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Crouching One’s Community cry for help.

Published by TheCrouchingOne on


CrouchingOne angly! Team rank = 22,445 = pathetic. Slipper laugh at me.

I call for community support …. please look my team. What you suggest?





















Please consider;

  • CrouchingOne love The Chosen One (Branden) & The Clay
  • Drew Petrie, Bryce Gibbs, Bye Donuts?????

Best advice get free prawn cracker!


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Petrieo out for boomer, i reckon boomer is about to explode. also you should think of either waiting untill mummy bottoms out or gte on sandi now? i dont like newman in your team either. how many trads you have left?


yeah.. reckon Boomer is a real goer for old Crouchin Jacka me old mate.. dont mind Newman though I reckon he'll come home strong


Ahhh …Welcome Jackalenko. 14 trade.

– why not like Newman? CrouchingOne like him.

– Petrie to Boomer = sideways trade. Slipper say me not do this.

So far, prawn cracker is yours.



you have enough cash, why not go treloar/adams to boomer


Pointless this week, as north have the bye too.

Please consider: stevie j, chappy. Yes, they have the bye next week, but you will bring in a premium lock, and you don't have many donuts to suck next week


Too many Tiger players in there Crouching One!


Keep Petrie in, I believe you should look at trading out J.Cameron and look at getting in either Trav Cloke or Boomer. I prefer Cloke!


Crouching one,

Next week u swap treloar to mids and get…the priddis.

Austin powers

Crouching how about you swap sidebottom and treloar, then upgrade treloar to Priddis. Absolute steal at his price. Problem is both those blokes have the vacation this week


Ahhhh …. CrouchingOne read this to Slipper and he fart. This usually mean he like, or eat too many onion.

Yes, this good move and now you lead prawn cracker Mr. Austin Powers.



Crouching should have a truckload of manure dumped at his door for having 6 of those mugs in his team!


Maybe go Gibbs to Priddis after round 11 and either of Clarke to Enright/Shaw (post round 12) or Giles for Maric (this week)?


Never too many tigers crouching one! That said, give ellis the chop for someone like heppel or harry taylor. (1 x round 11 trade)

Swap sidebum into the forwards with treloar and grab priddis. You might not have the cash to do this so you will need to perhaps downgrade cameron to someone like couch (hopefully getting a game by then). (2 x round 12 trade)

Start zorko on the field.

No round 13 trades.

There may become a point in time when you will need to upgrade giles (zac smith tired last year) at which point jenkins or darley will be fat enough to cull to free up some cash.

Sorry to crush you Crouching, but there is no chance for overall in that team, best of luck for some league wins.


Righto Crouching one,

Treloar and Cameron – Out

JPK and Elliot – In

Sidebottom – Fwd

$151800 left

Gibbs – Scotty Thompson after price plummmet round 13…

Then we re assess !


i say get rid of drew petrie for nick riewoldt and you could ugrade cotchin and get some better value in points like rory sloane and ugrade on of your rookies in your forward i say jeremy cameron


I say you do nothing. You're not flying up the ranings by sideways trading the premiums YOU selected.

The only areas you could even consider trading in is some of your rookies that are not playing. Eg paine, the clay and Billie.


Wils say you,

This week trade Adams to Cloke (Treloar to the mids) and upgrade Giles to Sandilands.

This probably saves you 2 donuts because Adams would probably be on your bench anyway in r12 and you will have no ruck donut.

And suggestions for round 12: Clarke to Sam Shaw & Treloar to Priddis (also swap Sidebutt forward for Zorko). Please consider also Ellis to Boomer Harvey (via Paine to backline).


Overall I'd do

– Swap Sidebum into FWD for Treloar

– Swap Treloar for Matt Priddis

– Leaves $114,700

– Now you could either do something like

A. – Upgrade Brandon Ellis to Ryce Shaw

– Leaves $80,000 and 1 trade left

– Downgrade 1 of your rooks $ (Say, Smedts for Sam Shaw if named)

– Leaves $139,400

– Next week trade Cameron for Boomer Harvey

Or B.

