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Supercoach & Dreamteam Cattle Market – Round 6

Published by Jock on

Reflecting on the complexities of Supercoach in 2012

Higgo and Crouching in the Fyfe Musical << Listen in to Fyfe the musical while you read this weeks Cattle Market.

Gary Ablett is a real headache now. Reports were that he would miss 3 more.. but Guy McKenna is now saying he’s a strong chance to play next week V GWS. Struth. Hand me a panadol. And a beer. Teen Wolf Nat Fyfe is gone for the season from a Supercoach and Dreamteam point of view. Sandilands is out again. The relative calm of the past 7 days has been shattered. The tension in Offices and households nation wide is palpable leading into AFL Round 6.

What is Jock Reynolds gonna do? What dice will the spiritual oracle of Fantasy Footy roll? I hear your calls my friends. The inspirational father figure in your Supercoach and Dreamteam lives will not leave you flailing in a sea of uncertainty.

I’ll wait for more news on Gary. Fyfe is gone. I’ll be careful if I can to avoid breaking the link between my forward line and midfield when I trade him though.

Here are your options trade wise folks according to who is top value right now… Swan and Pendles are the 2 that stand our likes dogs jatz crackers. As always make sure you haven’t missed this weeks Podcast which we whack out every Sunday night, and this weeks Supercoach Video


avg BE Price Jocks Call
Beau Waters WCE 89 56 $418,500 Very bloody happy with you Mr Muddy from the west. Other priorities for many this week but value here.
Greg Broughton FRE 86 100 $473,800 Behind closed doors Greggy will be fist pumpin like Lleyton Hewitt. Fyfe out likely to mean more midfield for the Greg and more points in the till.


avg BE Price Jocks Call
Jack Crisp BRL 55 -48 $94,700 I know his as Frosty. Great kid. (2 games and ready for his first price rise). May get a tagging role with the Raines boy out.
Lachie Neale FRE 24 17 $106,600 Can play this young kid. My worry is the fact that his coach is Ross the Boss who doesn’t like playing rookies. Fyfe out will help his chances. (2 games and ready for his first price rise)
Jesse Stringer GEE 63 -57 $113,200 If you’d like to make some cash Jesse the Kid might be an option. I’d be very wary – plenty of young cats being given 2 game toes in the water then back to the VFL. (2 games and ready for his first price rise if named)
Lenny Hayes STK 113 81 $514,800 Has been the source of considerable arousal for one J. Reynolds this season. Champion Bloke. Champion Supercoach value.
Josh Kennedy SYD 134 80 $587,800 Has proven himself now. Welcome to Premium Supercoach locksville young Joshy boy. Has raised his bat with a century every week this season. Crows, Tigers, Demons, Saints, Dog, Bombers then the round 12 bye. Would snaffle Pendles and/or Swan before him but would be a nice point of difference.
Tom Rockliff BRL 123 65 $608,000 Before going Ablett to Swan or Pendles give this man a thought. IS fair dinkum here to stay in terms of Fantasy Footy Monoliths go. As cheap as he’ll come… would still prefer Swan or Pendles.
Scott Pendlebury COL 126 102 $613,700 The buy of the round at this price. I’m grabbin him.
Dane Swan COL 180 79 $620,200 Gave him a stern talking to before the ANZAC day clash and the young fella responded well. Dream run coming up. (Dogs, Lions, Cats, Crows, GCS, Demons)



avg BE Price Jocks Call
Ivan Maric RIC 93 47 $414,100 Why the hell not old Jock I told meself. Sports one of the most resplendent mullets in recent memory. Was TOP NOTCH against DogDog and Cox last week. Stuff it. Value here. Respect.
Hamish McIntosh NTH 106 60 $470,400 Don’t do it folks, Goldmember will be back and this will harm his scores. Have missed the Bus on the big Hame anyway.


