Jock’s Fantasy Footy Podcast – Round 13

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AFL Supercoach 2012 tips guru Jock Reynolds

G’day folks! Two bye rounds down and just one to go… great to see a bit of light at the end of the old tunnel.

Many will be bracing for a harsh round 13. Stay calm and please folks… try to hold onto those trades. You will be bloody rapt you did going into the back end of the season if you’re in for a shot at some finals action this year.

Enjoy this weeks show – as always there are some real specials for us all leading into a crucial round 13 of Supercoach and Dreamteam.

Jock Reynolds


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  1. John says:

    Bloody great show guys, love your work.

    I reckon, Jock, Crouching and Higgo should post their current teams

  2. Dylan says:

    G'day jock, how are ya? I've got 10 trades and 450k in the bank, however looking at up to three trades this week, to get muddy waters, maybe boomer Harvey, and maybe pendles if he comes back. Either him or Nicky dal. Either way, I can hold off until after next week. Got the league leader this week (I am eight points behind, equal second with four other teams…) so want to make sure I have some firepower!

    Any news on pendlebury and heath Shaw? Have you given them the old scotch fillet and parsley caper?

    • Lachie says:

      I'd hold off Pendlebury his break-even is 167. I'd look to get him next week.

    • Jock says:

      Gday there Dylan. Mate.. The Scotch Fillet and Parsley is a hamstring specific remedy. It's a sheep's guts and rosemary arrangement for younf Scott. Coming along well. 50/50 this weekend old son. I'd strongly encourage you hold those trades till next week if ya can mate… you're sitting 2nd so you're in the box seat mate!! Hold your trades old son 🙂


      • Dylan says:

        Done! Although, still looking at Nicky dal. Will score, and good POD…

        Will watch the pendlebury to see how the sheep guts and rosemary is treating him. You reckon he'll have a nibble?

  3. Lachie says:

    How many trades should i have?

    • Jock says:

      Very tricky one to answer as Higgo discussed in th pod this week mate… it is a very complicated tapestry of situations this season. Depends on many factors.. where are you on the ladder son? If your 12th or lower.. not much choice but to burn a few trades

      • Lachie says:

        Yeah thanks for that Jock. I'm currently sitting 2nd on the ladder but have some threats sitting 3rd and 4th. I'll try and hold off the trades this week.

  4. Lukey says:

    Well got a respectable 2088 with 5 donuts. Listened to Jock ad brought in Harvey (against my better judgement); do glad I listened to his superlative SC wisdom. Thanks mate!

  5. Adam says:

    What do you guys think about Chris Yarran, his only 251k now and he is a good player when up and running or is there better options?

    • Jock says:

      He will be cheap as bloody chips about rd 15… but depends on his form. He was rubbish on the weekend… could be a real bargain in the weeks after his bye

  6. Asif Hedgivasheet says:

    Hi, this is my first season in Supercoach and am quicly learning the ropes but believe too many sideways trades have cost me dearly in the run home.

    Currently sitting 7th in my league with 9 trades left and $100k in the bank. i'd appreciate input into my next steps….

    Current team –

    Def – Deledio, Scotland, Goddard, Enright, Johnson, Lake, Bugg, Delaney and Shaw

    Mid – Ablett. Swan, Pendles, Priddis, Barlow, Shiel, Old Macdonald, D Smith

    Ruck – Mumford, Giles, Stephenson and Jenkins

    FWD – Franklin, Sidebum, Porps, T Adams, Zorko, C Pearce, Pav, Hall & Milera.

    I'm a bit lost as to next moves without burning too many trades?? Milera & Smith (though Adams and Hall could go as well) are the most likely trades but don't give me too much bang for the buck….

    can some of you legends of the game assist??

    • Jock says:

      Gday there Asif, how's your brother ASaaid these days?

      Mate you're in 7th. That's tops. Forget top 4. focus on that 7th or 8th position. Only 9 trades left is not a great deal and you have to put your team into a mild hibernation over the next 5-6 weeks. If you desperately need a win to stay in the 8 make a trade.. but otherwise you just need to hold your trades at this stage of the game old son



  7. The Peanut says:

    "An Ablett stole my baby!"

