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The Round 13 Supercoach and DT Cattle Market

Published by Jock on

Travis Cloke is ripe for your Supercoach team

Gday folks. Hope you’re having a sensational week.

Personally I am absolutely pumped silly for a ball tearing run toward the Supercoach finals this season. There are some really nice options out there who have said “bugger off” to their byes and I have put together another Supercoach Cattle Market list for you to fang into.

This picture is of a Cloak. Bloody clever eh? Its coz Cloke is really good value this week. Hence the Cloak.

ALREADY AVAILABLE FOR RESEARCH THIS WEEK: The Round 13 Podcast, and Jock’s Round 13 YouTube Video


I’ll assume you all have Deledio and Goddard. If not snag those blokes. If you already have them have a look at…..
Heath Shaw – Collingwood
$578,500 – Avg 109 – breakeven 116
Has averaged 127 as the best performed defender over his last 3. After his betting debacle last season playing as if he owes a bit to the Collingwood Football Club. Look to get him in if you don’t have him, is the 3rd best defence prospect at the moment behind Goddard and Deledio.
Michael Johnson (FWD) – Fremantle
$495,000 – Avg 99 – breakeven 99
Have ignored this bloke all season refusing to yield to popular opinion that he is fantasy footy option this season. Have to give in. Higgo has been waving the bloody stats in my face all week. Righto. I’ll admit – he looks the goods. Has whacked out 2 Supercoach 120’s over the last 3 weeks against West Coast and Richmond (no slouches) and is playing some bloodt beautiful footy down back for Ross. A real option for those strengthening their backline.
Greg Broughton – Fremantle
$466,000 – Avg 92 – breakeven 83 
Has saluted the scorers with 4 100+ Supercoach scores in his last 5. Feel he will bring home the backline bacon for the rest of the season as a nice consistent performer
Sam Shaw – Adelaide
$179,000 – Avg 73 – breakeven -38
This kid looks the bees knees to me my magnificent community. Held in high regard by my old mate Brenton Sanderson. As Higgo told us in the podcast he seemed to command a playmaking position across half back for the Crow Eaters on the weekend which is a bloody fantastic sign. Not to late to snag him is my call. Good prospects of a job for the rest of the season.


I’ll assume you all have Gary Ablett.. and the Great Dane.. reckon you’ll want to get these blokes into your team if you don’t already have them. Otherwise here is some nice value leading into round 13:
Jobe Voice of Tim Watson – Essendon
$610,200 – Avg 125 – breakeven 85
The pick of the Ultra Premiums this week. 149 & 140 in his last couple. Has developed into a GAJ like entity that seems to be unaffected by taggers, team success or otherwise. Having another look he’s scored 134+ in 4 of his past 6. I could go all night. Sometimes do if you ask a few ladies from around the Peninsula and/or the greater Frankston area 😉
Scott Thompson – Crow Eaters
$554,200 – Avg 66 – breakeven 155
Must be said that he represents value at this price. Just bear in mind he’ll likely drop more in price while his 58 from a few weeks back is still in his price fluctual factorisations.
Dale Thomas – Collingwood
$539,500 – Avg 126 – breakeven 85
The champion of the oppressed has arrived to correct the injustices bestowed unto your Supercoach team this bye period. Has looked really determined and hungry in his last few and freshness will not be an issue. Will be an unlikely candidate for a rest in the run home. Value here and will rise to over 600k I reckon.
Matthew Hair Hat Priddis – West Coast
$507,900 – Avg 103 – breakeven 47
Just some of the finest Supercoach value you’re likely to stumble across in the midfield for quite a while folks. Snatch him up quick smart. Has smashed our 130+ for two weeks in a row and expect more of the same. A consistent warrior. Imagine sitting next to him when the earthquake rumbled by last night. That hair would have looked resplendent bouncing around on his scone
Jude The Obscure Bolton – Sydney
$491,600 – Avg 97 – breakeven 97
Love an old bugger who looks to work into form in the back end of the season. Could be the story for my old mate Jude Bolton. Scores of 161 & 121 in his last 2 and looking magnificent. One for the dice rollers among us.
David Mundy – Fremantle
$394,800 – Avg 79 – breakeven 91
Now call me an old fool, tell me I’ve been suckin too many tinnies, laugh yourself hoarse. Let’s just say when Jock gets that familiar feeling in his waters serious Fantasy Footy coaches put down their drink and take notes. He is now $185,000 cheaper than he was coming into the season and I have a feeling he will work into his score mongering best form in this next phase of the season. Now this is not a real good percentage selection folks so if you’re right in the mix up near the top of your ladder forget him. But… you know… if you need a bounce to fall your way he could be worth a flutter.


