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Jock’s Round 9 AFL Supercoach & Dreamteam Video

Published by Jock on

Reflecting on the complexities of Supercoach in 2012

Here is this weeks Jock Reynolds Supercoach and Dreamteam video folks.

Now folks one important part that I’ve missed this week is young Joshy Jenkins from Adelaide. A ruckman about to play his 3rd game, is just $113,200 and looks a ripping ruck downgrade option.

Righto. Settle in now and enjoy the show! Now if you are fair dinkum about dominating your Supercoach and Dreamteam competition make sure you listen into our podcast every week – we want to make sure you all go into each round equipped with the best advice possible folks.

Jock Reynolds

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Hay jock,

What are your thoughts of putting deledio in my midfield for Murphy and buying in heathy shaw ???


Murphy out. Cotchin in.

Magner out. Zorko in.

Good call / Bad call?

Leaving me with 12 trades and $219,400 in the coffers.

TEAM VALUE $11,611,900 with an OVERALL RANKING 120,940.

Need to lift!

I've got a lot of new grey hairs this season along with a few heart palpitations.

I'm punting on Cotchin to be good differentiation. I like your comments on that one there Jock Reynolds.


I reckon Cotchin's a great pick. Also really like Foley at this point, probably even more of a smokey than Cotchin



Nice work on the video mate.

Re. Dal Santo, numbers look great and definitely a good option BUT …

1. St Kilda have ruck issues – is Nicky Dal going to struggle to get the ball?

2. St Kilda have some big games coming up – how likely is it that he is going to get tagged??

I am liking a straight swap for Murphy to O'Keefe opens up a new mid/fwd switch for me.


O keefe has been a very juicy option, and jock got the call right this week, tipping him to have a big game against the stuggling saints. Nicky dal will most likely get the tag most weeks, unless Goddard is on fire or the rest of the midfield for.




O’Keefe and Cotchin are both great options. For this one, if you need the swtiching link, O'Keefe is a beaudy.


Hey jock, I have a chance to make my team a 19 premium team with only 3 rookies mate, do you reckon I should burn a couple of traded this week to do it? If I were to do that I would have nearly nothing in my bank though, what do ya reckon?


cheers for the reply jock!


I'm trading Giles for Sandilands this week. I reckon Giles is topping out soon and I reckon Sandilands is about as cheap as he'll get. Helps with my bye structure and my league games too.


Would there be much of a benefit trading giles to sandi in the way of a used trade and an extra 174k? Giles is doing well with a average of near a 100, Only reason i ask is i keep thinking of upgrading giles myself but cant bring myself to doing it as he is scoring well.


Fellas would you rather go shiel for couch and ellis for scotland OR shiel for couch and horse for stanton? (option 2 is slightly better for the bye structure)


Horse should still make a bit of cash. Plus, his average is healthy enough to consider keeping him… Personally, I'm trading him in time for his bye (wink wink)


Moncon seems reasonable if you have the $$$ and enough trades. Still though Giles is averaging around 100 a game, which makes it a kind of a sideways trade in a sense. If there are any leaks in your other lines I might look at that first.


Sitting on 15 trades. Want to bring Zorko in, but unsure who to trade in. Have a few options:

1.Bugg (by swinging Smedt into backline – also have Ellis in backline).

2.Devon Smith in midfeild (also have Clay Smith and J Mac in midfeild).

3.Devon Smith in fwdline (also have Hall in fwd line not getting a game).

First option frees up the most cash and would allow me to bring in either:

Scotland (for Smith) as a def/mid swing set.


R O'K (for Smith) or another mid/fwd swinger


a straight mid such as Mitchell.

(could also hold off on second trade till bye rounds, of course)

What do the three wise men, and the rest of the community reckon?


Of course, the first line should read, 'unsure who to trade out'.


Why not bring in Michael Johnson as a POD? DPP, FWD/DEF making good points, seems guaranteed of a game. Could work as a F5 or D5, and then you could remove Smedts for a riper rookie like Zorko.


Not a bad suggestion, and did consider it last week, but I've already got Pav and Broughton, and brought in Spurr last week, so I think another Docker would be one too many.

Still unsure which way to go.

