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Post Round 9 AFL Supercoach & DT Podcast

Published by Jock on

Supercoach Crumpet Gday everyone! Hope you all had a ripper of a weekend and that you got through this tricky Supercoach round on top of your opponent.

Most of the big guns had a bit of a bludge week this round so lower scores were the order of the week. We saw quietish games from most of the heavy Captain artillery. Ablett, Pendles, Scotty Thompson and Jobe “Voice of Tim” Watson all scored pretty low Supercoach and Dreamteam numbers.

Higgo, Crouching and I have a good old chat about the upcoming byes this week and we take you through the real value selections heading into round 10. It’ll be the last round where we aren’t buggered around by byes so its a real big one.

Must congratulate Higgo – just the 3rd week in for his new Supercoach Punting Machine and he has nailed 6 out of 6 line bets. How this man struggles for crumpet I’ll never understand.

Enjoy the show folks,

Jock Reynolds

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Jock the rookies with decent job security are drying up? What do we think about Darley? Looking forward to your cattle market old boy


I'm looking at him also….

Reckon some of the regular kids will need a rest and Kennedy is looking spent as far as a cash cow option goes…

Such Is Life

Love your work fellas, but Steve Johnson is only a forward, not a swingman.


Sidebottom is the new "Swanny" loving it chief!!!


Will a players "break even" score be effected after the bye rounds?


TheNudger, if i'm reading your question correctly the answer is the players break evens are NOT effected by the bye rounds any differently to non-bye rounds.

Players breack even is calculated over their last two rounds of scoring. So for example a player who has a bye in round 11 will have his breack even calculated for round 12 from his previous two games from rounds 9 and 10. His round 13 braekeven will be calculated from rounds 10 and 12. Hope this makes sense for you


Yeas that does make sense, thanks MJ!


How do you work out a players breakeven? And is there a site that has players breakevens without paying for a digital pass?


fanfooty is fantastic hit it up!


divide the players price by 5450 then subtract their previous two round scores and this will give you their breakeven

simple really


Just the same as when a player doesn't play in a normal round. Nothing changes.

Jayden Camm

Good to hear Higgo keeping a lid on it. What do you think about Bob Murphy? He's down to 400k. All Australian, can kick a football. Going cheap, get around him.


Jayden Camm

Though maybe wait until round 12 after the bye.


Looking to get another premium defender in this week guys. I am looking strongly in the direction of Waters from WCE. What's our throughts, is he the real deal or will the points dry up. Looking at his fancy scores over other seasons he has come nowhere close to his current average. However with a breakeven of 37 it could be now or never in getting him in. Really interested to hear some options ??

If I do get Waters in I still have enough cash for a forward upgrade too. Is Nick Revolt the reall deal again or do we see his points drying up too ??


The main reason Waters average hasn't been near his current form is because he's always been tainted by injury. If Beau Waters was injury free most of his career he'd probably be classed as one of the best players in the AFL. He always goes hard to win his own footy so I don't see him dropping form unless struck by injury.


Sorry another question for anybody who has an opinion. I already have Pendlebury and Sidebum .. I am already taking my hit during the round 12 bye but is adding beams to that bunch too many from collingwood ??? Again if its not this week then the ship may sail without me

disco Stu

Just thinking(or typing) out aloud here, but my bye strategy is to not take into consideration ANY bye nonsense when trading in premiums. Everyone will cop doughnuts, forget worrying. Just think, " I want the best team I can get".

In my humble opinion, get on The Beamer while you can.

P.s Well done on you collect MJ and well done on your input on this site ….. I always read your comments!



Everyone is going to be in the same position through the byes…if you can get Beams…He, Sidebottom and Dangerfield most exciting prospects atm…

Get on and enjoy the ride….



Is it time to off load porplyzia boys? Dangerousfield or Chapman ? Anyone


Danger Danger Danger


Also does anyone have Jordan Lewis . Bit of a let down this week . ?

big fella

got him couple weeks back, kick in the nuts ay mate!


What to do with Ellis??

his green vests and consequential price drop, is he worth keeping or get rid of him now?


Say goodbye to the Green/Red vested man Ellis…..

Im glad I kept Morris, better job security.


The 2 drops out of his rolling ave after the next round. I'm keeping for now.


pavlich, okeefe or beams for porplezia?????


Is it worth burning a trade so soon … Porpaz may have a few games left in him to reach maximum $$$ (as per my comment below).


depends on your position $$$ wise. i brought in o'keefe last week at a very good price. he and pavlich are much more affordable – but in saying that, beams is in sensational form as well and will be a reliable high scorer. horses for courses benny boy!


thoughts for cloke out, in didak?


Thats a gamble, mate.

Tommy Hawkins has projected scores of 100+ over the next 3 weeks (with a bye in a fortnight) and playing GWS next week….


agreed, a definite gamble.

didak isn't as consistent as he used to be, so no guarantee you'll be any better off. cloke is in the same boat – you don't know what you're gunna get.


Tomahawk will be rested this week after having surgery…


What do people think about Robinson?

Compared to: Okeefe, Chaps etc?

Okeefe is the bargin buy still…Robinson? overated??

(byes aside)


What is going on with the HMac? Held onto him in the hope that he will be back to dominate however it is killing me with my third and fourth ruck options being Redden and the Big O! Do I keep him???


I got the same problem! Plus Toddy Goldstein has been playing well, absolutely tore it up on Sunday.. So where will HMac slide back in? If its not the ruck he isnt really worth holding.. Any thoughts?


Up and coming downgrade options that will play, thats my question for ya Jock….ps Your a bloody ripper for making this site mate, I rkn I owe ya at least half a dozen!


what do you reckon about Bootsma, not much job security i think. Is Darley a better trade down option?



Thinking of moving out either Morris or Ellis.

Ellis has a BE of around 35 with an avg of around 50.

Morris has a BE of 71 with an avg of 60.

Surely Morris is at his prime right now and time to offload him – he may have greater job security than Ellis but unless you are going to hold him all season it would be time to offload.

Thoughts on offloading Morris for Corey Enright??

Any thoughts on the Big Propaz? BE of 66 Avg around 75. Getting to the end of his cycle and nearly ripe enough to trade out. Am thinking it would be worth to hold off until after the bye rounds.

All thoughts welcome.


It really depends on the JS of your other backline players going into the byes. Morris has good JS while Ellis has been getting subbed lately. Do you want to risk Ellis on field during the byes? I'm not sure if I want to.


TomaHawk out for Round 10 (GWS clash).

Reports say he should return for the match against Carlton (Round 11).

Not a good sign for me with him in my FWD line.