Bye Bye Byes! Jock’s Round 14 Podcast

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AFL Supercoach 2012 tips guru Jock Reynolds

The Jock Reynolds residence was absolutely pumpin this evening as we held a party to celebrate the end of the bye period and the beginning of the run towards the finals.

Let’s all try to avoid the temptation to relax now that these byes have come and gone folks. We don’t want to pull hard on the fantasy footy reigns and pull a Lukey Nolan on our beloved Supercoach and Dreamteam teams. It is a crucial period of the season. Now is the time to make hay. If you’ve had some discipline you might have some nice trade activity on the horizon, but please – trade carefully – and trade smart.

This week’s podcast is fair dinkum chock full of the players smack bang in the middle of our radar leading into round 14. Enjoy the show.

Who is your #1 trade in target for round 14 folks?

Jock Reynolds

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  1. Lachie says:

    Fantastic Podcast this week boys, cracked a few laughs aha.

    When should i cash in my cows, I've got some who have still got a low breakeven.

    Also who are some decent defenders i can afford.

    Need to lose Hargrave.

    • Jock says:

      Gday there Lachie mate – glad you enjoyed the show.

      Mate – trade some of those cash cows in now mate and turn em into Premiums I reckon. Depends a lot of course of your situation re: number of trades left.. but at this point of the game i'd move your focus away from your since-the-start-of-the-season cash cows breakevens and into which superstars you can snag 😉

      Thanks for droppin in mate!

  2. James says:

    Great one Jock!

    Doing: Marty Clarke to Carrazo & Clancee Pearce to Beams this week.

    Was going to do Milera or Adams to Pearce – but going to keep them and play Zorko as my F7!

    • Jock says:

      Well Zorko the Magnificent is definitely playin well enough to justify that 7th fwd spot! Great stuff mate

  3. DDJ says:

    Hey boys, how do you see David Hille? I think he may become fantastic value in the next few weeks as well as Mumford.

    Also would you consider Lenny Hayes as a premium lock or should I trade him later on for a Swan or a Watson?

    • Sean says:

      Hille not certain to hold position atm. If bellchambers or ryder are injured, sure. He didn't play exceptionally against second teir ruckman last week against freo though

      • Mick says:

        Hille will be good value for the games he plays, but doesn't have fantastic JS. Will probably split the spot with Bellchambers for the rest of the season. Look elsewhere.

        • Zimmer says:

          Hille will be picked before Bellchambers if fit, as he is better around the ground, especially up forward. The problem is he doesn't seem to be able to stay on the park for very long. Inevitably twangs something. Would steer clear.

          • Starky says:

            Mumford hurt his back again last week. I don't think seriously but looked uncomfortable.

            Wouldn't be surprised if he didn't play against GWS

  4. adam kneale says:

    who is a better downgrade option

    Sam gibson or Tom campbell

    • Tigerman says:

      reckon gibson will play more, but either will produce some coin.

      • Jock says:

        Yeah I like Sammy Gibson over Tommy Campbell as well mate – remember big Minnow coming back in for the dogs as well eh

  5. BradNied says:

    in a bit of a pickle, trading darren pfeiffer for a defender by using billie smedts, and i have $264,200 in the bank leaving me with $557,800 to spend, who should i get michael johnson, heath shaw(can get by trading tory dickson instead of pfeiffer) or heath scotland??

    • Jock says:

      Gday there Braddles old son

      Mate that's a great hyppathetical there… personally I like Heater Shaw the best out of the trio

  6. Tim says:


    OUT Shiel & J McDonald

    IN Carazzo & Murphy


    IN Swan & whatever else I can afford


    • Tim says:

      Just to add, I'm sitting at 21 premiums. So would it be better to consolidate with some underpriced, proven performers (Murphy, Carrazzo) or should I go for all out and bring in the ultra premium and just another bench filler?

      • Sean says:

        How many trades, and what is your ranking??

      • Jock says:

        Gday there young Tim – Dont like the idea of bringin Murphy in mate it will take him time to get the swing of things again. I'd go Swan and one of Dal Santo, Priddis, even Matty Boyd I reckon

  7. Sam Winter says:

    My team is set for the finals. These were my trades last round.

    Out: Ebert In: Thompson

    Out: Hargrave In: R.Shaw

    Here is my team have a look. You decide if it would win any finals. My team name is Wolves in Winter and I have 3 trades left which I have reserved for the finals. I hope no future injuries occur. I have 58k left in the bank.

