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The Supercoach & DT Cattle Market Round 8

Published by Jock on

Reflecting on Supercoach Bargans in 2012

Gday Supercoach and Dreamteamers!

Hope you’ve enjoyed this weeks YouTube Video and the weekly Jock Reynolds Podcast. Bloody rapt with the interaction that Higgo, Crouching and I have with you all here on the site, on facebook and on the Twitter. Keep helping your mates.. keep pumping out your opinions… let’s keep giving each other a leg up. Mark my words.. one of us will take the prize folks. Mark my words.

Here is my list of bargains this week kids.. spent a real long time looking at the midfielders and the dual position players this week. I know a lot of you have real problems with Marc Murphy and Dane Swan this week so hope this helps.

Bit of house keeping. If you can spare a few minutes have a squizz at our iTunes podcast page << click here. If you listen in every week we’d love it if you could leave a review on the iTunes site for us. Would really love the feedback folks.

All the best this weekend,

Jock Reynolds


avg BE Price Jocks Call
Rhyce Shaw SYD 47 56 $258,200 Has played all bar the 1st game this season with a highest score of 60 last weekend. Has dropped a massive $157K this season to date. Will increase output but a high risk low reward selection. One for the dice rollers out there.
S Burgoyne (MID) HAW 80 87 $391,700 Has the potential for premium scoring but the question mark is his ability to reach his best in his old age. Might be worth a thought if you whack him into your midfield to open up a Midfield/Defence link.
Paul Duffield FRE 95 48 $462,000 Duff Gardens is hitting form with 130 and 105 in his last couple. Very capable of averaging 100+ for the rest of this season.
Heath Scotland  (MID) CAR 103 103 $522,900 Is very well priced at the moment folks. Also worth thinking about if you’d like to have him in your midfield to open up a mid/def link. This will be worth its weight in gold leading into the byes let me tell ya.
Heath Shaw COL 110 69 $562,100 Goin nuts with 120, 142 and 133 in the last 3 weeks. Still well priced and one you’ll want to get into your team quick smart if he keeps these antics up.


avg BE Price Jocks Call
Nick Dal Santo STK 104 87 $481,900 Ahhh Nicky Dal. Love ya mate. Proven Supercoach guru over many years. Now is the time to grab him before he finds form and rises in price again. My pick of the round. Get.
Sam Mitchell HAW 109 104 $521,700 If you snagged him last week you’d be happy – still plenty of value here. Have that feeling in the waters that he is about to really kick into gear.
Trent Cotchin RIC 112 82 $528,200 Is just 17K more expensive than he was at the beginning of the year but has proven so much to the community since then. Taggers will not bother him moving forward. A superstar being born and about to score like it
Tom Rockliff BRL 115 111 $559,200 A bona fide premium who has dropped nicely in price. Has scored 140+ 4 times this season but has become affordable after a few off games. Consider… a point of difference with some serious upside.
Matthew Boyd WBD 115 75 $570,800 Quality bloke. Quality player. Quality scorer. Consider.
Jobe Watson ESS 122 110 $604,000 Half a chance he’ll be rested over the next month or so. Be wary. However, averaging a massive 122 and priced pretty well considering his form.


avg BE Price Jocks Call
Josh Jenkins ADE 88 107 $113,200 Big boof of a lad. Quick, skilful and a real find for the Crows is this big 23 year old. About to fair dinkum shoot up in price coming into his 3rd game. Cash cow.
Ivan Maric RIC 106 65 $524,700 What more is there to say about big Ivan? No one’s laughing at the big fellas magnificent mullet now. Nah they are actually. Gun and a serious consideration if you need a quality R1


avg BE Price Jocks Call
Dayne Zorko(MID) COL 58 -47 $113,200 Cranked out a sensational 100 on the weekend so don’t be scared off by the low sub affected average. Was the talk of the preseason before he picked up an injury.  A real good option as a downgrade in your midfield if it opens up a dual position set for you.
Ryan O’Keefe(MID) SYD 82 62 $460,000 Has averaged 100+ over the last 5 or 6 years and the smoke signal went up last weekend when he scored 130. Sensational value at this price and a real real option.
Patty Dangerfield (MID) ADE 114 71 $560,600 Think you’ve missed the train on Danger if you haven’t picked him yet. Break even is still low but my feeling is that he has played out of his skin a tad over the last 3 weeks. Still a real option especially with his mid/fwd link.
Sidebottom (MID) COL 112 86 $576,400 Like Danger you probably would have liked to have him by now. Also like Danger feel that there is probably now better value for similar results elsewhere this week.