– Downgrade Brandon Ellis to Sam Shaw

– Leaves $217,900

– Upgrade! Eg Cameron for Tippet, Walker, Crameri, Boomer, Cloke or Marty Clarke for Heath Shaw, Enright, Waters, Hurn etc)

– Of course instead of downgrading Ellis you could take a bit of a risk and do Clarke to Shaw and then have $382,200 to play with for an upgrade

Anyway, i'm pretty sure that all works out OK, but im sure there could be a mistake in there somewhere. There's a few ways to go, you could even just sideways your way out of the deal (Trading Gibbs and Petrie), but that can bite you in the butt later.


I think your emotional attachment to Tigers is hindering your team Crouching. Too many Tiger. Blanden has to go sooner or later.

Also, is that really your rank?

Laughing Tiger

Hey Crouching,

Forget about byes. This week swap Zorko to mid- Adams to forward (high break even)and swap Adams for cloke cost 87K.

Next week swap Treloar to centre and sidebottom to forward.Swap Treloar for Priddis for about 70K. Then Swap Smedts to forward and trade Cameron for Sam Shaw. This will leave you about 225K to in bank to upgrade a defender (Ellis or darley) to premium like Fisher, Scotland or Enright.

All for 4 Trades and you will have Cloke, Priddis and a premium defender of your choice.


meanie of me

Unless you're going for an overall win, and lets be honest – there are only about 200 people in Supercoach/Dreamteam that have a shot at it, the only logical bye strategy is to stack as much of your losses into one round as possible.

Bearing that in mind, your side looks fine – just upgrade the ones you were always going to (GWS etc) and don't panic.


Yes Mr. meanie …. CrouchingOne give up on new boat long ago. You now prawn cracker leader. In fact, your typing remember me of Higgo! CrouchingOne hope you not struggle with crumpet also.

I think do nothing, then next round do funny hair man Priddis for a GWS, and maybe The Cloke of non-invisible father. Like Cloke better than Boomer. Just have to suck the rotten eggs of Petrie and Gibbs.

CrouchingOne plan come home strong after Rd. 13 dive…… Aim is make to 1000 now….. Slipper laugh at me.



Crouching your team's in good shape compared to mine…

Deledio, Goddard, Scotland(i), Rob Murphy, Clarke, Birchall, Hargrave

(Morris, Wilkes)

Pendlebury(i), S Thompson, Boyd, Ablett, S Mitchell, J Selwood,

(Coniglio, Horsley)

McIntosh(i), Giles


Franklin, Dangerfield, Pavlich, A Kennedy, Saad, Zorko, Hampton

(Smedts, Couch)

10 trades left, Help Me!!!


Take the rest of your salary cap down the pub, to ease the pain


Looking strong. Backine needs some work. What about off loading Ellis or Smedts for R Shaw



The Chosen One stay …. Maybe Smedts out.

Some player bigger than game. BLANDEN my beautiful boy ….. Same like The Clay.



Do you wear Blanden's vest to show support when you go to the G Croucho? Clay? You may as well have Clay Sampson or Poky x


Trade out gibbs get in watson and taylor adams out and get marley williams


Crouching One old son… looking tops mate – I reckon you are dead set smack bang right on the money when you say you'll save your trades this week mate.. you are no stranger to discipline eh?


Ahhhh … Thank you Mr.Jock. Discipline mean not trade The Chosen One or The Clay. Slipper say me these boy win me flag this year. Discipline also mean 37 one arm push up before breakfast evely morning ….. Sometime 38.



hey Jock how are you going this year!!!


Wat is a good number of trades to come out of the byes with ??

is 8 not enough thats wat i am aiming for . I do this every year. end up with no trades i just cant stay away haha


Minimum 8 donuts this round. Sickening.


Oh that's unlucky.. I've got 1 I wish I was playing you this week..


Lake for Golby in a fortnight – otherwise…HOLD firm for the next fortnight then trade out Gibbs for Jobe Watson.


CrouchingOne. The Priddis. And Slipper say "never use fresh prawn cracker to find broken one"



Why you still eat broken cracker?

Petrie is broken.