    Backs: Deledio, Goddard, Broughton, Waters, Birchall, R.Shaw, S.Shaw (Smedts, Spurr)

    Mids: Ablett, Thompson, Mitchell Boyd, Swan, Priddis (Shiel, Zorko)

    Rucks: Nic Nat, Giles (Jenkins, Stephensen)

    Forwards: Franklin, N.Riewoldt, Dangerfield, Martin, Harvey, Cloke, Hawkins (Dickson, Sexton)

    Feel free to write any comment (good or bad) about if it is good or bad. A great podcast Jock and thank you everyone for reading.

    • Sean says:

      Teams looking good. Whats your ranking

    • MJ says:

      How many trades left ?? I'd trade out Giles and Hawkins and put zorko on field and trade in Cox, Maric in the ruck

      • Lachie says:

        As if u dont have zorko

      • Sam Winter says:

        I only have 3 trades left thats the thing. I do have Zorko but I don’t have any room on the field cause my mids and fwds are full of premiums. I could put Zorko in the fwd by swapping him with Sexton. Then I could put Hawkins on the bench and Zorko on the field. Risky but could pay off. Thoughts?

  8. Sean says:

    What are your thoughts on my team. I am currently ranked 500 overall, and my team name is Sean's Bombers (original, I know). I hope that my team is settled for now


    Deledio, Goddard, Hurn, Waters, Broughton, Lake, Ellis (Brennan (WCE), Bootsma)


    Thompson, Ablett, Boyd, S. Selwood, Priddis, Hayes (Didak, M Williams)


    Natanui, Ryder (Stephenson, Redden)


    Franklin, Sidebottom, Dangerfield, Chapman, Pavlich, Martin, Zorko (Treloar, Hall)

    Any thoughts would be appreciated

    • Westy says:

      Didak can go. Depending on how many trades and cash you have, Stephenson could be a cut for a regular 3rd ruck.

    • Jock says:

      Gday there Sean.. congratulations on the top 500 position mate. Top stuff.

      Mate – what about Didak out for Sam Gibson then upgrade Brandon Ellis up to a Corey Enright.. would you have enough $$ for that?

  9. Westy says:

    Didn't get to fix up my dreamteam last week to put the bye players from last week back on the park. Oh the humanity!

  10. Doddy says:

    Not sure how to finish off my back line any thoughts and ideas would be appreciated.

    Backs; Deledio, Goddard, Waters, Broughton Newman, Clarke, Shaw(adel), bench Darly & Spurr.

    Mids; Kennedy, Danger, Boyd, Dal Santo, Priddis, Pendles, bench Masten & Horsley.

    Rucks; Ryder, Goldstein, bench Redden & Stephenson

    Fwrds; Franklin, Sidebum, Petrie, Cloke, Martin, Hawkins, Zorko, bench Dickson & Saad

    Only 2 trades left but i do have $159,600 in the kitty

    • Zimmer says:

      With 2 trades left, you can't do much.

      Save them for injuries/finals.

    • Tomy gun says:

      Your team looks pretty good only place I'd upgrade is shaw in your backline but with 2 trades your gonna be Cutting it close incase a premium goes Down

      • doody says:

        cheers boys was thinking Shaw but not sure how to get him, it's food for thought though.

  11. G unit says:

    Loving it from Ibiza boys!

    Some juicy options coming up in Caraz and also I think Newman could be a goer too Crouching! Marty Clarke time to go? If he was Michael Clarke I never would of picked him!

  12. Tomy gun says:

    Gday jock and the rest of the fantasy footy royalty loving all your work it's the highlight of Me bloody week hearing you blokes talk all things footy

    Just a quick question on a couple of upgrade option what do you guys think about Crazy carrots out of carlton and southern cross for the doggies both boys are pretty cheap and easily have in them 120 + scores What do u recon gang ??

  13. Stefanaki says:

    Hey Jock,

    Are Tomahawks days over? Am thinking of trading him out for a swingman fwd/mid.

    • Dylan says:

      I'm thinking of trading him for someone who will get a decent score reliably, not the occasional monster… Downgrade to a playing rook, then upgrade somewhere else… Probably heath Shaw or Nicky dal…

  14. Zimmer says:

    Hey guys,

    Brought Shaw(Adel) in last week for the coin and as a bench player. Was going to bring in M.Johnson for Clarke, but held off at the last minute. Glad I did.

    Will go Carrazzo for Clarke this week instead. After that I think I'll just need one or two more trades into the back line and I should be set.