avg BE Price Jocks Call
Dazzling Pfeiffer (MID) PTA 62 -46 $126,700 His FWD & MID eligibility is very enticing. Not too popular with the fans so far but I reckon he must be a fair chance at games as a big bodied brute in a young team. If I needed to get a rookie in I’d think about him but the Ablett Fyfe things gives me other fish to fry.
Jonathan Brown BRL 46 88 $353,000 Cmon my beloved Community – I want one of you to have the aggots to take the punt on the old warhorse. Could week 3 be the week he gets that mojo back in order? Love the bloke.
Patrick Dangerfield (MID) ADE 103 60 $476,700 Mate – would love the look of you in the red white and black. Been bangin on about him all year. A good trade for Fyfe and one that may mean that you don’t have to compromise your MID/FWD team swing set. Consider.
Tom Hawkins GEL 104 68 $447,300 Big burly brute spankin out 139 in the wet. Like it Hawk. Like it mate. Buy at some stage.
Sidebum (MID) COL 100 84 $491,400 Loving the emergence of a consistant Sidebum. Interesting explanation of how his family achieved their name in last weeks podcast. MID/FWD eligible and a lovely little Fyfe trade option.

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Who do I trade in for Mumford?

Sammy Winter

Nic Nat.


G,day Jock,

Need to get rid of Mumford but who for though? I am thinking either DogDog or Kreuzer?


Or Nicknat?

bob The Builder

FYI mate, dogdog is nicnat. Paddywhack. DOG bone. got it? hope so.


Lovely work again jock! Loving these cattle markets

Really happy with how swan and pendles are playing, for supercoach and for the real deal. Great value with them,'go pies!


Rioli or beams? Thanks mate


beams – don't reckon he'll be this cheap again. Nice POD over those who have, or are considering, sidebum


Would steer clear of Rioli too. Love watching him, but he's too up and down, and will twang something at some stage.

Sammy Winter

Dangerfield or Hawkins.


Hey jock, I have the misfortune of having to trade both Fyfey and J Kennedy out of my forward line… Can't decide between a premo-mid or a premo-rook option… Any advice from yourself or the general masses?


premo-rook. GnR is the way to go all season. grab pfiffer

Kade Birchall

Jock old friend !

I have a mighty dilemma. The measly 278k in my bank is not enough to upgrade a half-fat cow to pendlebury/swan etc without making 2 trades. As the infamous Jack Handasyde would say "trades are like gold"

What to do!

P.S. i would also rather keep Ablett


wait a week. magner/shiel will go up by just as much as pendles, unless he pulls a 180. patience


pendles will come close to 180 against th barking boys

Brady Bunch

Great write up Jock.

I'm going to keep Ablett as i'm happy with my mid setup of Pendles, Boyd, Thompson, Joelwood, Martin. Bench Magner and Shiel.

I can't bring myself to press T on the big Gaz. (Hope it's smoke and mirrors and he's back next week).

My only trade will be Smith GWS to Pfieffer this week.


Why not Smith to Stringer or Crisp?


Wonder about Crispy's JS. Zorko and Docherty are close. Nice cheapie though


Jock great advice to bring Maric in!

Im bringing him in for Mumford netting me a cool 100k!


hey jock,

you know what mate, no risk, no reward. j brown is in my team for dickson. i hope this pays off.

wish me luck

Sammy Winter



Really wishing Gaz will be back soon but I always thought it would be 3-4 weeks. Will have wait and see. I either keep him and wait or I'm thinking of trading him for Pendles or Kennedy and keeping the change. Or I get rid of Gaz and Sheil and get in Barlow and Lenny Hayes?

Is it worth getting in two kinda almost premium mids?

My mids are currently- Swan, S Thompson, A. Swallow, Watson, Magner, Shiel and Ablett on the bench.


hey matt,

wouldnt get rid of Shiel yet, has still got lots more price increases in him. Id go option 1 and get in Pendles.


