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Pre Bye Cattle Market – Discipline!!

Published by Jock on

Supercoach Discipline - CriticalWatch the video (Jock’s Weekly Youtube Video here), listen to Higgo and Crouching on the podcast (get it here of on iTunes). Listen to old Jock. Listen into this bloke in the photo who looks like he is all over the topic like a rash. We have some real wisdom for you all this week. Discipline is the key.

Many of you might be considering trying to trade your merry way around this bye situation. I want to absolutely implore to you all out there right here and right now. I want you all to suck in some deep ones and ice up that trade finger. Try wherever possible to preserve those precious byes this week folks!

I want to take you through some of the bargains appearing on the Supercoach buffet over the coming weeks. There are some real rippers who have their bye this weekend. If you can just hold your horses till next week you can trade till the cows come home and bring in these blokes who have no byes on their horizons. Have a look at Matty Priddis, Rory Sloane, Boomer Harvey. Cheap as bloody chips and will have their byes behind them next week… you little ripper,

Enjoy this weeks Cattle market kids!

Your mate,

Jock Reynolds.


Greg Broughton
Avg 90 –  breakeven 116 – $473,300 – BYE ROUND 12
Has depreciated $29,000 so far this season and is better value than this price. Should be well priced after his round 12 bye. Watch over coming weeks.
Corey Enright
Avg 90 – breakeven 77  – $466,600 – BYE ROUND 12
Slow start to the season with a 47 in round 1 smacking his price south. Rested last week and being set for a big back end of the season. Watch closely. I have my sights on young Corey.
Rhyce Shaw
Avg 60 breakeven negative 20 –  $307,600 – BYE ROUND 12
Would be rapt if you rolled the dice on him last week! Exploded with 148 v the Doggies last week. Just the confidence boost you look for before going BANG and snagging the kid. Undeniable value and a real case can be made to grab him before his bye before his price rises next week.
Chris Yarran
Avg 62 – breakeven 130 – $322,000 – BYE ROUND 13
Perfect opportunity to watch him over the next few weeks and assess him as a selection before round 14. Watch this gun closely could be a fair dinkum steal.


Matt Priddis
Avg 100 breakeven32 – $464,500 – BYE ROUND 11
One bit of sunshine in the bleakness that will be the round 11 bye is this silver lining. Cherry ripe for plucking before round 12… should average 120 in the run to the finals. Love the bloke.
Rory Sloane
Avg 114 breakeven 85 – $555,400 –  BYE ROUND 11
No denying this bloke his premium status now.  Has raised the century bat every round bar 2 and is cranking out massive scores. 178 v Freo on the weekend, set to rise to 600K, consider next week.
Scotty Thompson
Avg 118 – breakeven 211 – $591,800 – BYE ROUND 11
Huge breakeven of 211 means he will drop in price like a spud… dead set premium that will ripen as a magnificent selection around round 13-14. Watch and wait.
Jack Trengove
Avg 75 – breakeven 38 – $332,400 – BYE ROUND 12
One for the large of aggot. Has maintained a reasonable average amongst the rubble of the first 9 rounds. If you’re prepared to lay em on the chopping board and predict that the Demons will against Essendon was the turn of the tide then could be a real get.
Dale Thomas
Avg 104 – breakeven 21 – $512,300 – BYE ROUND 12
This champion of the oppressed represents a great pick for those of you hoping to trade your way through the byes. In ripping form and will continue on his merry way.
Nicky Dal Santo
Avg 104 – breakeven 97 – $506,400 – BYE ROUND 13
Still top value and another for the bye hoppers.


Todd Goldmember
Avg 91 – breakeven 24 – $497,200 – BYE ROUND 11
Should have listened to my own bloody advice and picked him up a few weeks back. Is now $117,000 cheaper than he was at the beginning of this season. Is top dog once again, Hamish coming back won’t change that now. Nice low breakeven. One for those looking for a premium ruck to drive em home in the post bye period.


