Round 15 Supercoach and DT Cattle Market

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Snag yourself a prime Supercoach bargain in the Cattle Market

You could drive into the weekend with some real Supercoach and Dreamteam value this week. Some prime cattle available folks.

We are indeed into the run home now and the finals are no longer a distant consideration. I deplore you all – stick to the basics of the game in the run home. Look for value, look for players who have a decent run home, but above all else be disciplined in your trading.

Here are this weeks specials. Make sure you tune into the podcast also if you haven’t already had your weekly dose of Jock, Higgo and Crouching genius.

Jock Reynolds


MUST have Brett Deledio… then consider:
Andrew Carrazzo (MID) – Carlton
$442,600 – Avg 94 – breakeven 41
The defender of the round in terms of value folks. Is as cheap as he will be for the rest of the season, coming off scores off 132 v WCE then 98 v Hawthorn. Has Collingwood this week, but with Brisbane in week 1 and Gold Coast in week 3 of the Fantasy Footy finals looks a sturdy option. Low breakeven. Bye this round.
Corey Enright – Geelong
$461,700 – Avg 92 – breakeven 37
Has been a thing of beauty for the Enright faithful over the past 2 weeks scoring 123 2 weeks running. Gold Coast this week and on this breakeven now is the time to snaffle him. Will come home strong along with the rest of the Cat line up. Carrazzo has the better finals run which is why I would go Carrazzo before young Corey but a splendid option nonetheless.
Sam Fisher – St Kilda
$412,600 – Avg 84 – breakeven 103
I need to see Sam for another week before advising the community to make a purchase. Still working back into form after his injury and at this breakeven is likely to be at roughly the same price next week. Not the worst selection in the world this week but would rather invest the extra cash in Carrazzo or Enright at this stage of his recovery towards ideal form. Keep firmly on radar though folks, St Kilda have both Melbourne and GWS in their Fantasy Footy finals  run home.
Shannon Hurn – West Coast
$471,700 – Avg 96 – breakeven 63
Has pumped out two 110+ Supercoach performances in a row and has averaged 103 since round 5. A conservative option and anticipate a consistent but not earth shattering output from him for the rest of the season. Not exactly an easy sail home for west coast in terms of opposition with orgies against Melbourne, Gold Coast and GWS all behind them. Consider.
Chris Newman  – Richmond
$383,600 – Avg 82 – breakeven 71
Could be the perfect time to pick up this proven Supercoach and Dreamteam backline legend. Has Melbourne this week followed by Gold Coast the week after. Has a very nice finals run as well with Bulldogs, Freo, Essendon then Port. For those after that point of difference to snap away from their opponents, with sizeable plums, or without the cash to go for Carrazzo or Enright I would have a real good long hard think about Newman. A real chance to join JR Brumby FC this week.
Chris Yarran – Carlton
$256,300- Avg 59 – breakeven 29
As the great Peter Higginbotham discussed in this week’s Supercoach podcast, this is a game where those who can pick the underperforming player at the right time are generally a long way towards having a solid Fantasy Football outfit. Now young Christopher seemed to return to form against Hawthorn on the weekend with a nice 98. A risk. Don’t believe he will come home averaging over 100 for the remaining games but you will certainly get excellent value for your cash here for the rest of the season barring an injury. Needs to lose those silly bloody fluorescent boots.


