Supercoach Round 6 How did ya go?

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That old war veteran General Soreness has struck again and many of our Supercoach sides are feeling the pain with some low scores posted this round.

How did you fare in round 6 folks? Did the General slap you senseless or have you come through with the goods this week?

Don’t miss the post round 6 podcast (up now), we got stuck right into the big issues.


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  1. Rahul says:

    Doind really badly… McEvoy out means I won't reach the 2000 mark.

  2. Josh Jarman says:

    I'm owning man! 2253 still with the big Dean Cox to play! Big Devon Smith, greatest advice I have ever taken from yourself. Took a while but he got there! On track for 2300+

  3. Trent says:

    I'm being killed by 'soreness'………

  4. Chuck says:

    Should sneak over 2k, but can't take a trick with my bench selections – where did Bower pull that 113 from?

  5. Jacob Cecil says:

    Hoping to pass over 200 with Deledio, Priddis and Scott Selwood.


    Smith pumping out his first 100+ score,

    Hargrave and Marty Clarke scored about 20 points above his average which is awesome.

    Pendles, Dangerfield, Watson, Franklin and Goddard all scored 120+.


    Murphy as captain.

    Tippet and Sam Reid (syd) scored below 50!

    Having Sheil, Ellis and James McDonald on the pine.

    Magner on the ground.

  6. cookie says:

    A nightmare, not going to even make 2000.

    Had Rockliff as captain and he got 70, had Smith on the bench and Kennedy on the field. Murphy, Barlow, Birchall no good and NicNat late withdrawal. Not Good.

    • Jock says:

      Yeah it is bloody rough when those Supercoach gods frown on your team eh… ah well mate a new week about to begin

  7. krispy kreme donuts says:

    Traded smith for Michelle…could prove very costly. Selwood out and Cloke worth $10 not $1m..Need Pridis to score about 150 to break 2000

  8. Sammy Winter says:

    Hey Guys,

    So far my score is 1895 with 20 played. Waters has to score 105 or over to get to 2000.

    Not very happy with Murphy's game. I had him as captain thinking he would kill the giants. Nic Nat, a late withdrawal leaves me fighting with a man down as Redden and Stephenson aren't playing.

    Lucky I didn't trade Smith for Pfeiffer, but, the bad thing was I had Smith on the bench.

    Thinking of putting Smith on the field for Kennedy who started in great form but has been dropping points each round. I was stoked when I found out Cloke scored 87 after expecting a score of around the 50 mark as Lake was holding him well.

  9. billy says:

    scored 2325 with no eagles or roos in my team.

    the good

    1.stanton was a good choice for captain pumping out 308

    2.120+ from dangerfield, maric, pendlebury, goddard, franklin, deledio. scott thompson, 119 and brad ebert, 116 are honourable mentions

    3. marty clarke notching up his first ton for the mighty pies

    the bad

    1. scotland, expected more against gws

    2. giles, hopefully a once off bad game

    3. cloke, 87 isnt terrible, but theres better options for the same price.

    overall a good weekend. treloar the only doughnut in the starting 22. things are looking good for my team

    • Sammy Winter says:

      I wouldn't put Cloke in the bads mate. Seriously, I expected a score around 50. Lake was holding him so well. Don't ask me how he got to the 80's.

      Anyway your team looks in top form. Congrats!

  10. BomberBuys says:

    Just cannot get a break with rucks this year, traded Mumford for Nicnat and now coping a big fat 0 when I needed him to play the most, going to loose all leagues now with him out, was neck and neck, really feeling the pain…

  11. Marc says:

    2187. Murphy as C didn't work out in my favour and Longer wasn't much good in the rucks and started Kennedy instead of Smith for GWS and Magner in for Selwood. The 4 rookie rucks strategy allowed me to get another premium in the midfield, but i'm getting killed by basically a 0 each week from them.

  12. Josh Jarman says:

    2394! YOU BEAUTY

  13. TB says:

    Another 2200+

    Welcome back Stevie J

  14. gocats5 says:

    2075 and another win on the board for me

  15. Bob says:

    2188 topped 2 of my main 3 leagues, and only came second in the other one because of Crawford and his awesome 2270

    • Krisco says:

      Yeah got 2203 and Crawf stole my glory. Luckily I already played and beat him 😛

  16. Nhuahi says:

    Wondering why Nic Nat didnt play. How long is he out for? And goodesy too, how long will he be out for?

  17. Mark says:

    at one stage i was 1609 from 13 played and my captain still not played.

    Computer predicted i would reach 2440.

    and due to Nic Nat, Kennedy, Murphy, Bugg, Giles.

