast Eagles
$547,200 | Avg 108 | breakeven 48
Finals opponents: GEE, PA, COL, HAW

170 on the weekend Hair Hat you little ripper son! Yes you have featured in just about every edition of the Cattle Market this season but I just love ya son and a footballer, as a person, as a drinker and as a man or substantial hair. STILL huge value and reliability here folks of you haven’t jumped on yet. Finals run is not flash but for a player of this ilk in a team of this ilk it is not a concern of mine.


Special of the week:

Jarryd “The Orange Roughie” Roughead (FWD) – Hawthorn
$532,500 | Avg 104 | breakeven 88
Finals opponents: PA, GCS, SYD, WCE

A very valid trade for Jonathan Giles holders this week. His last 3 have wielded 129, 112, and 126. One concern might be that with Big Lance on the sidelines he will attract a better defender. My thoughts? This bloke is underrated and will relish being Boss Hogs in Lance’s absence. Peter Higginbotham discussed the very interesting option of trading him into your forward line, providing you the option of swinging him into your ruck and trading Giles for a forward if need be at a later date.. listen into the genius of Peter Higginbotham here:

Sam Jacobs – Adelaide
$499,100 | Avg 100 | breakeven 56
Finals opponents: FRE, BL, MEL, GCS

Carlton would be spewing they let this boy go. A real developing talent and has been busting out big numbers. Lovely finals run gets him into the market this week

 Others: Nic Nat, Ben McEvoy, Dean Cox just too pricey to worry about for mine but what a bloody machine!


Specials of the week (2 of em – can’t split them for value)

Adam Goodes (mid) –Sydney
$446,900 | Avg 97 | breakeven 48
Finals opponents: COL, WBD, HAW, GEE

Cometh the business end of the season cometh the man. Goodesy was back last weekend and smacked a Supercoach 148 down on the table to make his intentions for the rest of the season clear. A daunting finals run for the Swans are the only question mark here but this end of the season specialist is just too good an option to pass over. Buy.

Matthew Pavlich (mid) – Fremantle
$543,900 | Avg 97 | breakeven 45
Finals opponents: ADE, RIC, NTH, MEL

A massive 175 on the weekend and the time to strike on this annual must is now. Joins Adam the Goodes as the FWD selection of the round. Plays Melbourne twice between now and the end of the season as well as both GWS and Port Adelaide. Dream run home and a dream dual position selection. Buy.

Others to consider:

Colin Sylvia (mid) – Melbourne
$390,500| Avg 66 | breakeven 37
Finals opponents: STK, GWS, ADE, FRE

Has average about 100 over the past 3 weeks now and really seems to have turned a corner with his ferociousness, intent, and attitude. Has finally purchased the Neeld play book and is reading a page or two over his coco pops of a morning. A highly recommended trade. Still to play Port, Gold Coast Suns and GWS in week 2 of the fantasy footy finals.

 Bald Spud:

Jordan Murdoch – Geelong
$106,600| Avg 72 | breakeven -78

Has shown a bit in his first 2 games at the Cattery – especially with his first up 88. A nice trade down cash free-er-up-errer if named in the Geelong squad this week. Far from a certainty for games for the rest of the season but one of the few true rookie options coming through.

 Also consider… Ryan O’Keefe, Brent “Boomer” Harvey, Nick Riewoldt, Cyril Rioli, and a smoky? Crow Ricky Henderson from Adelaide.




Comments (87)

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  1. Adam Kneale says:

    another great write up jock. You should get that steve Grzentic bloke on the podcast that is always on the facebook page. he knows his stuff

  2. needs help says:

    what's buddy done? also what's the go with beau waters/.

    • Grant says:

      out for a month

      • needs help says:

        oh shit a little bit of a debarcle on my hands then. need to get rid of waters then for another premium defender, who does the community think will fit best. I got a solid 607 out of my 6 backs on the weekend. I only have 4 trades left so think i'll wait it out on buddy!!

  3. Shlanky says:

    In trouble jock me old mate.