Travis Cloke
Avg 86 – breakeven 84 – $387,800 – BYE ROUND 12
Get on him any way you can. Cannot ignore him. Will turn his form around sure as buggery.
Boomer Harvey (MID)
Avg 84 – breakeven 77 – $396,100 – BYE ROUND 11
Snaffle him next week a ripping selection. Just where you want him – right at the bottom of his form slump, about to freshen up and bring it home for his struggling Roo boys.
Paul Chapman (MID)
Avg 108 – breakeven 62 – $552,000 – BYE ROUND 12
Higgo and I have been arguing about Chappy all bloody week. Higgo reckons he is a ripper of a selection going into the end of the season.. I reckon he’s had his dash for cash and the only way is down now for the old bald fella. Sure he gets a bye to freshen up soon. Have called Chappy to chat it over, hasn’t returned my call yet which isn’t a great sign. I say No. Higgo reckons yes. What do you reckon?


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Chappy is to old , to slow and to bald


Name 6 better forward options .. at worst he is the best F7 in the comp .. must have, and his stats don't lie


All those premiership medals are weighing him down

Honest Doug



chappy will run the year out with an average of 105+ .. easily in the top 7 forwards in the comp .. genuine champ of the game and like a fine wine will get … yayaya .. you know the rest ..


His 45 years old mate


Tweeter .. boomer harvey is 65 years old and don't see anybody questioning him or Jock for mentioning him in his cattle mart !!! although it doesn't bother me if lots of ppl think hes past it, currently the 4th highest averaging forward in the comp – 5pts per game better than the next player .. not bad for an auld fellow … and making me a very happy chap…… i won't go there …. oh who cares, a happy chappy


Not going near Harvey. He's done. Would take Chappy before him any day.




P.S Jock, great work big fella … bringing in Priddis round 12 and the big three of Waters, Enright and Cloke in round 13 .. decided not to trade this week and cop 5 donuts 🙁

will be set with those four additions for the run home though


agree MJ, already in my team



harvey is useless now, good back in the day, respect, but now useless


League opponent having 14 outs this round and me only having 12 trades left means I'll be holding off on major trading for the bye rounds, except for upgrading to Priddis next week and maybe Cloke in round 13. Having Scotland and Pendlebury injured isn't helping, but we'll have to let them sit for the next 3 and evaluate them from there.

big fella

giles to goldmember? worth the trade? obviously not this week. which downgrade rookies are u guys looking out to bubble over the next few weeks?


big fellow i intend to out giles myself but i'm waiting for round 14 and going to Cox … fancy he'll do more ruck work in the lead up to finals as i think WCG are priming him for finals this year .. could snap him up at around 520k, only 20k more than goldmember – just a matter of who you think is the better option then ??


Or mullet man Maric…

big fella

already have nic nat so probly just gunna hold this week fella. in some real need of some genuine bubble boys to emerge as downgrade options. peace .


Been eyeing off the great man priddis for weeks! Will slot in nicely.

My problem with enright is that he always seems to be the first one to be rested.

How about chrissy newman? Read somewhere that he is averaging 15 more SC points in wins. With the tigers having a soft draw second half of the year, 416k is a total bargain (though he does share the bye with BJ, lids, birch…)

Sam Winter

Pick two players in both. I'm trading Scoland and Hargrave in defense and i'm trading Smith and Adams in the forward. I'm looking at Birchall, Adcock, N.Riewoldt and Harvey. Who do you think?

Birchall, Guerra, Suckling, Adcock and Burgoyne.

0'Keefe, N.Riewoldt, Pavlich and Harvey.


porps > cloke anyone?


If u need a Cloke up forward this week I'd go for it.. But if u can I'd wait till after collywobbles bye.. A lot can happen in a week of footy..


Not sure whether to hold off on Scotland or downgrade to Drummond and up grade one of my gws boys ; shiel, smith an adams


Any bubble boys on the horizon Jock? I need a trade downgrade target for T Bugg.. Any suggestions??


Shaw from Adelaide is on the bubble, but he obviously won't play this week.


