Jock’s Round 6 Supercoach & Dreamteam Video

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AFL Supercoach 2012 tips guru Jock ReynoldsEnjoy this weeks Jock Reynolds Fantasy Footy Community video folks. Sorry if I seem just a touch surly this evening. Seems that the Crouching One has received the 3 votes from our Supercoach & Dreamteam Podcast last night. Surprised is all. Surprised.

Much to get through in our quick video tonight. Enjoy!

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Brilliant Jockeroo


J Reynolds gets my 3 votes

Crouching an agonizingly close 2 votes

Higgo….lift SON!! 1 vote


love ya work jock ya helped me out heaps 3 votes every week


Jock you come out basically every bloody day giving us information.

And the community is loving it mate.

Im on this website all the time waiting for the next video or podcast.

Lovin your work mate

Crouching Tiger and Higgo need to start posting some new information.

Would love to see how your teams are shaping up.

jimbo drouid

Jock me old spud.

Before the start of the season I was eyeing off Travis varcoe then injury hit.

As he is due back around the time the cows are ready for the picking, what do you think of varcoe as a trade up option?


Aloha from Hawaii Jock !

Loved listening to your podcast and video from the hotel pool overlooking Waikiki beach. It's been hard keeping up to date with all of the AFL news while i'm overseas but your website has made it so much easier to keep on track.

Keep up the great work.


Honestly Jock it is a team game

You three work as a great team

I dont agree with voting for one over the other.

Focus focus focus! TEAM above all else.



Dear Eagle,

Agreed, and not due to the fact that I have polled poorly.

Like all teams, there are roles to play. Crouching is the marque type player, flashy, much loved. Jock is the spiritual leader, passionate, tries hard with limited intellect. While I consider myself to be the on-field general …. subtly doing the unseen, unquantified one-percenters to keep my two illogical teammates goal oriented.

3 votes – P. Higginbotham.

Ahhh ..I think I have just contradicted myself.


Peter Higginbotham


hahaha – very well put. Look Higgo, you are doing excellent yourself, so don't take 1 vote as a negative, the other 2 are also killing it…

Team effort.


hey guys, looking 2 cash in devon smith and have got about 530 2 spend im tossing up between joden lewis, dayne beams, dustin martin or steve johnston knowing his droped 162,000 so very cheap! help us out please??


need serious help,

do i get rid of fyfe for pendlebury and rid of devon smith for pffifer?

or do i get fyfe out for someone mid price an devon smith for say jono brown or?

jimbo drouid

I will bet brown will come good in the next two weeks


hows it going jock? great stuff as always just wondering what your thoughts are on trading devon smith down to pfeiffer who is playing his 3rd game this week and upgrading to a premium in my midfield say- Swan or Pendlebry?

any comments would be appreciated

Rick CoynePaul

Hi jock,

I have Ablett, should I buy selwood,

Fyfe to who fwd line

I have $466 000

Please help me



Whats with the discrepancy in BE figures? Everyone seems to have different numbers.


just looking for some advice on a couple of trades this week i will be considering

i have decided to keep ablett no matter the condition of his knee, as it will be worth the wait when he comes back in.

to my trades

im sick of seeing my bench outscoring my starter the last couple of weeks, im talking about kruezer and giles.

so my decision is to trade out kruezer for big orren and bring in giles to parnter nic nat

then use the second trade for magner into pendles to give me a midfield of pendles, murphy, watson, boyd, brad ebert, and old mac with ablett and sheil on the bench

it does hurt seeing 720k there just sitting on the pine, but like i said will be worth the wait without burning trades for him

any advice would be welcome please to my ideas



D. Smith to Clancee Pearce from the dockers!

A GUN! What does everyone think? @ 400k (DT) I think he is flying under the radar

Same with Freo's easy draw!

bob The Builder

Ablett boys. I was (probably still am) set to keep at all costs. But this knee seems to be pretty dodgy, can we afford to keep 700k on the bench for another 4 weeks? Also will he be cherry rip on return??

bob The Builder

Ripe….cherry ripe. Sorry.


I dont reckon he'll be amazing when he returns and it could be 3 weeks.


Absolutely I'll be keeping him. Sources around say it might only be a 1 week still. He is too good to give up at this stage in my book.