MUSTS: Gary Ablett, Dane Swan, Jobe Watson… speak for themselves… then consider:
Shane Tuck – Richmond
$599,800 – Avg 110 – breakeven 88 
Continues to stun the Fantasy Football community with his output over the past month. Has registered scores of 148, 155, 142 and 137 over the last 5. With Richmond’s soft run home including Melbourne and Gold coast over the next few I cannot find too many arguments against having a real long hard think about him if you are still completing your midfield. Love the bloke. Mate of his Dads.
Sam Mitchell – Hawthorn
$566,400 – Avg 113 – breakeven 94
Now really hitting his straps as he approaches the run towards finals. Averaging 123 over his last four, and has games against GWS (this week), Western Bulldogs, Port Adelaide and Gold Coast still left to cash in on. Port and Gold Coast in the first 2 weeks of finals is very bloody tasty eh?
Bryce Gibbs – Carlton
$411,600 – Avg 88 – breakeven 73
The buy low sell high experts are frothing at the chops here this week. Has been is bloody terrible form this season and has just looked rubbish from whatever angle you look at him. Jungle drums are thumping about a solid midfield stint coming home. Cranked out his first ton since round 5 last week which could well be sign us cheap buggers are after in terms of grabbing a bloke just as his form turns around. Really like him this week. Would love to see this bloke get a bit more bloody urgency about him. He hasn’t been returning my calls – happy to help you through this Bryce mate.
Scott Thompson – Adelaide
$531,000 – Avg 116 – breakeven 123
His 32 disposals and 10 tackles was only enough to get him 100 Supercoach points on the weekend (128 Dreamteam). Is just rip snorting value while in his current form and at his current price. Adelaide have Port this week followed by GWS the week after so this could be the best time to bring him in.  Adelaide’s finals run is very cosy as well with Freo, Brisbane, Melbourne then Gold Coast.
Chris Judd – Carlton
$466,500 – Avg 103 – breakeven 113
Many have been asking me about Chris and my opinion re: his potential as a trade in this week. Make no mistake, I reckon he will rip shreds out of a game or two in the run home but I don’t feel he can hit the line hard enough this season. Expect the odd score like last week of 126 but also expect weeks of soreness where output is low. Not for old Jock.
Nick Dal Santo – St Kilda
$515,000 – Avg 104 – breakeven 115
Yes I am a Saint Kilda football club fan and a great fan of Nicky Dal, but you can’t sit there and tell me that this is not a magnificent price for a player of this ilk. Nice finals draw, will come home like a steam train. Buy.
Rookie options: Look to see if Caolan Mooney is named for his 2nd game with the Pies, and also Murray Newman (WCE) who looked tops. Only 42 Supercoach points, but only 38% game time.


Ben McEvoy – St Kilda
$482,100 – Avg 97 – breakeven 89
Here comes big Ben! A very good 130 against strong opposition in GoldMember on the weekend and has a super run home. Just finding some post injury form and this could be the break out period that we’ve been waiting for. Strong consideration this week
Tom Campbell – Western Bulldogs
$94,700 – 89 and 45 in first 2
Ideal if you need to trade Redden or Stephenson in to grab some cash. Was bought in when Minnow was out but held his own last week when played up forward. Not fantastic job security coming home but a sound cash grab option with a possibility of giving you bench cover coming home.


Matthew Pavlich (mid) – Fremantle
$500,700 – Avg 99 – breakeven 77
The #1 forward trade in option this week in this humble genius’s opinion. More important with Matthew than his statistical output has been his form and role in the Ross Lyoned Fremantle Football club. I give him a clean bill of health on both counts here. Another with a nice run home (Dogs, Melbourne, GWS, Port still to come) and no arguments about his ability to come home strongly. Buy, especially at this price.
Ryan O’Keefee (MID) – South Melbourne
$511,800 – Avg 92 – breakeven 96
Still considerably undervalued for mine and has been in very nice form (126 last weekend). Goodes back continues to help him along. Runs into Collingwood in the first week of Supercoach and Dreamteam finals which is not ideal, but runs into league minnows Carlton and Gold Coast before that time comes.
Colin Sylvia (MID)– Melbourne
$355,300 – Avg 62 – breakeven 22
I’ve been widely criticised in football media country wide for bringing Colin Sylvia up as a valid option in this week’s podcast. The facts are these. The kid has finally learned what Heir Neeld expects of him. His output has been rubbish this season while he learned the caper hence the price drop. He has bought into the game plan. He is being groomed as a full time midfielder. His last 2 results of 97 and 99 suggest the penny has dropped for the young bloke. Melbourne are improving. Still has port, north, gold coast, GWS to play. Stuff it… I’m going to say BUY.
Leigh Adams (MID) – North Melbourne 
$469,400 – Avg 90 – breakeven 1 – averaging 143 over last 2 weeks
151 v Adelaide followed up last week with 135 v St Kilda. Hells bells has this bloke smacked onto the scene or what? Risk is that West Coast will do their homework on him this week and he could be under increased attention.  Still not convinced but will watch this week’s game with real interest. Good on ya Leigh.
Rookie options: Corey DellÓllio (ESS) is probably your best bet if named. Has already had his magic 3rd game but still only 135K ish and has reasonable job prospects coming home. Todd Elton (Richmond) played his 1st game last week, looked good but jib security shakey. Was impressed also by young Jordan Murdoch’s (geel) first up effort of 88, but job security is shakey as well.


Also want to add some top advice from my Facebook mate Steve Grzentic II;

“If you have a midfielder that you can upgrade use him to trade in Carrazzo. This creates a swing with Goddard you can use to avoid donuts while he serves his suspension. In 2 weeks when Goddard returns you can then upgrade a defender in to a premium midfielder by using the swinging trade option.”


