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Supercoach & Dreamteam Cattle Market – Round 8

Published by Jock on

Reflecting on the complexities of Supercoach in 2012Gotta say that I pleaded with Sheeds earlier today to play the GWS kids to no avail. Tomas Bugg, Dylan Shiel, Liam Sumner, Devon Smith and Adam Kennedy are all out.

Look at me. Look me straight in the eyes and listen you lot coz I love yas all. Many of you will be thinking about smackin the trade button to cover donuts this week as a result of these outs. Be strong. There is plenty of carnage on the horizon and it is my strong belief that it is the most disciplined that will prevail this season. Take your medicine and cop the donut if you have to. Stick to your guns. Keep your powder dry. Dry your eyes. A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. Empty vessels make the most trades.

If your intention this week was to just do 1 trade – like Tomas Bugg to Lee Spur – do that. Don’t let these resting rookies pull your Supercoach ship off course. Your destination is a team full of Premium guns, not a mob made of hap hazard band-aid bludgers.

Enjoy this weeks Supercoach & Dreamteam Cattle Market. As always you’d be mad as a cut snake if you’ve missed this weeks podcast and Supercoach youtube video.

Jock Reynolds


avg BE Price Jocks Call
Lee Spur FRE 60 -49 $116,700 One of the most common trades this weeks will be Tommy The Bugg our for Lee ‘The Bone’ Spur. Mature aged 24 year old rookie with premierships under his belt in the SANFL. Great get. Listed last on the bench which is the concern vest wise.
Jacob Brennan WCE 67 -65 $113,200 On a very extended bench and likely to miss this week. Not a great sign for the son of good mate Micky Brennan. Another mature aged recruit who has played senior football in the WAFL. Like The Bone’s job security better but a reasonably cheap warm body/late season cash cow selection any other week.
Cameron Delaney NTH 68 -67 $113,200 Of the 3 potential cash cow/warm bodies is the only named on the field this week. Could be the selection that sets you apart from the mob, but still like the cut of Lee Spur’s jib a little better. Consider
Brendon Goddard STK 107 76 $504,900 Every man and his dog has Brendon “Lamb Of” Goddard but if you’ve been in woop woop and don’t have him the time is right now.
Grant Birchall HAW 95 101 $475,800 Can play the game and just have a feeling in the waters about him. Price is fair. My finely tuned fantasy football brain is gravitating to him this week.
Heath Shaw COL 105 63 $530,300 Premium selection of the round. 142 and 120 in his last few games and coming into a reasonable run. Strongly consider. Price is right.


avg BE Price Jocks Call
Jobe Watson ESS 124 77 $588,100 Is only 13 grand more expensive than at the beginning of the season and has proven himself to me since. Buy.
Jack Redden BRL 91 82 $463,200 Is $95K cheaper than at the beginning of the season leading into this weekend’s GWS game. Opportunity to grab him here at the bottom of his price curve. Consider. Gun.
Sam Mitchell HAW 108 96 $512,900 Another premo superemo right at the bottom of his price curve. A midfielder you’d be happy as a cricket going into the finals with


avg BE Price Jocks Call
Harley Bennell GCS 90 35 $449,100 Continue to be completely impressed by this kid. If he stays fit and keen this kid will make Mike Sheehan’s top 3 one day in the not too distant future. Consider.
Steele Sidebottom (MID) COL 112 49 $548,000 Remington Sidebum has gone the next level. Not too late.
Clancee Pearce(MID) FRE 94 53 $469,000 Ross the Boss has taken a real liking to Clancee of the Underflow. Has been allocated a lucrative role and no reason to suggest his form will drop off dramatically. Consider.
Mat Pavlich FRE 100 55 $525,700 Fantasy Footy royalty warming into the season magnificently, will end up topping out around 580-590K and suggest now is a very good time to pick him up.
Ryan O’Keefe SYD 73 106 $431,609 Tasty little pickup and slipping under many radars. Could go nuts this weekend against Melbourne. I like Rhino this week.

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Seems like a perfect time to upgrade Bugg to Heath Shaw, especially with Shaw's BE in the 60's.


Exactly what I'm doing mate.

I'm also upgrading Shiel to Jobe Watson.

I double downed to Horsley and Adams last week and still scored 2233, time to double up. 😀


Cheers old son, my hook one day!

Dom Dunn

Thinking about not trading this week. Not sold on Spurr, think I'll wait for better upgrade options. Thoughts Jock?


Dear Dom Dunn,


Team hibernation time for The Community.


Peter Higginbotham


who do we think the better downgrades in the back may be ?? Don't know of many on the horizon

Dom Dunn

Sorry I meant downgrade options!


Was going to go Ellis to Spur, but I guess Sheeds has forced my hand.

Actually thought Buggy might end up being a handy 7th defender after his early rounds.

So Bugg to Spur, which allows me to bring a premium in as well.

Was thinking Sheil to a dual mid/fwd, to reconnect my swing set (I've got a number of mids in fwd line)

So maybe Pierce or Ryan O'Keefe (any other suggestions?)