    The question I'm pondering is whether to lock Zorko in as my F7, or not. Can he keep pumping out scores like that??

    Cheers for any feedback.

    • cats2012 says:

      gday mate, im in the same boat i have zorko as my 7th and im looking to get rid of clarke too, with his b/e at 100 plus his a definite goo goo, but im just running out of money for carrazo so im in all sorts mate! get carrazo his a gun

  15. Philthy says:

    G'day Jock,

    Just wondering your thoughts, I'm considering Zorko as a lock in my forward line and trading out Porplizia for cash.

    • Zimmer says:

      Am thinking of doing the same thing. Who are you thinking of trading in. I'm looking at Crozier? Not sure.

  16. big fella says:

    what downgrades are you guys looking at this week? im looking at a foward or mid downgrade think im gunna lock sammy gibson in. bit nervous after his vest last week tho.when will tommy couch pop up and get a game bloody mark neeld the flog. any one else on the horizon?

  17. Chriso says:

    Hi guys, would really appreciate some thoughts on my team. This is my first supercoach year and Im not really sure how I should be looking for the back end of the season.

    Backs; Deledio, Goddard, Johnson, Lake, Dempsey, R Shaw, Mohr (S Shaw, L Spurr)

    Mids: Stanton, J Kennedy, Peddles, GAJ, S Thompson, S Selwood (J Mac, Gibson)

    Ruck: Ryder, Goldstein (Stephenson, Redden)

    Forwards: Franklin, Sidebum, Dangermouse, Cloke, Dusty Martin, Boomer, Zorko the Magnificent (Dickson, Smedts)

    8 trades left, 74500 in the kitty

    Now I was thinking OUT Redden, Mohr

    • Chriso says:

      IN Campbell, Enright

      Then once Pendles is back..

      OUT J MAC, Dempsey

      IN either Crozier (provided he hasnt gone up too much), Couch or even Docherty, and Carrazzo.

      Any thoughts/comments would be appreciated!

  18. Lachlan says:

    I need some recommendations for my team structure. Dealing with only 7 trades and $72 000 is kinda tough. Any thoughts?

    Defenders: Deledio, Lake, RShaw, Mohr, Hargrave, Dempsey, Ellis (SShaw, Smedts)

    Midfielders: Ablett, Watson, Pendlebury, JSelwood, Priddis (Adams, Williams)

    Rucks: Ryder, Giles (Redden, Stephenson)

    Forwards: Franklin, Danderfield, Tippett, Cloke, Martin, Motlop, Zorko (Hall, Black)

    Should I trade:

    Out: Stephenson

    In: Campbell

    I need help with my defence.

    • cats2012 says:

      the defense mate you have to sort out, great mid/fwd but your defense is letting you down! try snap carrazo at 460,000 great buy

    • Riley says:

      I think ur missing a midfielder there lachlan, maybe get rid of hargrave or mohr for shaun edwards that'll free up minimum another 110k and perhaps get rid of the one u didnt for nathan grima hes at b/e 44 and averaging 106 at 480k mate if i had the trades id bring him in!!

    • Lachlan says:

      Woops forgot sewell!

  19. cats2012 says:

    gday everyone! i need alll of your supercoach knowledge,

    im very happy with my mid/fwd im just a bit upset with my backline..

    the problem is marty clarke has to go, and i have 120,000 in the slot so it adds up to 450,000 odd but im missing out on carazzo my man! what to do fellas, cheers 🙂

    • FireFly says:

      Can you manage Enright this week at $454k?


      wait another week……..Both Carrazzo and Clarke have very high BE's this week. Roll the dice and hope Clarke gets closer to his BE than Carrazzo. You might just gain the extra $15k or so required for Carrazzo and if not Enright should still be achievable next week with his BE of 100 also higher than his average.

  20. Roman says:

    You blokes are the greatest talent going. Compulsive listening…..hilarious….educative…informative. You go from strength to strength—whatever you do don't sellout to some cheapo commercial lot. Luv ya.

