The Post Rd 15 AFL Fantasy Chin Wag

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This weeks Cattle MarketAnother super weekend of AFL Fantasy Footy has come to a close. The post round Podcast has been released.. have a listen folks. What a rip snorter it has been. The St Kilda Football Club has helped me shake an illness that bought this old stallion to his knees last week. What a win by the St Kilda juggernaut. Well done lads. As I told you in team building during the week.. run and run and tackle and pressure and run. Easy.

We’ve allĀ marveledĀ at the wonders of Coxy and his sensational 215. We’ve shared a knowing smile with other members of the community at Matt the Hair Hat Priddis and his 170 odd. We’ve nervously checked that our opponents have not whacked the big C on either one of em. Some of us have been frustrated at Dane Swan and Gary Ablett’s output. Neither were ideal in terms of captaincy fodder.

Come pull up a chair next to your mates… How did ya go this week?

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  1. Tweeter says:

    Gary is costing me a win against you Jock got home after footy to see his on 30 hells bells.

  2. Shlanky says:

    In trouble with only 4 trades left and Bartel may miss a few

  3. Hubo says:

    Would love the communities opinion on Stanton and Scooter Selwood. Rest of my midfield are locks with GAJ, Thompson, Kennedy and Pendles (Gibson and JMac). Is it worth burning 2 trades to downgrade JMac to upgrade either Stanton or Selwood? Only have 5 trades left.. Am I unnecessarily panicing or should I stick it out???

    • MJ says:

      5 trades is heaps at this stage .. go for it

    • Sam Winter says:

      Do it. As MJ said 5 trades is heaps at this time of the year. Maybe even consider Judd. He's been poor but as we all know he is a proven supercoach premium. If you don't like Judd look at Nick Dal Santo.

      • Hubo says:

        Thanks for the tips guys! Will definitely look at Juddy and/or maybe even swinging danger or sidebum into the midfield and picking up the Pav or N Riewoldt

  4. billy says:

    playing in 2 top of the table clashes at the moment which are going down to the wire. genious move by me making thompson captain instead of ablett. may get me over the line

  5. Sam Winter says:

    Is it just me or is Beau Waters always the first out with general soreness? Didn't have cover for him with Goddard out.

    Anyway i'm on 2143 with Boyd and Broughton to play. Doing well but I could of gone even better if Beau played. Had Mitchell as captain who scored 108. I was tossing between him and Thompson. Should of gone Thompson who scored 143.

    Hope the rest of you went well!!!

  6. swans05 says:

    2011 with lake, johnson and pav to come not too bad considering dustys on the bench along with goddard and jmac got me a postive 40..

  7. John says:

    2480 with a donut!! Pav, cox, priddis and thompson did it for me

    • Sam Winter says:

      Nice!!! Was your donut Waters. I got 2318 with him as my only donut. When I subbed Goddard for Smedts I had a feeling in my gut something would happen with Spurr not playing and it did. If someone was out with general soreness I would bet it would either be Beau or Ryan Hargrave for the dogs.

  8. MJ says:

    2456 – broughton my only disappointment .. is it time to offload ?? hes playing a small forward role this last three weeks .. wtf .. i hate ross loyn

    • Sam Winter says:

      It all depends how many trades you have left. I say if you have 6 or more trades left to trade him for either Carrazzo, Enright or Birchall (presuming you already have Deledio, Goddard and Waters).

  9. Ben says:

    1949 disappointing because I was projected 2489 and I had waters and Johnson and Giles getting 50 and davis 40

  10. Dylan says:

    2150 or so, lost by about 100, dropped to 2nd on the ladder. No Goddard waters or Martin hurt me… Have traded in the jobe Watson, now have two trades left. Saving for finals! Although i'd love to jump on the dean cox, but need to trade down to do so, leaving me with no trades. Considering…

    • Dylan says:

      NOW… Considering waters – enright and buddy – beams for my last two trades… Thoughts?