    I have: Bartel, Goddard, Waters and Budstar. I have cover for all but I only have 4 trades remaining, fair to say I'm in a bit of a pickle. 18k in the bank

  4. JB says:

    Gday Jock,

    Would you recomend trading out big bad buddy, due to his bad hammy. Bud to goodes would free up some cash for futhur upgrades

    • Shabby says:

      it gives you a chance to make a point of difference here coming in to the finals but only if you can't cover him for a few weeks….I'm taking the opportunity!

  5. Fish says:

    Jock, would it be wise to trade out Cloke and bring in Goodes? Only got Cloke about 3 weeks ago, but Goodes has more scoring potential..

  6. Hawkers says:

    great cattle market yet again, just one small question? with 6 trades left is it worth getting rid of the likes of buddy and beau waters who are likely to be out for another 2-3 rounds + ??

    • Tigerman says:

      My gut says it will be longer than 2-3. Both teams are genuine flag chances, no risks to be taken with either player I would have thought. Then again, I thought buddy wouldn't play last week…

  7. Speedy says:

    On top of all the Buddy questions, is there any news on Zaharakis? I've held him for a long time, I need a fresh body on the field this week. I have coverage, but I'm missing Buddy, Pendles, Dusty and Goddard as well this week :S

    • Grant says:

      out for at least another 4

    • Vinnie says:

      Get rid of Zaka, mate. If you have the switch in the mid, put him in the middle and get Scotty Thompson in, Goodes(DPP) or Sidebum (DPP)

      Everyone will have buddy out, so no loss there, Dusty and BJ will return R16 and most have them both also….

  8. Grant says:

    Any other trade down options for some kids??? Need a cheap mid to down trade to…

    • Shabby says:

      Sammy Gibson if you don't have him or clay smith if he can score some more game time

      • Tigerman says:

        tim mcintryre is a 94k mid. JS not great, but as a cheapie M9 for free up $$ may as well

  9. Vinnie says:

    You're killing me, Jock!! hehe I only have 6 trades left and you're tempting me with all these bargains, especially with Adelaide's appetizing finals run home.

  10. jimbob says:

    how long is waters out for? hold or rid?

  11. Baz says:

    Has there been confirmed number of weeks Hurley will be out for? If only two I'm thinking of holding. Thoughts?

    • Zimmer says:

      He'll be out for a least three, and given his run with injury they're likely to be conservative so it's likely to be more. I'd pull the trigger.

      • Jock says:

        Yes Baz ols son, I am in agreeance with Zimmer mate – time to pull the trigger on him mate

  12. Choppy says:

    lads, really need some second opinions here:

    which of these trades is the best option:

    waters out for scotland. and old macdonald for goodes


    waters out for newman. and old mac out for pavlich


  13. Shabby says:

    Nicky D, Joel Selwood, Scott Thompson, Jobe Watson, Chappy or Pav or Goodes or Boomer (mainlyn for DPP only)….sh*t! Plenty of cash ($790,700)

    Someone, Anyone….maybe??

  14. cookie says:

    What to do with buddy???

    i have 4 trades left, and already have martin and goddard on the pine!! help please??

    • Choppy says:

      depends who else you have in your team. who does your midfield and forward line consist of?

      • cookie says:

        Mids- ablett, mitchell, priddis, rockliff, dal santo, barlow (gibson, horse)

        Forwards- Franklin, sidebum, danger, martin, porpoise, zorko, johnson (fremantle) (adams, kennedy)

        • Choppy says:

          If you've got the cash trade horse for pav or goodes, then sub whoever u get into fwd line for Martin and just cover buddy with Adams this week. Next week u can then sub Martin back into fwd line for Adams and can handle having buddy on the bench for another couple weeks. When he comes back Porpis goes to the bench! And you have a nice fwd/mid swing set leading into finals which will come in handy.

  15. Benny.. says:

    I have 2 trades left and have both waters and franklin what to do?? Should I keep franklin? He might only be out for 3 weeks? I'm 2nd in my league and playing the bloke in 1st this week I will probably beat him with them both out but don't want to risk it! Any thoughts??

    • cookie says:

      with 2 trades, you probably have to just stick with them! just see how ya go this week?

