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Pre Bye AFL Supercoach & DT Podcast

Published by Jock on

What an absolute ripper of a weekend for the underdog folks.

It has been a weekend of surprising results. The wins to Melbourne, Port Adealide and Brisbane remind us all that every cloud does have that silver lining. Take a leaf out of these teams books folks. If your Supercoach team is going through trouble don’t drop your bundle. Plug on. Stick to quality selections and some good old fashioned discipline and you’ll come up trumps. Reckon Rocky bloody thought it was all too bloody hard? Course not. He punched meat and stuff till he broke through with the goods.

We sink the lengthy fangs of our Fantasy Footy knowledge into some sensational advice leading into the byes. Higgo I must say surprises even the great Jock Reynolds with his insights regarding yourΒ prioritiesΒ with team selection moving forward.

Enjoy the show folks,

Jock Reynolds

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gday boys! just wondering what a good number of trades would be to have come the first round of finals?


2 for each round…


Tommy Rockliff? Why does Vossy keep chucking him up forward


jack roo in this week ??? thoughts


i won't be forgetting the byes .. still think i'm a chance for the coin πŸ™‚ could have been so much better too, had pendle as captain this week πŸ™


Heath Scotland getting injured and maybe Pendlebury missing time has thrown my plans a tad. I'm thinking I may just bench 'em, stand pat with what i've got and only make a couple of upgrade trades over the 3 bye weeks and cop the donuts which'll come.


Good podcast boys.

Gotta give the 3 votes to Higgo, his voice of reason has so far managed to stop what I thought would be a furiously traded round.

2 to Jock, feel like you need both of them for a pick me up mate, you'll come good.

1 to Crouching, was really a tie between you and Jock but feel you'll cope better with just the 1 mate.

Cheers again fellas.


How's the eye fillet and parsley treatment going on Swanny? Back for round 13? Watch out A Didak doesn't come around trying to knick his play station games


what are your thoughts on upgrading magner or horsley for clancee pearce as a mid/fwd to help with the byes. Reckon he'll be able to pick up his scoring to 100+ after a few bad weeks?

The Camm

Jock, you and I are the same. We are just everyday Supercoach battlers going through the good and bad taking it as it comes.

I'll give ya the 3 votes Jock! Also I'd like to through out a man with a bit of value after this week. Bob Murphy. His price is dropping, out of form will be going at bargin basement prices. He has supercoach scoring experience, worth considering.


Jock, What would be the best premo back and mid to bring in after the byes that would get me a solid 100+?


Sorry, that are more affordable the ablett or pendles. a reliable 100 that wont get 40's like brian lake did -.-


Scotland if not broken, deledio, Goddard. Goddard pick of the bunch. I have all of them. They all have the same bye (r13)

king moonee

MOON PATROL (17 trades left $800)

BACKS – Deledio, Goddard, Hurn, Broughton, Clarke, Hargrave, Dempsey, (Ellis,Smedts)

MIDS- Pendlebury, Ablett, Cotchin, J Selwood, Ebert, Treloar,(Shiel,Wingard)

RUCKS – Giles, Kreuzer,(Cordy,Redden)

FWDS -Franklin, Dangerfield, Chapman, Robinson, Martin, Porplyzia, Ballantyne (D Smith,T Adams)



OK Moons…Looks a formidable side to me.

Personally I think you have the cash and the trades to do some damage…

Backs —upgr Clarke/HArg to waters

Mids Treloar to Thompson/Cotchin

Fwds Porp Ball to Sidebottom

Rucks Giles to Maric for a great point of difference to other teams.

You have the cash but trade wisely after the byes….


king moonee

Thanks mate but you may have over estimated me…I have $800.00 not $800k. Also i already have cotch πŸ™‚

Dyno Mite

^ Mate if I were you i would look at potential downgrade targets, find one, and then trade treloar, shiel, wingard, hargrave. Then use as the cash to uprgrade. You have already missed out on some juicy meat so you better hit the paddock.


i just did some numbers and u are full of it moon dog, there is no way u could have 17 trades left with the players u have…. impossible.

u have 5 prem forwards 5 prem mids and 4 prem defenders and your used 7 trades haha bulls#*t


ive had to make 7 trades alone from injurys to players this year.



huckleberry? ur a tool. let me know how you want the proof? I'm on the iPhone but I'd be happy to stop at an internet cafe or something and email u a screenshot?


here is my list of trades mr supercoach Nazi

round4- fyffe(out) Robinson(in)

rd5- ablett to treloar

rd7- clay smith and a hall to pendles and t Adams

rd8- magner and Macintosh to ablett and cordy

rd9- bugg to broughton.

how's the sums looking now?

