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Higgo’s Punting machine – Week 5

Published by Higgo on

Another good week for The Machine.

After 4 weeks and 20 bets, the data is starting to point in favor of The Machine line with 15 bets getting up – a 75% strike rate. I have put on $100 worth of bets and turned a profit of $44.

What I find most interesting is that The Machine line is clearly beating the Sportsbet predition(by 4.3 points per game). While this does not sound significant, it can give us a little leverage against the line and swing the balance in our favor.







And here are last week’s results;









The Machine has done its thing for Round 11 and formulated a few very interesting results;

Rd. 11 Formulated Winner  Formulated Margin   Sportsbet Line   Difference Higgo’s Bet Stake
Geelong V Carlton Geelong 38 14.5 23.5 Back CATS at the line $5
Richmond V Freo.  Richmond 24 30.5 6.5 No bet
G.Coast V Saints Saints 29 43.5 14.5 Back GCoast at the line $5
Essendon V Sydney  Sydney 12 (Ess)10.5 22.5 Back SYDNEY at the line $5
Port V Hawks  Port 4 (Hawks)26.5 30.5 Back PORT at the line $5
Melb. V C’wood C’wood 52 46.5 5.5 No bet

Sydney to beat Essendon? Port to beat Hawthorn?

I must have faith in The Machine.
Looking at the Port game, The Machine has favored Port mainly due to Hawthorn’s poor Break Even factor. The only Hawks with break-evens below their current average are Buddy, Mitchell, Burgoyne, Whitecross and The Shoe Maker(Port have 15 players). This three week rolling form factor, linked with a slight home ground advantage, has formulated Port winning by less than a kick.

For those Multi-punters out there, putting CATS line …. into …. GCOAST line ….. into … SYDNEY WIN …. into PORT WIN offers odds of around 35 – 1. A return of $175 for your $5. But Port couldn’t win could they?

Go well and let logic rule your decision making.

Yours analytically,

Peter Higginbotham.

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Good stuff higgo interesting there with port but could pay off 🙂


Higgo – Your football smarts have granted me the gift of turning a a single red back into 500 hundred smackaroos over the last two weeks… I tip my hat to you sir.. This week however I'm not feeling THAT confident in the machine.. I don't like the Sydney bet and the Port one to me seems a bit iffy… Nevertheless I would be a fool not to stick some form of currency on this, so I shall put down a 10'er, hoping to turn this into a greenback! May the force be with us all!


I like it Higgo. Time to add a few of these to this weeks multis.

Not sure about Sydney though, with Mags and Parko out


think you're machine's gonna fail you this week bud


Didn't like the port option, so slipped Freo at the line instead..

Should be 2/2.

K.Simpson for most disposals was nice at $8 too 🙂 🙂


Spewin u can't predict injuries… Traded HMac for Sandi this week.