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Higgo’s Brandon Ellis Song

Published by Jock on

As we discuss in tonight’s podcast our trusty IT man Warren taped the great Peter ‘Higgo’ Higginbotham belt out this little ditty about Brandon Ellis. Bloody talented man is Higgo.

Congrats to Higgo on the success of his new Supercoach score based punting machine… watch out for the Round 9 version later in the week

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Captain UnderPants

A serious talent!

Just can’t fathom how a man of such immense talent can still be crumpet-less.

So who will be trading Branden?


I traded him last week.. Curse that green vest!

The splinter

normally puttin on some barry white and dimmin the lights sends the missus crazy with passion! Cant imagine what heights we'll reach listening to higgo's greatest hits!

Bernie D

Young Ellis, you're still in my backline too lil buddy…

Damien Hardwick

Dear JR Community,

We here at Tigerland are always on the lookout to spice things up to freshen our boys' minds for the upcoming Hawks battle. Your video was effectively used this morning with measurable results already coming in.

Thanks to you, Peter, Jake hit up a new push up record!

Your sincerely,

Damien Harwick

Sammy Winter

What's up with all this Brandon Ellis talk when we have a Morris who is in far better form.