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Im playing you this week jock don't give to many secrets away!


Yeah no lies mate in the supporters league, I will be paying close attention to every word you say ! Haha love your work mate should be a good hit out!


The mighty Alphacats


Evening Jock. Dusty Martin worth trading in for Treloar? If not who else under 491k?


Not now. Club imposed suspension. Don't know how long yet.


Yeah, that does throw things out a bit…. I think I’ll trade Saad for Lewis? Thoughts on Sylvia?


Avoid. Sylvia burn…


guys i need some mega help got 15 trades left and 275,000 in the bank i dont know who to trade

BACKS: goddard, deledio, reece shaw, bugg, lake, morris, ellis ( guthrie, sam shaw )

MIDS: joel selwood, abblet, sidebum, boyd, ward, horse ( d sheil, d smith)

RUCKS: d hale, giles ( j jenkins and big o )

FORWARDS: franklin , dangerfield, jarred roughead, zorko, j reiwoldt, o'keefe, martin (j porplizya and a kennedy)

need some help havent used a trade yet this week


If u trade the porpoise for a cow then u can trade horsely and bring in jobey wan kenobi or keiren jack or even tuck shop


First your backline needs work, so i'd use your cash to upgrade bugg to carrazzo and morris to maybe fisher/heppell? then downgrade/upgrade smith and horse next wk


What the hell do you have 15 trades left for??


your backline is pleading for Carrazzo at his current price. maybe scotland too, the sooner you don't need to have ellis and morris starting the better, there's no value in them


who do i trade for carrazzo; brandon ellis, tim mohr, tomas bugg, or marty clarke?

Dons diehard

Whoever doesn't get named or whoever has the lowest be


Some great picks there Jock. I'm torn between trading malceski or mohr out for carrazzo as my last trade. Which do you reckon i should keep as my 8th defender?


Malceski out for the season.


Cheers westy

Blue Dreamer

Where is this info from, how reliable is it???

Blue Dreamer

There is nothing on the AFL or Swans websites


What happened to him, i heard he got in the best though?!


Jock, I need your help. I'm currently 2nd in a tightly contested league. My run home is good with 3 easy opponents, 1 mid and 1 hard (the hard one is this week). a loss could put me down to 4th, a 2nd loss would bring me anywhere from 5th to outside the 8. My problem is my weak backline, average forward line and having only 1 premium ruck.

DEF: Deledio, Goddard, Scotland, Broughton, Clarke, Morris, Bugg, Shaw, Spurr

MID: Selwood, Ablett, Dal Santo, Pendlebury, Ebert, Pfeiffer, Gibson

RUC: Naitanui, Giles, Redden, Stephenson

FWD: Franklin, Sidebottom, Martin, Harvey, Cloke, Pearce, Zorko, Kennedy, Smedts

Trades: 5

Cash $327k

I'm thinking of upgrading 1-2 of my defense to Enright/Carrazzo/Newman/H. Shaw (in a few weeks) or even sideways trading for Yarran.

I'm also considering upgrading Giles to a better ruck, preferably Maric but could settle for Mumford

I'd like to eventually upgrade 1 of my forwards to

Do I stay put and suck it up? or use at least 1 of my trades

Top cattle market once again look forward to your video. Cheers


by Shaw i meant Sam Shaw in my backline

Adam Kneale

id upgrade Morris to Newman and clarke to carrazzo. To be honest i think you only need 2 or 3 trades for finals incase a big name goes down


im thinking of keeping clarke and not going for newman but rather heath shaw when he drops in the next week or 2


Jock old sun. I can't believe I am considering this. Ellis to Yarran. Cash neutral and turning Av = 40 into potential Av = 75???

Backline is Gods, heater, Broughts, Morris Ellis Spurr Paine/Smedts Enright with only 32k and 5 trades. Cannot work in Carrots or Newman without ruining structure!!!

Mids Rucks Forws all done.

Need some wisdom from the community.


Yarran is a bit of a dud yeah his scoring potential is ok but too risky for mine..


G'day jock and community,

Couple of questions jock, I need your advice!

I'm trading T. Bugg but having trouble committing to Yarran!! Having just traded in Carrazzo, I want another solid player going into finals and wouldn't mind the cash to bring in Goodes/delidio next week. Yarran form is not convincing, why jump on him now?

What do you think of Jarryn Geary…..he is 263k and has a b/e of 19 this week, and also scored 113 last week!

Also am I stupid for having J. Seller as safety ruck 3 (I have Cox/Maric) when I could downgrade and use the cash????

