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Supercoach & Dreamteam Cattle Market – Round 7

Published by Jock on

Reflecting on the complexities of Supercoach in 2012Gday folks! Over the hump and it’s all downhill from here until another weekend of the greatest game in the world.

Hope you’ve had the chance to listen to this weeks installment of our Supercoach and Dreamteam podcast and watched the weekly video as well. Higgo, Crouching and I are really keen to arm you lot with all the arsenal you’ll need to attack each week of Fantasy Footy. Sing out and say Gday here in the blog, on Twitter or the Face Book we’d love to hear from ya.

Big issue for many this week is Adam Goodes. So this weeks market has a focus on the forwards at the best price and in form this week. The other standout this week is Killer Kyal Horsley who heads into his all important 3rd game with a finger lickin average and price rise in store.


Jock Reynolds


avg BE Price Jocks Call
Billie Smedts GEL 60 34 $128,900 If you need some rookie price action down south then Billie the kid is still nice n cheap. Once his score of 3 from round 5 is out of his cycle his price will rise.
Brian Lake WBD 78 46 $360,400 Lake looked like a spring chicken last week folks. Spring in step, still plenty of value here. The main concern was his potential to still mix it at the high level and he’s proven that now.
Beau Waters WCE 94 54 $447,900 You magnificent specimen Mr Waters I am very pleased to have you mate. Big 120 on the weekend looking smicko off half back in a top 4 team. Still at unders on current form
Heath Shaw COL 96 93 $508,100 The blue chip defence selection of the round. Price reasonable and coming into a very soft run.


avg BE Price Jocks Call
Kyal Horsley GCS 92 -106 $128,700 Clearly the pick of the round. Mature body in aGold Coast mob with mature body injury hell. Not many cash cow trade ins on the horizon so seriously consider.
Rory Sloane ADE 110 78 $528,400 Have been watching young Rory develop this season and he is well on the way to proving to me his status as a premium. Like the kid. Likes me. In a team on the rise. Consider
Scott Thompson ADE 121 98 $584,800 Like him as a pick. Really like him. At this price, that average, proven form lines over several seasons this is quality.


avg BE Price Jocks Call
Ivan Maric RIC 99 45 $451,900 3 scores in a row over 100 including a solo effort against Nic Nat and Cox. Hats off Ivan. Your mullet is as resplendent as your form is solid son.


avg BE Price Jocks Call
Taylor Adams (mid) GWS 85 -86 $136,600 Will be overlooked by many for the pure reason that Kyal Horsley is the other rookie available this week about to have a price rise. Dual position for Taylor and reasonable job security. Consider strongly
Steve Johnson GEL 81 36 $440,800 Finally hit his straps with 169 on the weekend, price is magnificent, consistency the worry but a valid Goodes option indeed.
Patrick Dangerfield (MID) ADE 106 47 $505,600 Said it once. Will say it again. Come to St Kilda DANGER. Blossoming into something to behold. Value.
Matthew Pavlich (MID) FRE 98 95 $503,200 If Horsley is the rookie selection of the round Pav is the premium of the round. Proven champion of the Supercoach and Dreamteam arena hitting form at the bottom of his price curve. Goodes to Pav for me.
Jonathan Brown BRL 60 73 $361,200 Still can’t bring myself to leave THIS man out at THIS price. 104 last weekend
Steele Sidebottom (MID) COL 105 80 $513,800 Growing by the game and proving his stuff to Buckley in the midfield and pushing forward. Young start transforming into a premium in front of our eyes
Ryan O’Keefe (MID) SYD 71 99 $452,200 Believe that ROK is at his price floor here meaning he is cheap right now. Will stand taller without Goodes there mark my words. A smoky this week that I would seriously consider.

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what about mitch robinson this round for goodes?


Many other options than Robinson and he is annoying

jimbo drouid

I,m tossimg up between Mitch and Dangerfield for next weeks single trade.

Leaning towards dangermouse if you have the cash free.


Mitch Robinsons disposal eff is a question for me…not a great kick. Great at contested ball and inside 50's and can kick you a goal…clangers though.