  16. jimbob says:

    ROUND 16—-7 trades. $142,800

    (OUT) Waters—-Switch Smedts into backline—-IN Roughead(for)

    (OUT) Old McDonald—-Switch Martin into Fowardline—-(IN) Murdoch(for)

    ROUND 17—-5 trades. $299,000

    (OUT) Giles—-Switch Roughead into Ruck—- (IN) Mcintyre(for)—- Switch Mcintyre for Martin in Mid

    ROUND 18+—- 4 trades. $565,000

    look to upgrade Cloke, Ellis, Dempsey.

    For Dangerfield, Heath Shaw, Scotland or any other Premium options (even look to downgrade D smith)


    Big call. Covers dougnuts with Waters, Buddy, Martin and Goddard.


    FOR or AGAINST???????


    • Vinnie says:

      G'day JimBOB,

      I wouldn't bother wasting trades for Martin and Franklin.

      You won't lose any money on either and most have these two anyways, so with so few trades left, most I know will just hold and bench them….as long as you have cover on your bench such as Smedts (GEE) or a Dickson (WBD) or any of the GWS DPP lads perhaps Treloar, Adams or D Smith (you'd be looking at $300K+ for the GWS lads now though)

      McIntyre if he gets smoe more game time could be a good downgrade cover also and he's DPP too!!

  17. James says:

    Alright Jock. Taking your advice with Newman now,

    Thinking of maybe going Giles out for Jacobs. And Garland out for Newman?

    How does that sound? Was $150 in debt to just do the Jacobs trade.

    This will leave me with 4 trades left, thoughts anyone?

  18. Matt says:

    Hey, Jock what are your thoughts on Luke McGuane from the tigers? Super Super Unique, New Role up forward and with Vickery our for the year he is guaranteed game time! Also the tigers have an easy run which could mean a few goals for McGuane and a few sc points? Thanks

  19. Sam says:

    Dear Jock Renyolds Community,

    I am tossing up between:

    M Clarke -> Yarran

    Giles -> Cox


    Hall -> Goodes

    Giles -> Jacobs

    leaning towards option 1 if clarke is named; but if he is dropped thinking option 2 is the goer.. either way I will have 7 trades left (and 130 K with option 2)

    Thoughts Jock?

    Keep the podcast coming.


    • Vinnie says:

      G'day Sam,

      Option 2 actually looks the goods for me.

      Adelaide has a great run home and into the SC/DT finals series.

      Can't go wrong with Hall for Goodes, o even Sylvia who seems to have turned a corner and is much cheaper

    • Mick says:

      Option 2 for the same reasons as vinnie. goodes is a must get

  20. Sam. S says:

    When is Hayden Crozier returning

    • barry says:

      could be the season.

      he has glandular fever. im a mate of his, saw him yesterday and he said hes feeling really good but theyre not going to take any chances with him because it can become chronic fatigue.

      hes back in melbourne so not playing anytime soon.

  21. Bo says:

    Gday jock and people.

    I'm sitting buddy on the bench….hoping proffer will cover.

    Who to trade- trealor for goodes……?

    Or shiel for goodes?? Help!

  22. Ryan says:

    I have 5 trades left, 300k in the bank. Not sure what to do this week.

    I have:

    -Beau Waters

    -Kreuzer and Giles

    -Buddy (with Martin and Walker on the bench)

    Who should I trade and who should I bring in?

    • 76carl says:

      Same Same

      I've taken the the hit

      Giles out Jenkins or Roughhead

      Buddy Out Pav or goodes

      Hold till finals Freo/Rich/Adel good run home for supercoach scores.

      Hawks will not risk Buddy before finals

  23. Tim says:

    G'day community and jock hows my team looking?

    2 trades left- $40,000

    Backline: Deledio, Goddard, Carrazzo, Lake, R.Shaw, Bugg, Ellis. bench: paine, spurr

    Midfield: Ablett, Pendlebury, Selwood, Priddis, Stanton, Shiel. Bench: Wingard, A.kennedy

    Ruck: Nic Nat, Giles. Bench: Redden, Stephenson

    Forward: Franklin, Sidebottom, Dangerfield, Riewoldt, O'keefe, Cloke, Zorko. Bench: Smedts, Crozier

    Thinking of downgrading smedts then upgrading shiel to a premium.