    Thanks boys, another corker …. I am now hooked and feel that I owe you a few beers for the pleasure I get out of your unusual, yet refreshing take on footy.

    • Jock says:

      Peanut.. it's rippers like you that put a real spring in this old fart's step.

      Thanks very much mate – glad you're enjoying the show


  8. rbat says:

    Wondering what people's thoughts are on S.Selwood, only 499,700 this week.

    • Vinnie says:

      I've got him…..he's been a godsend!!

    • MJ says:


      depends who you already have .. def good value but id still spend the extra money to get pendlebury/swan/ablet/watson/other selwood before id bring in scot .. saying that if your short of cash you could do alot worse,

      id still expect a few low scores to go with those super high scores before the year is out

      • rbat says:

        Thanks Vinnie & MJ. I am trying to make the best use of the money I have. There was a lot of talk about Priddis but not much about S. Selwood. I'm thinking Priddis is considered to be a cut above. I'm also looking at S.Thompson from the Crows so he might be a better option.

  9. CashMoney says:


    In a bit of a pickle mate. Looking to trade in carrazzo for hawkins by flicking johnson into the forwardline..thoughts? Also thoughts on trading out giles for goldstein..Will need to trade out a cashie and leave me with 3 trades for the year, but will leave me with only 1 rookie (zorko) thoughts?

  10. MJ says:

    time to upgrade my defense and will go with 3 of these 4. Not fussed in waiting a few weeks to pick them up a little cheaper

    1. Waters (WCE) 528k (round 13 upgrade)

    2. Johnson (Freo) 495k (round 13 upgrade)

    3. Scotland (Cart) 496.6k (round 14 upgrade)

    4. Carrazzo (Cart) 465k BE 147 (round 15 upgrade)

    I would like your thoughts on which of these guys are must haves or what order you would put them ??

    Is there any better options ?? I have lids, god broughton and Lake as my keepers. Exclude Shaw from your thoughts as I feel he isn't great value for $$$

    • Vinnie says:

      Birchall (HAW) has been a lock for me and a worthy Rd 14- 15 upgrade also. Tipping he's drop in price since Rd 12.

      Ted Richards (SYD) is great value for low $400K mark

      • MJ says:

        Thanks Vinnie,

        I did look at Birchall and I think he is good for a 90 average for the rest of the year but felt all the others are 100+ averages for the rest of the year .. Am I wrong ??

    • BR says:

      I'm going Waters and Carazzo out of those 4. Waters because he's had his bye and is in good form and Carazzo because he'll be a bargain. Then Scotland and Johnson in that order I reckon.

      • MJ says:

        Thanks BR, I was actually leaning towards Johnson at no.1 and leaving out waters. Alot of ppl have waters and Johnson has only had one stinker all year, everything else has been over 90.

        Can I ask why you have gone with Waters no.1 and Johnson no.4 .. I think both Scotland and Carrazzo are good value picks so will prob lean towards both of them leaving one spot for the other two

    • rbat says:

      My order would be:

      Waters av 107 – in a quality side

      Scotland av 101 – there is an injury ? but has high numbers against quality opposition

      Johnson av 98.7 – has averarge/high numbers against good quality sides. Has a fwd option which may help if you still have Smedts.

      Carrazo av 93.2 – has very good numbers against quality sides. Has a 3 score for injury so will come down again around $30000 after Hawthorn. Worth considering too I think.

      That probably didn't help too much did it!

      • MJ says:

        rbat just seen this post now, thanks mate

        for some reason I am just feeling johnson over waters and I think the two cartlon boys are too good value to pass up ..

        might go with the gut a pick johnson – big call but i think alot of ppl are going with waters so if it pays off could make up some ground

        • rbat says:

          I think you might be on to something there. I already have Waters and was thinking about Johnson for my fwd line and putting Carrazo down back in a few weeks when he bottoms out.

  11. Mr Hully says:

    Can Rhyce keep up his good form and is he a finals lock?

  12. swans05 says:

    all i can say jock, is you killed me picking lee spurr, his more like lee spudd, he doesnt get a run and he kills me sitting there getting big fat donuts

  13. Poo Bum says:

    Anyone interested in Juddy, haven't seen any talk about him and he's bloddy cheap at the moment. Is he worth it or stay away.

