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AFL Supercoach 2012 tips guru Jock Reynolds

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What a sensational weekend of AFL Fantasy Footy we have just had folks.

While some of the popular captains like Dane Swan and Gary Ablett did not fire this week we had some marvelous outputs from your Deam Cox’s, your Matty Priddis’s and your Scotty Thompsons to name a few. Gotta say that I am really enjoying getting back into your straight down the line, no bye nonsense, all teams on deck Supercoach and Dreamteam.

We serve up another steaming hot helping of Fantasy Footy advice this week. Listen in to Peter Higginbotham, Crouching One and old Jock Reynolds as we waltz you through yet another week of Fantasy Footy gold.

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  1. Sam Winter says:

    Is it me or is Beau Waters always the first person out with general soreness. Well it is either him or Ryan Hargrave.

  2. Isaac says:

    I'm looking to upgrade Giles THIS week. I already have Naitanui and would like a Jacobs or Roughead. What do you guys reckon?? Who would be the better option?

    • Fyfe's shoulder says:

      Surely COX

    • Bryton says:

      Griffin, under-priced

      • Marc says:

        +1 for Griffen being an interesting choice. Proved last year he score while Sandy was out. McEvoy would also be a decent choice. Don't buy into Jacobs score too much, he was awesome, but played the whole game due to Tippet and McKernan both getting injured and was rucking against Westhoff and Trengove for periods of the game.

  3. Lachlan says:

    G'day jock,

    I only have the 3 trades remaining and my team is looking abit out of whack.

    Tippet getting 23 giles getting 50. Should i consider using a trade to upgrade giles or should i lay off them? I'm very tempted.

  4. Max says:

    i've just got top of the league that matters to me! Considering i'm living in the UK i don't think i could have done this without the help of the community. Just got to continue this through to finals now.

    Thanks Jock!

  5. Bryton says:

    Time to offload Broughton? if so for who? gotta be under 446,300

  6. Peter Higo says:


    Back: Deledio, Goddard, Scotland, Waters, Lake, Heath Shaw, Bugg (Ellis,S.Edwards)

    Mid: Watson, J.Selwood, Ablett, Swan, Dal Santo, Pavlich (Gibson, Sutcliffe)

    Rucks: Maric, Giles (Redden, Stephenson)

    Forwards: Franklin, Sidebottom, Chapman, N.Riewoldt, Stevie J, Cloke, Zorko (Milera, Smedts)

    8 trades left – ANY SUGGESTIONS??

    • Matt says:


      Back: Deledio, Goddard, Scotland, Waters, Lake, Heath Shaw, Bugg (Ellis,S.Edwards)

      Mid: Watson, J.Selwood, Ablett, Swan, Dal Santo, Pavlich (Gibson, Sutcliffe)

      Rucks: Maric, Giles (Redden, Stephenson)

      Forwards: Franklin, Sidebottom, Chapman, N.Riewoldt, Stevie J, Cloke, Zorko (Milera, Smedts)

      8 trades left – ANY SUGGESTIONS??

      • riley says:

        maybe cloke? sub pavlova to forward and bring in a premium mid if u have the cash? and bugg for dempsey or or even dan nicholson…

      • Bryton says:

        Get Giles and Bugg out of there, maybe Bugg for Dempsey, and Giles for Griffin, NicNat, Cox, McEvoy, Jacobs or Goldstein?

    • MJ says:

      Peter – 8 trades is heaps for this time of year and not a bad team at all 😀

      You need a defender – surprised you didn't jump on carrazzo last week when coin was low – still might not be a bad option .. if your looking for a smokey maybe bugg to yarran

      otherwise as a last defender one of suckling, birchall or johnson

      Time to say goodbye to Giles in the ruck – would probably say this is the area id address first. Depends on cash i know but COX looks the business. I had an idea this year WCE were priming Cox for finals this year and I got him in two weeks ago when he bottomed out (at 540k). Would not be surprised to see a few more 150+ scores in the run home – def my best trade this year

      expensive now but still worth every cent

      • Peter says:

        Who would I trade out to get cox?

        • Mick says:


          Get Carrazzo too for Bugg. To get the extra $, you can trade one of your more spuddier forwards for Murdoch.

    • bro says:

      waters for birchel asap

  7. MJ says:


    Back: Deledio, Goddard, Scotland, Johnson, Broughton, Lake, Carrazzo, (Darley,Spur)

    Mid: Watson, J.Selwood, Ablett, Boyd, Priddis, Goodes (Gibson, Adams)

    Rucks: Cox, Natinui (Jenkins, Stephenson)

    Forwards: Franklin, Sidebottom, Chapman, Dangerfield, J Riewoldt, Martin, Zorko (Cloke, Dickson)

    2 trades left – Team is finished or as finished as it is going to be – not overly happy with how it turned out – feel i made a lot of bad trades during the year. Might sideswap J Riewoldt or Cloke to Marc Murphy or Pendlebury and swing goddes forward.

