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Jock’s Post Bye Supercoach Video

Published by Jock on

This weeks Cattle MarketTime to kick slap bang into gear for the back half of the season folks. There’s no time for moping around like a pack of old socks. This is the time of year where the fair dinkum among us sharpen our resolve and turn the screw on our opponents.

We have a nice selection of players who have now had their dreaded bye. Matt Priddis is the standout selection this week for mine but there is plenty of value in the rest of the midfield, in the ruck and also up forward this week. As I keep tellin ya – you’re mad as a two bob watch if you haven’t listened into this weeks JR podcast .. it really is our most efficient vehicle for transporting you to the bustop of the Supercoach and Dreamteam elite.

Sam Shaw from Adelaide also looks a real likely type down back and an option as a trade down to free up some cash cow liquidness.

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It's against my gut instincts, but good 'ol Jock hasn't steered me wrong yet, so I'm bringing in Boomer Harvey. His DPP helps for me during the byes too.

Priddis in too, as an Adelaide fan my love for Thompson and Sloane is strong, but Supercoach is no place for favourtism and Priddis is too good to pass up. I suspect Thompson is going to be the continued target of taggers, which is potentially good news for Sloane and the Dangerman, although if those two keep tearing it up, they might start copping a tag also.


it's all about the sam's this week, already getting sam gibson for tommy walsh through switching treloar forward, just wondering who i should get for spurr, sam darley or sam shaw??


need to also make the decision before the game tomorrow which is a killer, as it'll give me money to upgrade magner to priddis before lockout. STUPID how they don't put out all teams at the same time, i'll have to guess if even shaw and darley are playing!

Poo Bum

Its only a partial lockout so you can still trade Friday, except Carlton West coast players.


I've had Sam Gibson since the beginning! so happy hes getting a go.

jimbo drouid

talk about shawing up the backline…I now have 3 shaws playing in the backline..;-)


Like or dislike

Out: Ziebell In: Harvey


Big Johno Giles is out this week (calf).. time to jump on Goldy while he is cheap if you have the cash? Would also avoid a donut..