  14. Lachie says:

    Hey, i'm a bit confused with what i should be doing with my team. I am taking Higgo's advice and try and improve my defence. Here's how my team is looking right now.

    Trades: 8

    Bank: 121 500

    Defenders: Deledio, RShaw, Lake, Dempsey, Hargrave, Mohr and (Ellis, SShaw)

    Midfielders: Ablett, Pendlebury, Watson, JSelwood, Priddis, Sewell and (Williams, TAdams)

    Rucks: Ryder, Giles and (Redden, Stephenson)

    Forwards: Franklin, Dangerfield, Tippett, Porpylzia, Motlop, Zorko, Martin and (Black, Hall)

    The trade i will make this week is

    Porplyzia –> Cloke

    What should i do with my team?

  15. Hey Jock,

    I have Rocky in my team and i have been BURNED so far. Should I consider trade him out for Jobey Watson. And I listened to you and got in Boomer 🙂

    Thanks you son of a gun

  16. Jarrod says:

    JOCK! and anyone else seeing this, money and trades not an issue, Beams or Sidebottom for my forward line?

  17. Jarrod says:

    and also, Priddis or Watson for midfield? im leaning towards priddis

    • Zimmer says:

      Jobe is having a great year, but at this point Priddis is a bargain. Grab him now and spend the rest elsewhere.

  18. barry says:

    Took a huge risk this week. Heath Scotland scored well but looked proppy on the weekend. (Maybe it was just the long sleeve jumper and socks up combination?) Regardless, I've burnt him for the in form Rhyce Shaw who still has a low B/E. Freed up the cash for me to get Swan for Horsely who is in scintillating form and, if last year is anything to go by, finishes seaosons with a wet sail. Only 7 trades left but my team is well and truly set when Rhyce hits his ceiling and I upgrade him. Anyone considering him?

  19. Sean says:

    I am at 774 overall. I have no chance at the big one, do I. 🙁 Ah well, maybe next year!!

    • MJ says:

      if your team is set and you dont get any injuries you have a chance 🙂 keep the faith mate 😀

  20. Jack says:

    Would anyone else consider Lindsay Gilbee (400 k) as a potential upgrade towards end of season when back from injury?

  21. Mitch says:

    Not sure who to get next got 9 trades left and 838,700 salary cap who do you think I should get

    • MJ says:

      who have you got ??

      • Mitch says:

        in the midfield I have pendles, ablett, Stanton, Priddis, goddard, Marly williams,mcdonald and clay smith

        • Mitch says:

          backline -Deledio, heath shaw, scotland, clarke, bugg, dempsey, bootsma, ellis and sam shaw

        • MJ says:

          mcdonald for any of

          j. selwood

          s. Thompson

          d. swan

          j. watson

          s. mitchel

          m. boyd

          and thats in the order id prefer – all proven guns so can't go wrong

          • MJ says:

            move goddard to backline and trade out ellis for another of those midfielders

            bugg for any of






            again in that order for me

          • Mitch says:

            i wanna keep ellis because he is most likely to play all year and i will just have him on my bench and i dont have someone to move in the mid for goddard

    • MJ says:

      id look at upgrading giles if you have the $$$ left over

      mumford in a weeks time will be cheap cheap

      everything else is very $$$ in the ruck department

      • Mummy will go down nicely in $$$ Reckon maybe in a few weeks time to around $475K- basically a sideways trade for Giles.

        May get big scores this week though against West/Orren

  22. Wato says:

    Lot of talk of holding trades for run home……I'm taking the the advice of The Ancient Art of Supercoach 2012 TRADING …..holding 2 or 3 for any injuries but looking at getting team finalised by round 14…

  23. Tim says:

    Hey hows my team looking what should i do with it!!!!!!!


    trades:4 so disappointed with myself with that

    Heres my team

    DEFENCE:Deledio, goddard, shaw, marty clarke, bugg,lake and ellis. bench: spurr, smedts

    MIDFIELD:Ablett, pendlebury, stanton, j.selwood, priddis and shiel. Bench: wingard, kennedy

    RUCK:Naitanui, Giles. bench:Redden, Stephenson

    FORWARD:Franklin, Dangerfield, Sidebottom, Okeefe, riewoldt, Porplysia, Zorko. Bench: Paine, Elliot


    • barry says:

      Shiel's B/E is pretty low so he could make you some cash and you could grab a fallen premium like maybe Pendles (deoending how much he falls) or even ball magnet Carrazo who will be a bargain soon enough.