Be great if you get the time to answer these, cheers mate!


My back line is- enright, h. Shaw, Goldsack, carrazzo, patfull, Lake, bugg

Emerg – sierakowski, Ellis.

G Unit

Enough cash on hand to pick up Newman? That is where I would be looking.



Need some help mate … I have a big problem (but a good problem to have).

I want to trade in Carazzo to give me better depth and cover me for the Goddard suspension. Im sitting in the top 500 overall and all my bench players play and all my on field players are premiums and/or avg 85points plus besides C Dempsey.

I am sitting on 7 trades and am top in 3 of 5 leagues of which i am second in the other 2 (undefeated in one league to date).

My thoughts …

T Campbell in for J Redden. Free up enough cash. (J Redden has more value than Big O)

But then my problem is (a good problem) who do i trade out for Carazzo?? And do i need Carazzo?? Should I build up cash to trade for an ultimate premium like a J Watson or S Thompson??

Do i move a mid to the fwd and trade out a Cloke or a Hawkins or a J Reiwoldt?

Do i trade an Ellis of S Shaw and move Lake or Dempsey to the bench?

Looking forward to your advice.


Alternatively …

Trade J Redden out for T Campbell.

Trade JMac out for Carazzo and swing Goddard onto the midfield bench until he serves his suspension.

Would allow me to trade in 3 weeks to swing Goddard back into defence for either of my two bench players in S Shaw or B Ellis. At this point I could have the option to trade for a bench mid or fwd.

Leaves me with 5 trades and a bloody gun team.

G Unit

this option is superior


Hi all,

I have kept the faith in dusty martin, and he repaid me on the weekend. However, in light of his suspension, is it time for the axe to fall? I would replace him by:

1. Trading him for beams.

2. Swinging m. Johnson to fwd, and bringing in carazzo and enright

I want carazzo or enright this week anyway, and I want to bring in the jobe at some stage. Should I upgrade one in each of defence, mid and fwd, or a combination? 5 trades left, want two for finals. Oh… Leading my league, but only on percentage


Or will he come back with guns blazing?

Adam Kneale

how many trades you have left. If you have over 6 i nwould swwing him for johnson and bring in carazzo. If less then six thenn i would hold off


was thinking about upgrading cameron or pfeiffer to jordan lewis this week, surprised he didn't make the cattle market. is he worth considering?

Adam Kneale

Can someone PLEASE help me out.

Should i trade bugg or batchelor for carrazzo. I would prefer to trade bugg but if i trade batchelor that saves me 20k.

TU- trade bugg

TD- Trade Batchelor

Sam Winter

TU: Bugg will keep dropping price.

Adam Kneale

Okay question for the community. Anyones help would be much appreciated.

I am making a ruck trade.

So firstly should i trade Giles or Kruezer.

And secondly which of the four should i get:

Mumford, Mcevoy, Jacobs or Jolly.


Mumford will have a good back half of the season, so Mumford


Team is currently

DEF – Deledio, Goddard, Heppell, HShaw, Hargrave, SShaw, Bugg, (C Delaney, Darley)

MID – J Kennedy, Stanton, Boyd, Dal Santo, Zorko, Ziebell, (Pendlebury, Horsley)

RUC – Giles, Kreuzer, (Stephenson, Redden)

FWD – Franklin, Sidebottom, Dangerfield, J Roughead, S Johnson, Martin, Treloar, (Smedts, Pfeiffer)

5 trades and $90.3K.

Obviously Pendlebury will come in, while Martin and Goddard go to the bench.

Any love for any of these options?

Option 1 – Redden and Delaney out – Carrazzo and Campbell in. Keeps the FWD/MID swing

Option 2 – Goddard to MID bench – Horsley or Ziebell out – Carazzo in. Redden -> Campbell still happens

Option 3 – Still bring Carazzo into the DEF, but Roughead swings into the RUC (instead of any of the 4) and bring in a cheapy FWD like Murdoch.


Pendles is out for another week


Who's doing what with Dustin Martin now that he's out for 2 weeks against teams he would have been expected to score well?

Many have been looking to offload him for a while. So:keep him or trade him?

Blue Dreamer

Probably keep him, not enough trades to mess with trading out and more issues in defence and mids re Goddard & Pendles, will cover them as they are prems.

Sam Winter

If you have cover for him defiantly keep him because trades are precious. If you don't have cover i say trade him.


Everyone just need some advice. I have 4 trades left and am going for the all or nothing approach. I plan to use them all and then trust my bench to cover any losses.

