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Jock’s Round 7 Supercoach & Dreamteam Video

Published by Jock on

Reflecting on the complexities of Supercoach in 2012Great news this week folks.

Sure we have ongoing General Soreness and injury concerns with Adam Goodes and co. But we also have some ripening young talent cherry ripe to trade into our Supercoach and Dreamteam squads this week. We also have some juicy bargain forward/mids who make excellent options for injured champion Adam Goodes.

Watch the video below and allow old Jock – the Peoples Prince – to guide you through the swirling swamp of fantasy footy fact and fiction.

As always – listen in to this weeks podcast here or on the iTunes, it comes out every Sunday night after the round and we bloody love it.

Jock Reynolds

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G'Day Jocky boy & Co.

Just wondering how average Joe like me can get the BE scores players need to get?

Cheers mate

cptawesom3 is the site I use for BE's mate. Sometimes it takes a day or 2 after lockout to update but it's usually pretty spot on with all the info provided with SC gold.


Thanks heaps old son!

Brett also has b/e and new prices normally straight after each game as well mate


Im thinking

John McCarthy to Horsley

Milera to Adams

Leaving me with 17 trades and FAT CASH.

Upgrade Magner or Shiel in a couple of rounds


I'm looking at a potential trade in my backs, and I've narrowed it down to bringing in Waters or SD Thompson from the Roos, and this is what I can't understand: why is no-one talking about Thompson?

He averaged 77 from 22 games in 2010, 85 from 22 in 2011, and now he's averaging 95 for 6 games in 2012 (104 from his last 3 games), priced at 465k, got Dogs, Port, and Lions up next, owned by less than 2% so big POD, turning 26 next month so hitting defender prime time, but nobody's talking about him as far as I can see.

Is there some dark SC secret about him that I don't know? Has Crouching's slipper cursed him and any coaches who own him? I hope not because I think I just convinced myself to get him in.


mate i'm hearing you, been watching closely, but don't wanna give away ALL the tricks…gotta keep some info under your hat


Was wondering about him a couple of weeks ago, not much being said. Must be weary of the lack of info and advice we get sometimes, afterall its a game we all want to win.


But he is likely to 'spud' it and get you 26, especially if he has a lock down role..

Hehe advice from a SC novice…can you see the irony??? hahaha


out goodes in priddis out adam kennedy in horsley? 110 in the bank from it?


thinking the same thing goods- horsley

Marky mark

G'day Jock

Any update on Dayne Zorko , is he in the mix for selection soon?

Cheers Big Ears

Big ears


32 touches and 14 tackles in the reserves


Marky mark

So think he is worth keeping, or should I think to trade out for a playing rookie…

Is he a chance in the next week or two to get a gig


He has played 2 NEAFL games and played very well in both, kicking goals in both games. With the lions getting smashed by Essendon in contested possession Voss may look for new blood in next couple of rounds…Another good money maker.


Marky mark

Cheers thanks for the info… Think I'll hold on and hope he gets in very soon


DAYNE ZORKO named on bench…get ready for some zing $$$$

Needs help

If Ablett is back I am looking to get him back in straight a way as I'm sick of having the headache of having to chose a captain each week, would much prefer it if he never gets injured again. I have a couple of options…To trade either Kieran Jack or Hammish Hartlett, thoughts would be good anyone? Anyone think it's time to get on buddy yet?



I am good to trade Goodes.

Should I trade him for someone like Dangerfield or try and get both

Horsely/Adams in this week.

I would love to get both rookies in this week but whether getting a good forward in for Goodes and either Horsely or Adams

big fella


got an easy round in my league and am undefeated. do i sit this week with my cash cows and goodes? or do i burn some trades? any thoughts on resting the goodesanator on the bench. who are you n00bs trade for goodes boiz? and jock m8 i’d have a look at hargrave, bit of nut when he gets his effiencey up. get around him kents.