Talks are that Ablett could be back next week against GWS


Yeah, talks were also 3-4 weeks too. Take them all with a grain of salt and urge on the side of caution, he'll miss another 2 games.


That would be, "err" on the side of caution.


lol yes it would


Bloody jock letting everyone in on the Maric bandwagon


Maric was a good option at the start of the year.


hahahaha jock , love that you put sidebottom down as sidebum. classic mate, absolute classic 😀


My bro and I always called Sidebottom (the one who missed the bus from Geelong) from the 70s/80s, Sidebackside.


Hey I need some opinion on Stevie J should I trade him for the Tommahawk Stevies form is way down and with Hawkins snaring all the goals I doubt Johnson can regain his supercoach prem status.. But they say sideways trades are grey I've got 18 left what to do.. I also have Sam Reid syd who is a flop any suggestions.. Cheers lads

Sammy Winter

Don't worry about Stevie J, he'll bounce back. I know getting Hawkins in is tempting though.


hey benny, i have sam reid also, threw him out for jacky riewoldt, hoping that he will get over form slump. don't think reid kicks enough goals to score points.

jimbo drouid

agree. Hold on cashcows unless their break even is above their average


how long is abblet gnna be out for?

are dempsey and shaw playing this week


jimbo drouid

heraldsun has them both as likely


devon smith bye bye hello dazzling, fyfe good bye for pendles


Hey jock,

What do you think about these trades- Smith (GWS) to Pfeiffer. and Ledger to Crisp.

Will leave me with 160k and 17 trades left.


Good trades. Smith is just about done for mine, maybe 10k or so left in him. If smith is in your mids I'd wait a week for horsely. Get rid of ledger.


Im going Porplyzia- Brown. It will work.


Is Porpaz out for another week?


adelaide have said that he's likely to be back in the side


What chance Orren Stephenson getting more than 1 more game??

jimbo drouid

hope so otherwise his price won't change


Ablett to Pendles

D.Smith to Pfeiffer?

246,00 in the bank and 17 trades left.



my exact move… leaves me 18 trades and looking good into the byes.. also $429k in the bank for J.P Kennedy next week


Worried about having 17 trades left, alternatively I just dont trade this week and have 19 left then. 19 sounds alot better.


It comes down to your possy in the grand scheme of things. If you are 0-3 then you have to pull the trigger, 2-1, or better, keep the powder dry I say.


3-0 in all 3 leagues, maybe just save them then. Just think it would be a good setup to my side,

Sammy Winter

Hayes, Mitchell or any other premium mid (or even forward) for Fyfe?


Kennedy from the swans

Sammy Winter

If he puts up a consistent season I might consider getting next year. Anyway I can't afford him.


Hayes is mighty good value.


Getting rid of Mumford and Fyfe this week.

Once again I've got two or so options:

Option 1:

Nic Nat (ruck); and Kennedy J (mid).

Option 2:

A cheaper ruck, say H Mac, or I Maric; and Pendles (mid).

(In both cases I'll lose my fwd/mid swing set, but I'm pretty sure I'll pick up another one, say when Zorko or Couch come in.)

There is also the option of trading Fyfe as a forward, but I think I'd be getting more value for money in the mids.

Think I'll go for the first one. (I've still got Ablett as well.)

What do you guys reckon?


OK. There's also the option of:

Ryder (ruck), and say Hayes (mid).

This is where I begin to go nuts with the possibilities and permutations…

Sammy Winter

The best ruck choice is easily Nic Nat. Now for Fyfe, i traded in Mitchell. I was looking at Hayes but the Saints have a pretty tough run until the bye. With Kennedy I still don't find him consistent.


Not consistant? JPK hasn't dropped below 107SC points or 27 possessions so far this season. Averages 6 tackles a game and wins most of his ball contested, all this without mummy tapping the ball down his throat. Dream draw up to round 12 bye. Oh, and the number 1 points scorer so far. Oh, andddd under 600k (but don't get him, juicy POD for me)


Word is Nic Nat is in doubt. What to do now? Does anyone have any specific news? They don't play till Sunday arvo either.