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Jock, O'Keefe, Scotland or Mitchell for MID?


do you think lee spurr will play this week??:)


also should i get cloke out of my team??


I know sideways trades aren't great, but how about Watson for Ablett? Lose 100k but gain +30-+50 (with the C) guaranteed every week?


you would be better off finding another way of getting ablett (through cash cows, etc) because trades are precious and you cant afford to waste them on sideways trades (unless injury) and watson is playing gws this week and should score massive.


Murphy for Pendels & Martin for Danger?

Good or bad idea? Leaves only $12k but both will score higher.


Mitchell & Dal Santo- do you reckon they will come good? Which one would you bring on for Murphy?


Jock do ya think its worth getting rid of ledger in the mid and getting Zorko? I obviously wont make any money but it will give me a DPP link to the fwd line and a full playing bench for the byes. I've got 15 trades left…


could be ideal considering that the bye rounds are coming up and you will want all your bench players to be playing, because every player on the bench that is not getting games is just an extra donut!


Shaw or Scotland?

Dons diehard

I've got both and If I were picking again I'd go shaw. More consistent high scores


Murphy for zorko an Ellis for duffield?? Worth a look community members??


Risky, but like it. Are you happy to lock Duffield in for run home?



Should I trade in Stanton or Cotchin?


if you feel the cash savings will give you 20+ points elsewhere id go cotchin. I went Cotchin and will use the cash to upgrade hargrave or similar to a more premo backman


Hey you lot! How are you this fine evening? Tonight was colder inside my house than it was outside… Bloody nice night for it!

Going to axe Redden or Stephenson for JJ Jenkins, who will play more? Both popular picks at the start of the season, but simply not firing.

Also going to reverse my Murphy- sidebum trade, and get Zorko in instead. Going to be cashed up for upgrading later!


Axed Redden, he is worth more and I reckon he'll be lucky to get a game once Lobbe comes back (which might be soon, he is doing well apparently).

13 trades remaining, a million in the bank, and looking good for byes. NOW it is time for hibernation mode…


hey guys,

so here is my situation, this my first year of supercoach action and as a rookie of this great game, i have made a few amateur mistakes this year, leaving me with just 11 trades. recently, my team has taken off and last round i scored 2564 after a couple of 2300+ scores in previous rounds and i finished 442nd for the round and 3268th overall. my current team is

def – goddard, scotland, deledio, lake, clarke, ellis, spurr (morris, smedts)

mid – ablett, pendlebury, stanton, j kennedy, s thompson, ebert (shiel, horsley)

ruc – maric, giles (redden, stephenson)

fwd – franklin, cloke, hawkins, dangerfield, sidebum, porplyzia, treloar (milera, a kennedy)

this week, im thinking of trading in zorko for shiel and jenkins for redden, leaving me with 454k in the bank and getting a premium defender and premium forward next week. this would leave me with 7 trades and a set team that shouldnt require much maintainance for the rest of the season, barring injuries. would appreciate any thoughts/comments from the community


G'day Billy,

Great team for a first up method, mate.

A few things I can give you some advice on…

If you must get Zorko in, trade out A Kennedy, as Shiel as a little more upside to him. Either way, no point burning trades by bringing in both Zorko and Kennedy and having to trade a in premium next week….which would bring you down to 8 trades even before the byes pull your team apart.

I'd be going Zorko in, for A Kennedy and Ellis out for Golby perhaps believe it or not….Teddy Richards check out these stats and projections $391,700 -$19,500 (-$21,600)


8 games

76 last score

660 total score

82 Break Even

82.5 Avg Score

98 Proj Rd 9

76 Proj Rd 10

86 Proj Rd 11

70 Proj Rd 12

77 Proj last 3 Rd avg 77

Healthy numbers and saves you a trade….

If you had 15-17 trades up your sleeve…grab all the cash cows, 11 trades left….conserve or perish by Rd 18.

Hope this advice helps


That should've been 'no point burning 2 trades to bring in Zorko and Jenkins….'


Great stuff vinnie.. It's fellas like you that keep this community ticking along. Absolutely lovin your input mate


Thanks Jock…happy to follow in your footsteps, old son.

Dons diehard

Where do you get the projected score data??


I paid $20 for that assistant coach function or Supercoach gold I think they call it. Lasts all season and for under a $1 a round, its good value.

It's proven an invaluable tool so far in conjunction with Jock's advice to get a bit more of an insight before I hit the trigger and use a trade.