DEF lids, godd, Scotland, shaw, waters, lake, Dempsey, smedts/delaney

MID Ablett, Boyd, Pendles, Rockliff, Kennedy, Dal Santo, Gibson/

RUC Giles, kruez , redden, Campbell

FWD buddy, roo, sidebum, danger, cloke, Harvey, Martin, Zorko/hall


I was going to drop treloar for couch. Surely he will get a game soon. That way I have enough cash to

Upgrade Dempsey to Carrazzo and then my rucks to Mcevoy, jolly, Mumford or even lobbe depending on how they go this week.


Sam Winter

The first week you have enough to i would trade Giles for Mumford. Wait until prices are close. It might never happen but if it does trade. Save the rest for injuries/finals.


Who is better to keep until the end of the year  Stephen coniglio or Kyal horsley 


please hep community or jock!!!!!!

i need to trade out m.clarke or t,bugg for carrazzo but dont know who because both high B.E and i dont know who will have a better back half of the season!!!!!!!!!!!!

PLZ HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!

Needs Supercoach Hel

Keep M.Clarke, as he will definitely make finals, whereas Bugg won;t.


but m.clarke hasnt been named


Im in the same position :/


i got rid of m.clarke because i think he wont play for another few weeks because pendles still neeeds to come in and the other rookies like elliot and williams are playing well. So i would go m.clarke for carrazzo.


Jock mate, I can see why you are suggesting Sylvia but apart from these last two rounds (which have been against Brisbane and GWS, hardly the cream of the comp) his form has been shocking, do you really think he's worth a punt as a POD?

Sam Winter

I have three trades left and am thinking about trading Giles to Mumford leaving me with 5k remaining. If i still have two trades remaining until the first supercoach final i will use my two trades to downgrade Dylan Shiel and use that cash to upgrade either Shaw, Smedts or Spurr depending on who is the most expensive. It is extremely risky because a premuim in my team may go down with a season ending injury and i wouldn't have a trade left to trade him. Thoughts?

Sam Winter

Budddy as captain? Not sure cause he was injured. Sorry i dint mention this in my last comment.


high risk with the injury and vs GWS in my opinion.

Decent chance of time on the pine

Dons diehard

I can field a team and I have easy games this week. With 8 trades left but to take advantage of carrazzos good price I'd have to do a double trade. Worth it, or sit tight for a week??


I reckon do it, 6 is still a good number of trades to have at this stage of the game, although it depends on what the rest of your team looks like, and any other upgrades you may have planned

Dons diehard

B: deledio Goddard Scotland Hurn (Paine, Ellis)

M: Watson Mitchell cotchin s.selwood swan pfeiffer (crozier, kerridge)

R: cox roughhead (redden hamling)

F: Franklin sidebottom danger cloke Hawkins brown zorko (hall dell'olio)

So if I do it I'd be trading out pfeiffer and Ellis for carazzo and a cheap def with a low breakeven and then waiting until sshaw/ Paine and new def have high breakevens before trading out two of them from a better def and a rookie which should complete my team with 5 trades into finals barring injury. $117600 lunch money.


Hey fellas, just wondering who i should captain this week? Buddy (GWS) and Selwood (GC) both looking like good options. Don't know who to captain though, help would be very handy. Cheers guys!

Sam Winter

Selwood only cause Buddy has a slight injury. He is still named though.


Anyone holding Zaharakis (as I was) may not have heard Hird this morning mention he's had a setback and out for another 4-5, so if you can do it time to move him on I think.

thoughts on a replacement? I have Sidebottom, Danger & Zorko, but can't afford Beams. Mid/fwd would be nice but am open to other forward suggestions. 530k to spend

Sam Winter

Have a good look at Pav, Jock said buy him if you need. If you dont like him look at O'Keefe or Nick Riewoldt. Nick had a low scoring game last week but he can score well when he gets his confidence up. Same goes with Ryan who spends more time in the mid. Other forwards are Michael(Freo)and Steve(Geel) Johnson. Hoped this helped!


DAMN! I have kept him aswell, maybe Jordan Lewis or what he said ^^^


Thanks pal, I'm a bit wary of Steve Johnson, has beat up on the minnows (and will again this week) but against the big fish not nearly as impressive. Watch him have a storming finish to the year now!

Worth moving a week early on Goodes? I know he'll plummet again this week, but with Zaha injured, Martin suspended, Dell'Olio dropped and Buddy under a cloud if it's going to be Goodes rather than others it has to be this week to avoid 1 (maybe 2 if Buddy pulls out) zero


scott thompson or sam mitchell?