  21. BillyMacARoo says:


    Backs: Delids, Goddard, Waters, Broughton, Enright, Bugg, Dempsey (Ellis, Smedts)

    Mids: Gaz, Mitchell, Hayes, Bartel, Priddis, Ziebell (Horse, Tay Adams)

    Rucks: Giles, Kreuzer (Reddan, Campbell)

    Forwards: Franklin, Pav, O'Keefe, Boomer, Cloke, Milera, Zorko (Hall, Patton)

    Open to any good suggestions and have about 100k in bank, 🙂

    • James says:


    • Benny.. says:

      Hey mate this is my 2 bob.. Just relax take a deep breathe.. Your team looks good and there's another 6 games then finals so unless u have 8 or so trades or if your sitting out of the eight, just let your team simmer.. Your better off waiting a few weeks burn them last trades closer to the finals… That's my plan anyway..

    • FireFly says:

      I'd get rid of Milera.

      Depending on No. of trades left, League position, etc.

      You could upgrade immediately to Crameri or Hawkins


      Downgrade to Crozier gain $265k

  22. whiteless says:

    Is big MUMMY worth a look at?? at the moment i have giles, kruezer, stephonson and redden. is his body gunna hold up???

  23. Sam Winter says:

    I only have 3 trades left thats the thing. I do have Zorko but I don't have any room on the field cause my mids and fwds are full of premiums. I could put Zorko in the fwd by swapping him with Sexton. Then I could put Hawkins on the bench and Zorko on the field. Risky but could pay off. Thoughts?

    • Lachlan says:

      I'd trade the tomahawk, downgrade him to crozier maybe. Then you could put the Zorkman in.

      • Sam Winter says:

        With only three trades left? One would think you should save them for the finals or injuries. Even if I do trade him I would have about 300k in the bank. If I upgraded someone I would have one trade left. Too risky i might try it in the finals though. Thanks for the thought.

  24. Riley says:

    Im in a pickle jock and co. My team is as follows:

    Defenders: deledio, goddard, m.johnson, m.clarke, dempsey, bugg, (c.delaney, newell)

    Midfielders: j.selwood, swan, boyd, scotland, j.mcdonald, shuey (t.mitchell, williams)

    Rucks: ryder, giles (stephenson, pattison)

    Forwards: sidebottom, chapman, roughead, dahlhaus, zorko, Dangerfield, n.riewoldt, (patton, skinner)

    I have two trades left as in my first week my internet played up and i couldnt make the changes i needed to because i ended up having 7-8 players not play in the first week!!

    My thoughts were: j mac out sub deledio to mid and bring c.howard from the mighty doggies in, then trade m.clarke for grima, or to trade dahlhaus for j.elliott and trade j mac for keiren jack. Any thoughts and comments much appreciated. I have 111k up my sleve

    • FireFly says:

      Riley are you missing something?? Best option now is to save your trades mate, hope you make the finals, and use your 2 trades for injuries/finals trades

  25. Chillbills says:

    Jock old son,

    Thinking about trading out anyone in my team who has the name of Luke (Nolan), after listening to Crouching's Slipper!

  26. Jake says:

    hurn, newman, or enright?

  27. Sam Winter says:

    Jock I need your supercoach wisdom to help me. I have 3 trades left and 58k left in the bank. I really really want Crozier and Carrazzo in my team for Hawkins and Spurr. It leaves me with 22k and 1 trade left. What should I do? Trade or not trade. Trading would leave me with an all premium defense (that's if you count R.Shaw as a premium), midfield and forward (i'm using Zorko as a 7th forward) my rucks are Nic Nat and Giles who can easily score like premiums. Thoughts?

  28. cookie says:

    5 trades…. i think im in trouble!!

  29. Wildboy says:

    Jock, I so want to trade Hawkins to Zorko the great. He's been added to my burn list!

    Only 5 trades left though, and I don't really want to sideways trade. Is there anyway you can talk me out of it?

    Love the podcasts by the way. They make my Monday morning bus trips the best!

  30. Jack says:

    Gday guys. just wondering if you think that Zorko, Lake and Giles are all starting 22 locks for the rest of the year. Or do i need to find better options???

    Love ya work Jock.

    • Mick says:

      I just traded Giles. I'm sticking with the other 2 for now though, will hold them until later on if and when they need to go.

      • FireFly says:

        Well said Mick.

        Jack, all 3 are starting 22 now. As for the rest of the year no one has a crystal ball.

        If you've got trades up your sleeve keep an eye on how they're travelling and upgrade as required!

  31. Nick says:

    I have 5 trades left with $261,500 in the bank. Looking at upgrades in a few parts, possibly defense, ruck and a final premium mid.

    Backs: Goddard, Deledio, Waters, Broughton, Newman, Lake, Shaw, Darley and Lee "I cant get a match" Spurr.