    Overall rank 470odd – too far behind the top to win main prize but would hope to stay in the top 500 and maybe climb inside top 300 overall – Maybe next year for the 50k

    • Sam Winter says:

      You have a great team. Why would you ride off the 50k — Anyway with two trades left you can't do much but hope for the best — What I would do is trade players who are out for three weeks or more. If you still have two trades at the first week of finals:

      Trade J.Riewoldt/Cloke to a rookie forward. Then trade the other to a Dane Swan or Scott Pendlebury by subbing the forward into the midfield for Goodes. Higgo explained what to do in a podcast (sorry I can't remember which one).

      This is risky as a injury may well occur but will pay off if one doesn't.

      Good Luck.

      • MJ says:

        Sam over 1200pts behind top dog with only 8 rounds to go .. its a bit like the goals per minute theory only its 100pts per round – 800pts was possible, 1200 is a stretch 🙁

        team is missing S Thompson, Pendlebury and Pav for the run home .. these three are key I believe .. few silly trades like J Roo and T Cloke were mistakes .. learned a lot this year, on top on all my leagues and hope to snag a couple of league wins 😀

        how are you going mate ??

        • Sam Winter says:

          My teams down below if you wanted to see. Overall i'm 13000 so no for the 50k for me. Hope I could snag a great score in the upcoming rounds for the 1k. Thanks for asking mate.

    • MJ, on its day your team could easily score 2500+

      Only area of improvement would be Lake, not sold on him. You have enough coverage for Buddy for the 3 weeks

      Great effort and always a barometer for advice…many thanks.

  8. willys winners says:

    Hey guys, just wondering who I can upgrade to get a break on the competetion. Currently first, but want to get that jump for finals. 8 trades, no cash!

    BACK Delideo Newman Lake Grimes Dempsey Heppel Gibson (Smedts, Docherty)

    MID Abblet (c) Boyd Mitchell Jack Carrazo S. Gibson

    (james mcdonald, Kavangah)

    RUCK Paddy ryder giles ( redden , downie)

    FWD Zorko Buddy Rioli Dangerfield Cloke H. Bennel Dahlhaus ( J.patton , Devon smith)

    • HaPPy ChaPPy says:

      Jmac 2 McIntyre

      Devon Smith/Bennel 2 HaPPy ChaPPy

    • Mick says:

      1. Smith/Patton to Murdoch

      2. McDonald to Goodes

      3. Smith/Patton to someone cheap

      4. Giles – upgrade to best you can afford. Cox, Jacobs, Maric, Nat all good options

  9. HaPPy ChaPPy says:

    How good was I boyz? Its not 2 late 2 jump on

  10. Sam Winter says:

    My Team:

    Backs: Deledio, Goddard, Waters, Birchall, Brougton, R.Shaw, S.Shaw (Smedts, Spurr)

    Mids: Ablett, Thompson, Swan, Boyd, Mitchell, Priddis (Shiel, Sexton)

    Rucks: Nic Nat, Mumford (Jenkins, Stephenson)

    Fwds: Franklin, Dangerfield, N.Riewoldt, Harvey, Martin, Cloke, Hawkins (Zorko, Dickson)

    Trades Left: 2

    Remaining Cash: 5,100

    Future Plans: Beau Waters blew it all! My plans were to wait until the first week of finals then downgrade Dylan Shiel into a rookie and then upgrade either S.Shaw, Smedts or Spurr to a premium defender. Now I will have to trade Waters.

    Current Plans: I might trade Waters into a player witch will which will allow me to pocket some cash so I can upgrade either S.Shaw, Smedts or Spurr into Chris Yarren at the first week of finals (hoping I get in for starters). Please tell me who to put off for Zorko. Most would say either Cloke or Hawkins. Zorko and his good form need to be on the field.

    That all seems like a good plan but I would like you guys in the community out there to give me your feedback. With your feedback please mention who you are putting captain this week. Thanks Guys.

    • Dylan says:

      Buddy is broken, swing the axe! Or at least bench him so you can get zorko on the field

  11. Sam Winter says:

    Sorry community, need your help again.

    I was looking at trading Beau Waters into either Carrazzo or Johnson but I don't know who. I would prefer Carrazzo because he has been more consistent, but trading into Johnson would leave me with an extra 20k which would come in handy when trading S.Shaw, Smedts or even Spurr into Chris Yarran.

    So who would you trade in? Carrazzo or Johnson? Thanks for your help!!!