The galoot

I think what you should do is work out what you want to do, and then do that. Or at least work out some options and put them up here for debate. Just saying "here's my team what should I do", I mean, what's the point? Are you playing this game or are you getting others to play it for you?

king moonee

You're right, I was just looking for ideas. I was thinking i have enough trades to do a few more downgrades/upgrades and i know that hargreave, ballantyne and a few others could be the first in gun.


Can I do this trade?

At the moment i Have:

Def: Smedts (FWD / MID)

Mid: Magner (FWD)

Fwd: Trelor (FWD / MID)

& I want R Shaw.

Can I somehow trade Magner to R Shaw by swapping Trelor to Mid, Smedts to FWD & Shaw to Def?

Cant work it out – (IN DT)


king moonee

anyone have any thoughts on j elliot??

king moonee

i was thinking i just look at downgrades for cash in the next few weeks and look at upgrades after the bye rounds…


the trouble there is that there aren't any real downgrade targets of much note πŸ™ you have any in mind ??


haha J elliot .. just seen you previous post. If he was in almost any other team id say yes but no way is he in the pies best 22, or even 30 and in a few weeks with swan, pendles, shaw, reid, tarrent et al there is no chance of him playing πŸ™


Moon Patrol

Have I got a solution for you!!

Shaw from the crows…. good downgrade in defence. Swap him now with Hargrave whose prie will contiue to sink a bit before it rises again.

next, trade out d.smith and the Porps. they have matured.. trade Treloar up fwd for a few weeks until you can trade up other mids later..

This now leaves you with cash to buy Priddis, who at ths price is a must. (He only had one bad week! and the injury..) This will also leave you with just enough cash to get J Lewis from Hawthorn who has dropped nicely but still a gret scorer which will provide coverage over the next two rounds nicely for your bye considerations…

Shiel and wingard ar both deserving of two more games to mature as they have low break evens, Ballantyne has dipped but should rise again with a low B/E. trade him up after the buys and target sidey as he should rop a bit in price after his last week blemish…

happy hunting..



sorry about all the typos and poor grammer…


thanks mate πŸ™‚ I'm seriously considering shaw


I'm worried because I've got many players that have byes in Round 1. These are my players

Franklin Dangerfield Riewoldt Pavlich Porps Treloar D.Smith Kennedy and Dickson

Please Help!!!!


round 11 yeah ??

well as you have only one round 12 bye forward, upgrade a GWS player to another round 12 forward .. Chapman, Johnson, Cloke come to mind .. That way you avoid a donut in round 11 and you have enough to cover your two round 12 donuts


I'm thinking GWS Kennedy out and Melbourne's Dan Nicholson in this week…. benefit of a player on the field this week plus a mid/def swing to help in the round 13 bye when Goddard and and Delidio will be out plus on the bubble (though not a 1st year bubble) with a break even of -5…. any thoughts?


MOON PATROL (17 trades left $800)

BACKS – Deledio, Lake, Hardgrave, Dempsey, Ellis, Rance, Mohr, (Smedts, Golds)

MIDS- Pendlebury, Ablett, Stanton, J Selwood, Watson, Sewellr,(Adams, Smith)

RUCKS – Giles, Ryder,(Stephenson,Redden)

FWDS -Tipett, Dangerfield, Martin, Porplyzia, Motlop, Hall, Zorko (Jones, Falou)


I am so screwed because of these bye rounds.


17 trades left .. WOW .. really good side considering πŸ™‚ where are you ranked overall ??

remember its a bye for everyone so you will find you are in a good position as you can trade heavily through these rounds.

One problem is that there are not that many cash cows to trade too and you really need some cash πŸ™

king moonee

Im ranked just over 5000th in supercoach


thanks jock. I just checked it's 5660


I had it all figured out but now pendlebury is out πŸ™

Round 11 – Trade T Adams to J Roo


Delidio, Lamb of GODdard, Broughton, Clarke,Morris, Ellis, (Spur)

Bench: Lake, Darley

Ablet, Selwood, Watson, (horsley) donut donut

Bench: Pendlebury, Boyd, Sheil, Traloar

Sandilands, Stevenson

Bench: Giles, Jenkins

Franklin, Sidebum, Chapman, Martin, J Roo, Phiffer, donut

Bench: Dangerfield, Dickson, Zorko

was going to take a donut in the back, mid and forward line this week but pendlebury has hurt, Horsely might be dropped which would give me three in the middle .. worth trading Pendlebury ?? thoughts ??


Pendlebury isn't out..


yeah he is 3-4 weeks, minor bone break – needs surgery πŸ™


(14 trades left $2000)

BACKS – Deledio, Lake, Hardgrave, Dempsey, Ellis, Rance, Mohr, (Smedts, Golds)

MIDS- Pendlebury, Ablett, Stanton, J Selwood, Watson, Sewellr,(Adams, Smith)

RUCKS – Giles, Ryder,(Stephenson,Redden)

FWDS -Tipett, Dangerfield, Martin, Porplyzia, Motlop, Hall, Zorko (Jones, Falou)



Rance, A —> Shaw, R

Sewell, B —> Hayes,L

Smith,D —> Williams, M

Sam Winter

Go Sewell to Priddis.