Nic Nat – West Coast
$547,100 – Avg 115 – breakeven 42
All hail the future best bloody player this game has seen, and the 2013 ruck lock that we will all have in our teams. Has averaged 129 in  his last 3 and could with our West Australian friends a flag this year. I love ya Nicholas.
Todd GoldMember – North
$530,100 – Avg 92 – breakeven 98
A very serviceable ruckman and has really blossomed in confidence after I took him off to Puckapunyal for some mentoring during his bye. Understands that he is the top dog now. Not this man they call Hamish. Has smacked out a 127 average in his last 3… a close call between him and Nic Nat and I’m leaning towards the big Goldmember as my preferred selection here.


Paul Chapman – Geelong
$566,700 – Avg 107 – breakeven 100
Has been the Chappy of old over the last 3 averaging 125. I keep banging on about this but I just feel his old soft tissue prone injury body is a risk moving towards finals time. A prime candidate for some pre finals resting.. or for that niggle that allows him to stay on the park but only get a few kicks. Higgo is tellin me to say PICK HIM. I’m saying nup. Leave him alone.
Ryan O’Keefee – South Melbourne
$499,800 – Avg 89 – breakeven 99
Just easing into some beautiful midseason form. One would think that with Adam the Goodes due back this week this would actually help the output of this under hyped veteran. A proven Fantasy Football special over many years, still a bargain and $57,000 cheaper than his starting price this season
Matthew Pavlich – Fremantle
$482,600 – Avg 99 – breakeven 100
Neh. Don’t mind him as a selection at all. Price is at the bottom end of its bell curve. Consider
Boomer Harvey – North
$423,100 – Avg 89 – breakeven 58
Would prefer that you would have snagged him last week but I still feel he has plenty left in the Supercoach and Dreamteam tank this season. Predicting that he’ll come home averaging around 105
Travis Cloke – The Carringbush
$396,600 – Avg 88 – breakeven 9
BUY BUY BUY BUY BUY. Righto? Lock him in

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G’day Jock,

Thoughts on big Tommy Hawkins? I’m thinking about trading him for O’Keefe or boomer Harvey. Alternatively upgrade a cash cow for either Harvey or O’Keefe


also mathew wright looks the goods with adelaide having a good run home, one fon the risk takers, very very unique! thoughts jock?

needs help

Hey jock on the verge of top 1000 and still wanna have a crack at the big $$$..Ham hartlett being injured so going to turn him into D.Mundy. Team will be set after this week maybe with the exeption of lacking one more premium defender. Only the 18 players playing at most this week and 8 trades left. Do you think I have any shot at possibly having a crack at the money?!


hey guys, looking to get a premium defender in this week, tossing up between waters, broughton and johnson. i already have goddard, deledio and scotland down back and i cant afford heath shaw. thoughts?


waters, johnson, broughton – I still don't trust broughton, although he has a solid average. Johnson for durability – has only dropped below 90 once this year yet his average is 98. This tells me that he hasn't got a high ceiling. Waters can jump out big scores, but is prone to whacking someone and missing the odd game or two




What about yarran?


Chris Yarran round 15 is a must buy. He is only $251,900 with a breakeven of 89. He is less then Brandon Ellis, surely he is going to find form after his outstanding 2011.


Avoid. Clearly injured.


Few headaches John.

I have 10 trades left. Does Cloke for Dustin Martin or Hawkins sound reasonable?

Should I wait for Pendles or take him out for Yaaablett?



Wouldn't trade Martin. Though he's been disappointing, Tigers have a pretty good run home. Likely to up his average a bit, or even start to kill it.


what to do with jack reiwoldt ? 500 high breakeven , could make money if i feel he is inconsistent? help


Jock and Co.

Sitting on 10 trades at the moment. Midfield is pretty much set. Need to shore up Backline. How does this sound?

1. Ellis out > S.Shaw (adel) in.

2. Clarke or Dempsey out > M.Johnson in. (I've got Smedts, which would make a handy fwd/def swing set.)

Alternatively I could do trade 1. this week and hold off and get Carrazzo in after his bye.

What do you reckon?


I now have other options. Thinking of trading out A.Hall instead.of Ellis. Hall not getting a game and allows me to pocket more cash.

Here's what I'm looking at:

Option 1:

Hall > S. Shaw (by swinging Smedts fwd)

Clarke > M. Johnson (also gives me a fwd/def swing)

Dempsey > R.Shaw. (seems to good to pass up)

Option 2:

Hall > Crozier

Clarke > M. Johnson

Dempsey > R. Shaw.

(alternatively, in both cases I could hold off on this third trade and bring in Carrazzo or Scotland next week.)

What do I do? I'm sitting on 10 trades atm. Nervous about burning three trades at once, but the selections seem solid.