    • HaPPy ChaPPy says:

      Heath Shaw after he gets smashed this week

    • MJ says:

      Happy Might be onto Something there: Heath Shaw will come down over the next couple of weeks.

      Have you thought of bringing in Yarran this week for Beau Waters and then wait and see who you can afford to bring in a fews down the track for smedts or shaw when their value peak ??? would make sense as Yarran is about to have a massive jump

      • Sam Winter says:

        Thanks mate. I think that's what i'll do. Trade Waters for Yarran and than see who I can afford. MJ you are a true SUPER COACH.

    • Yep I went with Carrazzo last week…He will only get more free time when Murphy comes back.

  12. pb says:

    thoughts on the Buddy scenario?

    My forward line is pretty good, could do with spreading that cash into defence.

    Need a FWD up to 475k, I'm thinking abolut the following guys

    N Riewoldt

    J Lewis

    A Goodes

    B Harvey

    any prefs there?

    The FWD-MID link is a non-bonus for me as I've got Dangermouse, Chapman and Sidebottom already filling that role in FWD.

  13. matty says:

    Should I hold onto waters . Anyone ?

    • Sam Winter says:

      500k is to much to be on the bench for 5 weeks. Trade him.

      • MJ says:

        how many trades you got left ?? if you can afford to get use one i'd def trade .. Sam's right can't have that sitting on the pine for 5weeks .. plus its beau for ever injured waters, could end up been 8

      • Birchall/Shaw/Scotland/Carrazzo

  14. Choppy says:


    deledio,,goddard,carrazo,waters,enright,lake (, spurr)

    ablett,pendlebury,swanny,kennedy,stanton,dal santo (macdonald,williams)

    ryder,kruezer (campbell,stephenson)


    4 trades left, $140k in the bank. considering waters for scotland and macdonald for goodes-to be subbed into fwd line for martin this week

    thoughts anyone? cheers

  15. Stoney says:

    Need to trade 2 out of these 5

    Hosley – 304k – BE 89

    Old Mac – 290k – BE 103

    Treloar – 332k – BE 86

    Adams – 326k – BE 46

    Dev Smith – 289k – BE 28


  16. Jack says:

    Is beau waters out for 5 weeks?

    • MJ says:

      yep 🙁 wouldn't be surprised if he was out for even longer but hes down as 3-5weeks

  17. Bill says:

    Who do I downgrade in the Ruck, Giles or Pyke, need to free me up some money, Thanks in anticipation

    • MJ says:

      is Giles or Pyke your number 2 ruck ?? if not then who ever is more valuable .. if one is your number two id be downgrading one and using the money to upgrade the other

  18. Paddy says:

    Need some help…..Do i need to trade this week ??








    5 trades… not much cash

  19. whiteless says:

    Jock i need help, Buddy and Martin are killing me i cant afford to have 2 60 point rookies in the foward line ( Saad, Treloar), ive got $174,000 in the bank.

    Do i get rid of Treloar or Saad and swing Johnson fwd and look for a backman or do i just look for a prem fwd?

    Backs: Deledio, H.Shaw, Goddard, Carrazzo, Johnson, Adcock, Lake, S.Shaw, Darley

    Mids: Watson, Pendlebury, J.Selwood, Mitchell, Priddis, Dal Santo, Horsley, Gibson

    Rucks: Muford, Kruezer, Stephonson, Derickz

    Fwds: Franklin, Dangerfield, Rioli, Zorko, Harvey, Martin, Cloke, Treloar, Saad

    Keep in mind that i have already used 1 trade to gain abit of cash (Redden to Derickz)

    Please help!

    • Mick says:

      Treloar – Goodes -> and you have a magnificent team!

      Alternatively, reverse your trade.

      Treloar – Murdoch

      Martin – Goodes

      Will get you more cash and you can look to upgrade Kruezer next week (Maric should go down a little, Ryder is cheap atm)

      If i were in your position, i would do my second option. At the very least, dont get dericks. Get a cheaper ruck who won't play, or have a look at Spencer from Melbourne.

      • whiteless says:

        I like it Mick, Whats Murdoch's job security like? I haven't herd much about him.

        You have got me thinking about Goodes now

        Redden – Spencer

        Treloar – Goodes

        Leaves me with 5 trades left for finals

      • Adam Kneale says:

        I rekon i have a very good solution.

        Reverse that other trade and make these 2 trades

        Franklin >Goodes

        Trolar> any prem

      • That's my dilema as well, either wait for the Big Cox to go down or Ryder it who went down again this week…

  20. Adam Kneale says:

    Community HELP!!!

    this is my team


    Goddard, Carrazzo, Shaw, Deledio, Heppell, bugg, smedts.

    (Darley, Guthrie)


    Ablett, pendlebury, swan, Dal santo, Priddis, Boyd.