C'mon Zimmer, don't do this to me! Any source of where you got your word from?


Good old Jock himself. Still waiting for more news myself.


Thoughts guys

Fyfe & Smith > pfeiffer & swan

> pfeiffer & jelwood

or someone else?

Sammy Winter

Pfeiffer and Swan.

Rick coyne

Hi jock,

Need help,

Trading Ablett for who- Swan or Selwood(I have Pendlebury)

Have Fyfe as well, is Hawkins to get for him

Please help me

Thank you

Sammy Winter

Get Hawkins for Fyfe. Now for Ablett, i say get Selwood only because you have Pendlebury. Having Swan and Pendlebury would hurt when the pies have their bye.

Rick coyne

Thanks mate

G Unit

Geelong and Collingwood have bye the same week fellows, no love


jimbo drouid

Kruezer out. What do we think of longer to pocket some cash?


Kreuzer out. Really? Higgo said this in the podcast didn't he. 3 votes Higgo. And I thought you guys were just for laughs.

How did you know that?

jimbo drouid

team list from last night


Shaw and Birchall Named. Phew! almost traded


Birchall been names for past fortnight, beware! I am sick of getting burned!!!


hey everyone what happened to kreuzer and treloar? are they out for long.


Also, um Jock. I don't think 180 is Swan's average. Just a heads up.


dangerfeild or sidebum?

Sammy Winter



STEVIE JOHNSON what to do?? Someone help me.. Jock u there mate?


Just to add Stevie J scored 199 SC points last time they played Melbourne so that makes what to do even harder! If only he could do it again!

Sammy Winter

He'll bounce back, but when is the big question. Have a look at Hawkins.


Definitely leave him in this week. You've already taken the hit, this is the sort of game where he might turn it on finally.


19 trades left.

Possible trades:

Abblet to Pendles

then next week or week after upgrade ebbet to Abblet


Ebbet to Pendles ???

Worth burning a trade for some coin ?

G Unit

Same dilemma, not sure how to approach this one.

However I have Mumford and Kruzer so may have to drop one of them which will free up some cash if I was to drop Mummy for Nic nat or Kruzer for Longer.


Kruezer will most likely be back next week. Mummy is out for an extended period and is developing a tendency to break down. So, in short, trade Mumford.


firstly, I'm trading Ablett for pendels, period! Do I:

1. Downgrade D.Smith? if so who to…. Pfeiffer is the most likely. leaving $430k in the bank for Shiel–> JP. Kennedy next week


2. Upgrade Shiel to JP. Kennedy this week (leaving $1600) and down grade D. Smith next week and look at players on the bubble then?

Dons diehard

If you have an easy league game and not going for overall then option 1. Shiels BE is 2… Pfeiffer is on extended bench this Sunday. Maybe stringer or crisp would be better?? Both could cop the vest.

Dons Diehard

I am in big trouble. Started out as top 1% in Aus, made some very average trades, and now I am fielding a team with 8 players dropped, 2 on extended benches and an emergency!

Most are rookies and surprisingly this week I can cover all positions except my forward line. I have 19 trades, heaps of DPPs and $123k.

1. Risk fielding Pfeiffer or Smith (both on the wrong end of extended benches)?

2. Trade two of Hall, Tomlinson, Treloar, Paine, Kerridge, Sam Shaw, Ablett? For who?

3. Long term strategy suggestions?

Normally I hate asking people to "do" my team for me, but clearly I suck


You did well to be top 1%!

I'd probably get rid of some of the dead wood – mainly kerridge and paine. Hall, tomlinson, treloar, sam shaw, ablett, would all be back or around the mark in the next week or two

Richo Man

Looking for some Jock magic or fellow Supercoacher's views on my current situation.