Thanks for your opinions!

I've decided to do a double downgrade this week as Im facing a week opponent and I am 3-1


Goodes to Adams

Kennedy to Horsely

Next week tough opponent


Magner To Mitchell

Shiel to Murphy

That will leave me with Midfield set, 13 trades.

Worried about that, hope I can get a few rounds off.

Want 10 trades left after the byes!

jimbo drouid

i traded much the same. Just be sure to save the remainder of your trades.

Will be trading in Dangerfield so I have all premiums in fwd and mid except for the last spot which will be rookies


I want one more….M Johnson for D Smith

So I can have dpp with Smedts.

I feel its an "extra reserve"

So then it's 12 left.

When you say SAVE trades. Till when? Only something urgent?


If you've only got 12 left I'd be holding off on trading for the next few weeks… I have 16 and thought it was too few

kenny from crowland

got most of them in this weeks cattle market, get on slone sleeping giant jock


Hey jock, i want to bring in adams and horsley in this week. i was thinking if ablett dosent play i could go him to horsley and two big upgrades next round and then some more in the followingweeks. if i keep ableet though i need to offload either shiel manger (leaning towards keeping shiel and trading magner) and also to offload kennedy or hampton? who to offload and is this smart thanks


I'd give kennedy the flick. He has done his job

jimbo drouid

for mine getting adams and horsley in this week is vital. it will allow for upgrades to dangerfield and the like.

freos #1 fan!!


jimbo drouid

i got onto horsley for ablett but I traded out ablett when the I jury first occured,.

Saying that you have done the hard yards with ablett and might just play this week. Stick if him seeing you come this far


Kennedy is a long shot to make his BE. Push the button.


Even if he's not with the Crows anymore I'm estatic that Maric is playing so well for Richmond. Big Ivan is an absolute champion, gives 110% everytime he goes out on the field and has one of the most spectacular mullets seen in the modern sporting world.

He'll be traded into my side this week.

The Wanderer

But my joy at having him as a cheap bench option for Giles and NicNat can be. Rapt.


Hey Jock, just wanted to know what your thoughts on Clancee Pearce are. Could this be as serious break-out year for him, similar to the likes of dangerfield and sidebottom, or do you think he's just punching above his weight. THANKS 🙂

Ben wrigley

More great work old mate jock, horsley has looked like he has done this all before in his first 2 weeks so he is in!!!!! Picked him up in a trade that i also scored j kennedy which im pleased with!! Magners only got a couple of weeks of his low b/e i reckon so its maybe time to cash in if u dont have either horsley & adams to continue the cash cow options???whats ur thoughts mate??? Also whats ur thoughts on boyd??? Im thinking a may just waste a trade in getting sur ablett jnr when he is back for boyd?? A no brainer i reckon???

jimbo drouid

Horsley looks like a star. Alot to like about the suns midfield in 2 years.

Robert Petherick

Was thinking Kennedy (giants) to Horsley and Conca to Heppell/Shaw. Would you get rid of Conca yet?


Hey jock, should i trade in B.Harvey, pav or rokeefe for goodes. Thinking about harvey because of the kangas games coming up.


Ey Jock

Epic site, so good its been blocked at work cos they class it as cheating (no lie).

Quick question, do you think its too early to be planning for the byes or should I be saving those precious trades for round 10?

What is everyone elses game plan for the up coming byes?


I reckon It's a perfect time to start planning for the byes mate. Take a look at how many players you have in each position, if you can can cover with swingmen, and who you're playing. For example, the first bye I've got five forwards out, but I'm playing a soft opponent so I'm not too worried.

You also need to watch who you are trading so you don't get stuck with too many donuts. I traded Magner for horsley today, so now I will only have two out for round 12. BUT I've got four out for r13, so looking at trading horsley for pendlebury then (would have loved to get him in in the last couple of weeks but would have had too many on the bye for a tough game, and was waiting for cows to fattened up…)


Hi Jock, Luv ya ol'mate. I've still got Old Mac and The D-Shella from GWS in the side and was thinking of cashing 1 of these boy's and keeping Mr Magner on the bench. Just lessens my GWS rookies and maybe a p.o.d, Magner still solid bench option. Thoughts?