Or else I could bring in Mitchell or (?) in the midfield. Would mean no fwd/mid swingers.

What do you guys reckon.




Mitchell mate


Have a look at Zaha, Zimmer. Killing it the last 3 rounds and has tigers, gws and dees before the bye. Taggers will go to watson or stanton, jump on


Have had Zaha, from the start. Very happy with the choice.

Think I might go A.Kennedy (swing Smedt fwd) out, Spur in; then Sheil out, Pav in.

Resets my fwd/mid swing, brings in a premium, and covers any donuts for this round.

Also means I keep Bugg and Ellis for further upgrades down the track.

What do you think?


g'day Jock, love your work mate.

I'm considering trading out Adam Kennedy (GWS), for either Nick Riewoldt or Stevie J. Or should I trade Devon Smith instead? Suggestions?


Thank you sir.

Honest Doug

No Wilkes?

I'm tossing up between his Delaney and Spurr. Lost..



suckling or birchall? and is it time to loose the porpus?

G unit

I'm thinking Porpose to J Brown, but is that sideways Jock?? I know you love the big fella!


either/or jimbo, think suckling scored 101sc in the second half last week. Amazing!

G unit – not a lot of mid priced forwards around. I know Jock loves the big bad jonno brown, but he just isn't pulling those big numbers anymore. Best I can think of is bennell, who is 449k from memory.


Jock et al,

I've done Ellis to Spur. I can leave Bugg on the bench??? This trade gave me enough $$$ to get Pendlebury into my mids… Pendles, Watson, Hayes JSelwood, Priddis, Mitchell…I think my mids are set barring injury….

Thoughts please…



mids sounds good/set, mine are too barring injury and 1 more upgrade, GAJ,Swan,J Kennedy,Stanton,Cotchin,Horsley. bench McDonald, Shiel


and stevie j or the pav?


Jock, im very confused about how many trades we should have at this stage ? Or by the bye rounds, how many should we have my man?


Would like to know what most have too.

I'll have 14 after using one trade this round. Bugg to Suckling.

With a 314k in the bank.


ive got 20 havent used many looking to be using them the next few rounds


The injuries havnt helped. 20 trades is good, where you placed atm?


been placed about 15000 had couple bad weeks because of my captaining choices :@


Hey jock! U reckon Spur will get a full game this week?


Hard to say. Any rookie coached by ross the boss is dancing with fire I reckon!


Was considering hibernation but now thinking about putting Chewbacca on eBay… Probably Ellis or morris in to spurr, purely to make some cash. Whaddaya reckon? Got a plan on when to upgrade my rooks, but want to be sure I have enough cash in the bank! 16 trades left, need to look at my forwards before the byes but apart from that I'm set.

Cheers to jock, Higgo, crouching, and the whole community for a bloody top effort, week in, week out!


Seems to be the way to go. Not a lot of good trade down targets on the horizon. Make hay while the sun shines, etc.


Newman looking festively plump for me, time to jump on


Stanton or Ablett for (Mitsubishi) Magner or Shiel (be right)?

Mids are currently Kennedy, Murphy, Boyd, Dal Santo, Ziebell, Horsley, Shiel, Magner.

Getting Ablett for Magner would leave me with $13K.

Also, what to do with A Hall (GCS)?


Magner has a BE of only 41 – more upward movement in price expected. Might be worth holding off on him and doing a straight swap for a premium.


Thx, decided to go Shiel for Stanton. Extra 100K left and more upside left for Magner.

Sammy Winter

I know I must get Lee Spur cause he is the perfect downgrade option. I don't know who be him for though. There is Morris or Mohr. I have Bugg but I'm using the cash from getting Spur to upgrade him into Goddard who won't be cheaper then this price all year.


hey guys wondering who i should trade in for kerr ive got about 200,000 in the bank ive got abblet but not much else haha please help!


in the midfield ive got matty boyd (bull), callan ward (gws), selwood (geel), abblet (gcs), horsley (gcs) and kerr (wcs) on the bench i have shiel and baugley also steele sidebum and dangerfield are in the foward line

Sammy Winter

Round 8 (Defenders)

Out: Morris In: Rookie (Spurr)

Out: Bugg In: Premium (Goddard)

Round 9 (Midfielders)

Out: Magner In: Rookie

Out: Shiel In: Premium (Thompson, Watson)

Round 10 (Forwards)

Out: Smith In: Rookie

Out: Milera In: Premium (N.Riewoldt)

Would have no money left in bank.

Have 10 trades.

Upgrade other cash cows later in the year like Horsley and Adams.

Keeping Giles. He will get better scores as he is gaining experience.

Dons diehard

Seems like a good plan, but long term planning hardly pans out in this game… I'd be reviewing break evens every week rather than be over prepared. This weeks trades look good and liking Thompson and Watson but still not sold on NRoo. There are better cheaper options out there



Thoughts on bringing in Boyd over Watson for Bugg (moving deledio down back) and bringing in Sidebum over J Cameron.