Shaw isn't guaranteed to be consistently named either. He's most likely going to be in the group of other youngsters for the Crows like Jenkins, Lyons and Kerridge where they get a few games into them and then send them back to the SANFL. Also got Luke Brown who's still a chance for a game as he's been playing quite well for the Redlegs.



Great work. But have you been watching Boomer lately? Even you had to hang up the boots after 750+ games for the Bulls. Boomer is running out of puff too. And I agree with Higgo about Chappy. However goldenlocks Priddis and Thmmo look prime meat.


Scotty Selwood has been killing me the last couple of weeks.. worth a trade after this weeks bye to bring in Priddis and make some (only 36k) dough? have 14 trades in the bank.. 36k would also allow me to go J Darling to the invisible Cloke if I do it this week..


Heath Scotland…….

What should I do to him?


Shoot him….what a time for an injury.

Doesn't he realise the impact he is having on us Supercoaches!!!!

I reckon if someone gets over 2000 this week they must have hacked into the SC system…..


Hey Jock and Co.

Thinking of holding of on bringing any premiums in till next week.

But wondering about the idea of bringing Elliott (Coll) in for Porplyzia who I reckon has hit his peak. This would obviously be just to make the cash, which I'd then spend in the next couple of weeks. It would allow me 2 more premiums.

It would also mean one less donut this week, as I'd be able to put swing Zorko into the mids.

What is Elliott's job security like? Is he a worthwhile pick?


Just realised the Zorko thing doesn't make sense as Brisbane have the bye this week. Doing my head in.

In any case it would still save me a donut to bring Elliott in.


What is wrong with the afl coaches this weekend??????

Out duffield, shaw still out, horsley rested, plus other spanners in the works. Looking at least 10 Krispy kremes this week!!!!! May have to trade for my life….. Suggestions I have 10 trades left with only 3 rookies I need to upgrade in my starting 22


What a time for Horsely to be rested. Guy McKenna is just playing around with us…

Cinammon 6 pack for me!!!

Angry TAO!!!!


Traded Horse – Swan, Porps to Chaps.

Reason behind this – I got a full inactive in round 12 – so all I need to do is win round 11 & 13 – which Swan and Chaps will help me!!

Also I needed to downgrade to a rookie for Magner so I've bought in old mate Tom Mitchell from Sydney hoping he will eventually get a game


Chappy, Stevie J or Cloke for this round??


chappy any day


What about Didak????????????????????????????

needs help

what will be good score this week anyone?!!

needs help

For the coming bye weeks that is, think I might be able to get away with 20 players playing over each of the bye weeks so will be hopinig to score 2000 + sitting in top 2000 coaches so hoping if i can do this might end up in top 1000 after the bye weeks and probably having at least 10 trades left which I think would leave me in good sted for the rest of the year!!


Too many krispy Kreme and not enough trades in the bank, I'm put what is left of my team on the field and tanking like its Melbourne v Carlton

Marky mark

What's everyone's thoughts on Marley Williams . Worth a downgrade in the mids…

Thinking of maybe cashing in horsley or magner – Williams

And next week Bugg – shaw (adel)

ATM have 18 trades, sitting second in all my leagues and have 241k banked

Any ideas greatly welcome…


Next round is when there is scope for trades when players who miss this week due to bye round like some Gems from WCE or Adelaide even Nth have some worthy picks

I'm waiting this trade round out. If I trade now some(I got Dependelbury) player will miss a game in the future .Yes there are bargains out there but then there are bargains every week. So I urge all to hold don't chase the car!

Poo Bum

Yea agree dools


How's my team look?

Def: H Shaw, R. Shaw, S. Shaw, Goddard, deledio, suckling, Glass, Ellis, darley

Mid: J Selwood, swan, Ebert, sidebum, Bartel, horsley, Old Mac, Pfeiffer

Ruck: cox, Giles, redden, Stephenson

Fwd: Franklin, danger field, boomer, Tippet, j. Riewolt, zorko, Porp, folau, Kennedy

Bank: 105,000