Any feedback welcome. Cheers.



Dont do Dempsey -> Shaw. Wait for Carrots. Also I'm not interested in crozier. Freo is decimated by injuries right now, I dont like his chances of staying in the side long term.

The Pom

Hi guys.

Marvelous work. This is my first year Supercoaching and hovering in or around the 8 in my 4 leagues.

Need some advice old chaps regarding Pendlebury. Can't decide whether to trade him for Jobe Watson. I am playing some close competition this round and each of them will be a close dog fight.

Thank you kindly.


How many trades do you have?

The Pom

I am currently sitting on 11….


With 11, I'd trade.


What about Rhyce Shaw???


with ya there, justin. Jock mentioned him a few weeks back before he started knocking out 100+ scores, I thought the old codger had lost it. It seems he is taking eski's points, with him out of form and out of the team this week, 370k and a b?e of -46 seems to good to pass up!


Jock The Supercoach God, Chris Judd is having a lowsy few weeks and his price has dropped to 470k, I have him in my team and I'm just wondering what is the best option?

Downgrade? (To Who),

Straight Swap (To Who (have 100k in my bank)),

or leave him in there with faith?

Thanks Jockster


He's averaging 102. So that isn't too bad. I'd be inclined to hold him. I guess it depends on how many trades you have.


keep him .. will average 110 by the end of the year and he is too cheap now and would be a waste of cash to bring in another gun.

KEEP KEEP KEEP – season is still long and Judd is good for some big games to get is average up


Hi Jock, Crouching and Higgo. After feedback and thoughts on my SuperCoach team.

Going for the 3 trades this week which will leave me with 8 for the remainder of the year. I have just over $300k on the bench from last weeks downgrade so I'm thinking

Ellis out for Broughton

Horsley our for Boomer

Treloar out for Cloke

That will finish my forwards – Buddy, Chapman, Riewoldt, Boomer, Cloke, Goodes, Martin (Porps/Adams)

Mids will be Ablett, JPK, J.Selwood, Priddis, Hayes, Zorko (Gibson/Shiel)

Backs will be Delidio, Goddard, Scotland, Broughton, Lake, R.Shaw, M.Clarke (Dempsey/S.Shaw)

Rucks Goldy and Giles (Redden/Stephenson)

Will do two more downgrade/upgrades to get S.Thompson into the mids and hopefully H.Shaw into the backs and then I'll cross my fingers and hope the injury gods and general soreness don't impact me too much in the run home.

Are there any weaknesses in my team you see or changes to the plans I've outlined that you'd recommend?

I'm sitting comfortably in the 8 in all leagues and don't expect that to change.


I wouldn't bring in Boomer. Gets tagged every week and is being HURT by it. Did well last week, but GCS doesn't have a great tagger.

Dunno how much $ you have though so can't help you out with anyone specifically. Maybe look at Judd and start Zorko in the fwd line.


Thank, you info has not done me wrong yet

I've now been able to pick up Cloke this week, great buy at that price

Hey question, would you suggest having a rookie, non playing Ruck on the bench, to free up some cash to pick up premium?


Tom campbell from doggies is starting ruck this week at 94k mate


O' Yer

Thanks for the tip on Boomer Harvey last week – top advice


Jock i know your keen on trading in Travis Cloke but is he seriously worth it? in the 11 games this season he has had some poor scores of 27, 68, 72, 77. The 4 times he has scored well was against Melbourne (107), Gold Coast (127), Port Adelaide (126) and Richmond (117)…He is very very tempting at this price though but is he worth the precious trade?


Jock mate

Is it worth going down to 5 trades and get swan and ablett for horsley and pendlebury this or next week? Or just swap horsly straight for ablett and wait for pendlebury to comeback and have 6?


Me side already goes like this

Deledio, goddard, scotland, broughton, birchall, h shaw, ellis (darley, s shaw)

J selwood, pendlebury, priddis, s mitchell, dal santo, horsley (crozier, a kennedy)

Nic nat, giles, (orren, redden)

Dangerfield, sidebum, buddy, n roo, chapman, dusty m, zorko (j cameron, smedts)

7 trades left with 379k in the bank


Don't bother trading ablett in this week, unless you want him and have two trades planned for next week. These byes are killing us!!!


Nah ill be holding off after 6-5 trades incase of injuries but im getting a dud score off horsley haha

Cant wait till the weeks over haha


anyone know carazzos BE??

big fella

150 boss hold off still


bye this week to, get him after r14


Priddis or Daisy Thomas, can't decide. Please help me!!


Im going Daisy!


Almost the same average but Priddis is cheaper, so I would go with him.


Tom Hawkins out for Travis Cloke?