    (Wingard, Croizer)


    Kruezer, Giles. (Redden, Stephenson)


    Franklin, Dangerfield, Harvey, Cloke, Johnson, Zorko, Adams. (Elliot,Hall)

    Trades- 4

    Salary- 84,700

    Now i have two options which im not sure on.

    Option A:

    Trade Bugg to yarran this week. Then next week upgrade Adams to Tippett. This would give me 2 trades for finals in case of injuries.

    Option B:

    Make a downgrade this week, either franklin to a cheaper premium or elliot to murdoch(help on which would be great)Then Upgrade adams to goodes. And then next week upgrade bugg or Elliot(swing smedts) to a premium defender. This option would leave me with 1 trade for finals but a slightly better team

    Help on which which much appreciated

    • whiteless says:

      I would trade out Hall then swing young Billie to the foward line then bring in Chris Yarran, his starting to find form could become a $450,000 + comes finals time, plus carlton are starting to play good footy and he is a big part of there structure

      Franklin is too good of a player to give the boot, with a few weeks rest he will come bak fit as a fiddle and ready to kick 13 + goals agin i hope 🙂

      i think u need at least 4 trades come finals time so if u can afford to hold on to them (depending on where ur sitting on the ladder) then hold them

      • Adam Kneale says:

        you think hold onto bugg then??

        • whiteless says:

          well u only have 4 trades left and bugg is getting playing time, hall hardly plays. comes finals time u want players that are playing 1's footy not ppl running around in the 2's.

          u cant loose on yarren, will always play 1's, can produce massive scores and carlton need to win every game from here to make finals so they will all be playing at 110 pecent

    • Sam Winter says:

      Option A. Just dont trade out Franklin. Chris Yarrar is going to get to 500k at this form.

  21. Hello all,

    My first serious year in SuperCoach and I'm playing great Fantasy Football in all 4 cash leagues that I'm in and the others that thought my team was just making up the numbers see me as a threat now… 1st in two leagues and 2/3rd in the others and I'm rapt. Beyond all expectations. Thank you Jock, et al, for all your help this year. My final strategy is listed below my team, any of your thoughts/opinions/advice would be great.

    Deledio HShaw Goddard Scotland Suckling Dempsey Carrazzo ( S.Shaw/Spurr )

    Pendlebury JSelwood Watson Mitchell Hayes Priddis (Gibson/Couch)

    Mumford Kruezer Redden Stephenson

    Sidebottom Dangerfield Chapman Franklin Martin Cloke Zorko (Smith / Hall)

    Trades left 6 – cash left $229,200 + $145,200 + $130,500 = $504,900

    1. Downgrade A.Hall ($239,200) to rookie ($94,000) = $145,200 cash

    2. Downgrade O.Stephenson ($224,500) to rookie ($94,000) = $130,500 cash

    3.Hayes $493,500 to Ablett $624,500 ($131,000 )

    4. Zorko $460,400 to Pavlich $543,000 ($83,000) or Goodes $446,900 (-$13,100)

    5. Dempsey $391,200 to Birchall $478,00 ($88,000) or leave Dempsey???

    6. Kruezer $415,900 to Ryder $507,000 ($98,000) or (Cox $620,800-$205,000)

    *** Going to keep the Budweiser ***



    • Adam Kneale says:

      go kreuzer to cox. and then HOLD

      save your trades then for finals. your team is great dont do anymore pointless tampering

      • Good idea about big cox, those were my ideal trades to do during finals time as well, just to use them all up, no point getting to a grand final and have plenty of $$$ and 4 trades.

        Good idea about keeping trades with all the players going down or MRP.


    • Sam Winter says:

      Trades 1, 2 and 3 are good. Then trade Cloke to Goodes. Save the rest for injuries and finals.

    • Mick says:

      1. Hall – Murdoch. Only an extra 10k or so, and at least has the chance to play.

      2. Look at spencer or derricks

      3. Looks good

      4. Zorko is playing out of his mind, i would get rid of D Martin before him. Martin – goodes this week for my money.

      5. Keep dempsey, use that money to upgrade kruezer to best you can afford.

  22. Presty says:

    one question



    patty D

  23. Sam says:

    Who is better to keep Treloar or Coniglio

  24. Laffer says:

    Looking to trade in defender and trying to work out whos best value for money… M. Johnson, S. Fisher, C. Enright, C. Newman??? Also wondering what Murdoch's job security is like with Stevie J coming back in and Bartel out? Thoughts?

    • Sam Winter says:

      If your looking at best value for money then Michael Johnson who's bottomed out in price. If your looking for best scorer than Corey Enright.

  25. Sam Winter says:

    How long are you guys saying Buddy will be out for.