All those in favour…say aye!!!

Sam Winter

I was looking in forward to getting Scott Thompson in my team as his price was getting cheaper and cheaper. I was planning for getting him for Shiel until I realized I have no room on the field for him with my mid full of premiums. I'm not sure if i'm happy as I save a trade (i'm running low) or sad as i'm missing a great player at low price. My mid is currently Ablett, Boyd, Swan, Mitchell, Priddis and Ebert.

These are my trades. Please give your opinion on who to get.

This Round

Out: Scotland In: Premium (Shaw, Birchall, Guerra, Suckling, Adcock, Burgoyne)

Out: Horsley In: Premium (Ablett)

Out: D.Smith In: Premium (O'Keefe, N.Riewoldt, Pavlich)

Next Round

Out: T.Adams In: Premium (Harvey)

Out: Mohr In: Rookie (Shaw)


Why do you say bring in Ablett when you have said he is currently in your team? Have you already done this trade?


Hes bringing ablett in this round, he didnt have him last week when I beat him haha

Sam Winter

Whoops sorry


Hello guys,

here is my team as follows.

Defence – Deledio, Goddard, Waters, Shaw, Dempsey, Hargrave, Ellis (Guthrie, Smedts)

Midfield – Stanton, Pendlebury, Ablett, Watson, Boyd, McDonald (Zorko, Adams)

Ruck – Hale, Giles (Redden, Longer)

Forward – Franklin, Sidebottom, Jack Riewolt, Dangerfield, Cloke, Milera, Treloar (Hall, Rowe (DPP))

500k in the bank.

Option 1 – McDonald to Priddis.

Option 2 – Be patient.

Wait until Scott Thompson (Adelaide) price crashes in 2 or 3 weeks and pick him up at a bargain and trade Ellis to Rance ASAP.



Maybe even McDonald out for Priddis

and you foward line is beast btw!


Cheers mate.

Do you think Priddis would be better than Scott Thompson in the long run though?

Adelaide had got an easy run.


Mcdonald to priddis at his price for sure 464k bargain!!

If sam shaw plays round 12 then downgrade from guthrie and upgrade hargrave to birchall or similar DEF prem.

for round 13 trade Giles to sandiland and Milera to M Johnson who will give you DPP with smedts.

Now your team looks awesome!

from there on in move johnson down to defense and smedts up to fwd bench. move Hale into FWD 7 position and look at upgrading Redden or longer to your 2nd lock ruck!! you now have hale as a back up ruck in case of injury…

You will dominate!!


Round 11:

Smith, D —-> Williams, M, Sumner, L, Stevens, K

Rance, A —-> Shaw, R

Jones, L —> Franklin, L

((Pendlebury, S —-> Kennedy, JP, Sloane, R))


Round 12:

Sewell, B —> Pridis, M, Hayes, L


Round 13: ????

Not sure if i should do Sewell —> Priddis in round 11

plz help ;P


no. priddis has the bye


Hey all, I'm in a bit of a pickle. I have 5 forwards out this week, and three mids (inc. Swan, who I assume will be rested) Considering upgrading devon smith to either chappy or stevie j, but with geelong having the bye next week, I am undecided. I have a weak opponent this week, but they have few outs, so are a real chance if I have 5 in the forward line alone (including bench) Scotland is adding fuel to the fire, although I can cover him if spurr plays (unlikely…)


Dylan, you are screwed this week. forget it. think long term as the season is long…

though D smith is cooked and matured there abouts so trade in view of who ever fits your team strategically till the end… cloke could be a good gamble if pays off… Chapman is hit form, consistent and has DPP which is a bonus.. Johnson from Freo good POD and has also been consistent, he is also dpp.

hope that helps.


My Esky…..

so what to do about Malceseki… ventually he is a an upgrade target out of my team to pull in a prem defender.

I also have Lids, Goddard, Scotland, Waters, M. Johnson, Dempsey, Ellis and Wilkes.

I would only like to spend 100kish on the upgrade, so who do I pick. (and i'm thinking who has the best run home and come finals time. (target shaw later..)

Here are the contenders:

Birchall, Rance, Chaplin, S thompson, Broughton, Hurn, adcock or enright….

cast your vote punters!

Jock, what do you think? who would you go?

cheers mate.


have been reading a while, helps with school league.


