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Jock’s Supercoach Bargains – Round 13 Video

Published by Jock on

This weeks Supercoach DT video snaphotGday Community!

Only 1 week of this Supercoach and Dreamteam bye craziness left… you little ripper!! Crouching, Peter Higginbotham and I are bloody proud of all of you. You’ve kept your chins up. You’ve stuck to your guns. And you’re about to stick your nose out the other side of the byes with some real happy times ahead in the back half of the seeason.

For God’s sake don’t miss out on the podcast this week and the Cattle Market tomorrow night. You want to make sure you arm yourselves with as much knowledge as you can every week kids. Enjoy this weeks YouTube video folks and let us know which bargains you’ll head into round 13 with.

Jock Reynolds

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holy shit balls jock – trying to watch your video and the ground starts shaking!


Jesus Jock,

I know you are held in God like status with all of us here in the Fantasy Football community…but settle down old son…an earthquake just because of a few byes. What's next???


Didn't even feel it mate, such is my calmness through the storm that is the bye rounds!


jock, no mention of johnson for WCE (sorry freo 😉 ) in your pre bye bargains ?? only one score below 90 all year .. worth a punt ??


From Too Serious best buys: MJ is still looking like being a handy swing-man for those with another D/F link player, and his numbers currently are certainly enough to facilitate that. Averaging 99 for the season, and 111 over his last three matches he will be a certain POD and could well be a difference maker.

Give it a go MJ.


rbat – locking it it 😀


Had MJ since Carrazo got injured and he hasn't let me down. Have been pleasantly surprised, hope I havnt put the mozz on him.


Happy to hear it 🙂


gday there community. just a quick question, doesnt matter to me when i get the cash, but would it be a better option to trade down morris for sam shaw this round, or wait until crozier for freo comes and down grade someone with the likes of pfeiffer. which would make me better money and get better scores. sam shaw or hayden crozier?


the sam shaw ship has sailed for mine. Word coming out of brissy is that docherty has been killing it in the magoos. Wait on him as a back/mid dpp


@Jake, score wise, Sam Shaw for mine..

Also not confident on Crozier's JS, with Lower, Morabito set to return..


Jock. Taking Higgo's advice and Shawing up the defence. Or should I Heppelup the defence, or Newmanup it next week?


chillbills, i wouldn't touch either to be honest .. think there are way better options than those pair … how much $$$ you willing to spend ??


Does Rhyce Shaw still represent good value and can he continue his great form?


what do we think about keiran jack? im thinking of upgrading clancee pearce for him..


Also is it time to trade out big ol' giles??


Probly time as he has a break even of 99 which is higher than his average of 94.40 and he is also missing games.


Thanking u jb

needs help

Hey jock on the verge of top 1000 and still wanna have a crack at the big $$$..Ham hartlett being injured so going to turn him into D.Mundy. Team will be set after this week maybe with the exeption of lacking one more premium defender. Only the 18 players playing at most this week and 8 trades left. Do you think I have any shot at possibly having a crack at the money?!


I think more important than pure ranking, is how many points are you behind the leader?

Given there are 11 rounds left of SC, devide the total points you are behind the leader by 11. That gives you a bit more realistic view on how many points you need to beat the 'leader' each week on average…

Your 8 trades sounds reasonably healthy… I'd say it's tough, but D.Mundy deff is the risk type player you should be punting on, less than 1% selection :). Do not underestimate Jock's intuition! He's only been in the industry for 128736 years… GOOD LUCK!


How's Warren coping after your drilling??

Hahahahahahaha. Tell him I forgive him as well… Geez I was taken aback by Broughton at WCE!!! Im a eagles fan and i had quite a chuckle… That man is not worthy of the blue and yellow…