Magnet's SC has been sliding every week. I reckon he is a solid bench option, but I don't think he will make much more coin. He still has a low BE of about 30, so you can expect some more cash out of him. I traded him for horsley, expecting a healthy price rise. Also means I've got loads of cash in the bank to make sure I can snag those premiums!

Of course, you may want to save your trades…


Alright jock old boy, how you travelling? Today I traded Shiel for Adams, and magnet for horsley, leaving me with only 16 trades (!!!) but going from $80 grand in the bank to $340k or so. I've also got my forward/mid swing back, and starting to set myself up for the byes. I plan on trading horsley for pendlebury in time for the r13 bye, I have selwood and swan out for r12, and ablett, horsley, deledio and Murphy gone in r13. I have chewed through my trades so far but am well set up for the byes (except r11 when I have FIVE forwards out!)

I didn't want to use two trades this week but horsley and Adams were too good to pass on! I've got an easy run over the next three or four weeks though, which shouldn't see me trade too much. What do you reckon?

Give my best to the other lads, I haven't watched the video or podcast yet (slack!) so I don't know how Higgo is going with the crumpet search, hopefully he will come up trumpet soon!!


big fella


got an easy round in my league and am undefeated. do i sit this week with my cash cows and goodes? or do i burn some trades? any thoughts on resting the goodesanator on the bench. who are you n00bs trade for goodes boiz? and jock m8 i'd have a look at hargrave, bit of nut when he gets his effiencey up. get around him kents.


You might have an easy run this week, but goodes will be out for at least a month, possibly more. That brings us up to bye rounds. So 4 weeks out could possibly turn into 6 if longmire is conservative with him. I'd give him the flick. Goodes being a DPP, there are plenty of options for you to consider. Pav, sidey, danger, ROK, beams…


g'day there old jock son

wondering who should i swap godoes for horsley or a prem?

or swap mangnet for horlsey goodes to prem


depends on your win/loss column, remaining trades and team structure, but I'd go straight swap with goodes if you're sitting pretty.

If struggling a bit and need the cash for future upgrades, then magnet > horse, goods > prem sounds good.



I am about to trade Goodes.

Should I trade him for someone like Dangerfield or try and get both

Horsely/Adams in this week.

I would love to get both rookies in this week but whether getting a good forward in for Goodes and either Horsely or Adams


Hey Jock,

Any love for the following?

Ellis out – Sidebottom in (by swinging Smedts from FWD to DEF)

Goodes out – Horsley in (I've lost my FWD/MID DPP though as a result)

Gives me enough coin left to trade out Magner or Shiel to bring back GAJ when he returns


I lost my swing when I traded a few weeks back and regretted it. Got it back this week. Stoked


adams or horsley?


If GAJ is back, get off the Horsley and onto Adams.

jimbo drouid

both this week. i'm trading magner and kennedy for the two of them

jimbo drouid

coach crawford is saying its time to get on didak.

what do we think? I'm going to wait two weeks and see however interesting midprice player


Westy can you explain how to do that swing trade?


Hi Laffer,

I've got Smedts (DPP) in the FWDs. By clicking to trade out Ellis (DEF), box with an S appears next to Smedts name (over toward the left side of the screen in the list of players in your team. Click on that S and hey presto you get to trade in a FWD instead of a DEF.

Hope that helps.


Awesome thanks heaps


Hey what do you think of Heath scotland as a trade in or is there better value else where?


I reckon he's great but because of structure I am going to wait until after his R13 bye


Can anyone compare Adams and Charlie Dixon for me? I'm thinking Dixon for a point of diffence…


I had Dixon last year for same reason, didn't really work out because (IIRC) he got injured and his job security was poor, so he spent a lot of time on my bench avoiding my gaze…


Joel Selwood named forward pocket?

Jordan Russell (carlton) as a smokey POD ?


Hey Jock and Everyone else.