Kinda like owning an electronic copy of an AFL prospectus or almanac.


thanks for the help everyone, i appreciate it


Hi Billy,

Your trades are paramount to get thru to the end of the season because you only have 11 left. I would be trading out Kennedy and substituting Smedts from the back line. It wouuld appear that you have just around $200,000 cash on hand so I would be trading in a round 11 defender say a Robert Murphy, Hargrave, Adcock…………. By doing this you will have used only one trade, got a mid priced defender possibly ending up as D7 and secured a second round 11 bye defender who will play during the bye rounds.

You just have to pray that Stephenson plays rounds 11 and 13.


nicely done, depends on your goals- overall success or league success, sounds good but there is still a long way to go, you want to have 3-4 trades left going into the finals, who knows what will happen over the next 9-10 weeks, trades in the bank are gold at the end of the year!!


need to upgrade for murphy? contemplating between nicky dal and mitchell, leaning towards nicky dal..


Micky Dal is sensational value this week mate I'd snag him


cheers old son, he's been getting tagged every week and still averaging 100, have to admire that!

ben gruda

Gday Jock!

I've got a problem this week I don't know what to do,

Can you please help me out with the folloing.

I'm vsing top of the table & really want to win.

I'm going to sell swan & the following names is who I want to trade him for, Judd, Cotchin, Thompson, Boyd.

Also once I do that would you upgrade Porplyzia to the following,

Tippet, O'keefe, Crameri, Hurley, Petrie, N.Reiwolt.

Cheers man appreciate it & keep up the good work !!!!!

Benjamin 😀


G'day there son! Reckon Cotchin and OKeefe are your best value picks this week mate


Hey Boy's

Anyone know what is going on with McDonald from gas no injury news but ain't playing and can't find anything out

Cheers lads!


he should be playing this weekend rumours sheedy gonna make up to 7 changes


hes got gas


He's not the only one…Go J mac…hope that gas propels you to a few more 100's….then i can trade you out for a more reliable reserve 🙂

eeee iiiiii eeeee iiii ohhhhhhhhhhhhh


Hey there!

Iv got to get Murphy out this week..

Dal Santo seems the obvious choice, but the other I'm considering is Priddis. Thoughts? Which would you go for?

big fella

Priddas has a huge b/e moit wiill only drop more




If you can bench cover murphy and wait till after the bye round, i think priddis is an absolute bargain getting lots of ball from Nic nat and Cox…


* gws sorry

big fella

Fellas, get around me.

I have 15 trades and all my rookies are set to rise except ellis. Worth burning a trade to get him out? and who for? Also have the big spud in folau toasting on my bench, worth snagging zorko for him? Honsetly think im gunna sit this week but am worried about good rookie cash cows drying up soon. thoughts?


I don't see why you shouldn't trade out Folau and get Zorko in, for the cash and the points potential. You have 15 trades which is ok at this point. But I would hang on to Ellis. He's had the vest etc. which has stuffed him up a bit but he also scored 83 v. Geelong and 72 v Port earlier this year, nothing wrong with that on your bench. I am keeping him until after R12 then trading him. Hopefully he gets several +100 scores between now and then…

big fella

although fellas i am undefeated in my league… so its a real question of trades vs cash. far out im a spud for getting izzy lol.

big fella

hit the trade button! now wbat ya reckon about smith pfeiffer zorko milera and kenedy. 2 of those are gunna hit my field this week. thinking pfeiffer and zorko at this stage.


Here's One for you intelligent Folks out there. I have Jackson Paine sitting on the pine stinking the place out since round 4. I was initially going to Trade Magner for Zorko in my mids but I'm thinking with byes etc I might be better off trading Paine for Zorko.

It feels like a bit of a wasted trade (not making any cash) and I've only 13 left with Murphy to replace also.

Any thoughts on my dilemma?

My team is:

DEF-Deledio, Goddard , Scotland , Clarke, Shaw,Mohr,Dempsey, Bugg, Tomlinson,

MID-Pendlebury, Boyd, Selwood, Murphy Parker Magner, priddis, kennedy

RUC-Giles, Kreuzer, longer, stephenson

FWD-Dangerfield, Sidebottom, Franklin, Martin,Stanley, Adams, smith, smdedts, paine


I have Tomlinson and Smedts as a DEF-FWD swing set, similar to your Tomlinson-Paine set. They have saved my arse twice this season just by being there and letting me swap players around to cover injuries and avoid donuts. They don't score much and they don't rise in price, but they have their uses.

jimbo drouid

ocleirigh, you might need to sit on Paine another week cause you also have stanley in your forward line. he's out for a month I believe.

maybe just go stanley to zorko?


hey there jock,

thinking of getting jenkins in, who should go- mcintosh, kruezer or giles?