I wanna downgrade Trelor to a FWD only (Want to keep my MID FWD link so can't bring in Gibson)

Whats a better option – I don't care about copping the donut – more looking to win my league GF! Im currently sitting on top of league undefeated.

Trelor – Crozier

Trelor – Couch

I have a gut feeling come finals Couch may be the better option – as surely he will be playing by then!!

9 trades – 90k

FWD I have Sidebottom, Chaps, Dangerfield, Martin, Buddy, Pearce & Milera/Adams/Trelor

MID are: Boyd Thompson Swan Pendles Cotchin Abblett Marly Williams/Zorko/

ill probably swap ZORKO & ADAMS and play Zorko as my final forward for now.



If couch can't get a game in the revolving door that is melbourne's selection committee, something must be wrong. Do you really need to downgrade treloar? Looking at your team I'd chuck him on your bench and cop his price drop. Wait for a fwd rookie to come along (don't like crozier, lyin' is known to drop his rookies for no reason…coughspurrcough


Hi Jock,

Need some advice from you and your fellow experts. First crack at sc this year and am currently 2nd in league. Prob is I only have 5 trades left and am guessing that come finals time I will be in strife. With 200k in bank, I need to offload hargrave and have 2 GWS in forward.

Question is in def for hargrave or Cloke for a GWS player or better to hold what few trades I have left?

Cheers mate


hold, hold, hold, hold, hold. 5 trades isn't enough

BerlinerKindl, a goo


it's my first year Supercoaching and I reckon things are looking alright. I want you to know that I'm not looking for overall glory and the BIG cash, just a simple league victory at the end of the season. At the moment I am sitting pretty, equal top of my league (2nd on %) and 8 points clear of 3rd. I have 10 trades left with 235K in my coffers.

So I need your advice old son. I've been tossing up as to splurge this week and have been considering using 2 trades to get Swannie (IN) for Horsely after activating the DPP switch – by pushing Deledio into my backline and bringing Ellis (OUT) into the mid. Ellis is trade meat for a fresh Sammie Gibson (IN).

This will leave me with roughly 28K in the purse and 8 trade for the rest of the season.

I would love to get Swannie into the mix but I am not sure if now is the right time and if Gibbo is the right choice.

Your humble opinion would be greatly appreciated.

All the best from a bloody grey Berlin summer.


Harvey was on the SC show last night singing Gibson's praises and that he has a spot in the side. That was enough for me.


Everybody that appears on the SC show scores terribly the next game .. unlucky if you've got harvey :p


LOL MJ, I don't have Harvey. I do have Gibson however.


really need help got 505k for a mid scott selwood is who im thinking any one else to consider ??? any one and every one please need advice


can consider Judd and Priddis


already got prids and carnt judd on form atm im thinking scott selwood?

Marky mark

Looking at making some cash:

1: A.Hall – Crozier

2: A.Hall – Crozier


Horsley – Gibson

3: Horsley – Gibson

Will give me great coin to upgrade to two premiums next week

Swan, Watson , Selwood, Carazzo, Cloak, all on the radar

Would still have, Sheil, Treloar, Pfiffer, Adams as cash cows


You can make 3 trades this week marky mark so why not do those two trades and use the cash and splash out on a premium


Which one do you get/ Goodes or Cloke? Cloke 150k cheaper but more of a risk?


Coming back from injury, Goodes is a risk as well.


Need a couple of kids!!!! Any youngsters who are ready to roll, and not just be sub bait each week???


Crozier on the bubble. Gibson is on game 2 & Williams is on game 4.


MJ you still about this afternoon?


Why isn't Sam shaw playing???

Marky mark

Thinking now

A.Hall to Crozier

Horsley to Gibson

D.Smith to Cloke

( upgrade budget to just under 600k)

What about next week, Enright to Carrazzo

What are people's opinion????


Thoughts on big Jono (the general) Patton ??


Bring in Judd next week? 470 is very tempting.

Sam Winter

My team is set for the finals. These are my trades this round:

Out: Ebert In: Thompson

Out: Hargrave In: R.Shaw

Here is my team have a look. You decide if it would win any finals. My team name is Wolves in Winter and I have 3 trades left which I have reserved for the finals. I hope no future injuries occur. I have 58k left in the bank.

Backs: Deledio, Goddard, Broughton, Waters, Birchall, R.Shaw, S.Shaw (Smedts, Spurr)

Mids: Ablett, Mitchell, Thompson, Boyd, Swan, Priddis (Shiel, Zorko)

Rucks: Nic Nat, Giles (Jenkins, Stephensen)

Forwards: Franklin, N.Riewoldt, Dangerfield, Martin, Harvey, Cloke, Hawkins (Dickson, Sexton)

Feel free to write any comment (good or bad) about what I should do. Just remember my team is set and I am not prepared to trade.

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