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Monday Night Podcast this week folks

Published by Jock on

The Queen loves her SupercoachGday all – hope you are all having a real good Queens Birthday weekend. The byes are knocking most of us around but buckle in and ride it all out folks!

A quick note here to let you all know that this week’s podcast will be out on MONDAY night instead of Sunday night this week due to the long weekend.

Take care everyone 0- how is your team travelling this round?

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Jacob Cecil

Tanks mate


I thought I had enough doughnuts going into this weeks matches. Apparently Mr Sandifoot and Mr Zaharakis thought otherwise. I'd also like to give a special shout out to Deledio, Dusty and co. for their valiant efforts. ( 5 tiges sub 230 points collectively )


I'm projected 1900 so not to shabby.. I ended up trading in Sandilands for Hmac this week to beat my 2nd placed team in my league and that backfired bigtime, and it ends up I didn't even need Sandi cause the bloke I'm playing has taken his 8 donuts on the chin……..*face palm*


on 1538 with cloke and marty clarke to come so not a bad score for this week but not anything special cheers dustin and lids!!

needs help

Sitting on 1407 with 3 to come have been some pretty average performance from premiums this week. no help to gazza this week with probably his worst score ever as captain as well, but you've just gotta take it on the chin. Don't understand the scoring system when a man such as pav dominates with a solid 6 goals in the wet and can't even crack the ton!!


Even Fantasy Footy royalty has to take time off!

Sausagedoggers going well in the wet. Those little legs keep just doing enough for a league win and possibly an eliminator win. GAblett's little legs running out of puff. Like Richmond.


1554 with sidebottom and magner, looking pretty good in the circumstances


What to do with Zaharakis guys??? is boomer harvey a good choice and will he come good???


cloke, tippett, m.johnson


Wrote this weekend off a while ago. Sitting on 905 with swan, sidebum and Clarke to go… Hopefully Franklin gets off!


According to the MRP, Franklin's tackle was fine. Lucky me!


Would it be a smart move to trade out someone who is having a bye for a rookie playing there 3rd game this week. Then reaping the benefits of a $40,000 increase in money, upgrading a player to a premium the next week.


That sprig of parsley on Swannys hammy done the trick! I had faith in your methods Jock and had him as captain.. Bewty!

Tiger Tex

Well, What a disaster round 11 was! Decided to take a deep breath and not do a single trade. Donut City. Thanks to injuries to Parker and Pendels plus late withdrawal of Zaharakis. What next? How to stop the rot. Think I must be the biggest Jonah in the football world or is there a war of attrition going on? Players going down like nine-pins. Murphy, Ablett, Pendels, Browny, Carazzo, Goodes, Parker etc. I've had them all at different stages. Almost to the point of giving up. Good Luck to you all as I wonder off concussed with Jock's Steak around the cranium.


I every time spent my half an hour to read this blog’s content every day along with a mug of coffee.