    • Your D5 D6 and D7 look a bit unpredictable in scores.

      Your Mids look pretty much set, leave Shiel, he will be OK.

      Great Ruck combo should see you get 220-250pts per week

      Forwards maybe just upgrade Porps in a few weeks time for a in form player.

      Backline would get my attention.

  24. Chris says:

    Def: H Shaw, R. Shaw, S. Shaw, Goddard, deledio, suckling, Glass, Ellis, darley

    Mid: J Selwood, swan, Ebert, sidebum, Bartel, horsley, Old Mac, Pfeiffer

    Ruck: cox, Giles, redden, Stephenson

    Fwd: Franklin, danger field, boomer, Tippet, j. Riewolt, zorko, Porp, folau, Kennedy

    Bank: 105,000

    • Chris says:

      How's it look

      • TheCrouchingOne says:

        Ahh Mr.Chris.

        You SHAW have interesting backline. Need upgrade one in middle and one in forward … two trade please. ROK/JPK/NDS/CLOKE of not invisible father … many option. Please consider.


  25. G-Train says:

    Hey guys,

    Looking for anyone's input, i want to bring Cloke in this week and I'm tossing up between D.Smith or A.Kennedy to trade out, anyone's thoughts on which one?

  26. SNAKE HANDLER says:

    I have 14 players out this week BUT im playing the bottom team this week.He has 6 out.Im currently 6th in my comp but 1 loss away from 8th.And 1 win away from 1st.Its a tight comp with the top 9

    Im thinking of trading Spurr from Freo out as i cant see him coming back??

    Should i trade him out??

    With the $$ in the bank i have $342k to spend on a player.

    My other def are Delidio Bugg Goddard Mohr R.Hargrave Birchall Suckling Surjan.

    Please can someone give me some advice.

    I hooked hard this year on SuperCoach.Thanks

  27. Starky says:

    Hayden Crozier – Anybody know if he is worth a pick? Thinking of using him as a downgrade from the horse.

  28. rbat says:

    MJ, you are a champ for all your advice! Thanks!

  29. Dylan says:

    Hi everyone! I have 9 trades and 184k remaining after getting muddy waters in this week. Need to finish off my side in the next few weeks.

    What's kreuzer's deal? Should I ditch him? If so, who for? I'm thinking dogdog (low BE, only going to go up so I want to do it this week) my other rucks are Giles, jenkins and Stephenson.

    Also, is it worth jumping on Sam Shaw? I would drop the axe on spurr. Either that or go straight from Dempsey/Clarke to carazzo in r15.

    Looking at getting another forward premium, at the moment I have sidebum, danger, Hawkins, josh hill, Adams, dickson, Zorko, buddy, dusty. Considering chappy or stevie j. Whaddaya reckon?

    • Dylan says:

      Or cloke or boomer…

      • MJ says:

        cloke – boomer will stink it up again in a few fews

        • Dylan says:

          Haha fair enough. This week, do you think? It will be three trades this week if I do, but they are players I want anyway so it makes no difference.

          Will hold off on stevie j and chappy, high BE scores. And not sure I can afford them all…

  30. Marky mark says:

    What's peoples opinion,

    Want to get corazzo into my team

    Who should I get rid for him, my backline has







    Bench of S.Shaw & Smedts

  31. Lions Den says:

    Grimes or Broughton?

  32. Lions Den says:

    Mitch Clark is in my opinion one to get, got GWS twice, Gold Coast once, Brisbane once and Port once.

    I'm tossing up between him or Boomer and Gibson and Crozier.

    • Chris says:

      I probably wouldn't go Clark the ball just doesn't get down there enough.. I picked up boomer last week and he ripped out 138 or so..

  33. Dons diehard says:

    Hi guys

    Just wondering if you still recommend avoiding trades this round even if you have guys like treloar and magnet with high break evens? Got 11 trades but not much lunch money and sitting top 4 in 3 leagues and 6th in another league.

    Have some great guns but have ended up with a few really skinny cows which are preventing me from taking off