    Any other thoughts please say:)

    • barry says:

      Smedts is coming good. Downgrade Rhyce Shaw or Tom Bugg for Yarran. Similar outputs, Yarran is cheaper.

      Use the cash to upgrade Shiel to Thompson who is cheery ripe for picking. Gun.

      • Tim says:

        but i will have to do that trade this week then and i want to have a trade for just before the finals and i wont have enough cash to get thompson, well i think i wont have enough.

        • cookie says:

          dont trade!!!

          wait a couple of weeks and go shiel to couch. then save your last trade for when you need it

  24. ryan says:

    who should i get for shiel got 321 in the bank either tuck, thompson or swanny? need hepl fast 😀 thanks

  25. blaggard says:

    Sooooooo anyone have any thoughts on Matthew Wright from Adelaide…. I'm looking for someone in that price range to play in my forward line, half a mind to go to Sylvia, but Adelaide's run home looks good and this guy appears pretty consistent.

    • blaggard says:

      I can even push for someone up to the amazing price of $399k (This is a secondary trade, the first part of which has got me Adam Goodes)…. go on Jock, tell me he's grouse

    • Job security for Wright, not good when Walker, Tippet, Petrenko all due back

  26. Sam Winter says:

    Backs: Deledio, Goddard, Waters, Birchall, Broughton, R.Shaw, S.Shaw (Smedts, Spurr)

    Trades Left: 2

    Remaining Cash: 5k

    Option 1: Trade Waters for a premium. Then use the remaining cash to upgrade a S.Shaw, Smedt or Spurr to Chris Yarran.

    Disadvantage: May not be able to catch Yarran's price again.

    Option 2: Trade Waters for Yarran. Then use the remaining cash to get a premium who I can afford later on in the year.

    Disadvantage: If another premium gets injured for the season I would have 200k to spend. I would use maybe 50-100k on the trade and then have an extra 100-150k for the rest of the year with no trades left to spend it on.

    Which option 1 or 2. All feedback is appreciated. Thanks again Jock and the Community.

    • blaggard says:

      Hey Sam… I reckon in your shoes with only two trades remaining I'd be taking the one trade option, which at least leaves one trade for the inevitable disaster

    • Agree, you wont want to go into a final and not be able to at least sideways trade prem – prem.

      Just waters for me for Carrazzo

  27. dewa says:

    goodes or pav? assume cash is not an issue

  28. Scott says:

    I've got 10 trades left and just over $500,000 in bank. Do we get more trades in finals? So should I got nuts on premium upgrades? Prob bring in Scotty T this week for Magner or Old Mac, with Goddard, Martin and Fraklin on bench can hold these boy's as in finals? Whats the plan?

    • bamboozald says:

      No you dont get more trades in finals. you should aim to have every player on the ground a premium, keep goddard, martin, and franklin. I would say with the amount of trades you have and your substantial salary you are in a very comfortable position to pull the trigger and beef up your team before the finals, and fill any weak links in your team. If you still have magner on the ground and mcdonald then defiantly trade them out for premiums!!!

  29. Nick says:

    Ive got waters to trade, however im down to three trades. I was thinking about bringing in Carrazzo. Whats everyone think?

    Ill be down to 2 trades at $73,800.

    Pretty lucky, brought ryder in and at the last minute, changed to Mcevoy. Now Ryder is out, feeling lucky. No doubt I will probably cop an unlucky one soon.

  30. Luke says:

    Ziebell to Pendles was going to be the only move this week, leaving me with 3 trades to cover injuries and a settled side, albeit with negligible cash left over.

    However, Ryder's calf mishap has altered the plans and now two moves to be made, with Paddy joining Ziebell as an out. I have 236k left in the bank which would have covered my one trade so have to decide which of these is the best move.

    Ziebell & Ryder for:

    Cox & Judd, Nic Nat & Scott Thompson (crows) or Jacos/McEvoy & Pendlebury.

    Looking at their average scores option 2 scores about 5 points higher but I've been very keen to get Pendles into my side.

    Would love the thoughts of the community on this one.

    • cookie says:

      Nic Nat and Thompson for mine. pendles will be rusty after quite a few weeks on the sidelines. Nic Nat is having a great year but no one really jumping on him. would go that one mate

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