I need some recommendations since Nic Nat is out this week

Should I go Nic Nat – Cox

or Redden – Longer

jimbo drouid

Hold onto nic. He will be back next week. Longer is a good bet but maybe a wasted trade?


Who for goodes?

Sidebum? Pavlova? Dangerlong?


Ablett named!!!!!!


But will he be a late withdrawal? I think so, but I'm still naming him. Got good cover 😉


what do people think about Ellis to Adams (Smedt switched from FWD to my BACK)

leaving me with 420k and 16 trades


Taylor Adams purchased. Now the question, do I start him or Treloar this week?

big fella

gunna pull the trigger on goodes. Leaning towards sidebottom… but could snag lewis, riewalt or pavlich. i already have franko and danger time. who are we all leaning towards?

Sammy Winter

Swan or Mitchell as captain this week. Also Nic Nat is out, so is Redden and Stephenson so looks like I'll be a man down.

Traded Kennedy for Adams and Ledger for Horsley.


I made the same move. How many trades are you sitting on?


G'day Jock. Love your stuff mate. What are your thoughts on the Big O and Redden in the ruck? Are they are waste of space on my bench at the moment or do you think they will get back in shortly? West seems set and Renouf is hacking it around but seems to be their number 1. Any decent rookie rucks for a straight swap or on the horizon? Walking a fine line with no backup all the time. Cheers mate


Hi jocular,

You've steered meninto a few winners so far and wanted some inside info on a biting a loose cannon – Jed adcock.

It says he is out with a groin which I'm hoping isn't o.p. It would however explain he poor performance over the last

Month. The last thong I need is a premium back injured without explanation….


Traded Goodes for Horsley and A Kennedy for Adams – running a thin line with so many cash cows but looking to start cashing them all in the coming weeks – $698k in the bank needs to be invested.

Any thoughts on captains this week? Im leaning towards Buddy or Pav?!?!


I was thinking about Buddy too. Have lucked out with Captains the last couple of weeks. Bit wary of putting it on Selwood the week back from injury, Ablett is in the same boat.

Other than Buddy I've got Scott Thompson against Geelong, and Matty Boyd against the Roos.


Hey Jock!

Been on the FB a few times this week. Just seeking some clarification and some advice on a radical change to my team. I am thinking long term so keep that in mind when reading below 🙂

OUT: Kennedy IN: Adams

OUT: Mitchell IN: Horsely

Leaves me with about $750K after their prices rise at the end of the round.

This will allow me to get some serious premium upgrades heading towards the byes. I only need to fill 6-8 spots in my starting team to turn into prems. Again looking for long term gains but a little worried about the Green appearing on Horsely this week now.

Thoughts from everyone??


Yes Im willing to take my losses and make a cash in the long run. Im one to cut ties and take a risk!

im looking at 10 trades minimum after the bye rounds.

ALso what is your experience telling you about horsley and MR Green Vest?

Sam C

Ideally, how many trades should you have left by round 7?


mate love your work. thinking of trading out magner for horsley and kennedy for adams. sound good?


Which player to put in as last midfielder and which to bench

Conigs, horsley or shiels?


Should I trade Goodes for Adams or Dangerfield.

I also just picked up Horsely.


go dangerfield i did the same


how many trades should we have after the bye?


All depends on your individual situation, but for mine, going for the league win, I'm setting aside 6 trades for the finals series, and 6 trades for the byes. (It's true you can make 3 trades a week during the bye rounds, but fingers crossed I am set up ok for R11-13 so I hope I won't even need 2 trades per bye round, let alone 3.) Anyway, 24 minus 6 minus 6 = 12 spare trades for the season. Take away another, say, 6-8 fix-up trades to R7 thanks to injuries and bad selections, and that means you've got 4-6 spare trades from here to the byes and for the post-bye run to the finals inclusive.


Supercoach: 2119 points, 4 to play (Ryan Hargrave, Brad Ebert, Brendan Goddard, Jarryn Geary).

Do you think I'll make top 100?


I am now 2326 with Goddard and Geary left

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