Leaves me with 15 trades, a handful of cash cows and $100k plus in the kitty.

Alternative to bringing in Watson over Boyd would only leave me with around $50k and a premium susceptible to injury.

On another note, how is everyone approaching the big "C" this week??

My thoughts are on Boyd or Ablett!!


go with boyd for captain what should i do with kerr ive got 200k in the bank so give me thoughts


Pavlich or Sideass.


May I ask why you think Watson is susceptible to injury? Why cause he did his hammy last year? Come on mate get on board! Jobe is on fire so are the mighty dons! See the bombers fly up up!


Thinking Ellis to Spurr and Kennedy to Beams.

What are your thoughts on Beams?


daisy will take points off beams more than sidebum


agree with tigerman


Thinking of trades 18 & 17, Ellis to Spurr and Adam Kennedy to Stanton.

Leaves me 16 trades, 24K.

Avg. 2,168.29


Sound pretty good to me. (Depending on how you're setting up for the byes.) Stants will smash keep smashing it this year, despite a couple of no shows, ie Anzac day. If you're averaging that much already, it's a good move IMO.


Hey guys,

Thinking of doings Sheil to Stanton and Bugg to Delaney this week? What are your thoughts?

Am I better to go Watson over Stanton and save the 18k?



Very tough question .. At the moment Watson is getting the tag and most teams seem to let Stanton go which is surprising me as I think he is more dangerous with ball in hand. Personally I think coaches will start looking at this, Marty Clark tagged him right out of the anzac game and I think its no coincident that its the only game the bommers have lost. For that reason I think as the season goes on stanton will get the number 1 tag and Watson will average more from here.

Id go watson but would be interested what other people think ??


I'm thinking of going Bugg to Delaney and then Porplyzia to either Sidebottom or Dangerfield. I'm leaning toward SB but I do already have Cloke in the forward line. Any thoughts?


Dangermouse or Sidebum ??? tough question. I have both but if I was trading this week id go sidebum because chances are you won't be able to afford him after this week .. can see him remaining over his current price for the rest of the yr


That is a very good point. I am still going to try and get PD later anyway, so it is more of a priority probably to get SB before he gets too expensive.


Sidebum – much lower BE and expected to rise.

Dangerman – high BE and if achieved will increse in price less than sidebottom.

Also consider …

Sidebum vs Geelong with comparison to Dangerman vs Adelaide.

Tough decision when you have cloke in your team too.


Yes, BE is something I needed reminding of, thank you. I have gone with SB for now. I ended up substituting Smedts into defence for Bugg, adding Saad to the forward line and upgraded Porplyzia for SB. Very happy with that.


Do i buy nick dal or j redden


Id say neither but if you were going to pick between them i'd go Jack Redden .. and for no real reason either just a personal preference .. but not considering either myself :/


Looking to upgrade D Smith to either Sidebum or Pav. My concern is that with Thomas and Wellingham back for the pies I think Sidebum's score may be affected.


I think if you look at Sidebum's historical performance this year with both those plays in – he still performs well. Plus, with Thomas and Wellingham back could mean a bit more time up forward for Sidebum – more goals?

big fella

gents, have too field some real poo on my field cause of bloody sheeds. Thinking bugg out for spurr, which leaves me the option of upgrading a foward or back cash cow. can't quite get shaw and not sold on birchall. so im thinking j.lewis or pav. thoughts?


Howdy all, I have $507,000 to spend on a defender, Thoughts would be appreciated! i was thinking along the lines of Birchall but would love to hear all suggestions, thanks 🙂


Who do you have already?

Dons Diehard

Rance doesn't look bad… I went with Hurn myself and probably regret it… Waters is another one


help help help

I have 280 k in the bank that i want to get on the field

do i go luke parker to ablett jr.

or porpz to sidebottom. both leaving me with around the 60 k mark

14 trades. other option is to hold off and hope for the best. I have missed out on some league wins by 100pts recently

Team Min

bring in ablett. Either trade is good though


Anyone got any idea where my hubby's got to?


Winds light to variable.


Sorry…. Forgot to sign off as Mrs. Mac. This is sounding really weird.

Marky mark

Got a little dilemma , is it worth getting in either spurr, Brennan, or delany for Ellis

Have 20 trades left and 800k in the bank

Also what do people think of getting in saad for hall or pfiffer

Any ideas or advice would be great

Team Min

Don't waste you time with Saad at this stage I reckon. Pffeifer still has some fattening to do. I'm keepiong faith in Hall. When he comes back he will rise in price…

As for Ellis, I would look at who you can afford to get in based on the bye rounds as all of those guys have their positives and negatives…

Marky mark

Ok cool I think I might sit off any trades ATM … Bit worried about all them

Have no donuts this week …

Think I'll leave them… 20 trades, 800k in the bank and sitting on top …

Sammy Winter

N.Riewoldt or O'Keefe