Sam C

I need advice about my Dreamteam. My current team is as follows:

Def: Deledio, Goddard, Waters, Lake, Bugg, Clarke, Morris, Dempsey, Ellis

Mid: Swan, Ablett, Mitchell, Cotchin, Hayes, Ebert, Horsley, Shiel

Ruck: Cox, Maric, Giles, Redden

Fwd: Dangerfield, Martin, Franklin, Johnson, Porplyzia, Treloar, Adams, Smith, Pffeifer

Spare cash = 133k

I’ve just traded marc Murphy for Ablett, so i have a trade left this week, 16 left in total. I’m averaging 2067 too, so im not exactly doing badly.

I plan on keeping Ebert for one more week against Gold Coast, then upgrading to Scott Thompson. Swan I can keep on the bench. But Mitchell keeps letting me down. Should I upgrade him to stanton next week? Or maybe Hayes instead?

My forward line is not doing great too. Im considering downgrading a GWS player to Zorko, and upgrading Porplyzia to Sidebottom next week. But which ones? I'm also considering trading J Redden for Jenkins, which would give me a spare 40k. But im not convinced on Jenkins' job security. If I wanted to make a bit more cash I could trade Giles for Jenkins…

Hopefully my cash cows will ripen in a couple of weeks so I can downgrade them and use the cash to grab a better defender, forward, and stanton.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


Reckon you've got Treloar in your fwd that should be ready for a downgrading to the Zorkonator.

Sam C

He has a breakeven of 12 though. Taylor Adams is 23, and Devon Smith is 11. Will probably depend on who gets dropped against Essendon.


Dont go Treloar!!!!!

Unless you have your Fwd/Mid swing ability…He gives you extra coverage for the bye rounds if you need it, maybe another Fwd that doesnt have DPP.


There isnt any DEF downgrade options is there?

Need to get rid of Ellis, he's done as a cow.


Sam Darley – might want to wait till he plays his second game though.


Yeah, none on the bubble this week?




Did he ever MOO? I cant get rid of him this week as i traded hall for zorko and greene for ablett i think by the time i get around to trading ellis out ill get what i paid for him :O but then whats the point, Think ill be stuck with him for a while 🙁


Community: I pose you a question: reverse my Murphy-sidebum trade so I can bring in the Zork and JJ Jenkins, only bring in one cash cow, or save my trades? My mid is: deledio, sidebum, j selwood, ablett, horse, Adams, swan and Greene. So either way I have no mid cover, I currently have 14 trades remaining and 533k in the bank.


if you have an easy opponent bring in the cows


My average: 2100, his: 1450. I reckon I'll make more than sidebum will go up by


To the supercoach elite what do u think?

Swan out Boyd in

Murphy out Okeffe in

I've got them both unfortunately.. Sitting 10th on my league ladder just a dismall year 3 wins a draw and 2 losses.. I need some help! What would you do if you had them both?? 13 trades left


Who is in your midfield bench? Is do murphs for okeffe


Mids are Watson, Ablett , Swan, Murphy, masten, magner (piffifer, c smith) What do you reckon about Swan?


I could hold on to Swan as long as he is not out to long.. I've got a few swingers Sidebum, Pav, T adams, Piffifer so I should be able to cover Swanny for awhile?,? And if I get ROK for Murph…….. Oh who knows??? This supercoach is like a drug I'm highly addicted and can't stop thinking about it sending me loopy my fellow supercoaches please help before I'm wearing my undies on the outside continusally rocking repeating where's murph gone where's murph gone!


Too late for me mate


A draw?!? What are the odds?


what to do with rhys stanley? put jeremy cameron from my bench, or wait for tex walker to come back? not really any decent downgrade options for a trade (had zorko from start of year), dont want to waste remaining cash on upgrade… any suggestions

Dons Diehard

Wow, what a week! Decided to bench swan, but who to trade in for Murph??

I have only $5700 in the kitty so will have to do a double trade with either Ellis or Tomlinson to get anyone decent.

Option 1: Does anyone know a good defender downgrade option? Do you recommend Boyd, Mitchell or Cotchin for Murphs?

Option 2: is to trade Murph for Zorko and get a premium defender in for Ellis.

Option 3: Trade out Ellis, bring Deledio into defence, bring in Zorko and one of the aforementioned mids, losing my mid/def swing set and copping a round 13 donut

Team is:

Goddard Scotland Hurn Shaw Mohr Ellis Tomlinson (Smedts SamShaw)

Deledio Watson SSelwood Swan Murph Magnet (Pfeiffer, Kerridge)

Cox Giles (Redden Hamling)

Dangerfield Sidebottom Franklin Hawkins Roughy Brown Treloar (Hall Paine)

Any help would be awesome…


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