Sitting with 18 trades, 99k in the bank and the Fyfe/Ablett dilemma to solve this week ( amongst others) Backs will have to do for now, 4 rookie ruck strategy was runrucky and is now costing me points but the most pressing issues is MIDS and FWDS:

MIDS: Ablett, JSeloood, Boyd, Priddis, Hayes, Magner, Shiel, D.Smith

FWDS: Fyfe, Buddy, Goodes, Martin, Porps, Milera, Trelor, A.kennedy, J Stately (ruck)

Option 1 Ablett to Pendles, Fyfe to Dangerfield = 214k in the bank, 16 trades

Option 2 Hold Ablett, Fyfe to Dangerfield = 107K, 17 trades

Option 3 Fyfe – Dangerfield/ Smith -Pfiferr (Smith high break even, pfifer + cash to go towards eventually getting Pendles) = 204k, 16 trades

Option 4 Fyfe -dangerfield – Priddis – Pendles 69k, 16 trades. ( with ablett or his cash to come later)

I'm in a poor league so more playing to beat my finish last year (Top 10,000)

Any thoughts?

G Unit

Fyfe for Dangers, no need to worry bout the mids this week. You will get reasonable returns from them all with gaz and smith on the pine. Also have blokes like, J Brown, Hawkins, J Riewolt who offer value and you have plenty of mid/fwds so dont have to replace like for like.


Ablett -> bench

Fyfe -> Christensen


In the same dilemma as a few of you fellas.

Got Ablett who iv decided to bench.

But the issue I'm facing is fyfe and kruzer.

Got orro n redden so no back up. Got 100k in the bank

Any suggestions??

Option 1: fyfe->Hawkins

Kruzer-> Nick Nat

Option 2 : redden-> longer

Fyfe-> JPK

Dons diehard

Option 1 is the winner. Safer.

big fella

fellas, get around me.

just wondering on your thoughts of trading mumford down to billy longer then upgrading ledger to pendles. letting sheil and magner fatten. or do i run with a premium ruckman for mumford. i already have the beast that is nic nat tho!

G Unit

If you have Giles then go for the mumford to longer I reckon at this stage, he (Giles) is killing them. Im looking at the same switch but I have crusier who is spudding up at the moment.

jimbo drouid

anyone else rate viagra (longer?)

Sorry my poor attempt at humour.

Is longer an option for kruezer? Frees up some cash to get ablett back next week, or the week after, or after that…..does anyone really have an idea of how long?

big fella

yeh locked it in. lets hope giles continues to pwn n00bs


Hi Jock – Rucks are a problem for me this week. I initially had Mumford who I traded to Kruezer – now he's out too. At this stage my only playing ruck is Giles (others are Redden and the Big O) Doughnut or burnt trade – what do you think??? I would prefer to have 2 Round 13 rucks – So if I traded it would probably be Maric or McEvoy (+Redden) Your thoughts

jimbo drouid

Kreuzer trade, roughly from fwd to Ruck, pfeffier to fwd. Good idea or hold out on kreuzer?


What to do with Fyfe

Pendles, Kennedey or Murphy


Hey all,

Anyone rate McKernan from the Crows as a viable swap for D.Smith?

B/E is -4 and has played 2 games so due to go up. Not sure whether he is vest candidate.

Also thinking about trading Ablett for Swan, Thompson, Kennedy or Rockliff?

any thoughts?


I have made a big move last week with;

OUT – Ablett, Vince

IN – Hayes, Mcdonald

I was savig the cash for gazzas return, and was going to ditch mcdonald for quick grab.

Am down in fwd line so am actually thinking of using ablett cash and going with

OUT – T.Ledger(waste of time),Saad(waste of time).

In – J.Kennedy (swans of course), C.Dixon

So do you think Dixon a good move and kennedy or Swan? Am worried about Swannie going to the mountain again?


Which Scott to bring in for Fyfe: Selwood (WCE) or Thompson (Adel).