    Mids: Stanton, Selwood, Mitchell, Swan, Priddis, Treloar, Shiel, Mcdonald.

    Rucks: Giles, Goldstien, Redden, Stephenson

    Forwards: Franklin, Dangerfield, Sidebum, Chapman, Martin, J.Riewoldt, Hawkins, Zorko, Milera.

    I could possibly look at Carrazo, Shaw, Hurn and Scotland down back. Lake lock?

    I want Watson or Ablett.

    I think the forwards at the moment are frustrating. Are martin, riewoldt and hawkins worthy of premium lock?

    • FireFly says:


      Fwd line is looking the best of the bunch.

      If you use your full quota of trades this week you'll only have 3 trades left, which i'll guarantee you'll need for injuries/finals trades.

      Depending on how desperate you are for league wins etc I'd trade one of Treloar, Shiel or McDonald for another premium. Scott Thompson is great value atm.

  32. Tom says:

    Ok so I might be 1 of a very few idiots that missed the Zorko trade. Yeah yeah I know……still in pain. Anyway, my question is, should I get him in as he is still cheap based on his performance and still has a crazy low BE…??? I have 7 trades left and fwd line consists of:

    Martin/Sidebottom/Cloke/Porps/Pfeiffer/Franklin/Tex (walsh/sexton)

    • Nathan says:

      your not the only one, i didn't need a fwd at the time but my dreamteam has him nice and tight so regret it on sc =[

      • Jake says:

        get rid of the porpus for him, zorko will be pushing up to around 450-500k if he continues and probably higher

    • Sam Winter says:

      No. You missed him I say. He's too expensive now. I wouldn't pay 400k for a rookie.

  33. James says:

    I plan to upgrade shiel to premium this week. Then wait for caratz to come down this week and good bye duffield!

  34. DL says:

    Hi All, Here is my side, any suggestions for improvement gratefully accepted.

    Backs – Goddard, Hurn, Suckling, Michael Johnson, Lake, Bugg, Ellis (Sam Shaw, Spurr)

    Mids – Kennedy, Swan, Mitchell, Thompson, Deledio, Dal Santo (Horsely, Kennedy (GWS))

    Rucks – Nicnat, Kruezer (Giles, Redden)

    Fwds – Dangerfield, Franklin, Sidebottom, Cloke, Zorko, Milera, Devon Smith (Hall, Smedts)

    I have 10 trades left and about $100k.

    My plans are trade out a Bugg or Ellis, move deledio to backline and bring in a premium mid (one trade), but would need to trade down a cashcow to get extra cash for this move. also concerned that with nicnat, kruezer and giles as rucks i have too much money on my bench. who to trade out – Kruezer or Giles, and who would i bring in – Campbell?

    I am pretty happy with my side and am in top 8 in my 4 leagues.

  35. The Peanut says:

    Can't stop signing it, "just the two of us" …

    LOL Crouching – 3 votes

    I too have Squibbs, will have to keep him also I think? OR with 6 trades left should I risk it and use TWO to turn him into "the voice of Tim"(watson).

  36. Jarrod says:

    Does anyone know how long Matt Maguire is out for, if at all?

    Thinking of getting rid of him and Giles. Leaving me with 860,000 odd left in the bank.

    Nature who to bring in the ruck,

    Might bring in Enright in the backline.

  37. Jarrod says:

    NOT SURE* not bloody nature, auto correct!!!

  38. Ben says:

    Thoughts on my team

    Def Deledio Waters Suckling Lake Davis Clarke Shaw (Smedts, Wilkes)

    Mid Watson Stanton Ablett Pendelbury S.Selwood Kennedy (trealoar, Cognilio)

    Ruc Maric Giles (Redden, Stephenson)

    Fow Franklin Sidebottom Beams Johnson Dangerfield Cloke Zorko (Weedon, Kerridge)

    5 trades left coming 14 in my league

    (salary cap 3,700)

  39. Adam says:

    I traded Giles this week for Mummy but am unsure if that is considered a sideways trade or is it a good trade.

    • Sam Winter says:

      Similar prices or not but a rookie into a premium would always be considered as an upgrade trade. I like that trade do it. Giles seems to be getting tired.

  40. Colby says:

    Jock, i'm running a supercoah club at school where i work the kids are killing it, looking around notice you don't have Grima on the look out, play GWS in rd 24. avg 105??? i was looking at him, but might go Enright insted?

  41. Mark says:

    Should i trade Giles for Maric or Hayes for Selwood