    I only achieved a 2108.

    If only i had the C on Pendlebury or Deledio and had Cox instead of Nic Nat

  18. MJ says:

    worst week so far 🙁 2074 – no cover in the midfield for selwood and some pretty average scores throughout .. hopefully have a full squad next week and bounce back with a 2300+

  19. Matt says:

    2139 without Nic Nat.

    Not bad, seemed to be a pretty high scoring round in my leagues.

    All my guns scored well but alot of the rookies just struggled along. Got rid of Devon smith for Pfeiffer this round which is a little unlucky, but I made some cash from him and that's the point with those guys.

  20. Nick says:

    2141 without Sandilands. Not to bad but would have liked more from some of the young guns.

    Big Brian Lake finally back to his old self?? Possibly. Dominated the one glove man.

    Sold ablett for hawkins and hayes. Not the best contributions but they will do well across the year.

  21. Rudders says:

    Team Name: Purple Dreams

    Round Score: 2,329

    Overall Ranking: 30th

    Heroes: Maric, Sidebottom, Deledio, Devon Smith, Goddard, Buddy, Marty Clarke and Dangerfield

    Villains: Joel Selwood but even that worked out for me.

    Trade Thoughts: I was going to bring in Horsley but depending on the G. Ablett situation I may decide to give him a miss. Probably won’t trade this week but gotta wait on any news on Goodes injury.

    Vent/Brag: I had an inkling that Joel would miss so although I made him captain I plonked the VC on Sidebum and cleaned up with 262 points.I had Taylor Adams as my emergency mid so got a healthy 90 points to make up for Selwood. Still have GAJ and Sandilands on the bench so I am pretty pleased that I went from 69th to 30th this week. Frankly it’s a bit scary to be doing this well. Thanks Jock, Higgo and Crouching for your continued inspiration.

  22. Zimmer says:

    Well done man. Keep it up.

  23. Nateo says:

    did preety good scoring 2239 besides few duds

    bugg 55

    dempsey 61

    murphy 89

    boyd 81

    magner 61

    giles 56

    kennedy 40

    porp 66

    if they scored average prob would of got neally 2400

  24. Flash says:

    Left some big points on the pine and Selwood's late withdrawal cost me.

    Geary, Kennedy, Buggalugs, Demspey and the Magnet all underperformed, but you look at that and they're mostly young so I gotta take the good with the bad. All except Geary went up in $$ so some positives.

    Left Smith, Clarke and Conigs on the bench, and had the wrong mid sub for Selwood. If all had been structued right, 2300. As it was, ended up with 2,099, but that didn't win any of my four matches (cheers Crawf you peanut).

  25. Pales says:

    Cracked 2400 this week somehow – kind of makes up for last weeks sub-1900 score…

    ranked a bit outside the top 200 now – if it wasn't for last week, grrrrrr.

    not needing too many changes now – just gotta ride out the "soreness bug" and get in order for the byes – in a good position, i think/hope.

  26. dfo says:

    2258 yet beaten by Crawf at 2270 ( mine was second highest score in league 2nd week running without a win ).

    What do do with Petrie………….

    Glad I kept Smith this week

  27. Chris says:

    Terrible week.. Scored only 2088.. Luckily beat one of my opponents by 1 point. (gotta love those wins, especially when he was 2nd on ladder)

    Selwood, Tippett, Kennedy and Giles all killed me…

    Advice, who would you trade ever a) Darren glass, or b) Geary for?

  28. Micklovin says:

    2356, pretty happy with that jocko!!

  29. Jockland,

    Priddis…. I know I know he is a lock but he is my premium that isn't performing at present. Hasn't got over 108 as yet.

    ( JSelwood, Watson, Mitchell,Hayes and CCs Magner/Coniglio/Old Mc)

    What to do…I have 400K trade to Kennedy Murphy or Pendles?

    Advice please…

  30. Bill says:

    Scored a 2260 this week jock, even though you probably wont read this I'd like to thank you for your support and helping me achieve this 🙂

  31. jimbo drouid says:

    I picked up 2260 also and will all over horsley like higgo on a donut

  32. Frank Rizzo says:

    What am I going to do with Adam Goodes out?

    Need another gun Forward / Mid… what you got in mind Jock?

  33. Stefanaki says:

    First time under 2100 and dropped out of the top 2000 to top 5000 now. Disappointing – having ablett on the bench and murphy as capitano.

    Thoughts on my proposed trade:

    Goodes out Rioli in

    A Kennedy out Taylor Adams in

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