I have both, personally, but I rate Thompson higher. Selwood doesn't rack up the possesions, but gets tonnes of tackles and free kicks. Thompson consistently gains 30+ possesions, but can handball more than kick sometimes. Also B/E this week:

Selwood = 127

Thompson = 94


Fyfe –> Darling or Christensen

Team min

Ablett for rockliff, smith for ? Want A high scorer, good value, round 11 bye, fwd or dpp?? Have $123k in the kitty so can afford anyone up to $460400??

Is this a bad idea in general?


There was a whisper that Rockliff had injured a hammy. I'm not sure if it's true or not. You might want to make sure though before locking him in though.


trading gaz for pendels, he will prob come back 1-2 weeks time pendels price will go up and gaz will prob go down in around 3 weeks time when cows almost at prime il get gaz again


I went Ablett to Kennedy then swapped Fyfe into the midfield and swapped him for Pendles.

Now the midfield is awesome! Pendles, Swan, Murphy, J. Kennedy, S. Selwood, J. McDonald (Magnar, L. Brown)

My forward line is a bit of a shambles though.

A huge risk here if Phieffer and D. Smith don't make the teams because I'll be 2 down. Should I stick to it or play it safe and bring in someone like Sidebottom, Zaka or Beams so I have cover in the forward line?


very strong midfield dude

My midfield is Pendels,Murphy,Boyd,Goodes,Mcdonald,Magner(Shiel,Ledger)

Foward: Franklin,Chapman,Sidebum,Martin,Porps,Kennedy,Smith(Hall,Treloar)



Thoughts on the following:

Currently holding Giles, Hale, Redden and Stephenson as my ruck stock.

Should Longer play a blinder this week and secure a perm role at the Lions i'm considering trading out Hale and riding the price rise that longer will provide.

Currently have $180k in the bank and thinking of taking that risk of having 4 rookies for a few weeks.

Sitting top 2500 overall but am struggling a bit with Ablett sitting on my bench.

All thoughts welcome.


Fyfe & dylan shiel out

JP kennedy & taylor adams in???

still have 23 trades

and ranked 6000, dropped from 3000 last week thanks to general f'ing soreness

Leaves me with A kennedy, adams and smith from gws in the fwd line though

but just about completes the mids with, jelwood, watson, ablett, pendles, then kennedy if brought in with magner, old mac on the bench with clay smith set to be out in the next few weeks or just leave him on the bench and deal with it.


Sammy Winter

Why trade Shiel?


kennedy(swans) thumbs up

Swan thumbs down


news just in.. Warnock has done his hammy, Kreuzer back in

jimbo drouid

you sure whiteless?

Stroppy Jocks


I am confused. People keep saying that trading Ablett out only to trade him back in is a waste of two trades.

Huh? You should be jumping on this my learned friend. Disappointed.

Surely you must agree that any Ablett trade back in is already covered by our pre-existing strategy to upgrade cash cows. I mean, we only have them so that we can afford premiums later. And last I looked Ablett was a premium, and well worth a cash cow upgrade.

So any Ablett trade out is one 'extra' wasted trade, especially if it is a sideways trade. (Just like those early Lake and Broughton 'panic' trades).

I happily traded Ablett out last week, knowing that I could bring him back if required using a standard cash cow upgrade. (Because I did not panic early).

Feel free to use this logic when trying to impress a girl.


I don't know why people are trading out Ablett, especially not if they are playing for league wins. Even if he misses four games, that means he'll play 18 games this year (barring further injury of course).

So yep, I'll take the top scoring SC player and Captain lock playing 18 games and costing me ZERO trades any time.

Team min

I realised that I had too many round 13 guns with byes, so that's why I'm looking to trade


What do you think of trading up Smith to Darling? if not who else?

Team Min

sselwood or thompson?

Sammy Winter

Tough desicion as they're both great players. I'd go with Selwood only cause The Crows have a difficult run coming up to the bye.


Kreuzer confirmed in!