You're in a bit of a pickle here…

McIntosh should return next weekend by all reports.

Giles is a gun and likely to get Hooker this week meaning he'll score well again with Fletcher being out and not being able to assist the way he does

Kruezer is more likely to have a massive game against Melbourne this week playing as a foward with Warnock named in the ruck.


Carlton will be playing in the wet so that could hurt Kruezer…plus Warnock is in, as well as the overrated Hampson.

Collingwood have a good record against Adelaide at AS and their defence is in pretty good nick at the minute, meaning Jenkins being used as a forward moreso than ruck could see his output drop

Hank is still out for this weekend…

Personally, I'm going to pass on Jenkins as purely a cash cow and sticking with the Zorko hype

Based on that, Hank looks the most viable candidate to trade out.


Hey guys. First year of supercoach and loving it. (Also loosing a bit of hair from it too!!)

Want to try and do a double trade to get Ablett. Trade Jacobs for Jenkins and Maybe get rid off Ellis and move Scotland to the back line? have $194k in the bank.

DEF- Deledio, Goddard, Clarke, Bugg, Lake, Broughton, Ellis, Thomlinson, Boumann

MID- Stanton, Selwood, Scotland, Pendles, COniglio, Mcdonald, Stringer, C. Smith

RUC- Cox, Giles, Jacobs, Stephenson

FWD- Martin, Lewis, Franklin, Johnson, Adams, Pffifer, Smedts, Zorko

Any ideas guys. Ive been very unlucky in a few of my leagues and getting beaten so really need to try and bulk up the team!



Have had a peek at your situation and I think you should bid Bugg farewell for either Spurr (GWS)or Darley (GC)

Then hold….

As much as you want Ablett, your likely upgrade targets being Rabbit (Coniglio) or McDonald will still increase in price….with measly break evens of 19 and -17 respectively and you stand to gain almost $80K from them both meaning you'll have your $194K, plus $$172K from the Bugg downgrade this week, plus another $40K from the above cash cows available to you next weekend (assuming you'll sell one of them.

Then you can burn your 2 trades next week by evicting old McDonald from his farm for a young'n and upgrading Rabbit to Ablett


Leave things as they are for another week and hope the Cash cows mature a little more and Spurr doesn't increase in value too much as a downgrade option.

Moving Scotland to the backline breaks your DEF/MID swingers party..

If it were me….Bugg to Spurr then hold for a week.

Incidentally, Ablett still isn't cherry ripe and could drop below $700K for the first time since his opening price…


Also what are Jenkins chances of getting a few games this season???


Hey Jock and co, with Murphy and Stanley picking up injuries, I decided they both had to go. I brought in Zorko for Stanley, and Boyd for Murphy. After reading this, Dal Santo seems like a good pick, but considering I've got a fair few in the mids with a Rd13 bye, I thought Boyd was the best bet. Right call? Any thoughts?


Every year I look at Boyd. Boring Boyd, I call him. He's consistent, durable, dependable. I always think he's going to crap out, or be brought down by the Dogs' losing record, or a hard tag, but he always delivers. He's Boring Boyd in the best way possible, and I love him.


I brought in Boyd a few weeks back and haven't regretted it. Mr. Reliable.


gday jock and community!

option 1: Rhys Stanley –> Zorko and holding onto murphy and waiting for Abletts price to drop a bit, as i cannot afford him this week (horlsey on my bench)

option 2 Rhys Stanley –> Zorko and getting Scott Thompson for murphy leaving me with no $$$

option 3: Marc Murphy —> Zorko and Rhys Stanley to Premium DEF (ihave 630k)



Geez, complicated one. For mine, Scott Thompson is a total, utter, and complete LOCK. He's smacking it this year, can't go wrong.


Agree. Thompson is a gun.



-goddard waters clarke hargrave dempsey ellis morris (smedts tomlinson)

and my MID is

– Stanton Pendlebury kennedy J.Selwood Priddis Murphy (Horsley Ledger)

as you can tell my defence is quite weak with only two premiums


Hey Jock,

Which trades- Murphy to Pendles and Milera to Zorko OR Murphy to Nicky Dal and Milera to O'keefe?



Who would you choose: D.Martin or R. O'Keefe this week?


Martin has been a disappointment this year.