BACKS – Deledio, Goddard, Waters, Broughton, Clarke, Scotland, Dempsey, (Ellis,S.Shaw)

MIDS- Watson, Rockcliff, Barlow, Hayes, Okeefe, Horsley,(McDonald ,C.Smith)

RUCKS – Giles, Cox,(Big O,Redden)

FWDS -Franklin, Dangerfield, Chapman, Zaharkas, Martin, Sidebottom, Power (Hall,Smedts),

looking at Priddis, Ablett, Pendle through and after the bye rds. Any other ideas to improve team?


Ok everybody and anybody !! I have climbed back up the rankings inside top 400. Still think i'm a chance for the cash and have been doing some thinking on PENDLEBURY. Trade or Keep ??

I have only one round 13 permimum so his replacement will have to come from a round 13 side to help eliminate donuts.

My shortlist comprises of

1. Nick Del Santo price: $506,400 current average:104

2. Sam Mitchel price: $525,200 current average:109.6

3. Trent Cotchin price: $548,300 current average:111.2

Pendlebury is currently averaging 125 or so and if he wasn't injured during the bye rounds i'd put him on the bench and take my sub score. However as he is going to be out when I have no cover that is 125pts i will lose overall.

There is 13 rounds left, 12 for each player factoring in the bye so if pendles comes back in round 13 with an average 125 he will score 1375pts .. if I average that over 12 rounds the player that I bring in will have to average 114.6 (1375/12) for the rest of the year to match pendlebury and would have to average more than that to make it worth while.

BIG QUESTION: Is there any player on that watchlist that we think are capable of average 115+ over the rest of the year. Richmonds draw really opens up now and I have a good feeling about Cotchin. Mitchell has averaged that before, as had DelSanto


Other option, trade Pendels to Priddis and use the extra $ to upgrade another position.


Thanks Mick, but I have the cash to upgrade horsely to Priddis for round 12 – if I do that now I still cop an extra round 11 donunt which doesn't help my overall score

Sam Winter

I'd go Mitchell.


I'd go Mitchell – superstar!


Same conundrum MJ, I was doing nicely had it all worked out for my midfield byes and the then the Sherrin Gods decided to challenge me , my answer after blood sweat & tears was go for a hard ball player who would play bloodied, sweat his ring out and cry over a missed oppertunity so I went with it and the only player I have confidence in to do all three given the bye delema I came up with excluding the bye players mentioned in your question I think you have to go with Cotchin (superstar) or a StKilda mid because of the easy draw after the bye

Hope this helps

jimbo drouid

guys, what do you think I should do about pendlebury kreuzer and h shaw in light of the bye.

I think pendles will be out for more than 2 weeks personally so I am trading to Watson I think.

12th in my cash league so I need to make some moves.



Get on Maric if you can afford it. If you're desperate, Shaw – Waters and Pendels – best you can afford. Or Priddis, who is good value.


This week I have set myself up to get destroyed in round 12 – as planned. Pendels going out, and Zorko being a must-have threw a bit of a spanner in the works, but oh well.


Lake -> R Shaw

D Smith -> Sidebum

James Mac -> Cloke

Leaves me with $250k in the bank to upgrade Mohr next week to Waters. 8 trades left, but team is nearly set.

Deledio – Goddard – Broughton – Mohr

Heppel – Dempsey – Shaw (C Delaney, Darley)

Ablett – Stanton – Watson

Pendelbury – Horsley – Stringer (S Selwood, Dangerfield)

Sidebum – Chapman – Tippett – Cloke

Zaharakis – Pavlich – Pfeiffer (Dickson, Zorko)


You may want to hold off another week on the Waters trade …. the bugger got suspended


Ah cheers.

Might do Hors for Priddis then. Not really any other decent backs around…


Can I do this trade somehow??

At the moment i Have:

Def: Smedts (FWD / MID)

Mid: Magner (FWD)

Fwd: Trelor (FWD / MID)

& I want R Shaw.

Can I somehow trade Magner to R Shaw by swapping Trelor to Mid, Smedts to FWD & Shaw to Def?

Cant work it out – (IN DT)



I meant Sam Shaw – But some problem.

I got

DPP (MID/DEF) but only in my back line

DPP (MID / FWD) in Mid & Fwd Line

Plus Smedts is currently in my back line


wow i farked it…

Smedts id Def/Mid & Magner is Mid only _ SORRY ABOUT FLOOD πŸ™‚


No you can't do it.


Sorry saw your last post just now. Trade out Magner, sub in your Def/Mid, Get Shaw

Sam Winter

Who do I bring in for Scotland. Here's who i'm looking at H.Shaw, Birchall, Guerra, Suckling, Adcock and Burgoyne.

I'm also upgrading Devon Smith into either O'Keefe, N.Riewoldt or Pavlich. Who for?

Thank you.


Pavlich has been consistent but not consistently good. I'd go roo


Shaw for Mine and N. Roo Fwd