R.O'K seems to warming into some nice form.


Hey Jock and Co.

1. I've gone Bugg to Zorko (swinging Smedt from fwd to back), to cash in.

2. I've got the option of bringing in Scotland for a back/mid swing for

D.Smith or Old Mac.

Would it be better to hold off another week on this one? Those two still have a low break even.

Alternatively I could bring in R.O'K, as another fwd/mid swing.

Same deal as above though, think it might be better to hold off for this week on the second trade.

Any thoughts?


Fellas who would you start in the backline out of B Ellis, S Darley or L Spurr?


I've got Ellis and Spurr, not Darley.

Ellis has burned me too many times, so I'm going with Spurr. It's a risk, but hopefully it pays off. This will more than likely be the week Ellis comes out and kills it.

Am I right in saying that Darley has only played one game? Is he a chance for the vest?


Ellis is the only one of those 3 with a green light to play this week so I'd be going with him.


Yeah go Ellis, he's starting on field. So bloody quick he will probly get rioli


Yep, for all the reasons outlined above, have to reassess my original call.

Going with Ellis.

That's what the community is for hey?

Thanks fellas.

squalidly pristine

hey jock,

thinking about trading hayes DOWN to dal santo.

the extra cash will help me upgrade james mcdonald to ablett next week as that 6th premium midfielder.


it is risky but im needing to take a risk

squalidly pristine

good point lenny is a gun and its not worth the trade. if i dont have the money next week there will always be a bubble boy to generate cash. gonna need trades to cover injuries.

thanks jock


heys guy who to get out of stanton, watson ,j selwood, s thompson?


Flip a coin there, all of them are playing strong footy and won't be tested by the nasty weather heading over Vic this weekend.

Reckon Stanton or Watson might back off a little this weekend after fighting so hard for the win last weekend.


Anyone know whats happened to Aaron Hall GCS??


He's on the interchange bench this week.


He's named as an emergency.


Brought in Ablett for Murphy and Jenkins for Redden, which while a sideways trade will hopefully cover me come bye rounds. Plus it'll make it even more fun to yell JJJJEEEENNNNKKKIIINNNSSSS at the TV when he does something good.




Haha, exactly right, Nateo.


Swan to Dal Santo?

Think its the only trade ill be doing.

Can afford Ablett but its hard to pass up Dal Santo at that price.


Yeah but what about the risk? Dal Santo is a stinking turd so far this year, whilst Ablett has been performing at Ablett-esque levels. The bet you're talking about is that Dal Santo suddenly starts performing much, much better, or that Ablett starts performing worse. Your call.


As still averaged a 100 points though. Dont think thats that bad.

Swan for Dal Santo leaves me with 13 trades and $464,600.


Ablett without question.


hey jock mate,

what are your thoughts on Tommy Walsh in terms of job security, tempting to trade him in for Stanley and keep the cash, not too keen on O'Keefe as an upgrade…

thoughts on this and any other suggestions?


Walsh is a key position forward. C/f Hawkins, Johnson, Cloke for consistency comparisions.


I think watch him for another week perhaps and see how he goes over the 2nd week.


J.Selwood, Thompson or Watson??


With those three I reckon it's even steven until you consider your byes structure, which might make a difference to you, I don't know.

I have Selwood and Thompson, and I'd buy Watson too if I wasn't scared about Watson's fitness. He has hamstrings and last year one of them went ping around about now. Ess have Giants (he's been named), Melbourne, Sydney, then a bye. I'll buy Jock a beer if Watson isn't rested for the Melbourne game, meaning that if you buy him now he's on the bench 2 games out of four.

Admittedly paranoid about Watson's hamstrings. Could be wrong. Me, I can't buy him until after R12.


I would go with Thompson purely because of the draw Adelaide have and his potential for generating points all season.


Ok, would love it if someone could help me. This week I've brought in Dangerfield for Swan to be a DPP with Sidebottom. This will be invaluable to me in round 11 where it will limit me to one donut overall barring injury etc.

In round 13, I want to bring in a couple of premiums to pretty much finish my team so I need to generate some cash. Do I 1) start some downgrades of rookies such as Magner, Kennedy with an option like Zorko this week or perhaps Walsh next week? Or 2) hold the trades and see how much further my current cows moo? Note: Jenkins doesn't fit my bye strategy at all so he's not an option.

Thanks 🙂


I'm sure everyone knows the change of heart feeling when u just can't convince urself to take a risk so I have gone Murphy to Rockliff and Milera to Zorko.

Thought?? Should I have gone Murphy to Zorko and made the cash??


I think your first option sounds fine. Of course it depends on how many trades you have left and your current line up.


I have 14 trades left an wanted to downgrade Murphy for Zorko and upgrade Ellis for duffield. Then changed and decided I'd go murph to Rock an Milera to Zorko. Make money or stabilize my mids? I like

Both options for both reasons hahah


I would stabilize at this point. Give Ellis another few weeks. Hopefully he gets to play and make some more cash for you.


Good joint I think I was just sucked into the vest affected games. Ur a good head rbat!! All the best for the season. Where u sitting?


20,185 – unfortunately nowhere of importance in terms of the big cash prize! Am 1st in both of my leagues as of last week. I think it hurts my work league the most because I'm the only girl LOL.


I'm thinking next week of maybe trading Ebert down to Priddis. Statistically Ebert looks the better bet and will be more expensive but Priddes may be a better bet for the run in.

Any thoughts?


I would hold Ebert, to me that is trading sideways. Ebert has also got a better average 102.5 compared to 90.6 in a very poor performing side. That isn't going to change much LOL and he will get a lot of points.


Thanks for that I'll hold the trades.

Priddis will be about 460k next week and I think I'm getting a bit addicted to the trade button.


Yeah it is hard to resist sometimes. Ebert is also playing GC this week so sure to do well I think.

Marky mark

Hey jock

Question to all, what's Jenkins job security like I'm finding it hard to decide..

Any other rookies/ bargains to consider ( have had Zorko since day one)

Any comments greatly appreciated!!


Seen him play up close and think he's a ripper!!! Wonder what the Slipper thinks?

Marky mark

So worth a punt… Will only make about 60k off redden

Another question, who to get for Murphy have 800k in the bank

Already have GAJ, Thompson, boyd, McDonald, hoarsely, magner,


Jenkins should keep getting games as long as he can keep up a decent level of play. Remember, even though he's 23, he hasn't been playing footy all that long and is still developing. Sanderson indicated that he wants to continue with a 3 talls approach, however I'd rate McKernans ruck work slightly above Jenkin's, so that may play a factor as the point of 3 talls is so Tippet doesn't need to come to the middle to ruck. I'd probably rate it a 50/50 proposition on him playing every game for the rest of the year, but he should certainly get a few more barring injury.

I traded him in this week, so I'm hoping he gets some games.

Marky mark

Cool thanks, guess he is doing more then reddan so got to be a better option..


Yea, I'm not quite sure why Port has seemingly exilled Redden. I know he's had some fitness issues, so that may play a part in it, but it's not like Renouf has set the world on fire. Port have Stewart back this week and last years flavour Matt Lobbe in the SANFL also, so I'm not sure if Redden will make another appearance this year.

Marky mark

Thanks for that info… Think it's time for reddan to bite the dust…


Hi Jock and Everyone. What do we think Zorko will do medium term? I've been burnt thinking Smedts and J Crisp were going to earn good $$ but no good.. Dont want to burn another trade for a similar result. Any thoughts would appreciated guys.

Marky mark

If he puts in another good performance in this week I think he will go close to cementing his spot, very good pressure player and tackles..

Got a feeling voss the boss likes him

Playing north this week could be in store for a good solid game!!!


Hope so.. leaning towards the trade..

By the way.. how is the Funk Bunch these days? 🙂

Marky mark

The Bunch is going well… Atleast I am, movie star, producer… I'm all over it

Might help the boys out and see if they want to reform… Higgo are you interested could help you with the search for the elusive crumpet…


Hi, Can someone plays clarify for me the finals format in Dreamteam? Do top 4 have a second chance like in the AFL finals ?


Jobe Watson "half a chance to be rested over the next month or so" ? Um, no. He is a 100% chance to get rested within the next month or so. I believe this will likely occur in Round 12, when I suspect Essendon will also rest many other of its senior players.


Lee Spurr has been omitted for those considering starting him or having himon your bench.


Hi, looking for some help with my ruck please. I have Sandi, Hale, Giles & Redden. Looking to take advantage of the Jenkins downgrade to make some cash!

So do I trade out Hale or Giles? Both are similar in price so I want to make the decision based on performance & rest of season prospects. So far I feel Giles has had the slight edge over Hale and I'm tempted to keep Giles & trade Hale. But Hale would probably provide the better combo for coverage over the byes. Thoughts?

Marky mark

Yes or no

Murphy- pendlebury

Ellis- shaw

What do people think


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